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Marker 8 Marina


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1 Dolphin Drive
St. Augustine, FL 32080
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32 Reviews

by srbeaton on Sep 05, 2020
Super friendly hotel staff. Loved the happy hour and other amenities shared with the boaters in the marina.

by bigglittlem on Aug 31, 2020
We have never ever stayed at a place like this. If I read this review you might think "oh they are hard to please" but I promise you we are not. I even spent 24 hrs thinking about this before deciding to post. Seems to me this place is run by people who are just coming out of rehab and run by a super greedy owner. Staff have terrible customer service skills and are only able to do the basics like housekeeping and cooking. Its really pitiful. Good for them if they are helping the community. Just let that be known because we are certainly willing to support a cause. As a boater-I would recommend never plan to stay here. Its terrible. You will be treated like you are bothering them (even though you pay for EVERYTHING) and the staff is not capable. Apparently using Dockwa is the problem as to why they can't help boaters at the front desk. But they sure can take your money... Bottom line: worst marina we have ever stayed and here is why: 1. No ladders on site should you fall into the water or need to access the water for any reason. 2. No trash cans at all in the marina and they do not intend to place any. You will have to take your trash to the dumpster which you cannot access but you can wait for the staff to arrive. 3. Showers are not easily accessible from marina. IF you can even get a key from the front desk. 4. Staff is incredibly rude. Day and night. 5. Will tell you that if you need dock help to give them a 1 hour notice. That detail is not posted anywhere. But expect them to act like you are annoying them for even asking. 6. Surprise! You will find out there is no marina staff at all. Ever. But after giving the 1 hr notice, plan to get the cook and general manager who have no idea what to do and will say "What did you want me to do? We have no idea about boats." 7. Little to no lighting on dock. Very dangerous. 8. No internet service. Yet you will pay for it. Don't ask about it because the rude staff will simply say "its not working". 9. Plan to pay extra for everything inside because you are "staying at the marina and not a hotel guest". Even was refused a napkin for the $15 breakfast which was horrible. Though the waitress did hand me a pile of brown paper towels after she handed a hotel guest a cloth napkin. 10. No reflective tape on the dock to illuminate dock slip numbers. You will have to guess on your own. 11. Do not plan to get any service from the front desk. They wear captains shirts but cannot log on to the computer or help marina guests. And they certainly cannot come out of the office.

by jspierre on Aug 17, 2020
Wonderful as alwasys.

by allbriton on Aug 17, 2020
Couldn't have been more happier with our stay.

by saltermarine on Jul 20, 2020
Amazing, extremely accommodating for our needs, super friendly staff. We did not stay overnight, we only docked our boat: however, we viewed the rooms and they are very nice! Definitely recommend Marker 8. We will be back!

by larryp on Jul 06, 2020
Outstanding!! Friendly and courteous staff. Great rooms with great view. Convenient location. And great dockage.

by jayb904 on Jul 05, 2020
Great marina, excellent service. Those also using the marina were also incredibly helpful.

by krsmith777 on Jun 29, 2020
Very courteous staff. Nice docks and nice facilities.

by rosea on Jun 22, 2020
Fantastic floating docks and the view was spectacular. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Marker 8 Motel and Marina. The room was nice and the complimentary full, "served" breakfast every day was such a bonus. The food was awesome! Our room struggled just a little with staying cool, but that was my opinion after a day in the sun. The hotel's pool/spa was warm which was great in the evening after hours, but I wished for a cold pool after boating. Overall, great stay and the staff at the hotel was top notch!

by baz1226 on Jun 22, 2020
Staff was amazing. Very accommodating and welcoming.

by goodchild on Jun 08, 2020
Our family really really enjoyed Marker 8 Marina. The bathrooms are so all renovated complete with complimentary luxurious white towels. We get free continental breakfast BUT splurging on breakfast upstairs is well worth it. The service and the food made by Chef Angela was just so sumptuous. The staff is also so phenomenal---thank you John, Victoria and Sierra. The only negative in the whole thing is the very very long walk from the docks to the boater's bathroom. That's a very very long walk---but good exercise.

by rhauptle on Jun 01, 2020
Great location which made it an easy decision to come back this year.

by captjack912 on May 26, 2020
Great. John was a big help. will return.

by jimharris on May 25, 2020
It continues to be an excellent marina, the staff was spot on. We had 6 Boats staying there on Saturday night, and as you can imagine we had a party. No issues from anyone. Great place we will be back soon.

by doctoriggy on May 25, 2020
Good location and amenities

by ibrassel on May 10, 2020
Awesome place. Friendly and helpful staff Great amenities.

by callingone on Apr 06, 2020
In lite of Covid 19 we were not expecting dock master and owner to help us tie up. Welcome surprise. Good docks, power, water. No pool. Showers and bathrooms good. Friendly and helpful liveaboards. would stay again.

by flyingrox on Mar 22, 2020
Great location with great facilities - one of the best!!

by floatinghome on Feb 17, 2020
We love Marker 8 and consider it our ‘home port’ whenever we visit St. Augustine. Jim, Stephanie and Blue - Floating Home

by gardeningone on Jan 16, 2020
Great service from the staff. Hotel amenities are included.

by ericvoce on Jan 01, 2020
Very nice, super clean. Friendly staff!

by aaspann2004 on Dec 15, 2019
We stayed for a month and had a fantastic time at Marker 8. Staff is hands down, the BEST we've encountered, they are pet friendly, facilities are new and very clean. They offer a cruisers breakfast and evening snacks every day. Beer and wine available in the lounge. Great wifi signal.... nice gym....nice pool... perfect location to downtown and restaurants... really, not much more you could hope for in a marina! We had 2 groups of friends/family come visit and it was great they could just stay at the Marker 8 hotel. On the down side, there is no pump-out facility on site, provisioning stores are pretty far (but it's far from most marinas in St.A) and pulling in to the marina can be a bear because of VERY strong currents (the staff always greets boats on arrival to help pull in). We will stay at Marker 8 next time were passing through St. A, for sure!

by danbalsamo on Nov 30, 2019
Great place friendly staff ! Definitely would come back.

by rmilton100 on Oct 14, 2019
The hotel had a nice workout area and continental breakfast each morning along with happy hour wine at night. We will be back.

by telltales2 on Jul 25, 2019
Arrived with a fast outgoing tide. Virginia & Bruce provided needed docking assistance and a great welcome. The Marina/motel have great amenities, is modern, clean with a very friendly staff to match. Highly recommend.

by lavitabella on Jun 03, 2019
It was our first time staying here and it won’t be our last! Everything about Marker 8 was nothing short of spectacular. The marina is nearly brand new, the marina showers and guest amenities are top notch. The staff is the most friendly we’ve ever met! EVERYONE we met truly enjoyed helping out. Convenient to city marina for fuel and three short minutes to the Atlantic. We LOVED everything about Marker 8!

by merr1222 on May 29, 2019
Marina was nice - people were very friendly and accommodating at the marina. we ended up getting stuck due to engine issues and we were able to stay additional time. John in the office was wonderful. The marina provided a continental breakfast and social hour for marina and hotel members. Pricing was reasonable as well.

by mfirestine on Dec 24, 2018
We really enjoyed our stay here. New facilities, well kept. Plenty of unexpected perks like.....fresh towels in the shower rooms!

by reviewoutlaw on Dec 01, 2018
Great Marina, two free glasses of wine, walking distance to all the shops and restaurants, amazing views at night. Hot tub, super friendly staff, biggest and cleanest showers I have seen with hotel towels included, this is a must see location, breakfast is also included can’t find a better deal near st. Aug.

by wesmac on Nov 12, 2018
Great stop and location. Extremely clean facility.

by kkendall07 on Aug 26, 2018
Amazing views, perfect location, the best staff and the breakfast was to die for!!! Soo happy we decided to stay here!! Will definitely be staying here again! Well worth the money!!

by mbrown12345 on Jun 25, 2018
The hotel and staff was great! Very clean and breakfast was great, not to mention a great view! Unfortunately, we were not able to spend the night on the boat due to rough current in the marina...
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About Marker 8 Marina

Positioned at an important gateway into historic downtown St. Augustine, Marker 8 Hotel & Marina is the perfect location along the bayfront and has magnificent views of the downtown skyline. Through a series of intimate garden spaces, a cantilevered boardwalk, and a new poolscape, the design seeks to activate the waterfront edge and create a relaxing, yet high-end experience for guests.

Marker 8 is the secret treasure just steps away from the famous historic district of St. Augustine Florida. Enjoy a unique stay with 26 elegant themed rooms, each with a unique view, rain showers, modern furnishings while savoring the best water front views in the City.

If you are looking for luxury, panoramic view in the heart of St. Augustine, then Marker 8 Hotel & Marina is the place.

Booking Info

Located in downtown St. Augustine, Marker 8 Hotel & Marina is a premiere destination for transient boaters looking to spend time on the dock and take advantage of all our facility has to offer. With access to the hotel, visiting yachtsman can come and relax at our beautiful resort for an excellent cost!


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  • Electrical


  • Fitness Center
  • Floating Docks
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Laundry
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Restrooms
  • Security
  • Showers
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wireless Internet



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