Knotty Pine Resort & Marina

Not Offered

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
430 Peninsula Drive
Lake Almanor, CA 96137
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM

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2 Reviews

by Anonymous on Jun 21, 2024
This place was not a full service organization. We had no tie down ropes, no anchor, we had to ask for docking cushions. The worst part is they tried to scam us on the prop damage. They rented us a boat with a scratched prop on two edges. Luckily I took pictures, otherwise they were going to charge us for new prop, so be aware. Do not recommend.

by Anonymous on Jul 17, 2020
WHATEVER YOU DO - do NOT rent from this resort. In the owners own words "I'm one of the few people who doesn't believe the customer is always right." I would rather give this place NEGATIVE five stars. If you don't want to read this whole review the short of it is that Brett the owner is incompetent and runs the place like a deranged dictator whose employees are terrified of him. We have rented a ski boat from this company for the last 20 years in a row. The old owner was a lovely man and we had nothing but great things to say. Unfortunately he got sick and sold the business to perhaps the worst businessman ever. Enter BRETT. This is by far one of the worst customer service experiences, if not THE worst. We picked up the ski boat on Sunday. It was completely filthy with dirt all over all of the seats. The skis looked very small and we asked if they were adult-sized. They insisted they were the right size. Within 15 minutes of having the boat out on the water, it was making a shrill beeping noise. We called to make sure it was still safe to operate and they told us yes. The next day we took it out and the incessant beeping was pretty unbearable, so we called again. They said they didn't have any boats to replace it with but that we should bring it in because they knew how annoying the sound was. They told us the boat would be ready the next day at 8 a.m. When we went to pick it up around 9 a.m. it still wasn't ready so we had to come back in the afternoon (now the 3rd unplanned trip back to the Marina and time out of our vacation). Now that the boat was "fixed," we took it out to ski and lo and behold, the child-sized skis were in fact child-sized. Better yet, the binding was ripped and they weren't adjustable because the plastic was damaged. Trip #4 back to the Marina to trade out the skis. On our last day we wanted to go out to ski, but the engine died and we had to maneuver the boat back out to the buoy and wait to be towed back in for our 5th and final trip in 5 days to the Marina. Despite the fact that Brett's employee told him it wasn't working when they came to tow us, he insisted there was nothing wrong with the boat. Moreover he accused us of trying to "jack" him - suggesting we were lying about the boat having any problems (even the initial problem that they allegedly replaced the fuel pump for) just so we could get our money back. Come to think of it, yes, 5 trips to the Marina in 5 days does sound way better than a vacation and waterskiing. When I also mentioned the ski issue, Brett said it was my job to inspect the equipment. When I explained we had asked if they were child-sized skis and his employee said they weren't, he said if I had been coming here for 20 years I should have gone over to the supply closet and picked out a different pair of skis. (You know, because I work there and that's my job as the paying customer.) Brett ended with telling us not to come rent from him again. Thanks, Captain Obvious!


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    Knotty Pine Resort & Marina