Matanzas Pass Mooring Field

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Day Trip
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2525 Estero Blvd
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16

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66 Reviews

by Curt S. - Verified user on Nov 23, 2023
Good moorings, easy access to town

by John F. - Verified user on Nov 12, 2023
Picturesque setting convient to the dinghy dock which is at the village entertainment hub and beach. Great support staff

by Jenn R. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2023
Check in easy. Austin is diligently trying to put things back in order. They are lucky to have him for the mooring field.

by Anonymous - Verified user on Nov 04, 2023
Happy to see the area starting to bustle again! A bit surprised at how much hurricane damage was still visible. Mooring ball was great and the staff was very supportive of our stay extensions.

by George T. - Verified user on Nov 03, 2023
Good moorings, dinghy dock too far away, no facilities

by Jeffrey G. - Verified user on Nov 02, 2023
The Harbormaster, Austin, is communicates clearly, and wants to help any way he can. His personality is great for this job, which I can imagine, is difficult to please everyone.

by Peter T. - Verified user on Oct 30, 2023
They have 19 new moorings north of the bridge, but the old moorings to the south of the bridge have not been restored since Hurricane Ian in 2022. Also there are no facilities with the mooring because that has not been rebuilt. We stayed one night and did enjoy the restaurants that had reopened. So overall a good stop over and worth staying.

by Robert E. - Verified user on Oct 22, 2023
Made reservations a long time ago. Called office as I approached mooring...was told only two balls available...way out near the entrance.

by Robert S. - Verified user on Oct 16, 2023
Mooring balls were top notch

by Robert H. on Sep 11, 2023
This was our first visit back since Hurricane Ian. They have expanded mooring area now to encompass all the way out to in front of Pink Shell resort. The mooring balls are new so felt very comfortable spending the night out on one during our transit to Key West. Kudos to the friendly staff and the team out at Moss marina who got us out of a jam when boat developed some shift issues after fueling. Great place to stay. Wake from traffic was bearable, but we were there on a Wednesday night off-season, would expect a lot more during a busy weekend.

by joe b. on Aug 07, 2023
Easy mooring. Close to great restaurants and beautiful Fort Myers beach. Enough marine traffic to keep you entertained as well.

by Herb P. - Verified user on Jul 23, 2023
Great stop. Area is recovering and marinas and restaurants are reopening. Austin and crew were outstanding. Definitely stopping back through going north.

by Paul M. - Verified user on Jun 21, 2023
The current was fun but all new moorings made it a good stop

by Stewart C. - Verified user on Jun 10, 2023
Excellent. Austin is a great dock master and it was a pleasure staying in his field.

by Anthony A. - Verified user on Jun 08, 2023
Good moorings, but still no public dinghy dock. Free pumpout is nice. Major rebuilding to be done yet.

by Ann T. - Verified user on Jun 03, 2023
Nice to have these moorings available for transits as they build things back.

by Capt W. - Verified user on Jun 01, 2023
Excellent help on the phone with the a harbor master Easy to book and a really nice town with nice people.

by Susan C. - Verified user on May 06, 2023
Nice mooring ball, but no easy access to land yet. You have to go a few miles to a makeshift dock near the city offices. This will be great once Fort Myers Beach is all rebuilt.

by Tracy H. - Verified user on May 03, 2023
Nice place to moor and visit

by Glenn B. - Verified user on Apr 07, 2023
The matansas mooring field in Ft. Myers Beach is up and running. We were assigned one of the new balls placed on the west side of bridge. Still dictated by tides, but much better breeze!! Austin is AWESOME! There are no good places to be able to get to shore on either side on the bridge. They say the duck by old Topps is up and q, however it has a big yellow floating barrier in front of it. We still made it work. Never found the public restrooms or showers they speak of. Moss marina will allow you to tie up tenders there. Publix on island. And no Wal-Mart delivery. Limited eateries, but we still manages to support Ft. Myers local business. So very sorrowful for the Ft. Myers residents trying to put their lives back together.

by Deirdre D. - Verified user on Apr 02, 2023
As always it was wonderful. Thank you

by Simon M. - Verified user on Mar 29, 2023
As billed. Staff were helpful and communicative about the challenges resulting from hurricane Ian. Many thanks

by Theodore A. - Verified user on Mar 25, 2023
Brand new Mooring Balls north of the bridge, Chanel all cleaned up after Ian. Austin the harbor master is a great host. Will be coming back many times!

by Laurie B. - Verified user on Mar 22, 2023
Not many options for dingy docks. Moss Marine let us tie up at n/c for the day. Trying to patronize local businesses. Mooring Balls spaced nicely. A few are tangled so difficult to untangle from high bow.

by Kali Q. - Verified user on Mar 14, 2023
Great mooring. Easy to book, out of the way and good coverage from wind in any direction.

by Lee G. on Mar 11, 2023
We used a mooring ball north of the Matanzas bridge adjacent to the Pink Shell. This was the best mooring ball system I have ever used. I would highly recommend. There is a strong current in the channel so slack tide is a great time to enter, however, we entered on an outgoing tide and had no issues. FM is on its way back and there are restaurants open close to mooring field with dinghy access.

by LEE R. - Verified user on Sep 03, 2022
Nice anchorage and close to a lot of restaurants

by Bill G. - Verified user on Jul 31, 2022
Patrick is super friendly. Balls are clean and easy to snag. Showers are good.

by Rob G. - Verified user on Jun 15, 2022
Easy and convenient. Careful of the bridge height. I'm around 64' and just squeaked under without touching

by joseph c. on Jun 03, 2022
Excellent service, staff is very professional, willing to go the extra mile to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Would definitely stay at this marina again. BTW, the clam chowder at the Matanzas Inn is the best I’ve ever eaten.

by Wayne S. on May 29, 2022
We had a wonderful experience with Austin and Joe last week after we had, ahem, a mooring issue (of our own doing). Just incredibly helpful, friendly and gracious folks! We have a slip nearby, but have discovered that it is such a pleasant place to stay what with plenty of restaurants and, yet, also abundant nature in the mangrove preserve. The mooring balls are maintained on a regular basis, so felt very safe and secure.

by Dave W. - Verified user on May 26, 2022
Nice anchorage. Facilities were clean, washer and dryers were $2.00. Walking distance to several eateries and beaches. Dinghy dock convient.

by Barry B. - Verified user on May 12, 2022
Friendly people and mooring feild to dinghy dock easily accessible

by Sheila G. on May 03, 2022
Great stay! Austin communicates clearly & while the reservation is on Dockwa he made sure that we knew of available space as moorings are on a first come basis. We arrived after the office closed and he went out of his way to drop off the laundry/shower key. Well organized, quiet mooring field and very clean and bright facilities. Lots of room at the dinghy dock. We'll be back! Thanks!

by Michael n. - Verified user on Apr 22, 2022
Great mooring field. Austin and Matthew keep an open line open line of communication and were very helpful. Hope to be back in November. Godspeed

by Tori D. on Apr 21, 2022
Very nice people that run the mooring field. We were on ball 3 nice and close to the free dinghy doc. We liked it so much that we were only planning to stay a few days but we ended up staying 1.5 weeks.

by Christi L. - Verified user on Apr 20, 2022
Great area. Tough to get marina to call you back.

by Roger D. on Apr 08, 2022
Easily reserved with dockwa. Received a confirmation phone call almost immediately. Good stay on the mooring. Free city dinghy dock. Several restaurants also have dinghy docks. Town is great. Lots of action.

by Robert V. - Verified user on Mar 15, 2022
Love it all. Great food, shops, transportation, and beaches. Fishing was great. Most of all Austin and his crew bent over backwards to accommodate the guests the best they could. Thank you for the best stay

by Debbie K. on Jan 08, 2022
Great, helpful staff. Decent clean showers. Laundry with several washers and dryers operated with credit card payments and table for folding clothes. Would stay again for sure. Tide vs. Wind can twist your boat all over and against the ball but that's not anything they can control. Well run and helpful staff overall!

by David M. - Verified user on Jan 04, 2022
I was assigned to a mooring ball where my keel boat was aground at low tide. I immediately let the staff know of the situation. They said they would get back to me. I never heard anything back. It has been a month now and I've been back to the mooring office every week. The office staff rotates and the new person is always surprised when I request a new mooring. MY BOAT IS AGROUND! I have spoken with Austin, the dock master twice and no effort has been made. If something had been done the last four visits I wouldn't be leaving this review.

by Marcelo G. - Verified user on Nov 06, 2021
Excellent , The new staff are so great. I had a wonderful time there thanks

by Karen D. - Verified user on Nov 02, 2021
The mooring field is good but the tethers on the ball was so over grown with barnacles I could barley lift it to put a line on. They need to clean the balls more often. A bit noisy with the commercial boats at night and early in the morning. Staff was very pleasant.

by Cpt. K. on Jul 09, 2021
Had a wonderful time for two nights. This is THE BEST place in Fort Myers to watch the fireworks! Dinghy dock is outstanding and close to lots of restaurants, bars and the beach across the street. The balls are well maintained and easy to grab....the best part is the free pump out services....three times per week, boat side, fast and done by a pro! We will be staying here again for sure! Capt Keith

by Larry B. - Verified user on May 26, 2021
The buoy pendents seem quite a bit shorter than the ones on the past buoys, making it very difficult to pick up a mooring in high winds.

by Gary M. - Verified user on May 18, 2021
Great safe place to stay. Everything you need is with in walking distance. Great dinghy dock. Easy access to water. Beaches are beautiful. Bars are fun.

by Michael R. on May 06, 2021
Moorings are well maintained. Facilities are clean. Staff is great.

by Kathryn M. - Verified user on Apr 11, 2021
Great place to visit ... loved being so close to the restaurants and beaches from the dinghy dock!

by John T. - Verified user on Apr 10, 2021
Always enjoy staying in Ft. Myers Beach! Mooring field is great. Pump out timely. Matanzas staff very friendly and helpful. Nice having the trolly service.

by Jim S. - Verified user on Mar 26, 2021
Quick response for mooring ball availability. Great stop with very good access to the beach and Times Square.

by Ken K. - Verified user on Mar 23, 2021
Very well protected from all wind directions and the entire field is in a no wake zone. There is a strong current that can often make the mooring ball bounce on your hull when wind and current conflict. The facilities on land are minimal - - two heads with showers and a fairly large laundry room. That said, we never had to wait for the head in the one week we were there. It's a very long dinghy ride from the farthest end of the field (we were on ball 64) , but there is another closer public landing up the canal by the ball fields. The town of Ft Myers Beach is not a 'must see' but we enjoyed multiple meals at Filipe's and the Matanzas Inn. Matanzas Pass Preserve is accessible by dinghy and offers a nice walking trail. Other than that, don't know what else to do there unless you rent a car.

by Rick R. - Verified user on Mar 15, 2021
Friendly helpful staff Beautiful area Highly recommend

by April S. on Mar 14, 2021
We planned to stay for seven nights, but due to high winds, we extended another three nights. It was awesome! The very protected mooring field allowed us to be comfortable with little movement other than spinning around the ball. Even in 35 mile an hour winds, we where not bouncing around! Loved that! The dinghy dock is conveniently located to walk to town. We loved the small shops and restaurants. Can't wait to go back!

by Kevin F. - Verified user on Mar 06, 2021
Great location, great value.

by Neil W. - Verified user on Feb 16, 2021
Excellent protection 360 degrees. Moorings are in excellent condition and access to dinghy docks, water, facilities is great. Transportation to stores and restaurants is easy and often free. Great beaches and plenty of repair facilities including haul out for larger boats and catamarans. Pumpout included in morning fee. Easy registration and payment throu Docwa.

by Daryl R. - Verified user on Jan 31, 2021
Absolutely Love this place and highly recommend a stay here.

by Michel P. - Verified user on Jan 30, 2021
Everything was ok. The lady at the phone was very nice and helpful

by David G. on Jan 23, 2021
A little bit of a challenge getting into the entrance channel. Follow the markers, exactly, and still keep an eye out. They do an excellent job keeping the markers up-to-date. Use them! The marina is not as such. The mooring field is managed my a local hotel. Very well. The facilities are the cleanest we have seen in our 1,500 mile journey. The employees were very helpful when questioned. Went out of their way to get answers. We stayed a week. Very enjoyable. Nice little town. Beautiful beach. Great restaurants. You already have a boat, what more could you ask for? We will probably be stopping again, on our way back around in the spring. That says a lot. There are places we will not be staying a second time. Would have given the fifth star if they had been an actual marina, with full services.

by Howard K. - Verified user on Jan 09, 2021
We love being on a mooring ball here where it’s so close to town and good restaurants

by Joseph D. on Jan 03, 2021
Well maintained moorings, dinghy dock and laundry. Nice and helpful Office Staff, Harbormaster and Director of Public Works. Pumpout service is excellent. Tidal current is swift and often counter to wind, so picking up a mooring is much easier at slack. One can access facilities and transport from the dinghy dock, but a second dinghy dock near Publix would be a huge benefit. Snook Bight Marina is variable on allowing dinghy access to pickup groceries.

by Robert C. - Verified user on Dec 22, 2020
What can you say? It's a mooring field. The facilities are nice but Fort Myers Beach is so much fun! Plenty of bars and restaurants and beautiful white sand beach.

by Robin S. - Verified user on Dec 16, 2020
Overall it was good,easy tie up to the mooring ball, very secure and pretty. Dinghy dock close by on the Ft Myers Beach (south) side, also easy to get to and tie up The staff were a bit difficult to communicate with but not bad, and I wish they had a mooring field map I could look up with the ball numbers and locations, and not just their Google maps image version Also there are 2 bars on either side of the field, that get loud at night, they died down around midnight. Again overall it was good, these were our small difficulties, I would come here again

by Gary C. - Verified user on Dec 15, 2020
Great spot. Lots to see and do

by E S. - Verified user on Dec 10, 2020
It is conveniently located, great dinghy dock. Laundry facilities close by. Fresh water available by dinghy, no need to get out of your dinghy to fill jugs. Pump outs available M W F, if you fill out the form online. You can catch the Island trolley to the grocery store on Estero Island. Pricing is good.

by Heather D. - Verified user on Nov 21, 2020
We loved how close we were to everything and how protected the mooring field was. We will return. ~SV Oracle

by Michael O. - Verified user on Nov 17, 2020
Rode out tropical storm Eta on ball 8, no problem. Facilities are good and staff is helpful.

About Matanzas Pass Mooring Field

Mooring systems #3- #9 are currently out of order. All moorings are located before Matanzas Pass Bridge.

The Town of Fort Myers Beach proudly operates and maintains the Matanzas Pass Municipal Mooring Field. The field boasts 13 mooring balls available for public rental year-round and accommodates vessels up to 70 feet in length. Vessels larger than 70 feet in length must call the Mooring Field Office (239) 224-4118 for availability. The mooring field is located west of the Sky Bridge between San Carlos and Estero Island in Matanzas Pass. For recreational cruisers, the Matanzas Pass Mooring Field is a wonderful destination. Coming ashore at the Matanzas Inn dinghy dock puts boaters in walking distance to beaches, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and public transportation.

The office does not receive mail on behalf of patrons. If you have mailing concerns, please contact the post office to set up delivery arrangements: (239) 463-7106. Fantastic Tips: For Pumpout, Dinghy Dock and Parking Permits please visit

MATANZAS PASS MOORING FIELD INFORMATION Channel: VHF 16 Harbor Office Phone: 239-224-4118 Harbor Master Cell Phone: 239-225-2096 Town Hall Phone: 239-765-0202

Booking Info

We are currently only booking wet storage vessels. 6-month limit max on all reservations. Any questions feel free to reach out to the Harbormaster at 239-225-5096

INSURANCE DOCUMENTATION IS REQUIRED BY THE TOWN OF FORT MYERS BEACH. Please be prepared to digitally provide proof of insurance, preferably before requesting to stay in the mooring field.


  • Dry Storage
  • Pumpout
  • Restaurant
  • Dog Park
  • Pet Friendly



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