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Herrington Harbour South


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7149 Lake Shore Drive
North Beach, MD 20714
Check-in after 12:00 PM
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59 Reviews

by tcasey58 on Jun 15, 2020
Herrington Harbour South is just the best resort marina on the bay. We live going there.

by ascharfmd on Jun 06, 2020
One of our very favorite marinas to visit. Even after all the Covid-19 stuff, the marina did not disappoint. Although are still catching up with some of the landscaping it is still Quite beautiful. Everyone is following safe practices but not overdoing it. Restrooms were sparkling clean. Restaurant across the street had fantastic food as usual and ice cream. Great job on the marina everyone. We will be back soon!

by davemoldover on Mar 18, 2020
early season stay. beautiful place. will be back.

by jakl on Oct 14, 2019
We pulled in after a 10 hour run a little past 1700. They close at 1700 and we were met by Adam and he was very friendly and would not leave until we were securely tied up and had power. Very clean and well maintained marina with either a restaurant (Katch-22) or the deli across the street.

by bobbanks99 on Oct 01, 2019
Friendly service, great location, easy to get into, well marked, beautiful beach. Fun crowd

by wroche3 on Sep 26, 2019
Outstanding service from every member of the staff. They make you feel that you are their top priority......imagine that....a place that actually prioritizes customer service . Great overnight stay, great amenities, great people!

by josephafickjr on Sep 10, 2019
Very nice facility, good restaurant, friendly staff

by jsmac8218 on Sep 02, 2019
Excellent marina, a true destination. Pool, beach, restaurant, deli, paddle boards, kayaks, small sailboats for rent, boat owners parties, movies on the beach, BBQ grills, great slips and docks, etc etc. A must stay for anyone looking for a relaxing stay

by bboarman on Aug 31, 2019
Great place to stay . The grounds are just beautiful. New Restsurant Katch 22 was a great experience. Can’t wait to go back.

by laz on Aug 25, 2019
After a long slog upwind, it was a relief to tie up at Herrington Harbour South. Our dockhand was the asst dockmanster and he was cheerful and helpful, and got us off to a great start for our evening. We went for a quick swim on their mini-beach, and made note of the Hobies and Sunfish for rent - for next time. Showers were nice. Dinner was gourmet excellent, which was a nice surprise as the restaurant and bar project a relaxed pub-style atmosphere. That was nice, but we didn't expect first-rate food as well.

by tjastro on Aug 25, 2019
An awesome marina!!! We always love coming here! Tried Ketch 22 again and unfortunately I was disappointed again. Ordered my fish medium rare and it was totally over cooked. Great pool and nice atmosphere.

by wer4sail on Aug 23, 2019
Outstanding! Clean, beautifully kept and friendly staff (esp. Aiden!). Lovely pool and facilities and very nice restaurant, it’s conveniently located across from a handy market and deli as well :)

by bellstacy on Aug 18, 2019
Great pool and restaurant and bar

by rcocking2 on Aug 14, 2019
Easy, well marked approach to a nicely maintained marina. Good pool, great beach at the Bed/breakfast. Accommodation for all size boats, w/ water and electricity, wifi. Dock crew seemed unfamiliar with radio protocol, confused about their available accommodations: sent a staff member to the dock to tell instructions to us as we approached- not really helpful over the sound of our engine, and a source of a fair bit of stress to our crew! Staff was very helpful with undocking the next day from a crowded area, however. Nice place: would recommend.

by freetimetospare on Aug 11, 2019
Nice facilities. Beautiful grounds.

by dspatio on Aug 08, 2019
Great place to unplug and rest. very well maintained

by jspeicher on Aug 04, 2019
Beautiful marina One of the best maintain marina we have been too. Access to provisions and food options The pool is big . Down side ...too many people,it has the feel being at your city pool. No pool service amd gone is the old pool bar. All in all a very good marina

by rmkurek on Aug 01, 2019
Docking and registration was flawless! The 4 boats in our group were placed on the transient B dock by the pool. The pool was clear, clean and refreshing in spite of the very hot weather we've had recently. Sat night DJ at the pool was a plus! Ketch 22 restaurant is awesome. The grounds and landscaping are beautiful! HH South is always a hit!

by svalliere on Jul 23, 2019
Wow ....five star marina only because there is not a ten star rating. The property is the Disney of marinas, beautiful landscaping and no signs of the staff working on the property. The new restaurant and outdoor pool bar is 5 star also. The staff was even 10 star this is a must go to place not just once a season but many times. Thank you for such a beautiful property and marina .... and the food was above awesome, you are setting the mark for marinas around the world. Awesome job to the staff whom I watch work their tails off on one of the hottest days ever in Maryland.

by trinket on Jul 17, 2019
Great place, great service. The staff exhibits pride in the place which is the best outcome for any work group. Will visit again.

by usjxscetrapdqhjav_gw on Jul 15, 2019
Beautiful Resort. Great accommodations. Helpful Friendly Staff. One of our favorite spots to go.

by mcastellitto on Jul 14, 2019
We always love Herrington, the grounds are beautiful, Ketch22 has great food and accommodated our large groups over the years. Our only draw back with Herrington over the years is there inconsistency in docking. Typically at checkin they will not accept request, i.e beach pier, bulkhead etc. You are told first come first serve. Then upon arrival with multiple dockages open at these locations it is certainly not first come first saved. Often times told they are reserved. Rules are rules, just be consistent with what you advertise and your actions.

by marinacomments on Jul 09, 2019
Great facilities — especially enjoyable during the quiet weekdays,

by reelnauti on Jul 08, 2019
This is one of if not the nicest marina's we have stayed at in the area with very friendly staff. The accommodations and grounds are top notch and of the nicest anywhere. I could not recommend staying here more than that. It is simply a vacation resort atmosphere the should be enjoyed by everyone!

by muddywaters on Jul 05, 2019
I want to THANK YOU and the entire staff for my stay at Herrington Harbour. We really enjoyed. As you know, we originally planned to only stay for a couple of days, then extended to 1 week and then to 2 weeks. That is a direct reflection of you, your staff and the wonderful experience that we had. Now we are moving our entire boating experience from15+ years on the Potomac to there at Herrington starting 2020

by bestgate on Jul 04, 2019
This marina facility may be the best on the Bay. Staff and dock hands are courteous and helpful. Docks are new kept in excellent repair. Grounds are beautifully landscaped and pool is large and well managed. New outdoor bar is the popular place to hang out. Sunsets are best enjoyed on a lounge chair on the little sandy beach. Quality of food service and restrooms are fair, with restrooms undersized for the scale of such a large marina. This is definitely a fun family destination with which few marinas on the Bay can compare.

by finlain on Jun 30, 2019
The best marina I have stayed in. I have boated in the San Juan Islands, the Virgin Islands and all over the Chesapeake Bay. Herrington Harbor South is like the Disney of marinas.

by stormin99 on Jun 18, 2019
My first visit to Herrington Harbor South will not be my last. Amenities were great, Restaurant was great, everything about the place was fantastic. We went with a group of 4 boats this time and would go again anytime.

by trafalgar1 on Jun 14, 2019
Beautiful grounds. Friendly staff. Only complaint was the bathrooms on Thursday morning. My wife had no hot water in the shower; she saw the “hot” identification but still no hot water. My bathroom was wet....everywhere - floor, walls, chair, shelf, like a hose was brought in and sprayed everywhere.

by ritab on Oct 15, 2018
We have stayed at HHS many times over the past few years and always received excellent customer service. The staff is courteous and friendly. This is really the best marina on the Chesapeake Bay. We have just retired and was finally able to make this our home port starting April 1, 2019. Very clean beautiful grounds and beach. Excellent location on the bay for sailors who want great sailing access as soon as you leave the channel.

by kennedpr on Sep 21, 2018
I got married at Herrington in 2017 and came back on my anniversary with our wife and stayed at the marina for the weekend. The dock staff was extremely helpful and flexible, allowed us to pick the best spot for our catamaran, and allowed easy check out in the morning. The marina is beautiful, the facilities were great, and the restruant was excellent. Highly recommend.

by aspencon on Sep 17, 2018
We arrived around 7 PM and were happy to be in a protected slip. The restaurant worked out dinner reservations with our two young men (age 12)... it is a beautiful and happy marina

by consultansea on Sep 06, 2018
We love Herrington. No complaints seems that the slip reservation and assignment process could be improved by logging in the special requirements of vessels in a computer as "Notes" or something. It's almost always as if you are just showing up and being placed at random as opposed to a reservation made months in advance. Easy fix.

by ukpasa on Sep 01, 2018
Great stay. Wonderful dock hand (Joey). All staff was most pleasant and helpful. Beautiful pool.

by ourdream on Aug 20, 2018
This is a gorgeous marina with lots of potential. Sadly however they aren’t really interested in happy customers. When we called for a reservation, my husband specifically asked for a slip with close access to the pool and restaurant because I have issues that make walking difficult. We also asked for a port side tie. We were told no problem. When we got there we were directed into a slip with a starboard side tie and not all that close as we were promised. Minutes later another boat was directed into a pier closer to the pool with a port side tie. We later spoke to those boaters and they did not ask to be closer. So what was the point of asking? No one seemed concerned, the deckhands shrugging and saying “sorry”. The dock master did give us a whopping 10% discount. Big deal. I would have preferred what we specifically asked for. It truly is a beautiful, clean marina but if you have any special needs or requests I would not recommend.

by npijimstone on Aug 16, 2018
Great resort type facility

by gosia on Aug 04, 2018
Beautiful marina . We have a great time there. Some many things to do if you come with kids . The staff was working hard to make you feel welcome.

by jhamilton69 on Jul 24, 2018
3rd time we stayed here and still love it. Friendly staff, beautiful grounds, great beach and view and just relaxing. Can’t wait until the next time!

by larstk66 on Jul 11, 2018
We love this place. Very nice and clean marina/resort and the weather was perfect. On top of it they have the best deal on diesel fuel...

by mc1600 on Jul 10, 2018
Without a doubt our favorite spot. The staff is always friendly and accessible, the grounds are immaculate, and the addition of Ketch22 pushes the whole facility another step above. Will definitely be back.

by peregrine on Jun 25, 2018
It was a good place to stop on way south. Very clean and friendly.

by waynesworld on Jun 25, 2018
Clean facilities. Enjoyed the pool. Loved the food at Ketch 22 and the deli across the street. Beautiful setting for weddings and events. We had a great time!

by happyplace on Jun 13, 2018
Grounds were meticulous and beautiful. Very busy marina. Shower houses and restrooms could use more than 1 cleaning a day.

by nash22 on Jun 12, 2018
Great marina! Helpful staff, clean bathrooms, great amenities, and beautiful grounds. I highly recommend it and will be visiting again.

by petechambliss47 on Sep 19, 2017
A great experience, beautiful facility. Breakfast across the street at Chesapeake Market was great. Hop the owners of the bar and restaurant can get open by next year. A real detriment to the experience but they are contractually separate from Herrington Harbor South. Will be back just to enjoy the resort next year!

by atkins95 on Sep 18, 2017
Place was great, service very good. It would have been helpful to know the office to get a power cord closed at 5P sharp. Fortunately some one let us in and worked our problem out.

by hankspector on Sep 17, 2017
Great place. Only negative for me was the mooring assignment. Explained I had a mobility impairment and asked for a side tie, which was accommodated. However, it was the tee head of Echo, a very long walk from everything.

by jimsteinle on Sep 06, 2017
Very nice and clean marina, the grounds are beautiful and well maintained. The staff was friendly and helpful. Need to get the restaurant open. We will come back.

by arsandin on Aug 28, 2017
Marina employees were super friendly. Took care of all my dock lines, shore power, and water. As soon as I checked in they provided me a map of the hotel/marina, wifi info, passes to the pool, and keys to the bathroom. Area clean and quite. I am coming back soon!

by mcthruster on Aug 07, 2017
Wonderful resort. Great facilities and Tyler remembered our favorite slip and put us there! We will be back!!

by scooper321 on Aug 07, 2017
This is an A+ resort. Great facilities. Numerous clean bathrooms. The restaurant isn't open (and I'm not sure why it takes almost a year to remodel and open a new one) but the old one was great so I suspect the new one will be, too. Beautiful grounds, lots of places to cookout. The Bay's best pool. The only negative was putting our group on the transient pier in the main channel instead of in slips. We got rocked a lot. Last time I visited I had a slip. It's a pricey marina to,pay for to be stuck on the main channel in and out.

by ospreypoint on Aug 01, 2017
Great child friendly marina, grounds were beautiful. Harbour master and staff very friendly. Definitely a great family destination.

by jonesfam214 on Jul 28, 2017
Wed really enjoyed our brief stay here. The pool is very nice and the bathrooms are as good as some hotels. The slip holders are some of the friendliest by far. We are looking forward to a return trip next year. Our only complaint is that our dockhand was very inexperienced. He wasn't much help tieing up and tangled up our power cords. Just be prepared to handle business yourself. However, this is by far one of the better marinas we have stayed at. Wish we had came sooner.

by cjhavershop on Jul 05, 2017
Herrington is a beautiful, well-run, constantly changing full-service marina with tons of amenities! We love the Independence Day celebration there and go every year. The fireworks are spectacular!

by bensolomon on Jul 05, 2017
Herrington Harbour South was great as usual. The grounds are impeccably landscaped. It is clean, and everyone is friendly. We always enjoy our stay.

by jazboat on Jun 16, 2017
Beautiful facility, great dockhands. Only downside was poor WiFi.

by masonprops on Jun 12, 2017
We really enjoyed our stay! Restaurant and Tiki bar were closed down but they accommodated by having runners at the pool so that you could order food and drinks from deli across the street. All staff is very friendly and helpful.

by pharris on Sep 09, 2016
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About Herrington Harbour South

Less than 35 miles from Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia, Herrington Harbour is recognized as the best Eco-Lifestyle Marina Resort on the Bay, and are proud to be an ActiveCaptain 1st Choice Marina. A protected marina basin in Friendship, MD with 600 boat slips, our family resort has everything a recreational boater could desire. Our central location on the Bay and slipholder amenities are just two of the reasons for our popularity. Our 1500' channel, maintained at 7' MLW, takes you from your protected berth to deep, open water boating with a multitude of exciting destinations within easy reach. There are a multitude of unforgettable experiences to be had for all ages at Herrington South. Lounge on our private beaches, take a dip in the Olympic Size Swimming Pool or relax on your boat. Slipholder parties, breakfasts and outdoor movie nights on the beach boost the excitement every weekend. Our marina resort has everything you need right here on-site. Nearby, are the towns of Chesapeake and North Beach. Take the kids to the waterpark, fish on the pier, shop, walk the bayside boardwalk or choose from several dining destinations.

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