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34 Reviews

by rbolcome on May 27, 2022
Very unhappy. Clearly understaffed and totally unreliable with service timelines. A month into the season and my boat is not in the water for Memorial Day weekend. The slip rental is supposed to start on May 1. Despite being able to operate the boat in the fall and having the team do a considerable amount of work over the winter (without everything being put back together yet as of this week), today I find out about a new purported problem that will delay launch. Even if this is the case - even if my engine was total trash (which isn't the case) - I should not be first finding out about it a month into the season after having proactive winter work done. The marina is becoming "closed" without letting outside vendors/mechanics do work on the boats there. I shudder to think how much time I'll waste dealing with unreliable information and delays. The marina was already unhappy that I had someone put a sound system in (which took less than 2 weeks and was on time). When would the marina have gotten to that - October?

by getmarkus on Oct 22, 2021
Very friendly and flexible

by rjluti on Sep 13, 2021
The staff and people around the marina were extremely friendly.

by cdory28167 on Sep 07, 2021
Update: We spend a recent night at Sunset Bay Marina... the staff remains attentive and the resident marina customers quite friendly. The walk to the supermarket, etc., is less onerous than I reported last time, i.e., less than a mile from the marina. (It's an additional mile to the carousel at the west end of Hull.) It's not on the way to/from anywhere, but it remains a pleasant day or two getaway. ***** We spend two early September nights on the face dock... comfortable enough despite the occasional small wake. The marina manager offered to put us in an empty slip if we'd be more comfortable, but we declined. The staff and customers at Safe Harbor Sunset Bay were friendly and helpful. It's a walk to the supermarket but there's a convenience store within a few blocks. A few more blocks and you're on the beach. The core of Nantasket Beach is about two miles away, but it's a pleasant, flat walk, either along the beach or on an otherwise quiet road. We'll be back.

by cannedyou on Sep 05, 2021
Nice welcoming staff. A little roll at the dock with boat traffic but smooth and protected at night. Beautiful sunset. Their check in/check out times are great but creates some confusion. Will definitely go back.

by gaalp84 on Aug 19, 2021
The dock hands were friendly. When we called on the radio for dock assignments they were not real clear. We asked which side to prepare our fenders the reply was either. Not helpful as the comment was approach the dock where a person with a red shirt would assist us. The welcome bag was much better then SH Plymouth. The facilities were not in good condition, bathroom and showers although clean are run down. The hall way to the restroom seemed like a storage area. The water pressure on the dock and showers was low.

by mancevic on Aug 09, 2021
The marina is set up really nicely and is awesome, and the staff are amazing. One of my friends also misplaced a wallet and the Dockmaster and staff worked tirelessly to find it and they did - above and beyond! Highly recommended.

by dsmith8372 on Aug 08, 2021
The team at Sunset Bay was excellent. Always attentive, friendly and plenty of staff around to help. Special appreciation for Darren and the rest of the service team who helped tremendously with a few mechanical issues. Thanks!

by lynneandsteve on Aug 07, 2021
2020 review: Not 5 star quality but on its way to 5 star. I believe that SH will improve it significantly. Restaurant Local 02045 has great food served outside. 2021: the staff is very helpful and friendly. Showers and laundry need updating.

by arcblue on Jul 28, 2021
We had the worst experience at Safe Harbor Sunset Bay that I can imagine. Far from professional, Safe Harbor is the TGI-Fridays of Marinas. When I radioed the dock on approach around 5pm they made us wait 10 minutes and then said they didn’t have a dock for us “because of the dinner rush.” They asked if we would mind coming back later as it would probably clear up.” Seriously?! Anyway, the dock master offered a mooring ball for us to wait. I re-stated our draft and asked if the mooring field was deep enough and they said: “probably, why don’t you try one of the balls furthest out?” Again, seriously? At this point it was too late to find an alternative. So, I found a ball with my deep sounder and tide charts. At 7:30 pm they said they had dock space opening up, but it was only 5.5 deep right now and we would have to wait for the tide to rise further before we could get in. Think about that for a minute – they obviously didn’t. I asked what they planned for me to do at 2am when the tide is falling again and our boat is resting on the bottom and starting to list. They said “oh”. After another 10-minute wait, a staffer called back to say they would not be able to honor our reservation after all. We could stay on the mooring ball, but they close the launch in 10 minutes. (we didn’t bring our dinghy for this one night trip,… to a dock!) They then said they would try to get our money refunded. Try? I had confirmed the dock reservation via email and then again on the phone direct to the dock master to make doubly sure they read our spec’s on Dockwa and had enough depth (7’ 3”) for our boat. He said there would be no problem. But they obviously lack planning skills and were unwilling to rearrange the docked boats to make good on our reservation. They are really there just to push product, not to look out for their clients. As I said before, Safe Harbor is the TGI-Friday’s of Marinas. Staffed by summer vacation high-school students without boating experience, their eagerness does not substitute for professionalism when there is a problem to be solved. I question whether many of the reviews here are actually legitimate. There should be a boater’s bill of rights. I understand the need for their cancellation policy of keeping a dock fee for a last-minute cancellation. They need to sell the dock space to stay in business. But the reverse is also true. If we have a contract and they renege, it shouldn’t be that they get off free. We’re stuck in strange waters after dark with nowhere to go. It’s like an airline overbooking a flight and then stranding people in an airport and saying “Sorry, no flight home, go work it out yourself”. What if it was storming at 8pm? Their mooring ball would not have been deep enough with any wave action. I know because I had to keep watch through the night to be sure.

by alexib on Jul 18, 2021
We were greeted by dock hands as we arrived & they helped us with our lines:) Had shore power & water. Enjoyed our stay, staff was friendly & also were people at the marina. Will come back as we came last year too! Good restaurant & view of the sunset at the marina. Short walk to the beach.

by lmd373 on Jul 11, 2021
We love Sunset Bay! Everything about it is fantastic, the staff are beyond friendly, the view is amazing and the restaurant is great. And you have the bay on one side and just a couple blocks away is Nantasket beach. A little piece of heaven.

by gvt8fagecaqnz5atnyjx on Jun 29, 2021
Even though my 21ft 2005 center console I was treated like I was a millionaire the dock men and women are the best

by joeg on Jun 27, 2021
Great place, attentive staff.

by hloring.cfrary on Sep 27, 2020
We came to Sunset Bay for the sunset and the restaurant (Local 02045) and were not disappointed. It is a beautiful spot, the docks are secure and quiet, the marina staff are very helpful and professional -- and the restaurant is great with that great deck to watch the sun go down. We appreciated the dock hand showing us to our slip and helping us with the docking and tie up. He also helped us find and connect to an available working electric outlet. One thing: the Dockwa amenities list includes "pumpout at the fuel dock", but, when we arrived, we learned that there are NO pumpout facilites at the marina which was a big surprise for a Safe Harbor marina. As a result, we had to spend a little over an hour cruising back to the Hingham Harbormaster pumpout dock in the Hingham Inner Harbor and then back to the marina. It very nearly caused us to arrive later than closing time which could have led to real problems in finding our way to a slip for the night. Dockwa needs to CHANGE the listing of amenities to remove "pumpout facilities" from the list. But we had a great evening, great dinner, beautiful overnight, and even walked up A Street the next morning to the Dunkin (in Tedeschi's) to get breakfast which we ate on the seawall at the east end of A Street on beautiful Nantasket Beach. Its a great neighborhood for waking around. We will definitely return.

by big2nah on Sep 09, 2020
Paul D and his crew are awesome

by carlitos_wake on Sep 07, 2020
Very good everything worked well

by rmaciver on Sep 07, 2020
This is not a well run marina. We booked our stay here well over a week ago. When we radioed in it took them a good 15 minutes before finding a place to put us. Then half the dock had no power which was built into our price. We arrived to a verbal altercation on the docks between a slip owner and a young sunset bay worker due to there being no power (for the entire week). We weren’t provided any materials or email sharing the door codes, where the bathrooms were, what the WiFi was etc. the workers grabbed our line tied us and walked away. When we called the office to ask about the power (we have dogs that rely on the AC along with food in the fridges) the office said there was nothing that could be done till Tuesday ( we were only staying one night) because management is on vacation and didn’t want to be bothered. Safe to say we won’t be visiting safe Harbor Sunset bay again.

by juliec7592 on Sep 07, 2020
From the start of radioing in and asking where our transient slip was to the ending of us leaving was by far the WORST experience we have ever had at a marina. We were not notified that there would be no shore power, so our fridge full of food went bad, we had animals on the boat that needed air conditioning, the marina workers were no where to be located and of NO help. We were never told any information about where bathrooms were or wifi connection. I called the front office and I was laughed at and not taken seriously when I said we would of never booked a reservation here if we knew the accommodations weren't available that were posted. The other dock slip owners have spoke nothing but awful things about management and the workers here. We witnessed an argument between workers and dock slip owners. When I asked the front office for managements phone number I was told that they ARE NOT TO BE BOTHERED on the weekends. It's labor day weekend, a big boating weekend and that's how management handles their marina? We will be sure to notify our home marina and our friends marinas that this marina is NOT the place to go. They took our money and could of cared less. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED in safe harbor organization.

by ssod5357 on Sep 06, 2020
Great location, beautiful sunset and a great restaurant. My only complaint is that because its unprotected, its a bit rough and the boats rock around alot., i know thats not the marinas fault but getting a slip on the outer docks can be uncomfortable

by davwad55 on Aug 15, 2020
Good manager, takes care of his customers, gave me a needed slip. They don’t have diesel fuel or ice but will next year. Good help there with their employees, would go there again.

by jnoliver on Aug 14, 2020
We’ve been coming to Sunset Bay Marina as transients for several years now and have always enjoyed it. Proximity to Nantasket Beach is a big plus, as is their bar and restaurant. We have now moved there permanently.

by kpt2020 on Jul 26, 2020
Second time at sunset marine and once again a great one. Attentive staff and good radio communications.

by cjmaggiacomo on Jul 20, 2020
Fantastic as usual.

by pattulld on Jul 20, 2020
View and sunset are great. The restaurant was busy with folks arriving from land and sea. Docks are nice and wide. I noticed at least two cleats that were barely hanging on by a single lag screw. Even though I selected 50Amp power at registration, there were no 50amp pedestals close to my slip so had to run the generator. They did offer a 30->50 adapter, but that would not have been sufficient. Saw at least 3 boats with people swimming near the docks...very dangerous and potential liability since it seems accepted. Wake/waves were more than I expected, but not awful.

by temptation on Jun 21, 2020
Electricity was a bit tough had to run my generator. But very nice spot and great staff!

by djrobertson on Aug 08, 2019
Dock staff did a great job assisting me in tying up the boat against a strong wind. The resident boater’s were very friendly. The floating docks are in good condition, but the heads and showers are marginal. There’s not much in the way of services within easy walking distance. Besides the restaurant at the marina (which seemed quite popular) and a deli with a Dunkin Donuts, there weren’t any restaurants within 0.7 miles of the marina. The same goes for ice cream. Be careful if you’re hoping for a pump out. The Town of Hull operates a pump out boat which only comes to the marina on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

by ellenjconnors on Aug 03, 2019
Easy arrival and knowledgeable and helpful staff!! Friendly and convenient place!

by ooohaha on Feb 20, 2019
Super friendly staff and “residents”. The sunsets are spectacular, We travel all summer and there is no better view than from D dock.

by lindabunce on Sep 10, 2018
Sunset Bay Marina is a pleasure to stay at. Dave and his crew are very accommodating and very helpful. The sunset is definitely the best in all of Boston!

by nbacon54 on Aug 05, 2018
The staff was extremely nice, the restaurant had delicious food, just a little pricy but we enjoyed it. The only issue was the rocking. That was an issue for comfort.

by dbelletete on Jul 23, 2018
The people are great, very helpful. Dock hands were right there when needed. The restaurant was nice . The showers rooms are clean, a little tired though. Would definitely return someday.

by carmine23 on Jul 09, 2018
Great place to stay and catch a beautiful sunset just outside of Boston Harbor. Friendly and helpful staff. Nice restaurant and lounge overlooking the bay. Will definitely come back.

by wh on Jul 02, 2018
Fantastic views of Boston skyline and harbor islands. Marina itself was clean, well maintained, had great facilities and the staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Highly recommend.

About Safe Harbor Sunset Bay

Celebrated sunsets, renowned beaches, and easy access to the Boston Harbor Islands make Safe Harbor Sunset Bay a one-of-a-kind coastal urban oasis. Just minutes from Boston’s city center, opportunities for adventure and relaxation are abundant. Take a peaceful walk on the spectacular Nantasket Beach, enjoy a brew with a view at one of our waterfront restaurants, or day trip to the famed islands rich with possibilities for outdoor recreation.


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