Pope's Island Marina


$35 - $45

Day Trip
Not Offered
102 Pope's Island
New Bedford, MA 02740
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM

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123 Reviews

by cool.leaf.7405 on Nov 16, 2022
Greg, the manager, was very helpful. We pulled in to Popes Island Marina at 0400 because of a storm. Later that day the New Bedford Harbor storm gates were closed! Not only did he set us up in a protected slip but helped us with trades to repair storm damage. He drove us all over New Bedford for parts. Nice clean well maintained bathrooms and showers. The woman working the dock was the best!

by twilight.hill.2650 on Nov 08, 2022
We recently bought a 392 Silverton that was slipped at popes island marina closed on boat first week of October and my home marina shut down for repairs so We had to locate a new marina on north shore when I was talking to Gregg the manager about our situation he was probably one of the most knowledgeable and nice guys I’ve dealt with very professional and accommodating as well as welcoming us to the marina offering us to remain there even through the winter this marina is very well maintained and the crew is professional and extremely helpful if we lived close by we would absolutely make it our home marina

by bnewbold on Oct 31, 2022
Easy and convenient. Nice staff.

by dowleyk1 on Oct 18, 2022
Pope's Island was a great place to stay. We had a medical emergency and needed to dock in New Bedford for the night. The marina got us a slip and helped us tie up. Once the emergency was over, we enjoyed some food in the marina as part of their end of season party!

by godspeedsail on Sep 29, 2022
Staff was prompt, courteous, and accommodating

by dbzeiller7485 on Sep 20, 2022
we are so impressed with PIM in New Bedford, service was amazing and so clean and organized. We also enjoyed the close walk to the historical community and restaurants. Very protected waters made us feel safe👍🏻🙌🏻

by slyfoxdorsey on Sep 12, 2022
Definitely make use of the $3 shuttle to town. Whale’s Tail, nearby ice cream, and Moby Dick’s up in town have excellent food and drinks. Marina is near Dunkin and good hardware/marine stores.

by aequitas on Sep 11, 2022
Dock hands were helpful. Great location for exploring New Bedford. Handy harbor launch makes it easy to head into the whaling museum and a wide range restaurants. The floating docks need repair, other than that, a nice marina.

by bobhaze101 on Sep 11, 2022
Friendly service at a well maintained marina. Very nice marina with modern and clean heads & showers. We took a mooring and found a small but adequate dinghy dock. We had a nice walk over the swing bridge to New Bedford, where there are lots of options for cocktails or dinner. We had a cold one at a nice sidewalk table.

by janespeyer on Sep 08, 2022
We could not connect to the 50 amp electric outlet because each time our cord was connected, it tripped the breaker even though everything was turned off on our boat. We even went out and purchased a new cord to rule out a cord problem and it still tripped the breaker. This past winter, for safety purposes we had our boat checked for electric leakage and none was found. We have successfully stayed at 12 other marinas this summer and have not had one problem at any of them. The dock master said it was our boat’s problem and we should go back to the yard that did our check and have it reassessed. He said it in a rude manner and we were very unhappy with the marina. We were offered no discount despite the fact that electric costs were part of the dock fee, not a separate fee and yet we had no benefit of having electricity. We left the next morning and would never come back to this poorly run marina.

by tonyiiiafl on Sep 06, 2022
Nice place lots to do and great people. Marina needs some TLC. Marina Manager so so helpful and accommodating. Great launch service and so so much to do. A super wonderful stay and we love returning here. Dockhands were waiting for us when we arrived at slip, Launch service was spectacular. Overall an 11 on a 10 scale for value, location, staff, and things to do! Thanks! Tony and Colleen

by jcgoldweitz on Sep 06, 2022
Lackluster service by dockhouse crew. No change for laundry machines, poor attention to property repairs like security fence.

by lacroixe on Aug 15, 2022
Had a great stay. Marina staff was very friendly. Great location with lots to do!

by 0025 on Aug 11, 2022
Very poor communication upon initial contact when looking for our slip assignment. We called on the radio several times, but we were not able to hear the instructions. I finally called on the phone and we were able to get our assignment. We were disappointed that no one was available to assist us with docking. The weather was not cooperating, and we were dealing with 25-35 knot winds at the time of our arrival. The facilities were clean, but the floating docks are in dire need of repair. Uneven surfaces, as well as loose boards, made walking to the main dock extremely hazardous, especially at night. Although we had some issues, we will probably return in the future.

by johnjerger on Aug 10, 2022
Large mooring field. Easy to retrieve balls, although you need you own lines. Nice transient dingy dock at the marina and Pier 3. Marina has showers and laundry. Marine supply stores near by.

by carlluck on Aug 09, 2022
Great location, reasonably priced and the staff are very helpful. Amenities are perfect, nice restroom and showers. $3 for a bag of ice is very reasonable. Launch service, and crew, is excellent for getting to and from Town or wherever you want to go in the harbor. Downtown is great and we highly recommend the food, service and even the music at the Clam Box. Casual, family friendly, very reasonably priced and you can't eat any closer to the waterfront without being in the water.

by jilleschman on Aug 08, 2022
We reserved a mooring ball for 2 nights. Quick response when we arrived to advise on our location and quick response when we asked to stay a 3rd night. Friendly staff. Easy location to dinghy to town. Convenient laundry available at the marina. We enjoyed walking around New Bedford, the Whaling Museum & all the Portuguese food!

by y3qxkzzxkpdvznpvcib2 on Aug 04, 2022
Great marina! Launch service is excellent and the facilities spotless

by packetinn on Jul 28, 2022
Easy mooring, be prepared with a bridal as this is the “Cuttyhunk” style mooring. The launch driver was very helpful with information. The facilities have a lot to be desired. The showers were not the cleanest but they did the job. You would think with a busy harbor you’d roll all night but not at all. I would stay here again.

by raymunn on Jul 25, 2022
Initial radio contact upon entering field was disappointing. VHF receptionist was terse and unheipful in first finding the mooring - “it’s next to the channel” (it wasn’t), and when we found the mooring without a pendant and with only an eye that was unreachable, his response was, “use your own line, use your own rope”. Fortunately, the launch operator threaded our line for us. Bad introductory reception. Everything else was ok.

by grossb on Jul 21, 2022
First time stay for 2 days. What a gem! Located between New Bedford and Fairhaven, we found an easy approach and plenty water at low tide for our 7 foot draft. Great value as price includes slip, electricity, and water! On shore there are great heads, showers (women's in better shape then men's from what my Admiral tells me), laundry, gas grills, and secure courtyard. WiFi is a bit spotty but we got good service most of the time. The marina had adaquate floating concrete docks and a wooden break water facing south. Usually the face break is loaded with large motor yachts so we had a very quiet stay even with the large amount of commercial traffic. Staff was very friendly and helpful. No question we will be back!

by dmcchesn on Jul 11, 2022
Great stopover port with eyeloop moorings so have bridal lines ready to thread the needle. Pump out and fresh water are accessible from a floating dock which is much to short at about 20 feet long.. Both times that we moored here there were super yachts wedged close to this small floating dock making access challenging especially with wind at 10 - 13 kits.

by robert02743 on Jul 06, 2022
everyone was so welcoming saw great fireworks on the 4th nice marina

by whistlerskipper on Jun 27, 2022
Easy access. Great staff. Very nice facility. And walking distance to Fathoms for a great meal. Looking forward to coming back.

by sdelisle48 on Jun 25, 2022
This was a very good stay. Nice, clean facilities. Good location in the center of things.

by hwoodcome on Jun 24, 2022
Dean operated the shuttle and was very helpful. He explained the layout of the harbor and the local attractions. He gave us his cell phone # for our return trip. He made our stay ! We will return again as there is so much to see and do in New Bedford!

by pkavanagh on Jun 22, 2022
Pleasant, attentive staff. Lovely well maintained docks and grounds. Look forward to it every time!

by wallysea on Jun 16, 2022
All expectations were met. Easy walk to town for access to restaurants, Whaling Museum and National Park Visitors Center…

by raycullum1 on Jun 04, 2022
Excellent mooring set up.

by canadadave63 on May 30, 2022
Quiet clean all the service requirements has is close

by johnkbullard on Nov 03, 2021
Great people. Convenient, well protected location. wonderful neighbors. Dorstep to Buzzards Bay.

by fnac on Nov 03, 2021
It seems like a lot is going down hill lost pump out boat and docks are getting risky the cleaning of washrooms is ?

by fire on Nov 01, 2021
My only complaint is the season is too short. Thank you to all the amazing staff that made this year enjoyable and I look forward to seeing you in the spring.

by readyboater1 on Nov 01, 2021
Slips are in poor shape, electricity was intermittent in the beginning of the year. The marina boats were constantly parked in the slip even after numerous calls to ask for them to be removed. Trash was always overflowing and trying to reach the manager was a joke. She sat on a personal call for 25 minutes chatting about restaurants and made us wait in the hall until she completed her personal business on work time.

by vixen on Nov 01, 2021
They charge for 50 amp service, even though they know I can only use 30 amps. Also the main float on C dock is tilting, and the cement is crumbling. It is an embarrassment to me when I bring guests, and I wonder just how long it will hold together.

by miker1944 on Sep 26, 2021
Two interesting towns, and an exemplary launch service. We always enjoy our stay at Popes, and the towns of New Bedford and Fairhaven. As far as the marina, my only recommendation would be an enlargement of the showers. The showers are small and need more hooks for clothes, etc. The bathrooms are always clean, just a little in the shower stalls. The people are always very accommodating and helpful. The launch service employs terrific employees who are a wealth of local knowledge.

by bouchakl on Sep 24, 2021
Great details on where to doc. Help offered if need on the landing. Doc neighbor stepped in to help. Very pleasant. The docs are right on Rt 6 between New Bedford and Fairhaven. within a few steps was a great playground for the kids, a marine supply store, one restaurant. The facility is gated. 12 minute walk west to down town NB, but you are on the highway / off-ramp. There is a sidewalk, but crossing when needed is a bit intimidating for families. Also there is a KEY CARD worth $20 if you don't return it. We left before they were open and got hit with the $20 while underway to next destination. The correction was handled without issue, as we HAD turned it in, but recommend watching for posting errors.

by joiacalderaro on Sep 10, 2021
Nice protected marina inside the hurricane breakwall. However reaching them by phone is a nightmare, and their voicemail doesn't work either. We needed an electrical adapter at our slip during our stay, and they were able to provide to us for a $250 refundable fee. Upon leaving I messaged them via Dockwa (after no response by phone) that we had departed and left the adapter on the dock for them to retrieve, and I have still yet to see a refund for the $250 over a week later. Have called numerous times with no response. Same issue upon arriving to the marina. Only way to get them is by radio prior to arrival. Pope's Island Marina, if you're seeing this please refund me ASAP.

by nattybloh on Sep 04, 2021
Great service by office and dock hand. Sturdy mooring ball with unique stand up, tall pennant shaft and eye that provides user friendly retrieval and departure with no slimy lines or boat hook required. Super for singlehanded. Only negative is the tiny floating Pumpout dock, 12x24ft, in my case nestled between two large luxury yachts. The dockhand was necessary for getting my 42ft sailboat safely alongside and secured.

by svmarite on Sep 04, 2021
43' Shannon Ketch sv Marite. Took a ball for 3 nights because of Ida coming through. Very accommodating. Super clean bathrooms. Launch drivers really friendly and helpful, but you pay $3pp each way which was a surprise after free launches included in the price of the mooring on the other side of Cape Cod Canal. So we moved to a closer ball as we have a rowing dinghy. No problem. The Whaling Museum and Bethel are amazing at reflecting the history of this important sea port. Overall, really pleased with our stay.

by razar516 on Sep 03, 2021
We came here to ride out the storm remnants of Hurricane Ida. We were on mooring #1 and we felt very safe and secure. Everyone was very courteous. We would return.

by djrobertson on Aug 28, 2021
This stay at Pope’s Island went very well, right from the great help the dockhand gave us in backing our single screw boat into a tight slip to the prompt pumpout service when we left. The floating concrete docks were clean and in decent condition. The heads and showers are clean and well kept. I would make one suggestion that more hooks be provided in the showers - one isn’t enough to hold dirty clothes, clean clothes, shoes and your towel while you shower. Wifi was only sporadic out on the end of “E” dock. I wish it had been better. The New Bedford - Fairhaven area has lots to offer. We utilized Uber to get to a Stop & Shop, the fascinating Whaling Museum and a great Portuguese restaurant. Getting a confirmed Uber pickup was difficult on Friday night. This was our second stop at Pope’s Island and we'll come back again the next time our cruises bring us to the area.

by pauldaugh on Aug 28, 2021
Great stay at Pope’s Island Marina. Friendly and accommodating team, and it is a great location to explore both NB (whaling museum a short walk away) and Fairhaven. Only issue is that the floating docks need some surface repair. We’ll be back.

by ria on Aug 26, 2021
Friendly, comfortable, very professional

by dodieva1 on Aug 24, 2021
Despite being short-staffed, the Marina Manager, Elizabeth, was everywhere: checking in us transients, answering questions, tour guide, and dockhand. We took advantage of the launch service and had a pleasant stay

by cachibache on Aug 24, 2021
Elizabeth the dock master was amazing and responded to our every request. Thank you Elizabeth ({crew of Cachibache}

by labess on Aug 19, 2021
Very helpful staff Kenny and Ben were awesome great location amenities always spotless plan on returning soon

by pamhansen11 on Aug 16, 2021
Excellent and there is plenty of water to accommodate a 8.5 draft.

by rjbalog on Aug 15, 2021
Great Marina, we’ve been all over New England but 1st trip to New Bedford. Pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Marina is clean, staff very friendly. Water shuttle to restaurants is very convenient.

by rolandaa on Aug 13, 2021
We took a mooring here and didn’t make it into the facility itself this time but other times we’ve been everything shore side has been in good shape. There were 3 pendants on our mooring that were tangled together so it took a couple of tries to pick up. Once on I spent some time separating the two heavy ones from the lighter one that we used. If it had been stormy the big pendants would have been nice to have. The harbor is very well protected from storms of any size and other than an occasional mysterious wake and the distant sound and occasional smell of the largest fishing port on the East coast it’s a perfect spot. This visit, rather than walking from Pope Island we took the launch directly to town for supper at DNB Burgers. The burgers are fantastic and the Poutine is the best I’ve had South of the Canadian border. New Bedford has become much more visitor friendly over the years. I highly recommend it for a visit.

by svcara on Aug 13, 2021
We stayed on a mooring ball for 2 nights, August 2021. Great working town vibe. I recommend a visit to the Euro Ship Store for any boating clothing you need.

by jazzfisher on Aug 12, 2021
This was my second stay at Pope's Island Marina. It is a very convenient place, with friendly staff and close proximity to town. It also has a Dunkin; Donuts across the street to get me going in the morning. I'll be happy to stay here again in the future.

by craigkathy on Aug 10, 2021
Very nice marina. Staff friendly and helpful and great location. First time there and we will return.

by gwittich on Aug 06, 2021
Good little cation; helpful staff;

by tpsullivan21 on Aug 05, 2021
Best peeps on a dock ever 👌

by heisenberg on Aug 02, 2021
Nice place. Good dock hand. The girls said that the bathrooms could be spiffed up

by josephafickjr on Aug 01, 2021
Good staff Marina needs some upgrading

by rmweiss12 on Jul 31, 2021
Spent 2 nights on a mooring. Launch driver helped to get a line to the mooring in 20kn of wind. A big Thank you for that. Super convenient location with clean showers and friendly staff. I enjoyed my stay.

by muselerwj on Jul 29, 2021
Very nice folks - clean rest rooms and showers - great ferry service to the Whaling Museum - New Bedford downtown made a good recovery from covid re: restaurants etc.

by joeschorle on Jul 24, 2021
Just needed a convienant stop on Buzzards Bay. Fir the bill

by rrkrrk on Jul 18, 2021
Could be improved in terms of the condition of the docks….run down but functional. Good location for access to New Bedford and Fairhaven. The launch service around the harbor is very good. The wi-fi is not very good.

by iownme on Jul 17, 2021
Very good place to stay and we will do so again. The location is great and everyone at Pope's Island was friendly and very helpful.

by alacrity on Jul 14, 2021
Great staff, great facilities.

by gdrasek on Jul 12, 2021
Had a great time at the Popes Island Marina, we will definitely return.

by roandre on Jul 11, 2021
Slight confusion with mooring assignment but otherwise a great stay. Rode out TS Elsa. Very protected harbor. Right near downtown New Bedford. Launch service was excellent. Staff was helpful and friendly. Facilities were clean. I would definitely return for another stay.

by oomph on Jul 06, 2021
The told me to take mooring #19. When I got there, there was another boat on #19. I saw an empty mooring (#27) and called the marina to tell them 19 was occupied, and asked if I could take 27. The marina said 27 was okay. Late in the afternoon after we got everything packed up for the night, the private owner of #27 showed up and told us to get off. Called the marina and they gave us a different mooring, but it was a major inconvenience to get everything untied and move at the last minute with the mooring owner circling and looking very angry.

by emco11356 on Jul 02, 2021
Nice marina. Nice amenities.

by lbkrra on Jul 02, 2021
Great staff! Very helpful. Launch available to transport you to nearby attractions.

by eh on Jun 29, 2021
Outstanding launch service! Busy commercial noisy harbor. Bathrooms are ok, need to be cleaner. Walking around historical New Bedford and Fairhaven is interesting . Large Market Basket a Lyft away provides everything you need for provisioning. Arrival Guidance to mooring location needs improvement and clarity.

by aries on Jun 26, 2021
Good mooring, good directions to said mooring, nice harbor. Calm with a large variety of working vessels. Great shopping for the girls on the Fairheaven side at the Euro stores.

by chef2sail on Jun 23, 2021
Great marina. Good location for walking the town of New Bedford. Must visit the Whaling Museum and the free Fisherman Museum. Marina had good facilities and friendly permanent slip holders. The dock hands were ineffective and need major training in line handling and customer service. The fairways are on the right side and the directions which one we were slipped was given unclearly. Make sure you use your spring lines on both sides to position your boat as there is a fair amount of surge constantly from the active harbor. Docks were floating and fairly new. Need at least three fenders as you will be side tying. I would rate the marina a five and the staff a two. They were disinterested

by psk125 on Jun 19, 2021
We stayed on a mooring overnight and had a nice visit. The marina answered our radio call immediately. The moorings were clearly marked. The logical layout made ours easy to find. The view of the active harbor was superb. We were disappointed to learn that launch service was not included, but pleased to find out that the launch will take you pretty much wherever you want to go in the harbor, so you don't have to walk a long way to restaurants, chandleries, museums, or other places. The huge hardware/marine hardware store across the street from the marina was also convenient. We look forward to visiting again and staying longer next time.

by mvundaunted on Jun 03, 2021
Elizabeth and her entire staff couldn't have been more accommodating to us. The dock power was great. It was our second visit to the marina and I would highly recommend it to anyone. 6 stars

by captainmeridian on Apr 26, 2021
The marina was not manned by anyone. When I came in,solo, I had to land by myself. The manager did not leave me a key to the front gate. I was not told my assigned slip. I was not given the Wi-Fi password. Frankly I think I deserve a credit or refund. Luckily, other boaters on the dock could help.

by honeydewnb on Apr 01, 2021
Liz was nice and accommodating but the electric situation was horrible and extremely unfairly priced and that’s the opinion of the people there and talking to most of them some meters were not working and no billing was known!! I’ve paid but want resolution on this or won’t b returning and complaining to someone higher up, my cell number is 508-400-0005

by cinphil on Nov 15, 2020
Nice marina. Great staff, especially Elizabeth.

by happyourazimut on Nov 01, 2020
We stayed here for the summer of 2020. Great marina and super convenient to the Cape, Islands, and RI.

by dbhop777 on Oct 05, 2020
Experience was great over all. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and the “lean” crew was stretched. Maybe more help midday Sunday would be helpful!! Again, it as fine overall!!

by skimmmer on Sep 19, 2020
Very nice stay on mooring #4. Facilities were very well maintained with a lot of patio furniture in the green space to get off the boat and relax in a Covid safe open environment. Friendly helpful staff. Clean restrooms. 2 washers and two dryers, coin operated, which worked great. Staff can help with change. Secure transient dinghy dock closest to office on first pier. No need to use the public dinghy dock. Marina very secure with key card entry ($10 deposit for card, refundable when returned.) Lots of dock carts. Whaling museum nearby, a short walk. Good restaurants a short walk away ( Fathoms, Black Whale). Busy working port with tons of fishing boats, but all a no wake area, so just fun to watch. Harbor does have launch service is desired. Would definitely stay again.

by scamper on Sep 14, 2020
A hidden jewel!! Good Moorings. Best part is launch service with drop off downtown New Bedford on a dock amongst the fishing fleet. Whales Tale Clam Shack is a new gem right near drop off. Walk up to the New Bedford Whaling Museum, a top notch museum focused on the history of the region.

by mjmason10 on Sep 07, 2020
A nice marina. Clean facilities. Good area for walking dogs. Helpful dock hands. Very secure. It would’ve been a five except the cement docks are in need of repair. Dunkin Donuts right across the street. Good wifi.

by gcargen on Sep 02, 2020
Great spot. Nice people nice town to visit

by _a2t4yxrqobughijbyys on Aug 28, 2020
Well maintained moorings 10 min from town. Great staff

by nukecwo on Aug 27, 2020
Great well maintained facility, excellent staff.

by mvprivateer on Aug 21, 2020
Good mooring. Plenty of swing room for our 57' boat. Mooring #1. Marina was flexible with our changing schedule. Watching the commercial traffic was fun. Whole area is a no wake zone.

by blackseal on Aug 17, 2020
Great marina: clean, all the amenities boaters’ need like washer/dryer, ice, two wheel carts, soda machine, etc. And conveniently located by land or sea!

by djmionis on Aug 14, 2020
Had a really nice stay. The marina is very accommodating and has a nice facility.

by jdrinane on Aug 11, 2020
Sat out Trop Storm Isaias there. Staff was very helpful and accommodating. Only problem was all their pedestals on dock where I was were 50 amp and I need 30 amp. They had 50 to 30 amp converters to loan me but none of their converters fit their 50 amp outlets!

by pbarnet on Aug 02, 2020
A hidden Gem! Great marina staff.

by bicred on Jul 27, 2020
They are wonderful. So nice and helpful.

by greardon on Jul 15, 2020
Great facility with courteous and friendly staff that will promptly help you with anything you need, from docking assistance, to pumpout at your slip, to launch service to the mooring field or across the main channel to downtown New Bedford. Pope’s Island is an active boating community, with very friendly and helpful boat owners. This is a secure, gated marina with well maintained grounds including a spacious picnic area with grilles. They have laundry, ice, vending machines, and a lending library. Restrooms and showers are always clean. Marine supply right across the street, and outstanding seafood within walking distance. Historic Fort Taber Park with a beach, and picnic area is about a mile and a quarter away, and sits at the harbor entrance and the Hurricane Barrier. A bike trail nearby takes you to Mattapoisett, Marion and beyond.

by alzager on Jul 05, 2020
Staff was very courteous. Bathrooms & showers were clean. Pump out boat came on time as requested. Very convenient to both New Bedford and Fairhaven.

by mrdupa on Jun 23, 2020
Stayed here for the weekend while testing out a newly purchased boat. It met all of our needs and more, We did not have the appropriate shore power adapter and they were very accommodating by providing us with a loaner. Will certainly stay here again. Being inside the Hurricane Barrier was also a plus.

by jayjohnson on Oct 16, 2019
Very nice facility. Marine supply and great food nearby.

by kchace on Aug 19, 2019
Just an overnight so we didn’t try out any of their services but the mooring was good and marina personnel responded quickly when we called upon arrival. The harbor is huge but well protected and not too much wake from other boats.

by stimabida on Aug 19, 2019
Very nice people and good facilities - Convenient access to town - museums - restaurants & very protected harbor - Fun to watch all the fishing boats!

by jazzfish on Aug 19, 2019
We had a great stay. The staff was wonderful helping us get secured in our slip. The facilities were clean and well maintained. Restaurants are within walking distance and a Dunkin' Donuts is right across the street!

by jneuberthrs on Aug 06, 2019
Nice people/staff, convenient, good facility.

by pvgas on Aug 05, 2019
Stayed on a mooring. Minimal wakes. Good launch services. Downtown rebuilding with some nice restaurants. Whaling museum easily accessible by launch to Pier 3.

by ricknan on Aug 05, 2019
Everything was fine except the pick up line on the Mooring which was so encrusted with barnacles that we had trouble using it. Should be replaced! I was happy with shower and laundry!

by jpadbury on Aug 04, 2019
Shore side facilities good. Best price on block ice. BUT marks were labeled in crazy fashion, hard to find. no staff came out to direct boat to mark

by pceasrine on Aug 03, 2019
Staff was very accommodating to us and our cruise

by nharri1989 on Jul 29, 2019
Marina is in a great location with a lot of historical sites in New Bedford, esp. the Whaling Museum, approximately a mile away. Restaurants within a half mile. Negatives were wifi was not working, and we were out on the west end of D dock. With a 15-20 kt south wind it was rocky. Very long walk to the marina entrance from our berth.

by mentalblock on Jul 08, 2019
The location was pretty good; only about a 10-15 minute walk on good sidewalks to downtown New Bedford. Although amenities are limited the staff is friendly. The bathrooms were not bad and I felt pretty secure. There is a DD close by and a restaurant called Fathoms at which we had a really good meal.

by phyllissilva on Jul 06, 2019
Always a pleasure, great marina, wonderfully run ! What can you say about the New Bedford FIreworks 💥💥💥spectacular as always 💥💥💥

by haleyanna on Sep 20, 2018
If you need a clean marina that is secure from heavy weather, with friendly staff, this is the one. Stopped here in September 2018 specifically because of the hurricane wall that protects the harbor. Although it never made it this far north, early forecasting had Hurricane Florence getting up this far in September.

by hartley on Sep 16, 2018
Friendly, helpful folks.

by camihampton421 on Aug 28, 2018
It is always a pleasant stay at Pope’s Island. THis is the first time we have been on a mooring and we came in on a Sunday, after the marina was closed but the launch operators were very accommodating leading us to our mooring. Carol, who was running the launch that evening, is fabulous!! And she took wonderful care of us. The next morning, Brad took us about and he was great too. It was a short stay and we didn’t get to use the marina facilities this trip, but it is a well serviced and very pleasing marina. We will be back.

by hmcs on Aug 21, 2018
We stayed on a mooring for 4 nights. Not too much wash from passing boats. The showers were good. The WiFi internet connection wasn't very good in the vicinity of the dock house. The laundry facility was good. It is a good walk to either old town New Bedford or to Fairhaven. Fathoms is a restaurant right across the street tah has good food at a reasonable price. There is also a marine syore across the street that has most routine boating equipment and then some. It was a good stay overall.

by bckma on Aug 15, 2018
A great marina with good facilities well located. Any exceptionally helpful staff. A special call out to Penny, the manager, who found a mechanic on Friday afternoon who went the extra mile.

by rov1gh65 on Aug 10, 2018
All-around excellent facilities and personnel. Only thing lacking is a drinking fountain. We will definitely use this marina again.

by mpotkin53 on Aug 09, 2018
Some of the friendliest staff you could ever meet.

by wwassmer on Aug 08, 2018
We arrived at 5:30 PM the dock hands did not give us the code for the gate or even the Wi-Fi password we ended up staying on the boat all night since we were afraid to leave the marina if we couldn’t get back in

by highzoot on Aug 07, 2018
Loved that they gave us the slip number and a chart of the marina a week before we were to arrive. Will go back again.

by seldert on Jul 09, 2018
Wonderful facilities, reasonable price for mooring, pump out available, launch service,

by schorert on Jul 09, 2018
Nice facility, helpful dock staff. convenient launch that drops you right downtown($3pp each way, plus tip). Pretty quiet too, not a real party crowd. use caution at night as some of the floating pier surfaces are broken(glass reinforced concrete). will definitely be back.

by spabar on Sep 17, 2017
Very accommodating, nice facility.

by northstar1 on Aug 15, 2017
Very accommodating, clean and peaceful marina. Close to shops and restaurants. Penny is a great person to work with. Prices very reasonable. Good docks and good power.

by ukpasa on Aug 13, 2017
Great stay at Pope's. The Marina staff were great and very helpful with suggestions on things to do and places to eat. The launch to both New Bedford and Fairhaven was easy and convenient. The whaling museum is a real must see! We will stay again

by captjoyce on Aug 07, 2017
A well maintained yard close to all of the amenities. Marina supply store, restaurant, hardware store and even a Dunkin Donuts right across the street. Marina employees and boat owners very friendly. Enjoyed our stay.

by kaulgun on Aug 05, 2017
Just took a mooring for one night. Did not go ashore.

by dbbentley on Jul 09, 2017
One of two mooring pennants was wrapped tightly around the chain under the ball. The guys who maintain moorings for Pope' s were not at work on Saturday afternoon. With the help of Cathy and Casey and the New Bedford launch, I untangled the pennant. Other pennant was encrusted with barnacles and associated marine life making a mess of my foredeck and varnish. Maintenance is needed.

by mysierra4x4 on May 29, 2017
This our first year at popes island marina. The staff is very friendly and will help out with anything you need them for. The facility is excellent with bathrooms and showers, they have a picnic area with plenty of chairs and a couple of grilles for members to use. The slips are very easy to access. They have electric and water hook ups. Free wifi for members. They also have transient slips and morings for your day or overnight visits. Our slip is located on the F dock which is located on the west side of the main pier and we really like it. Protected from waves and wind and very easy to navigate even at dead low tide. At dead low tide we still have a depth of 6.5 feet when leaving our slip. They also have a waste pump out located at the end of the main center pier. I recommend popes island marina for anyone looking for friendly service and extremely friendly boaters.

by wrm on May 29, 2017
Excellent visit! Very friendly and helpful staff, great location to visit New Bedford and Fairhaven. Nice, protected area well behind the hurricane gates. We'll definitely be back!

About Pope's Island Marina

The Port of New Bedford invites you to stay at Pope’s Island Marina and experience why we call it Destination New Bedford. Our friendly Marina Staff and Harbor Attendants are here to ensure a welcoming and enjoyable stay. There is so much to see and do, from visiting the world’s largest whaling museum to eating the world’s freshest seafood. The launch will connect you to the historic downtown district, restaurants, galleries and key attractions. Stroll the cobblestone streets of America’s #1 Fishing Port or take a bike ride to Fort Taber and the Military Museum. Our season begins April 15th and ends October 31st, but feel free to contact the office in the winter or early spring if you or your group would like to make arrangements for a visit with us next season. Upon arrival, be sure to ask one of our Dock Attendants for an informational packet that highlights some activities as well as dining options within and around the Harbor. If it is fuel or service your vessel needs, you will find it in The Port of New Bedford. So make your next port of call, New Bedford.

Booking Info

Please note our current hours are Sun-Thu 8AM-6PM Sat 8AM-8PM


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Launch Service
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Security
  • Groceries
  • Restaurant
  • Floating Docks
  • Winter Storage
  • Pet Friendly
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



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