Blakely Island General Store and Marina

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1 Marina Dr
Blakely Island, WA 98222
Check-in after 01:00 PM
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10 Reviews

by Anonymous on Jul 07, 2022
The Marina is under new Management!! The menu is incredible. They have homemade specials. Homemade Donut's and freshly made cinnamon rolls to die for. The new managers are going out of their way to make the Marina a great place to visit. Try it today!!
Marina Response:
Thank you so much for your kind words!

by Larry C. on Jul 05, 2022
We had a chance to grab lunch at the store and the new management team is absolutely fantastic - as is the food! They are putting a lot of effort into the food program, including a focus on sourcing local ingredients. This showed through in the quality.
Marina Response:
Thank you so much. It is our pleasure to provide the highest quality food and ingredients. Hope to see you again in the future.

by Aja E. on Jun 17, 2022
Under totally new management for 2022! Come enjoy friendly service, great food, and amazing views. Visit our website for up-to-date marina availability.

by Taylor F. on Dec 19, 2021
Guy is an asshole. Ruined our family’s day.
Marina Response:
The Marina has been under totally new management for two years (since 2022), so we hope to welcome you back soon. I am personally so sorry about your outrageous and horrible experience.

by Cissie H. on Sep 05, 2021
Reserved 2 slips online. Checked in to be told we still owe payment. Once we were able to show our emailed receipt, they quickly found that yes, we did pay. My folks docked in their assigned slip, I pulled up next to them to tanner my disabled mom so we could go crabbing, the Asian lady that called herself the harbor master came running yelling that wasn't my assigned slip. I explained what we were doing and seemingly she understood and let us go. When we came back a couple hours late, she comes running again when I dropped dad to get mom's scooter and meet us at my slip... only this time yelling that we needed a reservation. This isn't a busy marina and that night, according to a tenant, we were the only guests, so why couldn't she remember? It felt overall like they were trying to scam us and treated us at every turn like common criminals. Showers were out of order as were laundry facilities. For the price they charge, a little hospitality and functional facilities (as limited as they are) isn't asking too much. First trip back in 20 years and definitely the last.

by Marty S. on Jul 19, 2021
We will NEVER be back! Rude and hostile management! We used to come to Blakely Island Store and Marina as often as possible in our frequent trips to The San Juan islands. We'd stop for beer, ice cream and fuel. We learned quickly that the food there is terrible but wanted to support this small business. (They advertise their fresh donuts but they are inedible). Even throughout Covid we made it a point to only buy our gas there to support their small business. Our support of them has come to an abrupt end. We had a horrible experience last week. We had family visiting us from out of state and we wanted to show them some of the San Juan Islands and made Blakely Island Marina our destination to stop for ice cream. When we arrived, we got off the boat with a little basket of crackers and sodas to enjoy on the grass so the children could play on the beach. As we walked up the dock, I cheerfully greeted the manager Neil with a smile and said how glad we were to be there. He just responded, "Did you bring your own picnic?" with a warning not to stay for more than an hour. We purchased fuel for the boat, bought 2 quarts of expensive ice cream and a sweatshirt while we were there. We then went back down to the boat to eat some dinner. Shortly after, Neil's wife came storming down the dock and was yelling at us saying that "the dock is not a parking lot and you need to leave!" There was nobody else parked on the dock at that time and at no time that our boat was on the dock was there more than 2 other boats on the dock. We certainly did not want to disrupt any other potential business and we certainly did not. So, we were not taking up valuable space for other boats to dock there, nor had we been there an hour. We told her we were sorry and we would leave soon. Within 5 minutes we noticed Neil on the dock taking pictures of our boat. My husband went out to talk to him and Neil yelled obscenities, called my husband names and threatened to call the Coast Guard. It was very odd. Neil made a huge fool of himself in front of us and our guests, but I think he is well versed in that. There are many reviews here on this site, Google and Yelp all echoing what we personally experienced. It was truly an odd and weird encounter. If either had any social skills, they could have simply talked with us in a civilized manner. We will NEVER be back to support a business run by people who have no idea how to treat customers. I can honestly say that my husband and I have never been treated so poorly by anyone operating a business. And it appears from all reviews I have seen here, on Google and Yelp that Neil and his wife have been rude to many others. Neil and his wife were the most angry, rude, unfriendly people imaginable. There are so many other lovely marinas to visit in the San Juan Islands where you are treated like treasured guest, that have wonderful food, and friendly employees who genuinely are happy to see you and make the vacation a wonderful experience. It is too bad Neil and his wife are ruining such a lovely place to visit. I hope the tenants and the HOA of Blakely Island, understand how much business these two employees are driving away and remove them from their position.
Marina Response:
The Marina has been under totally new management for two years (since 2022), so we hope to welcome you back soon. I am personally so sorry about your outrageous and horrible experience.

by Jesse A. on Jul 12, 2021
Harbor master Neil is extremely rude! I would avoid this marina. Most boaters in the area would say the same. He has a temper and on more then one occasion I’ve watched him yell at costumers. If you need gas then you better get it quick and get out of there before he comes running down the dock to bark at you. If you want to have a pleasant time I would recommend finding another marina, there’s plenty of other beautiful Marinas with great atmospheres in the San Juan’s. He’ll no longer have my business and I’ll be happily sailing past.
Marina Response:
The Marina has been under totally new management for two years (since 2022), so we hope to welcome you back soon. I am personally so sorry about your outrageous and horrible experience.

by Andy s. on Jul 07, 2021
Please do not support this store and this marina while harbor master Neil is in charge!! My wife and 2 kids (4&6) adored this marina, much like many we have met. We never had a problem and we were treated nicely, until recently when harbor master Neils true colors came out. Our experience with harbor master Neil after our last stay has unfortunately made it clear we can not support this business and him anyMore. After staying the night at a slip, as we left the marina our boat engine failed and we got a tow to the gas dock. After letting Neil know, and with no warning, about an hour after being docked at the gas dock he yelled at my wife in front of my young children to get off his dock as we were hurting business (while eating lunch fromHis store). Please do not support this marina until changes are made. If you have a similar story, please share it with the blakely community and all to hear. We have heard he has an angry reputation from other boaters as well as blakely island residents. We did not deserve being treated this way in a time of stress, nor should anyone. We are so saddened and angry by what happened and how we were treated. Until changes are made, please do not support this place. There are so many other great places to enjoy in the San Juan's!
Marina Response:
The Marina has been under totally new management for two years (since 2022), and it was our pleasure to welcome your family back. WE hope to see you again in the future.

by Anonymous on Aug 09, 2020
Fantastic place to go. All the food is top notch. Can't go wrong with anything you order. Management is helpful and great to work with. Dock rules are straight forward and meant for safety and to ensure the enjoyable use of the marina. A must visit when in the San Juan islands.

by Jeff B. on Jul 19, 2019
Not sure where to start. The person that presumably is in charge of this mini marina (7 transient slips) is an arrogant bigot that knows nothing about customer service, humility, appreciation for where the buck starts and stops. Doesn't know how to open on time, chastises customers for wanting to buy coffee and fuel at opening, boots people off the property and tells them to never come back again, argues with local home owners and board members over his responsibilities, hides behind his wife and daughters as a screen. Treats neighbors/employees like they are subhuman. Horrible person acting out in a false perception of importance. This guy Neil is an awful person. I highly recommend you NOT support him buy buying anything here. I’d go 20 miles in either direction to avoid patronizing this terrible person. Too bad the residents don't terminate his contract and kick his sorry **s off their island. Fuel prohibitively expensive. “Homemade” donuts anemic and greasy.
Marina Response:
Dear “RuffNTuff”, thank you for your feedback and warning others. Yes, I get called these colorful names by a few boaters every year. That’s because I have zero tolerance for boaters who do not feel the posted property rules (or our reservation policy) applies to them. And, I have little patience for arrogant-rude boaters. With that being said, I’ll try to be more diplomatic and reign my voice when I approach situations like yours in the future.


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Blakely Island General Store and MarinaBlakely Island General Store and MarinaBlakely Island General Store and MarinaBlakely Island General Store and MarinaBlakely Island General Store and MarinaBlakely Island General Store and MarinaBlakely Island General Store and Marina