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Westin Savannah Harbor

$3-$3.75/ft • $50 minimum

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
1 Resort Dr
Savannah, GA 31421
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
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28 Reviews

by ccommerce14 on Oct 03, 2020
Using Covid as an excuse, the Hotel did not have any restaurants open, nor provide room service. Terrible customer service!

by handy1065 on Sep 27, 2020
No one at dock to help. No one answers radio when approaching. Dock has large bolts sticking out which damage boats. No information provided on gate code.

by bandaid1234 on Jul 14, 2020
Take this for the pure truth and from a couple that uses marinas several times a year....DON'T USE THIS MARINA! In fact, it is not a marina at all! My husband and I called into the Marina and someone answered and asked us to turn to channel 61 and no one ever answered us back. We called into marina again and lady instructs us to switch over to same channel again....still no answer. We finally decided to just tie off out in front of our hotel, Westin Harbor Resort and walked in to ask front desk where the marina is. We told the receptionist we were tied off out in front of the hotel but needed to dock at marina. She informed us that we were docked at the marina. I then proceeded to tell her, "No ma'am, we are only tied up in front of your hotel. Where our boat is tied at this moment is NOT a marina." She then replied back, "Yes that out front is the Westin Harbor Marina." Ummmhhh! I have never bashed any business, hotel, marina etc. But this I felt like must be known! The Westin Harbor Marina is NOT a marina. You tie up to the floating dock that could probably hold maybe 6 boats comfortably (20-27 footers , no bigger). No trash cans, no gas, no dumping station, no hands on deck, no ice, no showers, bathrooms etc. We paid a little over $100 a night to tie our boat up. We have a 27ft Sea Ray. There was a gate to the one ramp going down to the boat but it was only locked one time we went to it. This is an FYI. If you need all the amenities that a true marina has, this one is not for you!

by winktwo22 on Jun 15, 2020
The docks and power pedestals were in poor shape; dock help was non existent for over 15 minutes. Current and wakes are significant. Charged resort fee even though most facilities were not open.

by bednazs on Jun 05, 2020
Power issues. No dockmaster, hotel staff seemed clueless. May due to current conditions

by normanmorcomcastnet on May 26, 2020
The people at the marina were helpful.

by syc2010 on May 18, 2020
A wonderful, friendly lady at Dockwa assisted our booking. We received a warm welcoming reception from Dennis upon arrival & enjoyed an excellent stay tied up alongside hotel frontage with convenient use of pool & hot tub. Would certainly stay again ( no problem encountered with wash from passing cargo ships). Thank you for a well managed resort- stay. Yacht Sandpiper, UK.

by lhackett on Jan 26, 2020
Possibly the worst Marina I've ever stayed at. No service, river traffic very heavy and runs all night. After 3AM we gave up sleeping. I've stayed a hundreds of marinas and this is the worst by far. Avoid at all costs. A better alternative is Thunderbolt Marina. Close to Savannah and great marina.

by jfuentes on Dec 09, 2019
No one at hotel seemed to be in charge of marina. huge dredging operation going on IN front of hotel marina making it noisy and uncomfortable.

by khanksinc on Sep 19, 2019
Their dock needs serious work. Short power issues, had to move the boat 3 times before outlets worked, and no direct experienced marina staff.

by sailinscott on Aug 12, 2019
Marina staff was excellent. But, this marina should have ice available. We arrived after 20 hours at sea in 98F heat, totally out of ice. You all should have at least 10lb bags of ice available. This was disappointing. Next, there was not a 30amp power outlet available. Another boat was plugged into a splitter, but the other half of the splitter was terribly burned or shorted, and I do not plug my boat into shorted or burned outlets. So I did not plug in power for the night. You should have an electrician inspect your electrical. This marina is too exposed to power vessel wakes. Extremely rough being tied to a dock, and I feel I was lucky to not have damage after a night at this dock. These three points make this dock unacceptable for overnight tie ups.

by pvbleeker on May 29, 2019
The location was good, having access to the resorts amenities was good and free water transportation across the river to the river front was good. There was no assistance in docking and the docks are in poor condition. With all the current and waves from the commercial traffic, we had a fender push up from between the vessel and dock causing the boat to rest up against the dock. Under normal circomstznces that would of been fine. However, with the protective cushioning being gone, it left quarter inch lag screws protruding which did damage to our vessel. Pictures are available for anyone’s viewing.

by nickgalambos on May 06, 2019
The Westin is not a marina There is no dockmaster - - no one to help with lines The docks are in disrepair Bad experience

by jschriman on May 06, 2019
the hotel/resort is fabulous - the marina is basically a long dock with broken power/water and fenders. no dock hands - no dockmaster, Also, if you dont mind lots of boat traffic and wakes and horns all day i guess its ok - in the center of Savannah and near the water taxi, so thats good, but the docks are in such disrepair... especially at $2.50/foot/nite.

by rapidanva on May 05, 2019
Old dock. Questionable cleats. Hotel itself is very nice. Country club facilities (showers, etc.) are great but a few minutes away by hotel van. Price is too high. A doller a foot might be about right. Currently paying $2.75/ft.

by tjgoddard9510 on Mar 18, 2019
The dock was in poor condition with large sections of the rub rail missing. The hotel staff seemed to be unaware of some of the included amenities with the dock fee like showers, room service, and access to pool area. Overall, very expensive stay with very poor accomidations.

by maryskidmore85 on Mar 01, 2019
Westin is still a wonderful resort, but they have failed to maintain the marina. The dock rub rail was missing in about 50% of the dock. They had fastened small fenders to help protect boats, but there were sections with exposed bolts, etc. when we tried to fill with water, the water was turned off due to a busted pipe (according to another boater, it had been that way for a week). They fixed it so we were able to get water. The security gate does not lock. When spending over $3/ft PLUS resort fee, I expect the marina maintenance to be perfect.

by brannan on Nov 13, 2018
Reservations were met with confusion. Only way to contact Weston was through switchboard. Transferred several times regarding docking. No dockmaster and no assistance. No VHF at hotel to speak with anyone. Finally docked we were met with several pedestal not working. Rub rails missing, and cleats loose. Bags of trash on dock and no trash cans. After speaking with manager about conditions after paying for hotels services and being met with below average services he indicated he would credit our bill. Never happened! He said said he couldn’t add a dock master or even get a hand held radio, only having a couple of boats a week. I told him that the Weston advertises those services. He went on to say that property was to become a Marriott in two days. I would hope they will do better. One trawler left and went to the Savannah side and a Cat docked in front of me and never checked in. No one from the Weston seemed to care.

by bobhaze101 on Nov 11, 2018
What a disappointment, and from a Westin. Where to start: soon after confirming my Dockwa reservation the Westin sent me a message saying that there is no dock staff but if I need help tying up I should call such & such a phone number when I get close. I did...several times but kept getting voicemail. There's quite a current in the river and my wife can't jump off the boat, but luckily a guy who had just docked came out of his boat and took our lines. The Westin's email also said that half of the electric pedestals don't work so try to tie up at the east end of the dock, which I did. I got power but the water on our pedestal didn't work and the next pedestal was too far away for my hose, so no water. I called the phone number again and asked about the Wifi, and someone came down and gave my wife a folder of information, then left. So we could get on the (strong) Wifi and we figured out about the showers, but no info about trash disposal. Plus the dock itself is in very rough condition. The hotel is lovely and we love Savannah, but the Westin should either step up their game or stop pretending they're a marina.

by pauljohnson1222 on Nov 06, 2018
Really enjoyed our stay. The club house for showers was fantastic. Convient access to the city via the ferry right next to the dock. Recommended!!

by verity on Oct 29, 2018
Access to the hotel amenities is great, regular ferry to town works well. There are no dock hands to help tie up. Savannah is a very nice stop.

by leeeser on Oct 26, 2018
Dock was broken, no one there to help with docking, could not get in touch with person in charge of docks, gate locked and could not get out of docking area.

by jbuck711 on Aug 13, 2018
There was no space, was not worth the $70 I spent when others just pulled up and dock for no fee. I had a lot of trouble getting help and biggest problem is there is no fuel to be found anywhere! Not worth it. Hotel is nice but they need to meet the needs of boaters better.

by srowell on Aug 13, 2018
I’ve been going by boat to the Westin now for twelve years and I haven’t seen the dock in this bad of shape. Definitely needs some attention to the dock. Hotel and staff ere Great as usual!!

by elysian on Jul 13, 2018
We were the only boat on the dock. Great hotel, the kids loved the pool and easy access to down town on the free ferry, which runs every 30 mins. frok the hotel. We highly recommend this spot & will come back again

by jdpegp78 on Jun 11, 2018
Nice, simple dock. Great location right at the Savannah Belles ferry which gives access to Savannah across the river. Secured gate was not closed fully and code-locked on the morning of our departure so security was not optimal, though this was simply a matter of maintenance required on the dock access gate to assure the full closing and locking of it as folks pass through. Some dock cleats were not fully secure but most were. Overall a good, no-frills dock.

by rberadinis on May 18, 2018
Priced high. They don't us VHF channel 16. Phone communications are bad because nobody knows about the marina. There is no help for docking. We were continually rocked by tugs, ferrys, and container ships (tie up good and use all of your fenders)

by szpirglas on Mar 29, 2018
No problem. Very nice people

About Westin Savannah Harbor

The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa features a convenient 600-foot deep water dock just steps from the resort. Whether you’re docking a small boat and checking into the resort or staying on your boat, we offer you access to our award-winning amenities as well as the necessities for your vessel. We are happy to have our dock master greet you upon arrival, and see to it that your power and other needs are met. Convenient waste/sewage drop-off available at the nearby Thunderbolt Marine.

Weight room, showers, sauna and steam room are included in your dockage, as is use of the resort's driving range and putting greens, and the riverside oasis featuring a heated swimming pool, expanded spa Jacuzzi, and an interactive children's water feature. Water service, cable, direct phone and room service are all available without leaving the dock.

To call our guest services department when you arrive, dial 912-201-2000 and select option 0.

Booking Info

  • Standard Rate: $3.00/foot + 7% Tax; $50 Minimum Charge
    • Valid Thru 12-31-2020 --except during Holiday Peak Rates outlined below
    • Resort Fee: $30/Night + 13% Tax -- Includes access to the pool, showers, wifi from boat, as well as any of the other amenities listed on our Dockwa Boater Page

  • Holiday Rate: $3.75/ft
    • May 22-25, 2020 | Memorial Day
    • July 3-5, 2020 | Independence Day
    • September 4-7, 2020 | Labor Day Weekend


  • Electrical


    • ATM
    • Fitness Center
    • Floating Docks
    • Ice
    • Launch Service
    • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
    • Restrooms
    • Restaurant
    • Security
    • Showers
    • Swimming Pool
    • Wireless Internet



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