Algonac Harbour Club

$75 - $85

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
1999 Pointe Tremble Rd
Algonac, MI 48001
Check-in after 12:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 17

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31 Reviews

by mlacusta on May 06, 2022
Always great service - thank you

by gkuypers on Apr 30, 2022
Always a great place to store the boat inside for the winter months.

by fast72chevy on Apr 30, 2022
Staff was very nice and always answered my questions. Availability to my boat was excellent. Facility is well-maintained.

by tholdwick on Nov 08, 2021
Ask for my storage box to have the lock bracket fixed and it wasn't fixed. dock C45

by kurtschulte33 on Oct 15, 2021
The restaurant was inconsistent with the food and due to a staff shortage, some things took longer to arrive at the table. The managers Brando & Chad did a great job ensuring food timing was consistent and they were awesome at talking to patrons. The bathrooms needed cleaning more often and are rather old (especially the one attached to the large storage building. Old counters, floor tiles were broken and lighting was improperly installed. The pool was colder than normal and the hot tub was a cold tub. The heating element wasn't working and it was as cold as the pool.

by jimjackson on Oct 15, 2021
Me and my family are very happy we joined AHC. Your service, kindness, pricing, staff, manager, owner, harbor master should be very proud. We thank you very much.

by k22schroeder on Oct 15, 2021
We love algonac harbour club, Great marina for the kids , 2 pools, restaurant, tiki bar , live music . tons of events . Excellent staff . They are always doing updates/improvement's to make the marina better.

by dokicb on Aug 30, 2021
When we got there our spot was taken so we had to go to the different one and wait there for the owner to find a person who took our spot and move our sail boat again when our spot opened up. It's not easy to do that with the sail boat.

by sefe812 on Aug 23, 2021
Stay was great. Need more bathroom options

by catrinapdq on Aug 21, 2021
easy in and out. It was nice to have a wall tie.

by aherstrum on Aug 07, 2021
Dock Master well organized and polite crew on staff. Pleasant stay.

by tnolan2562 on Jul 30, 2021
Algonac is a great place to stay. The pool is wonderful and having a restaurant on site is wonderful. Groceries and restaurants outside the club are within walking distance. Staff is very pleasant.

by tazer2001 on Jul 20, 2021
Great marina with professional dock master and fuel dock crew.

by cfelt on Jul 13, 2021
Our 4 boat crew from Port Huron really enjoyed Algonac Harbour Club Marina. Staff was very helpful, restaurant was fantastic. Marina was very well equipped. We had one incident in the pool where a person screamed at our entire group to "GET OUT OF THE POOL" . We had no idea why until another guest in the pool said we were supposed to have wrist bands. So we went to the Harbor Master and got them. I was told two different stories- one that the loudmouth was the owner (which I couldn't believe an owner would treat customers that way) and one that said it was a security person. We didn't let the one bad incident spoil our weekend and would still recommend the Algonac Harbour Club as a nice group destination Craig Felt

by sludgeguy0522 on Jun 13, 2021
Stay was great, booked and extra night for more R&R. Tiki bar made good drinks, kids enjoyed the pool lots of fun had by all. Good to see people out moving again. Did not eat at the restaurant can't comment on that.

by ourfirstovernightstay on Aug 11, 2020
We had a great time and plan to stay again next year! Bathrooms/showers were clean throughout the day. Entertainment and bar/restaurant was awesome. Our only complaint is the rudeness of the security men. We both called the harbor master on or way (one of us was coming by boat the other by vehicle) and were told which dock to pull into. I verified that I would check in once we docked. I was on the dock as my husband was backing in and the 2 security men came up and very rudely said "What are you doing?" I replied "Docking our boat." He said rudely, "Do you have a reservation?" I said yes and he right away called as if I were lying. Then without apology he shrugged his shoulders and said "She didn't tell us." and drove away. When I went to check in and pay our balance, the same two men were in the office. They were still not friendly - I paid our balance and he just slapped the receipt on the counter and told me to take the sheet with yellow highlighting on it. (There was no "Have a nice day - enjoy your stay - let us know if you need anything - nothing.) The following day another guy stopped and told us we had to park in the restaurant section - we were confused. He said "Where is your yellow sticker?" I replied that we weren't given one but had a reservation. We then figured out that it was the receipt that I was given - it was yellow paper. We were supposed to display it so that they could see we had a reservation - no one told us that! We found it interesting that we and our little 22 ft. boat were not treated by the workers at all the same way that the people who came in on 50 ft. yachts. We feel that manners and treating everyone the same is very important, especially when you are working for and with the public, and especially during these trying times.

by skipper41 on Jul 13, 2020
Staff were very accommodating and facilities were clean and neat. The transient docks have beautiful views. A laundry would be a nice addition.

by kmerony on Jan 29, 2020
Visited Algonac Harbour Club several times the past few years. Chuck and his crew are always courteous and knowledgeable of the area. The Marina is well kept.

by karmal777 on Aug 18, 2019
Friendly crew and the harbor was clean and easy to manivor.

by blindcat812 on Jun 21, 2019
All was good except the condition of the laundry room. Dirty and nowhere to sit. Other than that it was great

by boatguy on Aug 20, 2018
Place is getting run down, apparently so is some of the staff. Boardwalks are tilting, falling apart, nails sticking up. Outside of the bar/restaurant looks very unappealing. (And who in the world would paint an outdoor ice freezer black???) I arrived by myself; 2 dock staff came to help me into the well, but didn't even stay to secure the lines, instead ran for the cover of the office because it had started to rain. Really? The younger staff workers seem eager and were helpful. A big thank-you to them!

by turnerdanielr on Aug 08, 2018
Great place for an overnight getaway! There was good food and drink at the bar and grille. All of the staff were awesome; harbormaster, restaurant, gas dock and others. The marina was a little loud late on a Saturday night, but that is not unusual. I highly recommend Algonac Harbor Club!

by rbcotey on Aug 04, 2018
Our stay was excellent. Staff were on the dock to assist us in docking and provide us with all necessary information for facility. Kids enjoyed pool and we enjoyed hot tub. This is one of the cleanest, best organized and best run facilities we have ever stayed at. Thank you to all.

by ashleymcleod on Jul 25, 2018
Great place to stay! Lots of activity and everyone was super friendly! Very happy with our choice to stay at the Harbor Club!

by bobbreskeandbreskecom on Jul 16, 2018
We have been going to Algonac Harbour Club for over 30 years. Great place for adults and families. Friendly boaters. Lots of fun and good food and facilities.

by sndmn300 on Sep 07, 2017
Overall, a nice marina. Some things they can do better... Dock numbers are not visible for transient boaters, if you don't know where you're going, you're going to get lost. Weeds & other growth is rampant back where they docked us, fouled up my props. Do a little upkeep.

by heidigray13 on Jul 24, 2017
The marina is looking wonderful! Love the pickle ball courts, love the new tiki bar, and absolutely love the fresh fruit drinks! Only wish they sprayed for the mosquitos!

by harroldk66 on Jul 24, 2017
Love algonac harbor club. Great place w lots amenities, pool, tiki bar, restaurant, volleyball, etc,

by kkincaid0000 on Jul 23, 2017
Perfect in every way. Staff is great. Amenities are awesome. We will be back no question!

by flynfuzz on May 20, 2013
The marina is clean and has a great staff. The pool is wonderful on a hot day. The on-site restaurant is pretty good. But its open only around the weekends. There are other restaurants a short walk down the road. On the down side, there is absolutely no shade. So hot days are HOT DAYS. And there's a fair amount of boat traffic going past. So its rather busy. But its an easy marina to get into with a well-marked channel.

by searay1 on Sep 11, 2010
I don't normally write reviews on sites like this but I have to say this one of our favorite destinations. On the weekends when there are no organized activities it is a very peaceful get away. On weekends like this past Labor Day when there are organized events there is a lot of family fun. Labor Day weekend there was a cardboard boat race for the kids, games like a sack race and egg toss and Tug O War. There was a costume contest and even a drive-in like movie set up. Check their website for photos to see what I mean. The Parrothead party this year was a blast. One other thing that always makes our stay more enjoyable is the attention to clean bathrooms. Of course the pool and hot tub make the stay perfect. The staff is also attentive to everyone's needs. We will be back as long as we are boating.

About Algonac Harbour Club

Algonac Harbour Club, southeastern Michigan's largest, most luxurious deep water boating community, works hardest to make your boating experience unforgettable. Our friendly, experienced and dedicated staff is committed by generating the desire to vacation with us all summer long.

Booking Info

Vessel Restrictions:

  • Max LOA = 80 feet


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 05/20/2022 1:58PM

  • Regular Gas: $5.999

  • Diesel: $5.899


  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Dry Storage
  • Fitness Center
  • Ice
  • Laundry
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Oil Recycling
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Security
  • Showers
  • Swimming Pool
  • Travel Lift
  • Winter Storage
  • Wireless Internet



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