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RPM On The Water / Pizzeria Portofino

Not Offered

Not Offered

Day Trip
$50 - $300
317 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654
Check-in after 10:00 AM
Check-out before 10:00 PM
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4 Reviews

by kreilingtracey on Jul 26, 2020
Abe was fantastic! The food was delicious! Ordering was easy, delivery to the boat a bit complex, requiring several returns with full order and utensils...but took little away from the experience. We have reservations for upcoming dates, that’s how much we liked it!! Thank You!

by dcarone on Jul 19, 2020
Abraham is a rock star!!

by nikellickson on Jul 17, 2020
We had zero support from your team. Nobody was there to assist us. And nobody was there to help us move others during a reservation that we paid over $100 for. The 1 star is for the pizza we ordered. What is it that I paid for exactly?

by xatp5plhsjnemw1nwsvx on Jul 09, 2020
Valet on site was terrific.
Status: Open
Last Updated:about 1 month ago

About RPM On The Water / Pizzeria Portofino

Please Schedule Your Reservations at the Pizzeria Accordingly : They also offer a carry-out option, so you can enjoy the food/drinks while lounging in the comfort of your own boat!

Booking Info

Please Note:

Your reservation, while transient, is only for a duration of 2 hours (Maximum 3 hour stays). Should you want to extend your reservation, you'll need to submit an additional reservation request. If you are running late to your reserved slip, please let the Dockmaster know via "Chat" within the app, or by phone.

Due to our location, we strictly enforce a No Music policy

Requests are ONLY available to book 30 days or less prior to your requested arrival date. Please plan accordingly.

We have two locations : our most recent addition is a dock located between 151-155 W Riverwalk S. There is a photo with a pin displaying the location of our additional location. Please be prepared to dock at either location. You will be instructed to dock at either when hailing us on the VHF, calling over the phone or chatting through the Dockwa service. Thank you


  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant



RPM On The Water / Pizzeria Portofino