Golden Nugget Farley State Marina


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Day Trip
Not Offered
600 Huron Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 65

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351 Reviews

by Bob W. - Verified user on Jan 01, 2024
Had a great time and Marina was awesome

by Mark A. - Verified user on Dec 08, 2023
The docks are fine other than the pier we were on slanted a bit which was a bit unnerving in the morning when it had a bit of frost. The bathrooms are where this marina is lacking. Very dated and in need of a serious upgrade. The showers were tiny. One small hook to hold clothes. Nowhere in the shower stall or main area to set clothes, towels, etc. Nowhere to sit to take off or put on clothes. I ended up not taking a shower. Overall, not very accommodating at all.

by BERNIE S. - Verified user on Dec 07, 2023
Great, awesome staff, very helpful

by Brian M. - Verified user on Nov 12, 2023
Good spot. However I had no wifi at my slip. No dock hands to guide you in to a spot. City is a pretty sketchy place to go for a walk. A bit too expensive if you ask me for what it is.

by William J C. on Nov 08, 2023
Always have enjoyed keeping by sailboat at GN. The staff has treated me fantastic over the many years I have kept my boat there.

by Philip S. - Verified user on Nov 08, 2023
Hotel is great. Marina is getting run down. Bird guano everywhere. Could not get them on 65 on approach. They were good about emails with all info.

by Ferenc K. - Verified user on Nov 06, 2023
Excellent spot and services! The dock master is always available and very courteous with his communication.

by Samuel C. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
If you want an honest report. *There are roaches running down G dock and in the halls of the deck bar kitchen at night and it was never addressed all season. *Bathrooms are in disrepair and filthy. The staff that cleans them go in just to phone to be on their phone and barley replace the paper products. *Homeless people that hang around the area with little to no security to chase them away. They seem to get the code and break into the bathroom facility to charge there phones and take the opportunity to shoot up drugs. *The dock is in need of maintenance, broken boards, hose bibs that leak water and shore power post with no power to them in some locations. This is mostly on G dock where I keep my boat. *They say they have free WIFI but it is none not work and has not for the last 3 years. *The staff and dock master see what is going on and it seems like nobody cares to do anything about it. If I could give a negative -5 stars I would.

by Glenn W. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
Fantastic service we couldn't be more pleased

by carlos c. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
Everything was very good. No complains.

by Kevin W. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
Both Bathrooms Need Work Wood on Doors (Getto) Not To Golden

by Dennis S. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
WIFI not working. Parking regulations not enforced. Understaffed. Terms and conditions of the lease largely ignored. Dock maintenance requests need to be submitted multiple times.

by William R. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
I have a boat slip that’s in need of repair especially for the amount of money I pay. Multiple nail pops and rotting wood a tripping hazard. Fish fillet station smells are disgusting and I’m a fisherman Over flowing trash with fish carcasses that should be thrown into the bay Loitering drug addicts and prostitution just to mention a few things that I’ve experienced. Please get back to me and I’ll tell you more. Thank you.

by Michael V. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
Everything was fine. The only thing I would like to see is secured restrooms. The bathhouse had some homeless people in it even the man in the ladies room when my wife went to use the shower.. Other than that everything was wonderful enjoy this day would recommend it to anyone. Hopefully they can fix the issue with the restrooms maybe key cards instead of a combination lock

by Robert F. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
Anther great season.

by Joe W. - Verified user on Oct 31, 2023
Very enjoyable. Plenty of places and things to do.

by Matt W. on Oct 29, 2023
Good location when motoring down the coast, easy fuel dock with high speed pumps. As always the staff are excellent. Docks were nice and clean this year.

by Jason K. - Verified user on Oct 28, 2023
Huge marina, easy approach, showers need to be cleaned real bad. Fuel dock is NOT 24 hours.

by Rustin C. - Verified user on Oct 27, 2023
Perfect !! Highly recommended

by Armand d. - Verified user on Oct 26, 2023
Great place! Easy inlet, nice floating docks, lots of food choices. Bathroom and laundry room need some attention though.

by Rasa N. - Verified user on Oct 26, 2023
Great place, awesome dock master !

by Michel C. - Verified user on Oct 25, 2023
Great experience, staff was excellent, facilities are amazing

by Steven B. - Verified user on Oct 24, 2023
Nice spot but high fuel prices

by Jeffrey T. - Verified user on Oct 17, 2023
Docks are fine, water deep entry easy, power good. Bath house not close. Docks Oyster house for dinner across town is worth the trip.

by Thomas D. - Verified user on Oct 16, 2023
Decent docks, laundry decently priced, bathrooms clean, showers are ok. Not real close to anything besides the casino. Public transportation close. Security isn't great. the gate could be pushed open by hand without the code and the fence is an easy hop over..
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About Golden Nugget Farley State Marina

The Senator Frank S. Farley State Marina is a public facility owned by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry managed by the Golden Nugget. This marina in Atlantic City offers 630 floating slips and has the capability of docking yachts up to 300 feet in length. The marina is approximately 44 statute miles offshore from Cape May and 60 statute miles offshore from Brielle, NJ - Manasquan Inlet. The harbor is well protected with little current and no wakes; dock attendants are available to assist boaters as needed. The marina offers connections for water, cable, telephone, and electric service up to 100 amps. The fuel dock offers 24hr self service for both gas and diesel and has high speed pumps for gas and diesel and has a pump out station. Bathrooms, private showers, and laundry facilities are available to registered marina guests. Also, enjoy access to our outdoor pool.

Booking Info

Holiday Rate $4/ft/night applies:

  • July 3 - July 6


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water Hookup
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 10/12/2023 at 3:30PM

  • Regular Gas: $4.40

  • Diesel: $4.92


  • Service & Maintenance
  • Ship Store
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Restaurant
  • Dog Park
  • Fitness Center
  • Bait & Tackle
  • Floating Docks
  • Oil Recycling
  • Land Storage
  • ATM
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



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