Boston Harbor Islands: Peddocks Island

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Fort Andrews, MA
Check-in after 12:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 69

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49 Reviews

by melloplumbing on Jul 03, 2022
Great place. Great spot.

by rcerullo26 on Jun 26, 2022
Amazing summer day on moring #24 !!!

by chapme on Jun 21, 2022
Always great to get a mooring at Peddocks. The Dockwa site is so easy to use and will continue to spread the word

by jbt1203 on Jun 21, 2022
Beautiful evening! DockWa app worked easily to pay for ball reservation. Pennant on Ball we picked up was in good shape, but it appeared more than half of the balls did not have pennants.

by scottfitzsimmons on Jun 16, 2022
Peaceful afternoon and was the only boat overnight. Great response from Harbor Islands folks confirming reservation. So easy and pleasant. Clean mooring and pennant.

by ptangen on Jun 13, 2022
It’s a great place to stay.

by tjluce on May 31, 2022
The worker that showed up to check on us was excellent and very informative.

by pjr on May 31, 2022
Scott stopped by to see how we were doing and helped us with a dead battery issue. He was very friendly and its comforting to know you guys are out there for us boaters. Pat on Captains Inn

by msnuesse on May 31, 2022
Love the new moorings Need a few by great Brewster and calf.

by sheilaqb on Oct 03, 2021
Fall boating around the Boston Harbor Islands is the best

by michael_g on Sep 13, 2021
Great spot and DCR was around to make sure all was excellent.

by rjw35 on Sep 07, 2021
It took a while to figure out where the mooring ball was. A map to the mooring field would have been helpful. Otherwise, the moorings were in good shape. Island is fun to explore.

by freespirit on Sep 07, 2021
Excellent location and outstanding mooring ball conditions (extra bonus for having two pennants, both of which were in outstanding condition). The only reason for a 4-star review is we couldn't find our assigning mooring ball. The map on the Dockwa is horribly incorrect. Update the mooring field map and this is an easy 5-star location.

by pdecosta on Sep 07, 2021
Mooring was great was there for Sat and Sun nite, Sat nite around 10:00 pm a boat started blaring music until the early hours of the morning was very annoying. Sun was a very peaceful evening.

by l5aejqaerxjcmqt62tjh on Sep 05, 2021
Beautiful place but too many jet skiers weaving in and around boats turning up the water. We were afraid to use swim platform as we thought we were going to be hit by jet ski. Needs to be policed more and no wake signs added.

by morningstar242 on Aug 28, 2021
great communication

by dublinpup3 on Aug 09, 2021
No one monitoring island. My mooring ball was taking and there was no harbor master by boat or vhf 69. There was also several boats raft up next to each taking the best spots and using jet skis at high speed throughout the fleet while my kids were swimming. Also loud terrible foul language music just blaring. I stayed about an hour and just left. I had a wonderful experience at gallops island a few weeks ago where it was monitored

by srwc3henpu2hksfe_9se on Aug 09, 2021
As always, friendly Efficient service. Can’t say enough good things about Kevin and Dockwa

by pranacat187 on Aug 06, 2021
The island looks much nicer on fotos. No access to shore, exept pulling dinghy up on the stony beach. But with the rainy wheather it was OK

by darline162 on Jul 25, 2021
It was awesome. Thank you for your updates as well. They were very helpful!

by cannedyou on Jul 18, 2021
Love the Boston harbor island moorings. Close enough to safely come in from the storms yesterday. Thank you.

by g2parker on Jul 11, 2021
Peddocks is a lovely place to spend the evening. We were fortunate to be treated to an outstanding sunset and then a calm evening. The exuberant young people on a nearby mooring provided all the music we could ask for. They picked a lovely evening as well and we admired their spirit but were happy they headed off soon after sunset.

by jbcostel on Jul 06, 2021
Great communication and mooring field map, had a great afternoon watching the world go by!

by wps on Jul 06, 2021
Nancy and her team were great! Very helpful getting us situated on our mooring ball. Looking forward to the next trip to Peddocks.

by kurtnik on Jun 27, 2021
It was fab. Question- A number of boaters have no clue about the law and courtesy and a decent number of them speed thru the mooring area. DCR doesn't say anything to them. Should I call the state or environmental police?

by llkm143 on Jun 27, 2021
Can't beat the views. Solid moorings, well-placed. Great work by DCR in managing the squatters who may not know about the reservation system.

by jasnamikkelson on Jun 21, 2021
The Peddocks was a great spot to moor. I had a hard time finding number 14 assigned to me (likely another boat moored by accident) but there were plenty other spots to moor to. The next day, your island harbor guy came to check our reservation and was very friendly and said it was ok to stay where we were. He did explain that some of the mooring balls haven’t been installed yet but soon more would be added. Great spot and great service form your island “police” guy. Thanks!!

by randyadams on Sep 27, 2020
Appreciate your getting us the 4 moorings for our sailing club (Landfall Sailing Club) close together!!

by mpkindle on Sep 27, 2020
Peddock’s Island is a great, Easily accessible accessible destination, with beaches, an historic military relic, great views of Boston skyline. It’s understandable nearing the end of the season that moorings would be thinned out. For our sailing club meet-up, our boats were quite far apart - not hailing distance. Next time I’ll request a mooring more shoreward in the mooring field as evening boat traffic delivered a fair amount of wake.

by belenos on Sep 27, 2020
Great spot! Mooring balls weren’t numbered but we grabbed the one that looked like our one on the map. Worked out just fine!

by lalee33 on Sep 14, 2020
Best day trip spot - sheltered enough with amazing views of Boston!

by lawfrm on Aug 15, 2020
Always a great day at Peddocks... the staff are always very accommodating!

by ebrowne on Aug 09, 2020
Excellent cove with good access and easy to get to one of Bostons historic sites, Fort Andrew's. Self guided exploration is great.

by ctrischitta on Jul 25, 2020
Wonderful stay. Quiet, calm. So nice!!!!!

by dthompsonusa on Jul 21, 2020
Mooring was great. It was good to see someone was monitoring the moorings for right placement. Only downside was a group that showed up around 3 am and were talking, laughing and playing music really loud for at least an hour. Others in the cove I’m sure were woken by them as well.

by bostonsailor on Jul 10, 2020
Peddocks is out go to daytime mooring on a hot summer day. This was our first overnight, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We stayed two nights in a row to really chill out. Great views of the sunset over Boston. Mornings are peaceful, afternoons and evenings are lively in good weather, and things quiet down after sunset. Not at all crowded for overnight on a weekday, though around 5pm all moorings matters have been occupied by day boaters. Mooring field is fairly distance from big boat traffic as well as open water, so fairly calm.

by sheilaq on Jul 09, 2020
easy to book; mooring ball #50 had a sturdy line but no pennant

by bschanning on Jul 07, 2020
Pleasant stay. Mooring and pennant in good condition. Kevin helped me with credit card issue. Much improved from other past year management.

by lindabunce on Jun 22, 2020
Beautiful island but, It took us three try’s to get a mooring that had a safe line on it. Then 10 boats rafted with extremely loud music! No consideration for others! Also it is very bouncy due to the wakes from passing boats. I wish Boston police would monitor and control the yahoo’s who make it less relaxing for others!

by captaground on Jun 02, 2020
Had the mooring field to ourselves.

by plominja on May 26, 2020
The mooring pendant line had chafed and slipped off of the thimble at the ball so it was very worn where it bends around the attachment to the chain/ball and subsequently broke shortly after tying up. We checked several of the other open moorings nearby which also had frayed/destroyed pendant lines. I slipped my own line through as a back up so we were fine. Portuguese cove is a nice place to hang for the evening and the reservation was confirmed quickly after requesting it ,so 2 stars, but Im not sure why I even bothered to reserve or pay when these moorings have been free for the last several years and the only thing I actually paid for did not work.

by dygallag on Sep 02, 2019
the moorings were almost too far off shore to swim, and there are no dinghys or docks. other than that, awesome.

by kat_london on Aug 24, 2019
The mooring balls are located quite far from the dock. Likely fine if you have your own dingy with motor. We relied on the island’s first dingy and chose to anchor instead of using the mooring.

by temcdonagh on Aug 10, 2019
Mooring field quieted down when the sun sank. Wind and current made for a somewhat bumpy night but overall great. Pendent was clean and beefy.

by miriam on Aug 07, 2019 glad the moorings went through

by zlaxref on Aug 04, 2019
Easy in and out stay. Very nice mooring set up. Lots of boats in at Peddocks today

by ooohaha on Jul 28, 2019
Always loved Peddocks and now with the new moorings it’s even better

by suep on Jul 28, 2019
Bit rough over there . People with boats coming in and leaving are driving to fast causing all the boats to bounce bad. Don’t know if I’ll go back 2 time it’s happened .

by pearlyww on Jul 27, 2019
One of the maps on Dockwa indicated moorings on south side near ferry dock, Wrong! Picked one of those moorings on south that would hold A barge And a tug. No one answered radio so called number. Nice gentleman directed us to north side where numerous recreational boat sized moorings - to 40’ were available in 25’ - 30’ of water. Lots and lots of wakes, lots of jets overhead. During night wind died and mooring ball came knock, knock, knocking against the hull, straightened that out and nice rest the remainder of the night. Was asked to remove dog when visiting fort, National Park rules. Suggested they post that on website. Interesting Island to visit & great they allow camping and have water available. Cost is minimal for an urban mooring, not crowded, nice place to explore... I would recommend for day trip but it was a bit loud -jets- for my nights rest.

About Boston Harbor Islands: Peddocks Island

One of the largest islands in Boston Harbor, Peddocks Island offers miles of trails, unique geologic features, and the remains of historic Fort Andrews. The island is dotted with colorful cottages that serve as private residences during the summer months. We ask that all visitors be mindful of the residents and their privacy.

The park is open from dawn until dusk. Reservations are available for both daytime and overnight use. Please note that pets are not permitted in the park. To find more information about park regulations and activities, please visit

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Max LOA: 40'

Max Beam: 18'

Max Draft: 7'


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    Boston Harbor Islands: Peddocks IslandBoston Harbor Islands: Peddocks IslandBoston Harbor Islands: Peddocks IslandBoston Harbor Islands: Peddocks IslandBoston Harbor Islands: Peddocks IslandBoston Harbor Islands: Peddocks IslandBoston Harbor Islands: Peddocks IslandBoston Harbor Islands: Peddocks Island