Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor

415 Whittaker Point Rd
Oriental, NC 28571

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3 Reviews

by Marshall D. - Verified user on Jan 06, 2022
There is absolutely nothing nice I can say about this Marina or the owner. For starters it is a rundown decapitated Marina with zero services available everything that they have listed as they have available is not true at all Canute the owner acts like he's just a dock hand when you get there so I was thinking I was donating a 10-speed bicycle to a poor dock hand with holes in his shoes come to find out it was the owner The second problem I had was he said he would charge $70 an hour to work on my boat but when I got my bill he charged me $140 an hour. The third problem I have was because of this Marina being in despair but when friend came in and my 34 foot Silverton got beat up because his dock failed to maintain the boat when the dock broke Canute the owner will take no responsibility and had the balls to want to charge you to fix something his marina damaged To make matters worse I informed him that the sailboat next to me was being beat up by the finger pier and he didn't do anything about it and yes he owned it the result was my brand new dinky got a whole popped in it when a window on the sailboat shattered flung the glass to a dingy and popped it not that he cared about that either he is a liar a cheat and I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. To top it all off after he overcharged me for a second boat I temporarily placed there which of course I paid and the day I was leaving he tried an erroneous charge to my credit card again trying to rip me off even more when I got to a different Marina in Oriental the morning I left for fuel they said and I quote oh sounds like you're another victim of knute I have a lot more to say but I put it on my YouTube channel. He even has the nerve to advertise he has a swimming pool which he doesn't laundry services which what you get is a broken down washer and dryer that does not work showers but you get one shower and an abandoned building that the water turns ice cold after 5 minutes you have a marina that you have to walk around with the flashlight at night time cuz it's pitch Black just an awful awful experience I went there cuz it was $350 now I know why and he is the only Marina that I know that will replace an old piece of wood with an old piece of wood the place should be shut down and thief lying crook owner should be in jail I have an appointment with my lawyer today to see about suing him for all the damages to my vessels but you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip

by Barry E. - Verified user on Nov 07, 2020
Very nice people and very helpful. Dock are somewhat run down but manageable. 1 mile walk to grocery and west marine. Sili has great food and music.

by Andrew V. - Verified user on Nov 06, 2020
One word to describe Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor... Decrepit. Docks were falling apart. Dockmaster was nailing in boards as we docked so we wouldn’t fall into the harbor getting off our boat. No lighting on the dock, I suggest you carry a flashlight at night. Bathrooms were disturbing filthy. One of the two available showers did not function; wear shower shoes if you decide to use the shower that does work. On a positive note - Knute the dockmaster was very helpful and went out of his way to get us set up.

Booking Info

Max LOA: 125'

Max Beam: 30'

Max Draft: 6'


  • Water Hookup
  • Electrical


  • Swimming Pool


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