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Carolina Beach Mooring Field

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Day Trip
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1121 N. Lake Park Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
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73 Reviews

by dorissailing on Jul 06, 2020
This is a safe and as evening progressed quiet place to spend the night. The dingy dock provided access to take the bosons mate (our dog) to shore. Mooring line was easy to pick up. We will stay again if opportunity presents itself. Thanks!

by clovett10s on Jul 06, 2020
Harbor master is outstanding! The mooring balls are in excellent shape. We stay often and will continue to stay on the mooring balls. Thank you! TripleF.

by jackonanthem on Jul 05, 2020
Excellent mooring tackle. Great location. Dinghy dock on beach side is at south end of mooring field. For west side access where most of the bars and restaurants are, dinghy dock is at far south end of bay. If you have a deep keel be careful at the entrance.

by jwilham on Jun 28, 2020
Very pleasant mooring, a lot of boat traffic but most were courteous with their wake, easy walk to the beach from the dingy dock, will definitely be back.

by mikethedrummer on Jun 25, 2020
Larry is the best, called to make sure everything was satisfactory and had a nice catching up from our previous stop a couple years ago.

by tahoebyrne on Jun 24, 2020
It wasn’t easy to hook up to the mooring due to wind gusts of 15 to 20 knots. Great once I got tied up. Great dinghy dock and a beautiful beach for walking or even surfing!

by x5j8ie1fi1amtjizbjo1 on Jun 22, 2020
Excellent location, very close to beach and town. Great access with dinghy. Perfect for paddle boarding.

by groupoc25 on Jun 21, 2020
Excellent! Well maintained moorings and easy to grab. I’ll be back for sure! Larry was a big help.

by kevinmccarthy on Jun 18, 2020
Great location dock master extremely helpful

by mccresa on Jun 15, 2020
Easy in/out. Good mooring master, friendly and helpful. Convent location.

by mrinkel on Jun 11, 2020
Excellent mooring field with easy line pick-up. Dinghy dock was close by, in excellent shape and only a couple blocks to the beach. The public dinghy dock a the south end of the harbor gives easy access to great restaurants.

by taran46 on Jun 09, 2020
Stayed for 3 nights on a mooring ball. Great breeze the entire time. Used the dingy dock to access the beach 2 blocks away. Also drove the dingy over to Carolina Beach Inlet, pulled the dingy on shore and had the beach to ourself.

by rohrley on Jun 08, 2020
Wonderful stay in Carolina Beach. We stopped last year but late in the year so most things were closed for the season. This time we spent a couple of days to explore. Nice town, great food and the best True Value Hardware store anywhere. Thanks very much!

by tearg on Jun 02, 2020
Always good stay. The repaired dinghy is great

by seawebster on May 25, 2020
Great mooring! Great location. Had a great time with my friends in the Southport Yacht Club. We’ll be back!!

by svsoulmatie on May 23, 2020
Excellent location. Even with the shutdowns of Covid19, at least we could take our puppies ashore for some really nice walks. Publix and hardware stores were really close for some needed essentials.
Marina Response:
Thanks for your visit with us at Carolina Beach. Gald you enjoyed your stay and thanks for the nice comments. Larry Denning CB Harbormaster

by davebetsy on May 22, 2020
Felt very secure. Painters are in excellent condition and boaters in area were very courteous when passing. Highly recommend this mooring field!

by gratitude4849 on May 21, 2020
This is the best mooring field anywhere on the east coast from Massachusetts to Florida. I love that one can pick up any ball they want rather than maneuvering around a tight mooring field trying to find a particular number. The pennants are new and lines are clean and dry, wrapped in a bowl on top of the ball. Perfection when it comes to moorings!
Marina Response:
Thanks for the wonderful review! Glad you enjoyed your stay with us at Carolina Beach. Larry Denning Harbormaster CB

by endeavortug on May 20, 2020
Fast, easy snd efficient and the view and protecyion from the wind was great. Would stay again!
Marina Response:
Thanks for your nice review! Larry Harbormaster CB

by sailtatoosh on May 16, 2020
We routinely come up here during the summer and enjoy it each time. Early morning activity from fisherman getting underway can get a bit noisy for an hour or so...perhaps just on weekends. Mooring balls further from the landing dock may be quieter by not as convenient. Small grocery one block away has ice and other supplies.
Marina Response:
Thanks for your good comments on your stay with us at Carolina Beach! Larry Harbormaster CB

by bethboyd on May 11, 2020
First time here. Took dinghy to shore for groceries. Awesome place. Very quiet. We will be back.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the nice review! Glad you enjoyed your stay at Carolina Beach and hope you visit us again. Thanks, Larry Denning Harbormaster CB.

by ncaballe on May 09, 2020
Stayed 5 nights 38' sailing catamaran early May 2020. There are 9 mooring balls and all appear to be in 1st-rate condition with heavy line and thimble. The balls have a hoop around the top which serves to help snag the pennant as well as protect your boat from the hardware. Quiet, no wake, minimal current, good wind protection. A couple of dinghy docks and the one at the end of the harbor provides walking access to grocery, restaurants, auto parts, beach, etc.
Marina Response:
Thanks for taking the time to give us such a nice review! Happy that you enjoyed your stay with us at Carolina Beach. Thanks, Larry, Harbormaster CB

by sneakyegret on Apr 27, 2020
We were the only boat in the field. Easy to grab pennants and close to dinghy dock for taking the dog ashore. Very easy to register through Dockwa! Came back on our way home. Planned to stay a week and enjoy this wonderful beach town. However, COVID 19 altered all of our plans. We stayed two nights through a storm and it was a comfortable mooring. The dinghy dock is very nice and convenient. We will return for our week once life opens back up.
Marina Response:
Thanks for your nice review and staying with us at Carolina Beach. Hope you will come back and visit again.

by buddy57 on Apr 19, 2020
Happy we stayed at Carolina Mooring field! Working our way home from Vero Beach to New England. Larry the Harbor Master was helpful and attentive!
Marina Response:
Thanks so much for the nice review ! Glad you enjoyed your stay at C B , and hope to see you again when you come back south. Larry Denning Harbormaster C B

by ddfriend on Apr 15, 2020
Easy to make a reservation and the mooring field was in excellent condition. What a view! We will be back!
Marina Response:
Thanks for the great review! Glad you enjoyed your stay with us at CB and look forward to you coming back. Thanks, Larry Denning Harbormaster CB

by kdrozdek on Apr 09, 2020
Well maintained mooring balls, look pretty new. Easy to grab.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the nice review. Hope to see you back again soon! Larry Denning Harbormaster CB

by douvilp on Mar 21, 2020
Mooring easy to pickup Quiet place Easy to pay
Marina Response:
Thanks for your nice review! Larry Harbor Master

by tpowers on Mar 21, 2020
Mooring balls were in good condition, well serviced and we had no worries of swinging into any other boats. The mooring field is a no wake zone and says it is enforced, we were there for four days and not a single boat or jet ski knows the definition of no wake and no one was enforcing anything! There are no services, dinghy dock is very small and unstable and for $20. A night one would expect some services. The one plus is the new Publix. A dinghy dock on the same side as the Publix would be helpful.
Marina Response:
Don't know when you stopped in, but the dinghy doc that was damaged during Dorian was rebuilt new the 1st of Feburary. Hope you will stay with us again. When you are here, please give me a call if you have any problems, wakes etc. Thanks, Larry Harbormaster CB 919-215-4593.

by masonprops on Feb 12, 2020
Great spot to duck into off the ICW
Marina Response:
Thanks for the nice review! Larry

by fjellyenta on Feb 06, 2020
Great and easy access to the mooring. Calm and comfortable overnight stay! Already recommended it to friends who are coming down the ICW and looking for a safe place to stay 😊
Marina Response:
Glad you enjoyed your stay with us at Carolina Beach Mooring Field and thanks for your nice comments. Hope you will visit us again soon ! Thanks, Larry Denning Harbor Master

by svrockhopper on Jan 15, 2020
We miss seeing Randy (the personal touch) and having someone willing to remove trash or help out with small requests like giving local knowledge and directions. Going to Dockwa totally removes all human contact. The "facilities" that are available are 2 blocks from the dinghy dock and there is a failure to mention that the showers are outside and cold water only (beach wash off showers) As for a mooring field, it meets all of the necessary requirements. There is a well maintained mooring.
Marina Response:
Sorry that you did not see my phone number to call with any questions or needs while you were here. It sounds like you have been here before and the facilities have not changed except we have a new town dock close to restaurants and grocery store. Hope you will be back again and I will be glad to assist you. Thanks for review ! Larry Denning Harbormaster 919-215-4593

by svjp on Dec 11, 2019
Nice, new mooring balls. Decent shelter

by strider224 on Dec 07, 2019
The harbor master Larry is a great guy,very helpful. He made my stay here while waiting for parts from garmin a pleasant stay. Came for a night ended up being here for a week. All new electronics from garmin 6 months ago second piece to fail. First the chart plotter in Ct. now the rector 40 ccu failed garmin not exactly helpful. Larry at least made in bearable.
Marina Response:
Thanks Wayne for the nice review. Sorry you had electronic problems with your boat, but glad you enjoyed your time with us at Carolina Beach. Have safe travels south and hope you will visit again. Larry Denning Harbor Master

by sacroller on Nov 29, 2019
Nice mooring field. Cleanest mooring balls I've ever seen. Easy to pick up. Quiet and pretty calm even in strong winds (30 kt gusting). Closest dinghy dock was damaged during Matthew and is under construction - go to the one down at the end.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the nice review! Larry Harbor Master

by debraannoneil on Nov 24, 2019
Nice spot-responsive with information when you make a contact. The only issue right now is the dinghy dock is out of commission but you can use the town dock. Love the access to most services.
Marina Response:
Thanks for your nice review! Should have new larger dinghy dock completed soon.Larry

by sailingvesselbreezy on Nov 21, 2019
Great spot and easy to tie up!
Marina Response:
Thanks for your nice review! Larry

by martydoug on Nov 12, 2019
Very nice mooring field with new pennants on the balls. Easy pickup. Plenty of room between moorings. Will go back.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the great review. Hope to see you back soon! Larry

by svharp on Nov 11, 2019
Great protected spot
Marina Response:
Thanks for the review! Hope to see you again soon.

by waterproof on Nov 10, 2019
Larry is a gentleman. Good service. We will comeback.
Marina Response:
Thanks for your nice review. Have a safe travel and look forward to having you come back. Larry, Harbour Master

by pbj on Nov 09, 2019
Randy was great. He called me once he received the reservation. We stayed here on Easter Sunday Last year on Ariverderci. We back and it is great. We loved our stay and the Mooring field Dock Mast. We have a tentative reservation for one more night in case we can’t find a marina and weather opening to get to South Port. No Agenda
Marina Response:
James, Thanks for the nice review. Enjoyed talking with you at the dock.Hope you will be back to Carolina Beach soon. Thanks, Larry Denning Mooring Field Manager

by jbt1203 on Nov 03, 2019
Larry was delightful & welcoming when we called to get details on our mooring! Once we went in to the town docks, Larry gave us a run-down on Carolina Beach, a very cute beach town! The moorings & pennants are brand new. Protected deep mooring field! Highly recommend a stop!
Marina Response:
Thank you for the nice review. Glad you enjoyed you stay at Carolina Beach and hope to see you back again soon. Larry

by awwbaker on Oct 28, 2019
I am not sure what I am reviewing. We rented a mooring ball and that was pretty much it. The mooring ball appeared in good shaped the tackle above the water was in I would say very good shape. The Town Dock at the end of the harbor was in good shape and trash disposal adequate. Other than that, Publix was convenient. I do hate using Dockwa! In regards to the boater, it only inserts a third party in to the transaction and I assume that is not free so drives costs up.

by 9412689917 on Oct 23, 2019
Stayed on a mooring ball. Found it to be clean and the line substantial.

by womansailor on Oct 08, 2019
The mooring ball pennants are all in the water. The one I picked up was covered in slime and barnacles. It was windy and I had all I could do to string my line through the eye I sustained multiple cuts on my hands from the barnacles. Warn others to wear gloves.

by kmcgovern517 on Oct 07, 2019
Stayed for four nights in October. Only one using the mooring field for the entire time. No problems with quality and stability of mooring ball. Only downside was the closest dinghy dock was closed--the street entrance/exit was closed with under construction signs. Fortunately there is a town dinghy dock at the southern end of the waterway which was convenient, but a 10 minute ride through the no wake zone. Easy access to shore facilities from there, 5 min walk to beach, 20 min walk to Publix grocery store and plenty of restaurants. Would definitely return.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the nice review. Dinghy dock damaged during recent storm. Will be repaired soon !

by jfloyd1010 on Sep 04, 2019
Very clearly defined mooring field. Close to beach with beach access. Plenty of space for our large, 50ft boat.

by fishheadbarandgrill on Sep 01, 2019
Easy hook up. Dinghy Dock very close by. Beach a five minute walk.

by 1stmate on Jun 04, 2019
Great mooring field, close to dinghy dock for beach access and going into town. Enjoyed our two night stay to avoid the traffic on the ICW during the weekend. Friendly and informative Harbourmaster and easy to make a reservation on Dockwa!
Marina Response:
Glad you enjoyed your stay at Carolina Beach. Hope to see you back again soon! Thanks for the nice review. Larry Denning, Mooring field manager.

by ricardoyoshima on Jun 03, 2019
Nice place and very good service. We’re very pleased with the Marina and are planning to be back in town for a longer stay when we head down south again.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the nice review. Look forward to seeing you back again soon! Larry Denning, Mooring field manager.

by captainkaren on May 12, 2019
Thanks to a great Harbormaster who walked us through reserving a mooring ball. We stayed another night in a lovely peaceful spot adjacent to city free dinghy dock.
Marina Response:
Thanks for your nice review. Enjoyed talking with you yesterday. Hope you will visit Carolina Beach again soon. Larry Denning, Carolina Beach Mooring Field.

by smg on May 09, 2019
Easy process to reserve on dockwa, clear navigation instructions, beautiful mooring field & well maintained mooring balls. We'll be back!
Marina Response:
Thanks for the nice review. Hope to see you back soon. Larry, Town of Carolina Beach Mooring Field.

by moonpiesailors on Apr 22, 2019
Mooring balls are in real good shape. Evenly spaced.

by 828320 on Apr 21, 2019
Great spot, quiet and beautiful.

by bet on Apr 08, 2019
Larry was great to deal with. Perfectly protected harbor for safe passage up the ICW.

by lev113815 on Apr 07, 2019
We recently stayed on a mooring ball for 3 days. Felt secure and comfortable during 40+ knots of wind and rain. We will definitely make this a regular stop. Laurie O’Shea Sv Kismet

by savage on Dec 02, 2018
Excellent moorings although no shower facilities available for boaters

by aspindel on Nov 19, 2018
It used to be an anchorage. There is a dinghy dock. I planned to go ashore, have a night out, and reprovision. If I have to pay for a mooring I won’t spend any money in your town. Next time I will stop somewhere else.

by dhutton1 on Nov 06, 2018
Easy to catch a mooring ball. Close to dinghy Dock. Easy walk to the boardwalk. Could watch fireworks from the bow of our boat.

by wesmac on Oct 30, 2018
All moorings were taken all though I reserved earlier that morning

by r67113g on Oct 26, 2018
Secure and easy in and out from the intracoastal

by wreynol on Oct 25, 2018
Easy to make a reservation and quick payment.

by jussailing on Aug 08, 2018
Moorings have some type of sign on top, this sign scratched my boat on the port side as we had wind against current. I cannot recommend this mooring field to anyone.

by mainshippilotsedanoutstanding on Aug 07, 2018
What a great convenient place to tie up. Just off ICW, well protected from the elements, nice breezes (didn't need the A/C last night), dingy access to restaurants...quiet too.

by mcmurdotv on Jun 30, 2018
Great stop-over mooring with close access to Carolina Beach activities. As others have experienced, we were the only boat in the mooring field. Very easy to book and pay now with DockWa. City marina and docks (including dinghy dock) at south end of basin on the edge of the commercial district are being re-built and should be done in the very near future but were not available at this time. There is a public kayak launch/small dinghy dock on the east side of the basin at the south end of the mooring field with some public trash receptacles and a 15-20 minute walk to the commercial district. Public restrooms at the city marina dock site. Ida Thai just behind the city marina dock site is AWESOME !! Carolina Beach has a very nice beach and boardwalk area. Mooring field is a great place to watch fireworks when the city is having them (launched from the beach area).

by johnsons3 on Jun 19, 2018
Liked it here very much. Was our first visit to Carolina Beach. Easy to grab a mooring ball and tie-up. Reasonably busy but not overwhelming. Had no problem taking our kayaks to the dock - would be nice to have a ramp to slide the kayaks onto and make it easier to climb out. Fairly easy walk to the Boardwalk and beach. Had planned to just stay one night but extended two nights. Would definitely come back.

by jlnelson3 on Jun 13, 2018
just a quick overnight. Moorings in good condition, deep water. we'd stay again.

by psneeld on Apr 13, 2018
Nice stop. Nice anchorage. Good dingy dock nearby. Easy with Dockwa....could get a reply by phone oremail but in reality, it didnt matter as I virtually had my pick of mooring balls that appeared in good shape.

by seberwine on Jan 17, 2018
Great anchorage off ICW! Really like the clean lines on top of the mooring wet, slimy messes...thanks!

by sailmon on Nov 19, 2017
Best mooring balls we have ever seen. Very peaceful.

by w1yuqspeyvb6rdiwxxuz on Nov 16, 2017
Great location with easy access to restaurants.

by rmdenton on Nov 05, 2017
Love, love that the pennants are protected in the baskets on top so the pennants are not nasty. Randy Simon was very helpful. Mooring field is very convenient to 2 different dinghy dock options. Stroll on the boardwalk and the beach were splendid excursions and our bellies LOVED the stop at Pop's Diner.

by kate325 on Oct 29, 2017
this eas very easy and convenient mooring field. wish we could stsy konger to see tge town

by katespatola on Oct 28, 2017
Always a perfect stay. Randy is very helpful. Cleanest mooring balls on the ICW. #1 top notch. SV Katydid
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About Carolina Beach Mooring Field

The Carolina Beach Mooring Field is located South of Snows Cut, between markers #4 and #5 on the approach channel into Carolina Beach town waterfront (Myrtle Grove Sound). There are 9 white buoys with a blue stripe in the middle.

Boat Size: Minimum 26ft., Maximum 55ft. and 14ft. deep.

Can only tie up to one buoy at a time and can't be tied up via stern.

Drop anchors are not allowed.

Lines going from the buoy to the boat can't be more than 15ft. in length. The pennants are about 10ft. of 5/8 line ending.


  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



    Carolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring FieldCarolina Beach Mooring Field