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Payne's Dock and Mahogany Shoals

$3/ft - $6/ft

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133 Ocean Ave
New Shoreham, RI 02807
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63 Reviews

by buggsbenson on Oct 05, 2020
Location is great. Dockmaster / Owner is not a nice guy. This observation of many years of going to Block. I got the same attitude 2 weeks ago with virtually no boats in the marina. I will go to Champlin's!

by marmi1121 on Sep 09, 2020
Coming to Block Island and Payne’s Dock is like coming home. Need I say more🤗

by jparris on Sep 08, 2020
One of the best times I’ve had the whole crew was outstanding

by mikegraf on Aug 29, 2020
The best place to dock on block. Family run family fun. Would recommend with confidence. Say hi to Cliff when your there. Mike.

by larabeth68 on Aug 24, 2020
First time there and we will definitely be back! Although the marina was crowded, the dock hands were fantastic, giving us expert guidance as we pulled into and out of our slip. The location is scenic and near everything - a perfect port in every way!

by britmac on Aug 18, 2020
Great stay, everything was perfect.

by garyrdoylevt on Aug 17, 2020
Awesome except for the folks who were NOT being socially respectful and wear a mask. Even when RI had its COVID-19 numbers spike causing all on the Island to potentially have to go into hiding for 14 days when returning home to the other NE states and NY.

by karldombroski on Aug 17, 2020
Payne's staff were great. I will go back there again. Please thank them for grest service. Big Karl

by slipstream on Aug 13, 2020
Payne's Dock itself is not a bad place to stay (not top of the list). My experience is this (you decide whether you'd choose to stay here or not). - Called the day before arrival to inform them we were not going to make it for sunday stay but would be there Monday. Response was ok, no problem. Then Rudely stated "I don't have time to deal with that right now, Just come here tomorrow and we will deal with it then." I then sent a message immediately on Dockwa to ensure we were on the same page. - Arrived Monday morning per reservation change. - They do not monitor a VHF channel, you have to call them on the phone, I did. - Called Payne's phone, This is the vessel *****, I am here for my reservation. Can you tell me where I should go and also which side to set my lines and fenders? Response: "I don't even know what you have for a boat, how long you plan on staying or where I'm putting you, just pull over to the flag pole". - Pulled over to the flag pole (no lines or fenders ready for obvious reasons). guy yelling from the dock (couldn't hear him) telling me he doesn't have me on the reservation list. Also yelled that I need to go through Dockwa to reserve. See prior notes. I stated that we spoke yesterday and also did go through Dockwa and have the reservation as changed in Dockwa. He was EXTREMELY rude (complete opposite of Champlin's- a little more $$ but well worth it). - Told me where to go and worked with the other boaters to squeeze me into a spot, tied me up then walked away. Didn't say anything about the place, what I'm supposed to do for anything except where the power was. I could not believe the rudeness of this individual (even the other person who I was with asked if this is how marinas usually treat their customers, I said not that I have ever experienced). That is my experience with Payne's. I would stay there again if it was my only choice otherwise I will choose a different location next time. Hopefully the management reads this and does something about this individual and their process, neither is good.

by ps5560 on Aug 05, 2020
Great place to stay family owned and operated for many years . Best marina on block Island

by pipedreams2333 on Jul 31, 2020
Would not recommend. Upon arrival owner claimed had no room for my boat and was extremly short even though I explained I had a reservation and payment was excepted already. Called back again and they somehow found somewhere to tie up my boat. Dock Voltage was terrible couldn't run A/C. Boats tied up to each other and people walking across your boat to get to the dock. Extremly unsafe. Its amazing what you can get away with when it is a monolopy.

by rkrulik on Jul 24, 2020
Place is so so. It’s nice that they have a small store, fuel, a bar and take out restaurant. Not fancy which is fine but it all serves it’s purpose. Biggest complaint is the bar plays music pretty loud until after midnight even on weekdays so forget about trying to get to sleep at a normal time. Annoying that they don’t put and end to it by 10 or even 11. I don’t think I’ll be going back.

by alisuew21 on Jul 23, 2020
Although I like the actual marina and the bar and restaurant, I will not stay at Payne's again. Arrival is too stressful. Unlike other marinas, you cannot call the office on the radio or phone. If you try, no one answers, ever. You are sent an email telling you to go to the gas dock and someone will tell you what slip to pull into. The problem is, it can take awhile to get someone's attention to even notify them that you are there and when you do, if there are other boats waiting in front of you, you must wait your turn. When you are waiting, you have to do your best to keep your boat in one place and there is not much space to keep your boat in neutral. You must move forward, backwards, neutral etc, taking into consideration the tides and the wind, which can move you alot and you need to make sure you don't hit any of the big passing boats, the boats that are on moorings near you or any of the dozens of people that buzz by on dingys in front of and behind your boat, while you are waiting... This was way too stressful. We will stay at another marina next time.

by boating2020 on Jul 20, 2020
Disappointing interaction with the owner. Asked us to squeeze into a very small spot and then cancelled our reservation. It was very unprofessional.
Marina Response:
The spot was tight for sure but 15 minutes later I put a similar boat to yours into that spot. A boat 5 feet longer than yours was in that spot the night before. Sorry you were not comfortable but I would have put your boat in that spot and you would have had a great time.

by jaywfrank on Jul 17, 2020
Friendly marina. Everyone we interacted with were beyond helpful and friendly. Clean showers. The bar was a great night spot. Wish we had more time to spend at Payne’s. We’ll be back for sure

by perryg on Jul 11, 2020
Our 4th year here! The island never changes. Virus protocol in place. We were treated to a wonderful guitar player at Mahogany Shoals. We would sit on our bridge and absord the atmosphere with proper social distancing!

by rcarmichael on Jul 06, 2020
Always a great time!

by jetconsult on Jul 05, 2020
We had a reservation but when we got there it was really just first come first served. The boats were rafted, 4 deep in some places. We have difficulty with the power going out. We also had two periods when the water pressure was so low it was a mere trickle. The was NO social distancing and the bar was packed with unmasked people. This is a poorly run marina with fire code violations. People were grilling in their boats and on the dock. When I called about our power issue, the owner Sands Payne told me he couldn’t help me. When my husband couldnt find anyone to pay for ice Sands told him to steal it. The state should shut them down.

by hherbermann on Sep 28, 2019
Super helpful staff, clean bathrooms and showers, great location

by wbladesr on Sep 12, 2019
Block Island is a wonderful location and Payne’s Marina is conveniently located inside a harbor that offers reasonably good protection. I was surprised when we entered the marina and phoned the dock master, he indicated that they don’t use a marine VHF radio to give instructions. I was shocked that we were not going to COMMUNICATE with each other until we got within shouting distance. We had to wait several minutes circling around waiting for someone to give instructions to us. It just seemed kind of weird. The docks were in good shape, the bathrooms were spotless, there was an excellent bar with fair prices at the base of the dock but the electric outlets were not pedestal based so there was a plug in near the slip and the breaker located in a breaker box yards away. Not typical for a five star rated marina. Bottom line though is I would return with I feel is a pretty good endorsement.

by uu4tafzrez5dq48smr2r on Sep 04, 2019
Always a great time with great people!

by dermdocny on Aug 26, 2019
Had a wonderful time. The staff are absolutely amazing with boats - how they maneuver all of them in and out is very interesting to see. They are also friendly and courteous. The bar mahogany shoals is a great meeting place in a spectacular spot amongst the boats. Only remember to BRING CASH since the bar only takes cash. Otherwise outstanding!

by stepup35 on Aug 24, 2019
Great location, good power and water connections. Marina was very helpful during docking. Can't wait to return.

by rrkrrk on Aug 18, 2019
The one thing they could add is wi-fi. Most marinas have it. The live entertainment provided on Friday and Saturday at the outdoor bar from 4 to 7 PM is a disturbance to the boaters...this boater at least.

by 4136365765 on Aug 08, 2019
Staff was fabulous getting boat into tight fits. Excellent location.

by naandrianas on Aug 07, 2019
Great folks and a great place!!!

by jsf1106 on Aug 05, 2019
Awesome as always . Never a bad time.

by obmd1 on Aug 02, 2019
Great location close to food and drink. A little nutty that they don’t use a radio to tell you where you’re berthed. But it builds character.

by rdfree06484 on Jul 24, 2019
Great location good bar ,short walk to good restaurants. Only short fall was they would shut off the shore power and water every afternoon. Dont know if it is a cost saving tactic or an island mandatory thing but was a bit frustrating. Would stay again though

by rengarch on Jul 21, 2019
It was a bit disconcerting that one does not call the marina via VHF nor telephone to get directions and instructions as to where are slip assignment was. This our first time at the marina and was totally unfamiliar with the layout. In some parts of the marina the depth of the water was below our draft of 5’ which made the maneuverability all the more challenging. We rafted alongside another sailboat, tight situation. The marina dock hands were very experienced and very nice and helpful. We will return now that we have a bit of the “lay of the land.”

by tbaktidy on Jul 18, 2019
Loved it here! Awesome marina with restaurant, bar, live music, and an overall great vibe. The staff was great too!

by denisec on Jul 08, 2019
it was good. We were very lucky and did not have to raft off. We kept losing power as there was overload. The docks were hard to walk on as the power cords and hoses were everywhere.

by dwightsch on Jul 08, 2019
Clif, Sands and the rest of the crew are the nicest people to works with.

by theshark55 on Jul 06, 2019
The staff was helpful with getting tide up. But it was hard do communicate as to where go due to them not using radios. Also, the shore power kept going out and it was nearly impossible to find a place to plug in due to allow what seemed to be an endless amount of boats raft up.

by tburton on Jul 05, 2019
4th of July week and crazy. Boats everywhere and rafted sometimes 4 deep. Cliff Payne and his crew did an awesome job keeping everything running smoothly. Definitely worth a stay. Beautiful island. We will be back

by cwkaiser on Sep 16, 2018
Easy access, alert and friendly staff, very nice facilities. Restaurants rental bikes and mopeds close nearby. Only gripes are that noise level can be a little loud from nearby bar and live entertainment and for $4 per foot per night, I would have expected the showers to be free. Otherwise, a great place.

by robertlem on Sep 15, 2018
More of a working marina, but bathrooms were pretty clean. Could be loud during the season as there is a bar with live music on the dock. Good location. No laundry, but fuel and showers.

by larlife on Sep 03, 2018
Nice folks at the Marina, but there seems to be no limit to the number of "slip" reservations they will take. Had to tie up to other boats and then more tied up to us!

by frankbosketti on Aug 14, 2018
Fun place. Nice people. Helpful service. Terrible bathroom situation for guests.

by jcollemer on Aug 12, 2018
Great place to stay for the week. Family had a blast!

by pdoyle on Aug 12, 2018
Thanks for a great time - already looking forward to next year!!!!

by bowles51 on Aug 06, 2018
Lots of activity. Fun place. Struggled with low voltage. Block Island/Payne’s should have a shuttle for visitors to/from town . Guess that would upset the taxi drivers. Ow well - Champlain’s has a shuttle.

by michel1030 on Jul 19, 2018
Very popular spot with party atmosphere, thanks to onsite restaurant and bar. Walking distance to other restaurants/shops; town is 1¼ miles away. Was there for the shark tournament which was very crowded, but were told it’s that way all summer. Food was very good at Rebecca’s (onsite) and service was friendly. Raw bar available nightly, until clams and oysters run out (go before 6.) Bathrooms always open and clean, showers available 7am to 6pm with 25¢ meter for hot water. No wifi. You pay slip prices but there are no “slips”—everyone is rafted up, though you may be first on the dock. Dockmaster Sanders Payne and staff expertly tie you up and board your ship (surprise!) to raft others to you. We were 2nd from dock and had access to water and 50 amp electric. Lots of friendly boaters around us, mostly it’s great fun if you don’t mind the rafting. Cab service and tours available—we took Mig’s Rig and loved it.

by aspencon on Jul 07, 2018
We were three boats for three nights rafted together at the T in the fuel dock.. the last afternoon two dick hands boarded our boats without asking in order to tie another boat to our raft .... when we asked about boarding without asking he told us “that’s the way we do it here”....he then referred us to the dock master who threatened to cast us off. He continued to yell at us.... the captain and crew of the other boat lit a cigarette and crossed our boats within the stern rather than crossing the swim platform. We cancelled dinner plans in town in order to keep an eye out as the anger from the dock master was palpable. Other than that we had a great time. Rebecca’s restaurant on the dock was totally wonderful

by rmuhlbauer on Jul 06, 2018
I really like Payne's and expected it to be crowed over the July 4th holiday, but was unprepared for just how crowded it was. Not that I minded the crowd - actually fun - but there was not enough connections to water on the dock, which was disappointing. Also found it strange that the showers cost 25 cents. Shouldn't that be part of what we are paying for? Otherwise, great venue, fun bar on the dock (Mahogany Shoals), and great breakfast sandwiches at Rebecca's.

by tjastro on Jul 03, 2018
Well, a pretty nice & fun stay. Great swordfish at the restaurant! Amazingly skilled dock hands on how they moved the boats. But the entire visit was tainted by the fact that the dock hands decided to tie up boats to our raft up without asking for permission. In my 50 year of boating I have never had someone just come on my boat and without permission tying up someone else to my boat. Would have been ok if they asked but to be rude and just say "I f-ing cut your line if you don't shut up" is not something I have ever encountered at a marina from any marina manager of dock hand. I was just appalled at the attitude. Was told "this is how we do it". I hope the attitude changes as the place is otherwise a fun and happening place. Clean bathrooms, good food, close walk into town, etc.. Power supply was also an issue, I guess because the place was loaded for the 4th of July weekend. We had power but some of our friends had trouble and to be fair, one should not charge for power that is not being supplied. Just saying... However, all of this would probably not scare me from going back. I would just stay away from a super busy weekend and pick another time to visit. I hope they understand the issues and do better as they deserve good reviews, generally speaking. And if the owner or dock master ever comes to Annapolis, I guarantee a nice visit with courteous treatment! Thank you and keep up on the sword fish. Best ever!

by maryjean on Jun 26, 2018
Enjoyed our stay. Dock help was great getting us tied up. Easy walk to town. Great weekend.

by daymom25 on Sep 05, 2017
We enjoyed staying at Paynes Dock ! We had lots of help waiting when we came in. We had our grandchild and they put us in a perfect spot so we could step right off onto the main dock. The bathrooms and shower where always clean . We enjoyed the entertainment and the food. There seemed to be something for everyone of all ages . We will be back soon and look forward to making Paynes our family vacation place.

by benholtz on Aug 29, 2017
We made a reservation on Dockwa (great service) and were expecting a nice visit. About 2 hours out started to try and call them to confirm and find out where to go. No one answered the phone. Made sure that I had the right number from their website and I did. Tried to call on VHF 9 and was told by another yard that they do not monitor any channels. Went to the dock and finally found someone to tell us where to dock. Docking was hard. We are a 34' sailboat that does not back up easily. After many attempts we finally made into a terrible slip. Going out was worse as there was no way to get out without hitting other boats. The people were ok when you could find them. The showers looked good, but require quarters to run. The food from the dockside cafe was good. We will never go back.

by gblackie on Aug 28, 2017
We have a new 72' Viking and, on arrival, were greeted by the the most arrogant dock staff we have ever encountered. Cussing with 4 letter words about our boating / docking protocols (wanted a dock line to bow pulpit and he did not think it necessary or a good protocol?). Moreover, he did not even bother to assist with lines, power, etc., which, in retrospect, was a good thing. And, as it turns out, the power is suspect as we could not get a reliable 2 x 50amp connection. It looks like they did not do the electric to code as there are no covers and extension cables are hanging under the docks. On top of that there was no wifi. So be very circumspect when deciding to use these people!!

by fgabarnes on Aug 28, 2017
The reservation through Dockwa led to a wonderful weekend at Payne's Dock. The staff were very very helpful with gas, docking and leaving. The bar was the only place on the island to have the big boxing match.

by tdalbora60 on Aug 08, 2017
This is a great place as long as you don't mind rafting. The staff is very experienced and respectful of the needs of the boaters at their facility. We had a race from Newport to Block Island - we had about 7 boats arrive mid-afternoon on Saturday and Paines had us tied up within an hour.

by asmits on Aug 08, 2017
Don't patronize this marina. They seem to cater to only mega-yachts. We made a reservation for two nights on Dockwa, they confirmed, and when we arrived, they said they had no room, and hung up the phone. When confronting the owner/manager in person (after taking a mooring), he denied not having room, and offered no apology. He couldn't have cared less. They don't use VHF, and when you call their phone, no one is in the office to answer it.

by mystryst on Aug 04, 2017
Excellent as always. The showers have been upgraded. Very nice

by fullcircle on Jul 31, 2017
This is the closest marina to town so the location is good. A pool would be nice on a hot summer day.

by joemariani on Jul 27, 2017
A phenomenal family run marina on the island. Both their customers and their employee's have been at Payne's for generations. Both the owners and dockstaff are welcoming and available to help boaters as they arrive. This is the only marina on the island we ever go to.

by lsraven on Jul 25, 2017
Payne's Dock is a family friendly, casual Marina. The staff is very friendly and always ready to assist if needed. We can't to go back!

by tmthomson on Jul 17, 2017
Friendly staff, good docks.

by wacorliss1d on Jul 06, 2017
Having a reservation made no difference. Waited an hour in the harbor to get tied up but not to a slip was a raft it out six boats. They gave with reservations no advantage over people just pulling in they don't consider a reservation any asset to them I will never be making another reservation. And if I were you off my list of taking reservations for them or you'll have a lot of unhappy customer because I wasn't the only one that had reserved through you and what disappointed

by woodworker on Jul 06, 2017
We arrived in the pond, called to let them know we had arrived, they told us to stand by. So, we stood by floating for 3 hours while they took everyone that came after us! We feel that they kept us waiting because we called the dock master to inquire why boats that were arriving after us were taken before us. The other negative is that they do not monitor a radio channel. After awhile, they stopped answering our phone calls. We were finally rafted 6 boats out, so of coarse we had no access to electricity or water. We were facing another rafted six boats stern to, with generators a blazing (constant diesel exhaust). One of the stern to rafted boats near us, had constant blasting music, so loud as to upset many of the boaters surrounding them. This was our first, and last time here. The only upside to this place, was that it was a shorter walk to town. We advise others to try the other marinas first.

by ptcummings on Jun 13, 2017
Would be helpful if the dock staff had some way of identifying themselves (e.g. shirt, hat, etc.). Then you would know who was dock staff vs just some guy hanging around which is what they look like. Facilities are ok. Showers excellent. Service mediocre (at best) - kind of feel like you are bothering them just to pay for a bag of ice. Mahagony shoals bar is fun.

by z2k9avwpq3m3h4zjd6sk on Jun 13, 2017
Clean baths and showers with warm water. Good food. No private slips...they raft boats up as they come in. Be ready to walk over other boats to get to dock. Service is OK. Gasoline quality is no good, so have some stabilizer at hand. Great ambiance and location.

by portsmouthri on Apr 30, 2012
Juses H Christ!! IT'S "THERE" not "THEIR"!!

About Payne's Dock and Mahogany Shoals

Welcome to Payne's Dock in New Harbor. It is a friendly place with lots of families. Friends are easily made and goods times are the rule. World famous Mahogany Shoals provides great drinks and live entertainment every day and night in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Rebecca's Dockside Restaurant will satisfy every craving from clam cakes to BBQ ribs to fresh seafood. You can get your t-shirts, sweatshirts, beach supplies at The Shop @ Payne's.

Restaurants, shops, beaches and services are just a short walk away.

PLEASE NOTE: We have fixed finger piers, and most all boats will be tied up stern-to and may be rafted if needed. We have some floating docks but space is limited.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Floating Docks
  • Groceries
  • Ice
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Ship Store
  • Showers



Payne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany ShoalsPayne's Dock and Mahogany Shoals