Redondo Beach Marina

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$24 - $36

Day Trip
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181 N Harbor Dr
Redondo Beach, CA 90277-2598
Check-in after 12:00 PM
Check-out before 12:00 PM

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59 Reviews

by Dustin P. - Verified user on Jul 08, 2024
Everything went smooth. Thank you

by Troy S. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2024
The mooring pin came off the mooring line. It was connected with electrical tape! Fortunately there was an available spot nearby for us to use.

by Stephen C. - Verified user on Jul 01, 2024
Took a mooring here. Ground tackle was in good shape. Moorings very close together, but properly laid out. Peaceful anchorage but not very scenic. Recommend being as far north as possible in mooring field. Was a good rest stop on our passage north.

by David S. - Verified user on Jun 08, 2024
Our stay in King Harbor was great. We did find it difficult to make the reservation online with Dockwa app. Instead, we had to log into the Redondo Beach Marina website which then transferred us to the Dockwa website to make our reservation.

by James A. - Verified user on Jun 02, 2024
Easy to find the mooring and pickup. Used a different dock for dinghy and when looked at from shore side it was not quite clear that dinghy dock from mooring was dinghy dock for moorings.

by Abe A. - Verified user on Jun 01, 2024
First off I want to say this review does NOT reflect on dockwa. This is strictly about the moorings and locations. The moorings in King Harbor are unfortunately situated next to the sea lion barge, jetty rocks, AND bait barge. The smell from the bird poo alone is enough to literally make people sick. Not to mention the noise from the sea lions. The entire marina has a BAD sea lion problem so make sure you block off your swim step and close your transom door!

by Don S. - Verified user on May 27, 2024
Terrible! The pick up wand on the mooring was broken so it was very difficult to pick up. The mooring was rigged way too big for our boat so we were swinging around 90 degrees in each direction almost hitting a commercial fishing boat moored next to us. Then we had sea lions jumping up on our boat's swim platform. After just 3 hours on the mooring, we abandoned it and put the boat back in its slip in the Portofino marina. A total waste of $90 charged for three nights at the mooring.
Marina Response:
Don, sounds like the line was definitely faulty. This happens when there is surge or wind. Lines get tangled or damaged. We do our best to keep up with all the lines. Our refund policy is extremely flexible, please reach out to us with reservation information so I can extend the refund. We are glad that you found a slip at Portofino,

by Jean D. - Verified user on May 27, 2024
Thank you to all the staff for a great experience. I ended up having to leave my dinghy at the hoist for 48 hours because i needed to attend to an emergency on land and was very pleasantly surprised it was sitting there safely after two nights. i think i will return quite often to spend a few days in the best marina on the west coast. Thank you all.
Marina Response:
Thak you Jean! Welcome anytime!

by Howard K. - Verified user on May 26, 2024
Lines where relatively clean as compared to a past stay, probably due to the recent dredging. Overall we enjoyed our stay.
Marina Response:
Great! Yes the work in the Harbor definitely helps.

by Jason M. - Verified user on May 26, 2024
Easy reservation, good communication, easy dinghy dock access.
Marina Response:
Great feedback Jason!

by Amanda M. - Verified user on Mar 10, 2024
Easy to access and centrally located.
Marina Response:
Thank you Amanda, welcome anytime!

by Dee S. - Verified user on Jan 23, 2024
Small craft warnings prevented me from arriving at A-6 Redondo. Tried to contact Dockwa for cancelation and/or response
Marina Response:
Hello Dee, please give us a call at 310-374-3481 or email us through your reservation like on Dockwa, so we can refund your stay. I cannot find a reservation under the name of Dee. We have a very flexible refund policy. Hope this helps!

by Matthew B. - Verified user on Dec 10, 2023
Awesome! The boat parade was beautiful this year!

by David C. - Verified user on Dec 01, 2023
Stayed on a mooring for one night. Was very pleasant. Other than the sand (slime) line being tangled around the mooring ball which took several minutes to clear, everything else was perfect for our short stop.

by Jim E. - Verified user on Oct 23, 2023
Redondo Harbor has so many things to offer. The mooring balls are inexpensive and the harbor is well protected and relatively quiet. It is close to good restaurants, lovely beaches, fun events, shopping and marine supply. Most importantly, the community was so welcoming. The marina staff were very helpful and friendly. We also appreciated the harbor patrol. We felt so lucky to find such a small town vibe in one of the busiest areas in the US.

by George C. - Verified user on Sep 06, 2023
Its my home marina and I love it

by Charles P. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2023
Easy to reserve and access. Appreciated the email detailing where yo find things in the marina.

by John R. - Verified user on Sep 04, 2023
Mooring easy to access. The marina responded quickly on the app to questions. Lots of restaurants to choose from. The dinghy dock is not located where it says it is in the picture.

by Henry G. - Verified user on Aug 23, 2023
Excellent service in the face of a hurricane. I have stayed here several times always a pleasure

by Bryan F. - Verified user on Aug 09, 2023
Very helpful and responsive

by Ed B. - Verified user on Jul 29, 2023
Harbor patrol came out meet us and say hi, making sure we’re OK! Peaceful and beautiful spot, we will be back!!!!

by Kenneth F. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
We arrived about 1:30 on Saturday afternoon looking for our assigned mooring B2, after a few laps around the marina we realized that there was a boat moored in our space. They said that the harbor patrol put them there the night before! with no 42 foot moorings left to grab and the harbor patrol not answering we were forced to grab an open mooring for a smaller boat and rig it up to stay safe. Not a comfortable feeling at all
Marina Response:
Hello Kenneth, glad we were able to talk just now. Again, as we discussed, we apologize about Harbor Patrol. Best way to communicate with us is through the Dockwa app. We had messaged you on Friday once we learned that we had a line cut on our B Moorings and had to some reassigning. Next time you Moor with us, be sure to keep an eye out and reach out through the Dockwa site so we can reply quickly when needed.

by Brooklyn P. - Verified user on Jul 17, 2023
Good morning, I am contacting you today due to the terrible and illegitimate experience I have had at Redondo Beach marina. I have been harassed by harbor patrol since the day of my first reservation. Multiple times a day they asked me if I rented the space, which I clearly did. I told them I have a receipt and every day they continued to pressure me, question me , and complain that other boaters did not pay. After the 7 legal days I was told I am allowed to book at he office I was informed that I could extend my trip or speak with the harbor about anchoring for the allotted time. I went to the harbor at the end of my reservation and inquired about anchoring my boat, they told me I had to speak with Craig the dock master and gain his approval. Due to the fact that the office is closed on Sunday and I was to speak with him Monday morning. This was an agreed upon conversation from the fire chief a British man who claims to be the harbor master and also he same person who has been harassing me daily. I come back to my boat from land and they follow me around for at least 10 minutes and then approach my boat where I have my 2 year old son with me. They told me why am I still here legally I'm only allowed 5 days within the harbor and that they didn't not care that I paid for 7 days. They then went on to use racially charged language at me and my family (we are an interracial couple). Then when I told them I did not understand anything that was happening he told me that we would not be welcomed back in the harbor. This went on for about an hour to which concluded that if I do decide to come back I have to contact the fire department directly and at there discretion they will let me anchor or rent a ball....... I feel that I am being treated unjustly under the law and not being given the same opportunity to anchor my vessel or use the marina to the same capacity as other boaters. If you would please let me know that you received this message I would appreciate it because it is not fair for anyone to be discriminated against.

by Alfredo M. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2023
Stay was great! I already reserved a second stay.

by Mandy W. - Verified user on Jul 05, 2023
Could not find the moor info on any of my confirmations and could not get in touch with anyone. Because I wasn’t able to confirm the location of the moor I rented, I wasn’t able to use it.
Marina Response:
Good afternoon Mandy, Can you provide me with a confirmation number for your reservation? Unfortunately, I do not see any reservations made under the name of Mandy. Possibly, reason why? We are open M-F 8"30am -5pm, 310-374-3481 and do respond through the Dockwa app messages that can be sent once reservations are made.
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About Redondo Beach Marina

Redondo Beach Marina, is one of the four marinas in King Harbor. We are just two minutes to the mouth of the Harbor and Open Ocean. On premises we have two – five ton mechanical boat hoists. Our slips range from 20′ to 65′. Please make sure you call for slip availability, as our larger slips are generally full.

We offer restrooms, showers, laundry, dock boxes, mail/message services, water and power. Restaurants, nightclubs and fish markets surround the slip area and we are within walking distance from many more. The fuel dock and pump out station are only a short distance away.

Weekend and weekday dock tie up is available, at first come first serve basis.

Booking Info

*Registration number and valid Insurance information is required for all transient reservations.

Dinghy dock is located near the boat hoist

MOORING AGREEMENT AND REGULATIONS Failure to comply with any of the regulations below may result in fines, vessel impound, ejection and/or prosecution. All costs associated with any enforcement activity shall be the responsibility of the vessel operator and shall be paid prior to departure of the vessel from the harbor. • This permit allows for a maximum mooring rental up to 7 days within a 30 day period and shall begin on the first day's rental. • Check-in is permitted between 8:00am to 5:00pm. Vessels arriving prior to 8:00am will be charged in full for the previous day. Moorings must be vacated no later than 12:00 Noon on the last day of the permitted stay. • Anchors shall not be deployed from any vessel in the mooring field. • Vessels within the mooring field shall use only the established buoy and mooring system provided. • Vessels engaged in commercial activities are prohibited from mooring or anchoring in the Harbor. No advertising or soliciting shall be permitted on any vessel within King Harbor. • Permittee or any person using, possessing, or controlling the vessel must comply with federal, state and local laws. • Permittee or any person using, possessing, or controlling the vessel shall not have any outstanding fees or charges owed to the City of Redondo Beach. • Permittee agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of Redondo Beach, its officers and employees, from any and all claims losses, liabilities, or injuries arising from permittee's use of the City's mooring, dock or other facility, or the issuance of this permit. • Permittee may not transfer or assign the Mooring Permit or the right to use the slip to any vessel or person. • Swimming is prohibited within King Harbor. Diving off of vessels within the mooring field is prohibited. • Vessels must hold a valid Mooring Permit issued by Redondo Beach Marina to moor in the transient vessel mooring field. • Vessels must be in good operational condition, capable of maneuvering under their own power, such determination shall be made within the sole discretion of the Office of the Harbor Master. • It shall be the sole responsibility of vessel occupants to provide their own conveyance to land-based facilities. • In the event of a severe storm, all vessels within the mooring field shall be encouraged to vacate the field within twelve (12) hours of the time that the Harbor comes under the storm threat. The vessel owner or operator is responsible for the costs to repair any and all damages (public or private) that result from the vessel operator’s resulting decisions. • Major repairs or refitting of vessels, including any activity which could result in the deposit of materials into the water, is strictly prohibited. • Upon termination or revocation of the Mooring Permit, permittee or any person using, possessing or controlling the vessel shall remove the vessel. • Permittee may cancel this permit by giving seventy-two (72) hours notice. Applicant is subject to a $20.00 cancellation processing fee if cancelled within 72 hours.

CONDITIONS AND REQUIREMENTS FOR USE OF CHECK-IN DINGHY DOCK OR DINGHY DOCK Use of the Dinghy Dock is subject to the following terms and conditions. Each permittee shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws, including but not limited to: • Check-In Dinghy Dock (Basin III) exit/entry requires a gate lock combination provided by the RB Marina at check-in • No fishing is allowed from the Dinghy Dock at any time. • No riding of bicycles, skateboards, roller skates or other rolling devices on the Dinghy Dock. • No dogs are allowed on the Dinghy Dock. • Loud noise is prohibited on the Dinghy Dock. • Boat maintenance is to be done onboard the vessel only and is not permitted on the Dinghy Dock. • No commercial activity may take place without a City permit first obtained.

NO DUMPING OF HAZARDOUS WASTE • It is illegal to dump hazardous wastes such as used oil or batteries in the City's trash receptacles. These substances pose a threat to the environment and must be disposed of at an appropriate collection facility. • Any person who illegally disposes of hazardous waste is liable for fines and/or prosecution. • Report spill violations to the Harbor Patrol (310) 318-0632. All spills MUST be reported to the National Response Center at 1-800-424- • Call 1-800-CLEANUP or visit for proper disposal locations.


  • Diesel
  • Gas


  • Bait & Tackle
  • Ice
  • Laundry
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Groceries



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