Donovan's Shady Harbor Marina


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Day Trip
Dock & Dine
70 Shady Harbor Drive
New Baltimore, NY 12124
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16

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101 Reviews

by ageagle on Sep 29, 2022
Staff was very helpful. It's the place to stop on the way to the canals. perfect in every way.

by srp on Sep 07, 2022
Very hospitable and pleasant to do business with. Facility is owned by a knowledgeable staff.

by oneonthehoizon on Sep 05, 2022
Absolutely perfect way to end summer as a family. Beautiful location, the Boathouse Grille surely doesn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to come back next year.

by dlombardozzi on Aug 15, 2022
Our first time visiting. Beautifully narrow part of the river. Spent the afternoon at the pool, ate at the restaurant and enjoyed the fire pit with a great group of people. Can’t wait to come again!

by rheckman on Aug 03, 2022
Brian Donovan is a valuable knowledge resource. His team is friendly and helpful. The marine store is surprisingly good: impellers as well as the usual t-shirts. We did not get to try the store. It was closed on Monday.

by lastmistake on Jul 29, 2022
Great dock hands! Very nice restaurant on-site. Clean bathrooms.

by mainshipmike on Jul 24, 2022
Second time here great staff and facilities Pulled Pork Tacos at Container Bar are fantastic

by fawn44 on Jul 17, 2022
The entire staff is incredibly friendly including the Marina members. This was a second time there on our way to NYC and back, and because of the amazing first time visit, we chose to stay again on our way back. Very pleasant accommodations, the restaurant was A+. We would stay again in the future.

by justpassinthru on Jul 14, 2022
A nice stay for us, but with a few drawbacks. The restaurant was closed for the 2 days we were there. The power pedestal voltage waivered between 130v and 139v, so our inverter/charger wouldn't work. The last issue makes me feel bad for the ownership. They have invested in some really nice floating docks, but the Trex-type boards are not supported well enough. Many broken boards, which can cause injury if you step in the wrong place. Otherwise a nice place that is getting even better.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review. In regards to your concerns. The restaurant has been closed for Mondays and Tuesdays for three years now. For the simple reason we cannot properly staff the facility. We have an incredible team at our restaurant, and we would wear them out if we asked them to work seven days. Our solution was to build our Container bar, which has a kitchen. It was open this Monday and we were serving some great brisket sliders and tacos, along with our great burgers, Hot Dogs, and Chicken cordon Bleu sandwiches. Unfortunately Tuesday we were rocked by Thunderstorms and were unable to open. So sorry for the inconvenience. The Voltage being high on the south dock is intentional, we have boost transformers added due to the fact that we are in a region that only provides 208Volt power. On really hot days when the dock is fully loaded the voltage was dropping to less than 100V per leg. If we had known of your issues we could have relocated you to one of our other docks and your systems would have worked just fine. Additionally the parameters preset in your inverters can be adjusted to compensate for this. That is something you may want to look into should you run across this situation in the future. In regards to the docks. yes we have had some board failures but we assure you that no is going to get hurt, and the panels are being repaired one by one. We had one person trip and fall two years ago but it was on one of the boards we put in the space between two dock sections and not one of the dock panels. we are sorry for your concerns and issues and we all work continuously to improve our property. We sincerely hope you have the time to stop again and I can talk personally with you about these things. Thanks for the stay!!

by dlstrom on Jul 10, 2022
The staff and owners are 1st class. This Marina is one of the top 5 we’ve stayed at while doing the loop. Great marine store as well.

by thirdswan on Jul 10, 2022
Everyone raves about Donovan's Shady Harbor Marina, we would have to agree! Friendly, helpful staff, nice facilities, access to a courtesy car and affordable rates what more can you ask for! Great stop on the Hudson River.

by dcwmson111 on Jul 09, 2022
Great marina. Well stocked ship store, friendly staff. Great stop on the Hudson

by don.w on Jul 09, 2022
Donovan’s does an excellent job all the way around, will definitely return

by baker5h on Jun 30, 2022
Wonderful, very friendly & social! Good docks, clean bathrooms, Excellent dock hands and engaged owners.

by cshawtoh on Jun 26, 2022
Wonderful, dog friendly, helpful , people friendly, boat supplies super restaurant.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your kind words, we do appreciate it.

by dwarren on Jun 25, 2022
Outstanding! Great people and fabulous restaurant. The loaner car was great to get provisions. Brian and Kathy were super friendly and very accommodating. Will be back.
Marina Response:
Thank you for the kind words, we cant wait to see you again.

by gsnow5757 on Jun 24, 2022
The restaurant was closed and the pool was empty.🥵
Marina Response:
YOU ARE RIGHT! The pool is now repaired, we were waiting on a new liner, and the labor to install it. Our Restaurant is and has been closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for three years now. The reason, no staffing, and the staff we have is too good and we care to much for them to wear them out. We do offer our container bar for some light food on Mondays and Tuesdays for your pleasure. The weather on June 22nd was windy, and in the upper 60's, awesome pool weather! Just out of curiosity, how was the docks, the power, the bath house, the grounds, the people, and the service? Your review is just slightly out of line but your opinion is just that. Thank you for your stay.

by thamina on Jun 21, 2022
Very nice folks. Great overnight stop.

by glennt on Jun 19, 2022
Very enjoyable. Great facilities and people. Great restaurant .

by garywalker on Jun 19, 2022
Great location and really nice people. Really looper friendly with a good mech on staff. Spent a week and had a ball.

by reachjft on Jun 16, 2022
Very nice, loaner car too

by pjmv2m on Jun 16, 2022
Donovan's Shady Harbor was a wonderful stop! We've not met friendlier staff anywhere. They aim to please and definitely hit the mark. The on-site restaurant has excellent food and service. There are 2 courtesy vehicles and the ship's store is great. We'll be back!

by rosey0165 on Jun 16, 2022
Fantastic marina and fabulous staff.

by nreimann on Jun 16, 2022
Nice facility, great hospitality.

by mikepankow on Jun 13, 2022
Awesome. Brian and Kathy do a terrific job. Very helpful and friendly.

by mitcheod on Jun 13, 2022
What a pleasure to stay here, fantastic marina and staff. Will definitely stay again. Great store, bath house, laundry just great place

by rdkngjck on Jun 13, 2022
Great place. Not much to do around the area but nice area, clean and the crew is friendly & helpful. They have pumpout & fuel as well as a pretty good marina store as well as a loaner car.

by mfreeman on Jun 13, 2022
Nice facility. Laundry, restaurant, showers. Well stocked Chandlery. Great owners and staff.

by hardwork on Jun 10, 2022
Great staff, two courtesy vehicles, pool and nice restaurant. A ship store that has one of everything!!

by georgem on Jun 09, 2022
Brian and Cathy and their staff are great hosts , very helpful, friendly professional. Dinner in the boathouse was delicious. If your in the area , stop in!! ,,,, we’ll be back

by jabbo on May 31, 2022
Excellent stay. Docks in good shape and we were greeted instantly with dock help to assist with tie up. Brian never walked by our boat for the 4 days we were there without asking if everything was ok. Had an excellent meal at their Boathouse Restaurant.

by aspencer on May 31, 2022
One of the best marinas we have visited!! Great staff and a awesome restaurant. Great tap beer selection and long list of wines. Thanks for all your help. Hope to see you again soon.

by captsensible on May 22, 2022
Great Marina, ships store, and restaurant

by debconlady on Apr 30, 2022
Donovan’s Shady Harbor Best of the Best On the Hudson Upstate NY ❤️

by happytrailswiththenews on Oct 06, 2021
HappytrailS is never disappointed when we stay here. The owners (Brian & Kathy Donovan) & the staff, (including the staff @ the Boathouse Restaurant & the new Twisted Prop Container Bar) are top notch. The amenities (the pool, courtesy cars & laundry facilities) are kept up well & appreciated. Oh, & the yearly events the owners host are worth re-routing our travel plans to attendee! See ya next Spring!

by shuckmeister on Sep 21, 2021
Very helpful folks. Courtesy car a big help and friendly boaters!

by myers199 on Sep 19, 2021
A beautiful location with very friendly people. Love the new container bar!

by dchambless on Sep 19, 2021
Enjoyed very much! Boat wash was awesome!

by pearlyshell on Sep 18, 2021
We enjoyed our 1st season here and look forward to many more. The grounds are well taken care of with great amenities, staff is top notch fellow boaters are a great group of people.

by clg11374 on Sep 11, 2021
Great place.. great restaurant, clean bathrooms, awesome grill setup, and a fantastic and attentive service dept, that helped out with an emergency repair. will defiantly be coming back!

by djrobertson on Sep 09, 2021
2021 My review from 2018 still stands. The staff was extremely helpful as we pulled to the fuel dock to take on diesel. They have a high speed fuel pump so fueling went quickly. They suggested that we move the boat a short distance along the same dock to save having to shift to another dock. Unfortunately, the electrical problem from my last trip recurred. The marina apparently has 3-phase AC power on the fuel dock and it is inconsistent with my inverter which wouldn’t recognize the power and would not charge my batteries. So, we ended up moving to a different dock with single phase power and my inverter behaved properly. I’ll remember this the next time I stop at Shady Harbor. The marina owner even came down to the boat after we moved to ensure that everything was satisfactory. I want to point out again that the showers are clean and well equipped. I’ve been frustrated at most of the places I’ve stopped at 5his summer by the lack of adequate shower facilities. Shady Harbor’s showers are among the best we’ve encountered. I also want to credit the manager who called me well before we expected to arrive to go through determine my tie-up side preference and to suggest pumping out and refueling before we moved to our permanent slip. One suggestion, if you can, plan your arrival for slack tide. The max ebb and flood currents exceed 3 kts - making docking a challenge. 2018 Dockmaster responded promptly when hailed and met us at the dock to assist in tying us up. Restroom and shower facilities are clean and nice. WiFi reception is excellent. My biggest compliment, however, goes to the marina owner who personally helped me troubleshoot an issue I had when trying to take on shore power. It turned out that the problem was not intuitively obvious but was on the marina side of the system. The owner came up with a work-around that provided my boat with power without having to move to a different slip. The owner spent at least an hour with me, right at the end of the work day, as we solved the problem. This is the kind of dedication to customer service that makes a marina outstanding.

by jpierce71 on Aug 19, 2021
Very nice docks. Dockhand, Shannon was very helpful. Nice facilities. Good restaurant on property. We didn't swim but pool looked nice.

by startingover on Aug 19, 2021
The crew here is amazing! Then when you arrive, there are all the amenities you need. The bath house is nice, the store has everything, and the restaurant was great. I can't say enough about the staff, especially, Nick, the General Manager. There was so much help here, it made the docking experience easier, Larissa at the store was always helpful and friendly. We will be back!

by gdski on Aug 09, 2021
Staff was great. Bathrooms and showers were super clean. Loved the pool. Restaurant food and service was also outstanding.

by wdsneddon on Aug 02, 2021
Great place. Nice docks with plenty of room. Good food and service at the restaurant. Fish and chips were great. Steak salad was wonderful. Very friendly helpful staff!

by callingone on Jul 26, 2021
We stayed over 2 weeks because of Erie Canal flooding and major debris in Hudson River. The dockmaster Nick is awesome. So helpful as are all the dock staff. The owners are boaters and have addressed every need for other boaters. The restaurant is a foodies place to eat! Owner Brian & Kathy now have a tiki bar of sorts ,The Twisted Prop. Drinks served poolside with plans to expand into serving poolside fare, burgers, dogs, maybe even jerk chicken!! The pool is always clean and cool! The firepit makes for a relaxing evening. As we were transient loopers the liveaboards and locals were so welcoming and friendly. Plan to make a repeat stay at Donovans Shady Harbor. Thank you Donovan Family!

by jimreed43348 on Jul 22, 2021
Great facility, restaurant and people. Erie Canal closed due to high water and couldn't have been "stuck" at a nicer place!

by captainlee on Jul 20, 2021
Shady Harbor is consistently one of, if not THE most fun, well managed, and useful stops on The Loop. From the first class restaurant, to the pump out and reasonable fuel prices, to the loaner car… Shady stands head and shoulders above any other marina in the area.

by mckennaca on Jul 19, 2021
Great staff and store

by djpfinancial on Jul 17, 2021
Brian and Kathy are awesome. So accommodating and friendly. The staff is great and knowledgeable, Emily is great around the docks too! They were able to help us out after we hit some debris and hauled us at 4:30 on a Friday night. Waited until out temporary fix was in place and put is back in. Can’t ask anyone for service like that! Our thanks to you! Where To, Dave and Gail

by legasea on Jul 17, 2021
This is the PERFECT marina! The owner is always making ‘good-better and better-great’. The culture of the staff is to be present and guest-centered. I cant wait to loop back through to see the completed tiki bar and have another ‘little beer’!

by rohrley on Jul 13, 2021
Great facility and wonderful people. An overall great stay!

by markgill1 on Jul 09, 2021
Everything works! Great people and great restaurant!

by prkeyes on Jul 05, 2021
What a great Marina and staff. The dockhand that fueled us and helped us into our slip was the best I’ve seen. It’s a Well run, well maintained and very relaxing place to stay.

by jamriley on Jul 05, 2021
Nice marina & had a good dinner at the Boathouse Grill. Even a few 4th of July fireworks up the hill.

by hrnicho on Jul 01, 2021
Marina was great, mechanical help was terrific. Having the courtesy car fantastic. Only downside is the restaurant is not open Monday and Tuesday and there’s no indication of that also the restaurant food was just average. We did find a wonderful place in town called Half way Tavern bar food but which is extremely good.

by chalet2 on Jun 30, 2021
Great place👍 note: restaurant closed Monday and Tuesday’s
Marina Response:
Thank you for your review. You are right, our Restaurant had been forced in 2021 to limit our services to five days a week. Unfortunately many in the restaurant industry chose to stay home and make money and our staffing levels reflected that. Our staff is the best on the planet and we did not see the benefit of wearing them out with a seven day schedule. Our solution did not quite work out in 2021, but will be fully operational in 2022. The solution, The twisted prop container bar, which is located between the travel lift and the Pool. This is a small Shipping container with a small kitchen. We anticipate the Container bar being open Thursday through Tuesday serving lite fair and filling in for the main restaurant on Mondays and Tuesdays. Rumor has it that Brian will be working the bar on Mondays, and Tuesdays. We shall see. Thanks again and see you in 22!!!

by dundeewiggin on Jun 23, 2021
Women’s bathroom was not great. Water for shower did not get hot, had to take cold shower.
Marina Response:
You are right, the pilot light went out on the Hot Water heater, you were up early. New Thermocouple and all is good. Thank you for letting us know, we monitor reviews and respond accordingly- Brian

by fosterkane on Jun 16, 2021
Most hospitable marina on the Loop. Great staff. We hope to stay again! Scott and Tris Green Eyes

by fisher12188 on Jun 12, 2021
Kathy was amazing and was able to get us in even after they closed. Had a great dinner at the restaurant and enjoyed our evening. Was able to get a few suppliers and fuel in the morning. Wonderful facility and hospitality.

by vandmark on Jun 02, 2021
Wonderful people at Shady Harbor. Very welcoming to all transients. Pool and restaurant were not open which was a bummer. But all else was top shelf. Many improvements in process. will certainly be back!

by shaffers on Jun 02, 2021
Donovan's Shady Harbor is one of our favorite stops on the loop. Nick and staff have been great. Brian has a wonderful marina and the Boathouse Grill's food is to die for! Looking forward to coming back next year!

by daletobin on May 18, 2021
This is a great marina, there's a good restaurant with bar . The owner Brian and all of his staff are always ready to help you. There are discounts on the fuel and a free pump out with a fill also there is a midweek special stay 2 nights and get one free. Very good wifi.

by mznorth on Oct 16, 2020
Awesome place to stay. Nice pool for summer fun. Great restaurant and bar with outdoor dining on a large deck. Clean together. With waters and dryers and great set up with grills,, tables and a covered area for outdoor get togethers.

by twotonetommy on Oct 15, 2020
Best Marina on the Hudson

by burgstrass47 on Oct 08, 2020
Always a great place to stay , great service , people and great food. The staff here is top notch. And the owners are hands on. Not to mention the world famous award winning German potato salad. More Please ! See you all in 2021

by billb on Oct 03, 2020
Everything was perfect, despite a little rain. Nick and Tyler were great running the docks....friendly, courteous, helpful. Marina store has everything you need. Great dinner at the Boathouse Grille! We love this place and met so many really, genuinely nice people...Dave & Amy, Denise, and others. Hope to get back before they pull the docks! Otherwise, will definitely be back next spring. Thanks guys! Bill & LeeAnne

by getlost on Sep 25, 2020
We’ve stayed here quite a few times and love it. The people are great, the setup is great and the restaurant is great.

by domz47 on Sep 24, 2020
Long overdue review but this place is great. Samantha is a wonderful bartender. Highly recommended.

by hosetender on Sep 08, 2020
This is our third time to stay at Shady Harbor. We were traveling with two other boats on a busy holiday weekend. The marina contacted us and made sure that we were docked next to our traveling party. With the current COVID situation they still made an attempt to not have boats piled up on top of each other. The bathhouse was regularly cleaned and the grounds are very well maintained. We had a thoroughly relaxing weekend. We will be returning again, Shady Harbor never seems to disappoint.

by amandabopp on Sep 08, 2020
Our first time at Shady Harbor was a complete success. The staff was so fantastic that you can't not have a good time! Samantha at the restaurant is a super fun bartender. All the staff we encountered made us feel so at home ! Alexis is a fantastic server, as was Rebecca. Thank you all so much and IM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN ! a very memorable time ! We will be back !

by ap1xipu9tkx9f_wntfvg on Sep 07, 2020
Beautiful setting, facilities and friendly staff. Very relaxing and enjoyable

by shellme3 on Sep 01, 2020
Great people own and work here! This marina came highly recommended with a great restaurant, pool and bbq. The owners are very visible to guests and Brian's laugh can be heard across the marina, it's infectious. The ship store allows package delivery so you can continue your Amazon buying habits while traveling the Hudson. The location is ideal for zipping up to Albany for the farmers market or borrowing one of the two loaner vehicles and going to town for provisions. The location is in a valley and freighters and tugs pass by sometimes twice a day. Really cool stuff to see with your morning coffee.

by jmadelberg on Aug 09, 2020
Great place, people and restaurant

by driftless on Aug 07, 2020
Second time we stayed at Donovan’s this season. Its such a great Marina. You always get well taken care of. Bathrooms and showers are nice and clean but best of all is the restaurant. Its worth a detour or an extra stop just to have dinner at the Boathouse Grill. Reservations are recommended. Its a very popular restaurant in the summer

by ashelton33 on Aug 04, 2020
The dock help was fast and helpful. The docks and electric was great, as was the pool and ship store. The restaurant food is good and reasonable.

by schaeff31 on Jul 29, 2020
Great weekend of partying, swimming and dining. Live music was excellent. Service was exceptional!

by tomlyng on Jul 27, 2020
Great service and docks. Great people.

by suffern on Jul 27, 2020
Helpful and friendly.

by bonniec on Jul 25, 2020
Great place! Brian makes you feel so welcome and will help you with anything Courtesy van and car to use. Pool and a big tent with tables to socialize & bbqs to use too. Would definitely recommend staying there!! Restaurant was wonderful right there too!!

by admirals on Jul 14, 2020
Extremely welcoming and friendly staff and people. Restaurant food was out of this world. Also offers an excellent ships store with a large selection of items. Highly recommend!

by selahway on Jun 15, 2020
Family owned and operated. Great staff, restaurant, pool and facilities. One of the top three marinas on the loop.

by stonewallny on Feb 13, 2020
This has been our home port for the past six years. The staff are always helpful and willing to go the extra mile. The facilities are well kept and the pool is a great place to talk with regulars and met many loopers and hear their stories.

by brigitt on Feb 11, 2020
Shady Harbor Marina has it all! Amazing staff, clean facilities! Top notch restaurant with live music on weekends! A pool, fire pit, huge general store and so much more! It’s our favorite marina on the Hudson!

by tdemarzo on Feb 09, 2020
Visited once and decided to make it our home. AAA+ Marina. The marina, restaurant, ships store, pool and amenities are all top notch. The Donovan’s and staff make you feel like family.

by emmers90 on Feb 09, 2020
A gem of the upper Hudson River. All the amenities. 💙🛥⛵️🚤⛴⚓️

by rhk123 on Aug 18, 2019
An excellent marina for enjoying the Hudson River and it’s surrounding. A professional staff will with anything you desire. An added bonus is the on site restaurant, The Boat House. Excellent kitchen and staff will enhance your stay.

by oneeyedogcrew on Aug 12, 2019
Always the great! We love staying at Shady Harbor! The restaurant is terrific, Little Beers are even better and the owners, Brian and Kathy, are awesome!

by shawn0000 on Aug 03, 2019
All around you couldn't ask for a better place to stay. Brian the owner is amazing from the point of pulling up he was helping with the securing of all the boats to late night after a great dinner coming up and asking us if everything was good. can't wait to visit again

by dleenhouts on Jul 21, 2019
Stayed twice & both times exceeded all expectations. Staff were all extremely accommodating & helpful, the owner is always around & hands on, & the other boaters were very friendly - it's a great place to meet new friends, especially at the restaurant on site with an expansive menu.

by charliemcvey on Jun 23, 2019
Everyone was super nice. We were meet at the dock and received assistance in docking with instructions on where to go on the property. Preregistration with Dockwa made life easy.

by jhines on Jun 20, 2019
Tom and Jan on Laughter We wintered our boat here. Brian Donovan and his staff are great!! They are ready to help however they can. If something does not go as you think they listen, understand, and make it right! Oh and loopers weekend and the Hog roast for boaters is so much fun, well organized and appreciated. We will be back this next winter.

by ktbowles on Jun 20, 2019
Very convenient, in and out. Excellent restaurant on site. Courtesy car, laundry and showers a big plus!

by steadfast1997 on Jun 12, 2019
This is an attractive, well-run marina/boat yard. It has all the amenities you'd expect from a 4-star facility. For the most part, the staff is pleasant, helpful and professional. (On a busier than usual Sunday, those who were less than friendly perhaps were just over-stressed.) The bathhouse is just average. What holds this back from being a 5-star marina, though, is the location. Other than the restaurant and ship's store on site, there is nothing nearby. New Baltimore is not like other communities along the Hudson. The village is up a steep hill on a busy two-lane highway with no sidewalk(s), not that there's any reason to walk up there. But if all you want is a secure pier to tie up to for the night, you'll probably enjoy stopping at Shady Harbor.

by thejourney on Jun 10, 2019
Brian and his group do a great job making you feel welcome and have a great facility. Would definitely stay there again!

by mgglover on Jun 10, 2019
Great. Fun. Great staff. Great restaurant.

by rhk1231 on Sep 01, 2018
Everything at this marina works like a charm. From the dock hands who meet you at the dock, to the friendly staff checking you in, to the onsite restaurant. This marina is a must stop for any boat traveling on the Hudson River.

by peteto on Aug 27, 2018
Great fun and great food. We’ve stayed the a few times and always have s great time. Brian’s staff on the dock and In the restaurant are very friendly and accommodating! We’ll be back.

by nanogoss on Aug 08, 2018
We actually stayed from Thursday, August 2 through Wednesday, August 8. It was a real treat. We dropped off two crew and picked up two. The docks are clean, well maintained and nearly surge free. All the facilities are clean and up to date. The entire crew treated us like family. The marine store is well stocked and we were able to get in a small part delivered by three supplier the next day. As a small, but telling example of customer service, they had a supply of the stopper screws used in Polyform balls and fenders even though they sell Taylor Made versions only. The on site restaurant is fabulous with an extensive beer list.

by hogitz on Jul 08, 2018
We just completed the Great Loop and this stop rated in the top 2 of all the Marinas we stayed at. Brian Donovan could not have done more to make us feel welcome and the facilities are in great shape.

by marinabuzz on Sep 09, 2016
2016 Boater's Choice Award Winner as Voted by Members and Visitors of

About Donovan's Shady Harbor Marina

Just South of Albany on the Hudson River (Lat 42° 27′, Lon -73° 47′), Donovan's Shady Harbor Marina is an Active Captain 1st Choice Marina & proud sponsor of America's Great Loop Association.

Stay for the day or the entire season at this family & pet friendly facility and enjoy a full-service marina complete with a convenience store, ships store, gift shop, air conditioned bath house, laundry room, pool, restaurant, & more. We offer water hookup, gas & diesel, electricity, and pump-out service for overnight dockers.

We monitor channel 16 on VHF radio; call ahead as you approach so our dock master can help guide you into our easy approach, deep water slips.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Ship Store
  • Dry Storage
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Launch Ramp
  • Swimming Pool
  • Groceries
  • Restaurant
  • Dog Park
  • Floating Docks
  • Winter Storage
  • Travel Lift
  • Pet Friendly
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



Donovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor MarinaDonovan's Shady Harbor Marina