Exuma Yacht Club


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PO Box EX 29019
George Town, Exuma
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16

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17 Reviews

by Gary M. - Verified user on May 10, 2024
Not a fancy mainland type yacht club, but reasonable pricing, /#d surprisingly some of the best dining in George Town. Definitely a bit bumpy with an E or SE wind, but an all new stone breakwater will eliminate that when complete. It is about 50% complete now, 5/24. Docks are a bit tired and rustic, but are being upgraded. Excellent location, with grocery across the street, and laundry, bank, liquor and restaurants all a short walk away. The only in-town marina and diesel. A 5 for location, but a 4 for the condition of facilities.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the feedback Gary . We don’t plan to be a fancy place , but a chilled place to keep your boat safe and have a relaxed chill with a little bit of fun . We are working as you saw on our infrastructure and making progress . We look forward to welcoming you back soon . EYC

by Alan S. - Verified user on Apr 18, 2024
Reservation confirmed for Sunday only to learn they are closed on Sundays. No response to VHF radio. Phones not answered. MINIMAL protection from prevailing winds, resulting in gel coat damage. Electric NOT metered, $100/day for 50 amp service. Staff are friendly and are helpful.
Marina Response:
Hi Alan . Sorry for your experiences.We are assured by staff that the telephone number is active 24/7 so not sure what happened that Sunday ( we will do our best to be sure this is actually the case ) . The wind issue from east we are addressing with a $2m investment in a breakwater ( I’m sure you saw it under construction) . The electric in Exuma is very expensive and believe us we make nothing on it after we allow for maintenance ( our pricing is less than most competitors I believe ) . I hope next time you come to visit we do a much more satisfactory job . EYC

by Greg G. - Verified user on Mar 29, 2024
There was not enough power to run 50amp plug. It provided safe departure for guests with windy conditions. Docks still need some work and electrical needs to be available. Again it provided what we needed.
Marina Response:
Hi Greg . We are on it as you probably noticed . We will get there soon . Thanks for the visit and hopefully see you soon when we can deliver you a great experience . EYC

by William M. - Verified user on Mar 24, 2024
It is very convenient to town, stores, restaurants, etc. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The facility is under construction and repair. So, we had no electric and no water as of 3/23/24. Also they are constructing a breakwater which was noisy and dusty. The finger docks are short, about 25 feet, and fixed. I am sure when they finish up construction, this will be a 5 star facility!
Marina Response:
Thanks William . We are flat out getting all up to speed as you noticed. Looking forward to have you back when we hopefully will meet your 5 star prediction . EYC

by Chip C. - Verified user on Mar 17, 2024
1st Dominique, Jamal, & Joel are amazing staff. However, Exuma Yacht Club is the worst marina I've ever experienced. No electric & the electric they did manage produced only 67 volts (which damage a boat). No shower. No laundry. Run down dock.
Marina Response:
Hi Chip , thanks for staying with us. We are working very hard to rebuild as fast as possible! We'd love to have you back in the near future when works are completed and you can have a more satisfying experience . EYC

by Paul M. - Verified user on Mar 15, 2024
A lot of improvements are in the works. Cant wait to come back. The food at the club is very good. Staff is very friendly
Marina Response:
Love it! Thanks for the good review! The team have been working very hard to turn this ship around. Look forward to seeing you again.

by Michelle V. - Verified user on Mar 10, 2024
Jamaal was great! He communicated really well with us way before arriving and was really helpful with tying up. We were told upon arrival that we had no electric available, and there was no negotiating our price for dockage or water. Not Jamaal’s fault; definitely the owner needs to put more attention into this marina. It has potential but needs a lotof dock work, Electric work and renovating the restaurant. We only stayed one night as a result.
Marina Response:
Hi Michelle thanks for staying with us. We are working very hard to rebuild as fast as possible! Workers are not around on the weekend so it may give the impression things are not happening but great progress is being made. We'd love to have you back in the near future :) EYC

by Kimberly L. - Verified user on Mar 03, 2024
No floating docks, no power, no showers, prevailing winds create huge chop in the slips, no paper towels in the bathrooms, don’t answer the phone or the radio, no help tying up, overpriced, convenience of being at a dock just isn’t worth it. Anchor out.
Marina Response:
Hi Kimberly, Thanks for sharing your feedback. We are currently under renovation and are still a couple weeks away from brand new bathroom facilities as well as a new breakwater to mitigate chop in the marina. We do apologize for any communication issues you encountered via phone or radio. We value your feedback and are actively working to improve our services and facilities.

by James H. - Verified user on Feb 27, 2024
The Marina is improving. Electricity is very limited, and while they are trying to rebuild the docks, it is coming very slowly. location is great. The restaurant is OK. We will come back.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your kind words. We should have all docks except long dock finished by the end of the week . Breakwater by the end of march and 5 extra hotel rooms ( which we will extend to our marina guests at large discounts ) . We appreciate your review and hope to welcome you back

by Dan H. - Verified user on Feb 21, 2024
Fixed docks being upgraded. Electrical service a bit sketchy. Staff very pleasant and helpful. Good price. Overall very good.

by Brian M. - Verified user on Feb 21, 2024
Jamal and office secretary are extremely helpful.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the review. Jamal has been a great addition to the team and giving us a lot of advice in upping our game. Renovations to be continued with more dock repairs and electric upgrades .

by Michel C. - Verified user on Feb 10, 2024
Still under renovation
Marina Response:
Hi Michel . We should have all docks except long dock finished by the end of the week . Breakwater by the end of march and 5 extra hotel rooms ( which we will extend to our marina guests at large discounts ) . We appreciate your review and hope to welcome you back . EYC

by John H. - Verified user on Jan 27, 2024
Still recovering from Hurricane Matthew in 2016. No showers, dock boards had many nails sticking up and several boards were missing all nails. The breakwater is not complete so the predominat winds result in substantial rolling in the slip. Electric is available at $50 per day. Water available but only one standard connection for 5 slips so bring more than one hose. No adapter for the “metric “outlet. Working on repairing more of the docks so perhaps in time will be a better experience.
Marina Response:
Hi John, Thanks for your input.. While it may not seem like much, significant progress has been made. Exuma Yacht Club is recently under new management and undergoing a complete renovation. We are committed to providing a world-class marina experience in the future. We’re currently repairing the docks and will soon install all new pedestals with metered power and water. We are expecting the breakwater to be completed in March, significantly reducing rolling in the slips. Look forward to seeing you in the future. EYC

by Thomas B. - Verified user on Jan 16, 2024
They didn’t honor the reservation. Didn’t answer the phone or radio. Then once we pulled up, they said they don’t work with Dockwa. Didn’t have our reservation and another Boat Wash coming in. Then charged us $30 in cash because we tied up. Then a few weeks later, checking my credit card statement I was billed on dockwa for 3 nights.
Marina Response:
Hi Thomas. Thank you for your feedback. This is not the experience we strive to provide, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. The man you spoke to on the dock was not in line with company policy or culture and his employment has since been terminated. We have issued you a full refund and hope to see you again in the future. Regards, EYC

by Licet E. on Jan 09, 2024
My favorite place in Exuma... great services. Amazing views.The staff was great. They were very helpful and answered all our questions. The room was clean and bright, Will be coming back! Thank you so much.”

by Taylor P. on Jan 05, 2024
Wonderful marina. They are currently undergoing construction of a breakwater and remodeling their docks. Staff is great and I can tell when this place is done will be an A+

by martin s. on Jun 12, 2011
Klevon the Dockmaster is AWESOME and I hear the place has been sold to Eddie Irvine. He has plans to redo the whole place,The Bar was already open and also serving some food for lunch.I cant wait to see this place back to its prime.

About Exuma Yacht Club

Exuma Yacht Club Resort and Marina offers short and long-term boat dockage. Our newly renovated marina can accommodate boats up to 120ft with 7ft of water at high tide. We are located in the heart of Georgetown directly across the street from grocery, liquor as well as many restaurants. LIMITED 30/50/100AMP electric is available, please inquire if needed. Water and diesel is available. We offer a boutique hotel experience with restaurant and bar on site.


  • Diesel
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 04/25/2024 at 1:42PM

    • Diesel: $5.78


    • Wireless Internet
    • Restrooms
    • Security
    • Groceries
    • Hotel/Lodging
    • Restaurant
    • Dog Park
    • Pet Friendly
    • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



    Exuma Yacht Club Exuma Yacht Club Exuma Yacht Club Exuma Yacht Club Exuma Yacht Club Exuma Yacht Club