Matanzas Pass Mooring Field

Dinghy Dock Available


Day Trip
Not Offered
450 Old San Carlos Blvd.
Suite 109
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16
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26 Reviews

by megonza31 on Aug 26, 2021
Excellent , the ladies in the office was a excellent service, all the facilities are very clean. Excellent

by captkeith on Jul 09, 2021
Had a wonderful time for two nights. This is THE BEST place in Fort Myers to watch the fireworks! Dinghy dock is outstanding and close to lots of restaurants, bars and the beach across the street. The balls are well maintained and easy to grab....the best part is the free pump out services....three times per week, boat side, fast and done by a pro! We will be staying here again for sure! Capt Keith

by larrybergman on May 26, 2021
The buoy pendents seem quite a bit shorter than the ones on the past buoys, making it very difficult to pick up a mooring in high winds.

by mcferon on May 18, 2021
Great safe place to stay. Everything you need is with in walking distance. Great dinghy dock. Easy access to water. Beaches are beautiful. Bars are fun.

by svmargograce on May 06, 2021
Moorings are well maintained. Facilities are clean. Staff is great.

by threescore on Apr 11, 2021
Great place to visit ... loved being so close to the restaurants and beaches from the dinghy dock!

by jtokarz on Apr 10, 2021
Always enjoy staying in Ft. Myers Beach! Mooring field is great. Pump out timely. Matanzas staff very friendly and helpful. Nice having the trolly service.

by jimsimpson on Mar 26, 2021
Quick response for mooring ball availability. Great stop with very good access to the beach and Times Square.

by crewofthemaryt on Mar 23, 2021
Very well protected from all wind directions and the entire field is in a no wake zone. There is a strong current that can often make the mooring ball bounce on your hull when wind and current conflict. The facilities on land are minimal - - two heads with showers and a fairly large laundry room. That said, we never had to wait for the head in the one week we were there. It's a very long dinghy ride from the farthest end of the field (we were on ball 64) , but there is another closer public landing up the canal by the ball fields. The town of Ft Myers Beach is not a 'must see' but we enjoyed multiple meals at Filipe's and the Matanzas Inn. Matanzas Pass Preserve is accessible by dinghy and offers a nice walking trail. Other than that, don't know what else to do there unless you rent a car.

by rickbr on Mar 15, 2021
Friendly helpful staff Beautiful area Highly recommend

by oneeyedogcrew on Mar 14, 2021
We planned to stay for seven nights, but due to high winds, we extended another three nights. It was awesome! The very protected mooring field allowed us to be comfortable with little movement other than spinning around the ball. Even in 35 mile an hour winds, we where not bouncing around! Loved that! The dinghy dock is conveniently located to walk to town. We loved the small shops and restaurants. Can't wait to go back!

by finxtr on Mar 06, 2021
Great location, great value.

by specialkiioutlook on Mar 05, 2021
Matanzas morning field, all their amenities and their staff are FABULOUS!!! HOWEVER...Docwa and a first come first serve mooring field DO NOT WORK!!! Docwa emailed me to say our "reservations" were "Denied" because of the slow response from the marina. Haha ... It just so happens that we ARE here on a mooring ball in matanzas mooring field. We ACTUALLY called on a phone and ACTUALLY TALKED to a Person and are set on our mooring ball until March 9th. Your DOCWA SUCKS!!! Again, this system DOES NOT WORK for a first come first serve mooring field!! STOP USING IT!!! Kay Barry

by twocan on Feb 16, 2021
Excellent protection 360 degrees. Moorings are in excellent condition and access to dinghy docks, water, facilities is great. Transportation to stores and restaurants is easy and often free. Great beaches and plenty of repair facilities including haul out for larger boats and catamarans. Pumpout included in morning fee. Easy registration and payment throu Docwa.

by drester228 on Jan 31, 2021
Absolutely Love this place and highly recommend a stay here.

by stirwenncata on Jan 30, 2021
Everything was ok. The lady at the phone was very nice and helpful

by dguistwite on Jan 23, 2021
A little bit of a challenge getting into the entrance channel. Follow the markers, exactly, and still keep an eye out. They do an excellent job keeping the markers up-to-date. Use them! The marina is not as such. The mooring field is managed my a local hotel. Very well. The facilities are the cleanest we have seen in our 1,500 mile journey. The employees were very helpful when questioned. Went out of their way to get answers. We stayed a week. Very enjoyable. Nice little town. Beautiful beach. Great restaurants. You already have a boat, what more could you ask for? We will probably be stopping again, on our way back around in the spring. That says a lot. There are places we will not be staying a second time. Would have given the fifth star if they had been an actual marina, with full services.

by keysrock41 on Jan 09, 2021
We love being on a mooring ball here where it’s so close to town and good restaurants

by kyhwjmc2kj44sspmrxdf on Jan 03, 2021
Well maintained moorings, dinghy dock and laundry. Nice and helpful Office Staff, Harbormaster and Director of Public Works. Pumpout service is excellent. Tidal current is swift and often counter to wind, so picking up a mooring is much easier at slack. One can access facilities and transport from the dinghy dock, but a second dinghy dock near Publix would be a huge benefit. Snook Bight Marina is variable on allowing dinghy access to pickup groceries.

by crowra on Dec 22, 2020
What can you say? It's a mooring field. The facilities are nice but Fort Myers Beach is so much fun! Plenty of bars and restaurants and beautiful white sand beach.

by kailaniadventures on Dec 16, 2020
Overall it was good,easy tie up to the mooring ball, very secure and pretty. Dinghy dock close by on the Ft Myers Beach (south) side, also easy to get to and tie up The staff were a bit difficult to communicate with but not bad, and I wish they had a mooring field map I could look up with the ball numbers and locations, and not just their Google maps image version Also there are 2 bars on either side of the field, that get loud at night, they died down around midnight. Again overall it was good, these were our small difficulties, I would come here again

by gcargen on Dec 15, 2020
Great spot. Lots to see and do

by estewart on Dec 10, 2020
It is conveniently located, great dinghy dock. Laundry facilities close by. Fresh water available by dinghy, no need to get out of your dinghy to fill jugs. Pump outs available M W F, if you fill out the form online. You can catch the Island trolley to the grocery store on Estero Island. Pricing is good.

by frustrated on Nov 26, 2020
The mooring was good as they have put new tethers on the balls. When I reupped for two more days I waited an hour before I called the office they had not opened the computer yet which was about 11:30am. I put down in the request form we would like a pump out on Wednesday as we know they only pump out Mon-Wed-Fri. When I called they asked about a pump out and I said yes we would like one. Wednesday morning about 8:45am the pump out boat was already out and pumping a boat near us so got our boat ready. They went and pumped out another boat and never came to us. When I called to ask about a pump out I was told we were on the list and she would check into it. Never heard from anyone again and never got pumped out. Very disappointed as we were leaving the next day. One person is very nice and friendly the other two make you feel like they are doing you a favor by talking to you. They requested my insurance papers three times in the three times we have stayed here. They should have been on file from the first time I e-mailed to them.

by bewitched4011 on Nov 21, 2020
We loved how close we were to everything and how protected the mooring field was. We will return. ~SV Oracle

by moiler67 on Nov 17, 2020
Rode out tropical storm Eta on ball 8, no problem. Facilities are good and staff is helpful.

About Matanzas Pass Mooring Field

The Town of Fort Myers Beach proudly operates and maintains the Matanzas Harbor Municipal Mooring Field. The field boasts 70 mooring balls available for public rental year-round, and accommodates vessels up to 48 feet in length. Vessels larger than 48 feet in length must call the Mooring FIeld Office (239) 224-4118 for availability. The mooring field is located east of the Sky Bridge between San Carlos and Estero Islands in Matanzas Pass. For recreational cruisers, the Fort Myers Beach Mooring Field is a wonderful destination. Coming ashore at the Town’s dinghy dock puts boaters in walking distance to beaches, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and public transportation.

Fintastic Tips: For Pumpout, Dinghy Dock and Park Permits please visit

INSURANCE DOCUMENTATION IS REQUIRED BY THE TOWN OF FORT MYERS BEACH. Please be prepared to digitally provide proof of insurance, preferably before requesting to stay in the mooring field

Booking Info

INSURANCE DOCUMENTATION IS REQUIRED BY THE TOWN OF FORT MYERS BEACH. Please be prepared to digitally provide proof of insurance, preferably before requesting to stay in the mooring field.


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