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Champlin's Marina, Hotel and Resort

$5.75/ft - $7/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
80 West Side Road
Block Island, RI 02807
Check-in after 03:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 68
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29 Reviews

by barb4boys on Sep 04, 2019
We have been going every Labor Day Weekend and enjoy participating in the Christmas decorating contest. Even took 4th place this year. Everything you need is at the concession and bakery, gaming arcade, laundry, movie theatre, pool, bathrooms and showers, bar at end of dock, bike rentals. Dock employees are very knowledgeable and assisted all with dockage.

by johnmcallahan on Sep 03, 2019
Great stay. We went and watched the Maiden movie at the on-site movie theatre. Visit was too short. Will be back.

by bonitot on Aug 26, 2019
Love staying at Champlins the staff is awesome best dock hands around

by qjggbsefggvs96qhthpm on Aug 25, 2019
Great spot and professional staff

by dsr14253 on Aug 21, 2019
Mostly marred by a few issues around times the showers being open until (6:00pm, which is entirely too early to have a full day at the beach and try to get back in time to clean up), and poor placement of vessel. The biggest reason for the 2 stars was because the manager of the property, Randy, was rude, dismissive and overly apathetic to any customer requests or complaints. he actually called one of our issues 'trivial.'

by toddferraro on Aug 20, 2019
Always a Great time at Champlin's Marina!!!!

by eflatow on Aug 20, 2019
Easy to get to mooring Very prompt and professional launch service Nice facilities

by geofftapper on Aug 19, 2019
We requested not to be rafted, my wife recently had ankle surgery and I did not want her climbing over boats. They put us on the 1st finger on the left and it worked out perfectly It was Halloween at Champlins and the festivities were wild, after hanging out for a while we were able to return to our peaceful slip Great job Chanplin's Geoff Tapper

by sven1951 on Aug 18, 2019
Great fun. Helpful staff.

by boatman1 on Aug 14, 2019
Always a great time! Disappointed that we were forgotten 3 times in the lineup for a dock (1.2 hours).

by oakleaf on Aug 12, 2019
Always a great time. Incredible staff!

by davidelevine on Aug 06, 2019
Champlin’s is always Champlin’s. It’s quite annoying when they unplug your electric to slide the boat over and $25 a night for a 30 amp and $50 for 50 amp is crazy

by islander126 on Aug 06, 2019
I wasn't very happy with the marina. The dock hands were good. But the place was dirty. Trash cans overflowing. Pool was dirty. They closed the bar and restaurant for a group that was there. They rafted us 3 wide. My wife fell trying to cross swim platforms. we are 60 and its not always easy.

by tdalbora60 on Aug 06, 2019
My stay was better than I thought it would be. Could not get power at my location and needed to run the engine several times to charge batteries. Dock hands could be better trained - they are dealing with expensive boats. Rest rooms & showers were much better maintained than what I remember in the past.

by pipedreams2333 on Aug 05, 2019
I waited several days to write the review to be fair. We would never stay at this place again. It is clear safety of boats and personal is not a priority to the owners. Boasts tacked 2 to 3 deep with no access in or out of the marina creeks. The lack of trained personal is clear and evident. I give it 1 star due to the location only!

by mulone on Aug 04, 2019
The deck crew were very helpful. Need to have the shows and large bathrooms open 24/7

by wavetangerine on Aug 04, 2019
Great place for kids and adults. Stayed for a week - Block Island is awesome!

by cpgmikef on Aug 02, 2019
Fun time. Lots of action on the docks. Can be loud late into the night if your docked on the inside parts. Great facilities

by jcamp on Jul 25, 2019
Great time was had at Champlins. Staff was knowledgeable and helpful. Grounds were clean and neat.

by joemoniz on Jul 21, 2019
Really nice place to go visit

by jaywfrank on Jul 19, 2019
We spent two nights at Champlains this week. The staff members were friendly and helpful, the pool was dirty, the docks were decent, the surrounding area is beautiful. On our first night they put us on the outside end of the farthest dock towards the inside of the harbor. We went to bed around midnight and at 1am my wife woke up startled saying that someone was on our boat and that she heard footsteps on deck. My first assumption was that she was crazy but after a few minutes she convinced me to go on deck and have a look around. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary so I went back to bed. A half hour later she heard the same noises again. Regretfully I stayed below deck this time and went to sleep. The next morning we awoke to our coolers being robbed. Our boat and the boat next to us. They took water, alcohol, Gatorade, and $1,000 worth of yeti coolers and fishing lures. The manager that morning was somewhat helpful in calling the police for us. They refused to show us the surveillance camera footage but claim they gave it to police. They told us conflicting stories once that they had footage of another patron leaving the bar and stealing our stuff, bringing it back to his boat, and then a story of teenage pirates coming in on paddle boards and robbing us. Later that day I went back to the office and found a short and stumpy dismissive and arrogant grumpy little elf of a man in the place of the manager. I later found out this little guy was actually the owner!!!! I simply asked him if they had anymore information on the robbery and he immediately got a rude tone and asked me if he looked like the police. I told him there was no need to be nasty and that I was only asking because the manager had told us that there were other cameras that he wanted to have the camera guy check for more evidence. He told me to call the cops if I wanted more information. The whole thing felt shady, as if he was protecting someone. Maybe it was his employees that robbed us who knows. Anyway at no point did we ever get any sort of apology, no offer to move us to a more secure location even though the place was empty the next morning. No offer of any sort of compensation whatsoever. The lack of concern, lack of apology, and the attitude and complete lack of customer service by the OWNER made this experience horrible. The last day I felt obligated to let others know of what happened so that they could secure their belongings and not have the same experience. The cocky SOB of an owner came out and asked me if I wanted to borrow a megaphone to tell people. Do yourself a favor and stay at any other marina other than Champlains. Right next door is Payne’s and it looks like a great spot. We will be staying there our next trip to Block. Again ****BEWARE AND BE WARNED—— STAY AWAY FROM CHAMPLAINS****

by rc on Jul 17, 2019
Nice location , however I had a reservation for two nights . I entered the marina around 1:00 pm requesting my slip assignment and is dumbfounded when the Dockmaster advised me to stern in perpendicular to the tee head between 160 footer and a high speed ferry . Are you shitting me???? Ok so we tied off to the dock and to the 160 foot charter yacht . A few hours after we set all our lines and dock side water and electric we have to now we tie parallel to the tee head . Adjusting again . Ok after a long day we are settled . The next morning we leave for a few hours and the dock hands untie everything and move our boat with zero notification down to the are the 160 footer was near. No phone call no notice . Make a reservation and be treated like they don’t care .

by pbm1014 on Jul 15, 2019
Always a great time...something to do for everyone

by heroncap on Jul 12, 2019
Block island is tiny! 6 miles long by 3 miles wide. Champlin’s is at the end of a natural harbor. First class staff, showers, pool, breakfast place and snack bar, really good restaurant right there. No town around, but you can walk 1.5 miles or cab to a pretty Victorian town with 4 miles of sand beaches. Definitely coming back.

by frank46568 on Jul 10, 2019
I have stayed at Champlins on and off for 20 years. It is always very good, clean and their dock staff is excellent. I must say this was the best trip there we have had yet. They have made some nice updates. I think it is the best place to dock on Block and the mud slides are fantastic. With that being said Payne’s has a great new outdoor bar be sure to walk or dingy over there!

by melsus75 on Jul 08, 2019
Sorry to report, the resort overbooked the marina. We had reserved a four night stay ,but had to leave after the first night . They reefed us out as the fourth boat from dock, with boats of 15 ft beams. So, no power, no water and had to crawl over the bows of the other three boats to get on dock. The dock master and staff had great attitude and understanding of the situation . If we were in our twenties to early forties ,probably could have managed ,but in mid sixties not so manageable. I’m sure any other weekend the ,stay would have been just fine. Beautiful area. I do worry about the possibility of a fire , that could be disastrous.

by curtann on Jul 07, 2019
Location and amenities are great! Dock staff is second to none... We will return! TY for a great holiday stay

by emco11356 on Jun 24, 2019
Great marina. Good service. Only complaint were out of control drunk party people on another boat. The marina should have a quiet time after 10:00 pm.

by marinabuzz on Sep 15, 2015
2015 Boater's Choice Award Winner as Voted by Members and Visitors of

About Champlin's Marina, Hotel and Resort

Situated on Block Island’s beautiful Great Salt Pond, Champlin’s is one of New England’s finest and largest resorts and marinas. Champlin’s is a self-contained resort that blends family atmosphere with a casual and relaxing environment that the entire family will enjoy. Featuring 5,000 linear feet of dock space which can comfortably accommodate 225 boats. With a 30′ harbor depth and spacious docking facilities, deep draft ocean going yachts up to 270′ feet can be accommodated at this former WWII U.S. Naval Base.

Booking Info

You may be rafted with other boats during your stay.

Vessel Restriction Info:

  • Max LOA: 270'
  • Max Draft: 20'

Rate Info:

All Advanced Reservations are subject to a Two-night Minimum charge

Holiday Rates and Three-night Minimums will apply

  • 07/01/19 - 07/07/19, increase rate by $0.50/ft for all tiers
  • 08/30/19 - 09/03/19, increase rate by $0.50/ft for all tiers


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Floating Docks
  • Groceries
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Launch Service
  • Laundry
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Ship Store
  • Showers
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wireless Internet



Champlin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and ResortChamplin's Marina, Hotel and Resort