Cuttyhunk Marina


First-Come, First-Served

Day Trip
Not Offered
35 Broadway
Cuttyhunk Island, MA 02713
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM

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252 Reviews

by rick02791 on Sep 18, 2022
Once again Cuttyhunk outdid itself. Fall is the best boating in the northeast and Cuttyhunk remains the gem. We arrived from Westport MA on Friday night. George assigned us an end slip so after a quick run over we tied alongside and had dinner on board. Enjoyed a beautiful sunset and a great nights sleep. On Saturday morning we had the island to ourselves. Enjoyed a great chat with George, coffee, breakfast and headed back over calm seas to Westport. I had chatted with Dockwa staff at the Newport Boat Show earlier in the day. I told them how happy we are to have Dockwa available and how easy they make booking slips. Once again Cuttyhunk and Dockwa outdid itself.

by johngurman on Sep 12, 2022
Peggy & George were super helpful and accommodating as we planned our nautical wedding. Thank you for helping make the weekend low stress and extra special.

by brewskis on Sep 06, 2022
Always exceptional. Thank you.

by jehrenfried on Sep 05, 2022
Another excellent visit!

by rmewareham on Aug 28, 2022
The marina is great! The Harbormaster and staff are awesome!!! Will be back again!! Wonderful weekend!

by makenwaves970 on Aug 28, 2022
Most relaxing place on earth. Harbormaster and dock hands where extremely helpful. Other boaters friendly and helpful. Always a good morning, or a wave as they passed by us. We will definitely be back!

by jsalafia1 on Aug 27, 2022
One of our most favorite places. No FOMO here because there is nothing to do...peaceful.

by apuerini on Aug 26, 2022
How can you not like Cuttyhunk?! Love George, the Dockmaster, Police Chief and jack of all trades! We even got to see countless stars in the incredible, clear Cuttyhunk sky both nights. !It truly is a magical place. - Howlin’ Wolf

by petere on Aug 24, 2022
Our first visit to Cuttyhunk, it exceeded our expectations of an unspoiled gem. The dock was convenient, calm, good neighbors. George was super helpful with tie-up. We’ll be back.

by scottwlb on Aug 22, 2022
Beautiful location. Marina has fixed docks but manageable. Was assigned a slip upon arrival, but no assistance with tie-up.

by dmackintosh753 on Aug 22, 2022
Docks in great shape and harbor is awesome.

by snhutzler on Aug 22, 2022
Absolutely amazing stay. Harbormaster and the staff are all over everything. It can be a bit of a tough dock sometimes but they make it easy and are incredibly helpful and responsive.

by markcrowecomcastnet on Aug 22, 2022
OMG. Best place ever !!!! Would stay there forever if we could. Every trip the same wonderful!

by lp on Aug 17, 2022
Quiet spot to relax with gorgeous sunsets.

by lfabs32 on Aug 16, 2022
Great stay for one night - loved the slip we had!

by leese1001 on Aug 15, 2022
So relaxing!!! Can’t wait to come back and stay longer!! Very interesting history on the island :) felt safe and secure, others on the dock were helpful and friendly. Clean bathrooms, good food. Such a great place for a family trip.

by gmberkley on Aug 09, 2022
great place, even better staff,

by lowluns on Aug 08, 2022
Harbor master was very friendly and helpful. Dockage is between pilings, which we weren’t ready for but it all worked out.

by annlangenfeld on Aug 02, 2022
Fabulous Asst Harbor Master! Friendly people everywhere! Loved all the shacks and their food/drink offerings. Quaint. We will be back!!!

by lgovoni on Jul 25, 2022
The stay at Cuttyhunk was great.

by capecodguy on Jul 25, 2022
Great visit as always. Best oysters in the world!

by heroncap on Jul 20, 2022
Love it! Fantasy Island. FYI for sailboats there are extremely limited options for tying up on a slip. There are one or two slots by the main wharf. The other option is 1-2 slots on the old fuel dock. However, it is a 6’ climb from your boat to the dock, no ladders. Best plan is to hook up on a town mooring or prepare to anchor just outside the harbor channel.

by klkeiffer on Jul 13, 2022
Harbor Master (Peggy) was great. Responsive and helpful. Beautiful sunset and sunrise. informal (Takeaway) dinner options but great food.

by dnewcomb on Jul 11, 2022
Friendly, knowledgeable staff.

by hoonerfish on Jul 10, 2022
Peaceful and great staff!!

by jimaria1010 on Jul 10, 2022
Great staff. The harbor Master team made it very easy to pull in and off the dock with clear directions, keeping up with all incoming traffic. Will definitely be back

by aequitas on Jul 10, 2022
The Cuttyhunk Marina was great and the harbormaster's crew were very helpful.

by lwboxes on Jul 06, 2022
One of the best locations in the northeast!

by peterhasselphoto on Jul 06, 2022
There was a miss communication about us being a sailboat but the marina found a workable solution. We had a good stay

by rowemer on Jul 05, 2022
We stayed one night on July 3rd in a slip and the Staff were extremely helpful with docking. We love Cuttyhunk and hope to be back at the marina later this summer.

by rocknroll on Jun 27, 2022
Great communication from the harbor master. Do believe the power posts are new. We try to make Cuttyhunk an annual stop. Always enjoy the casual, relaxed serenity of the island.

by bhallowell on Jun 26, 2022
Always a pleasure. George is a great guy.

by cyqes453oygaqj4rnsk8 on Jun 26, 2022
Very quiet and beautiful scenery

by brunonardone on Jun 15, 2022
The marina, and Island overall, are great. It is as advertised a beautiful, peaceful setting. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. The only negative was the restroom facilities could use an update, and more regular cleaning/ resupply. And a couple showers, even if outdoor, would be nice. But we'll definitely visit again.

by motorguy on Jun 08, 2022
The approach from Vineyard Sound, through Canapisit channel, is rather tricky and requires close attention. The channel into the pond on which the marina is located is not as challenging as the guide books say, but still requires care. The dockmaster and others around the dock are attentive and helpful. There is a guy there selling lobsters and a small cafe on the dock. But aside from these and a very small grocery store up the hill a ways, there ain't much to Cuttyhunk or Gosnold, the town. It is a good place to be restful while on the way from somewhere east or west to someplace else west or east (or north)

by jcarnevali on Jun 05, 2022
Great marina! Thank you George

by comm2114 on Oct 01, 2021
Cuttyhunk was its regular terrific self: low-key and friendly. It was quiet, which was a huge blessing after Champlin’s on Block Island. This is where you go if you like looking at the stars.

by wendyrozak on Sep 30, 2021
John was very helpful getting our boat secured

by tidetogether on Sep 20, 2021
George and crew always do a great job. Our go to place

by amydepatie on Sep 18, 2021
George was fantastic. Great help with docking! A beautiful place to visit. Will return.

by runaround on Sep 12, 2021
Nice and quiet such a special island

by phaethon on Sep 09, 2021
Just wonderful!! Excellent marina, and an incredible experience one the island!

by cam39g550 on Sep 08, 2021
Great stay, people were so nice. Just a wonderful place.

by seagrams on Sep 06, 2021
Cuttyhunk staff are always very accommodating and the Wi-Fi worked as advertised

by swaycm7vpid_qmbum7xz on Sep 06, 2021
Beautiful island and wonderful place to get away from it all.

by paulinem on Sep 04, 2021
This marina was amazing! Perfect for our little getaway. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. And Dave and Lisa our dock neighbors were so helpful we thought they worked there. LOL. Love love love everything about this island. Quaint little place with all of the best simple amenities that make a New England experience perfect. I think we are going to make this an annual trip, but not sure I can wait that long. Our only regret is that we didn’t book for a longer stay. Miss it already!

by rrkrrk on Sep 04, 2021
Nice setting. Good staff. Local seafood available for take-out at the docks. Quiet village but nothing to do except walk around the small island. The marina WiFi is poor. Cell service for Verizon is not available most of the time.

by mwhl on Sep 03, 2021
Greatly eat visit. Dockmaster quite helpful. Not a lot open on island due to Covid. The Docking in the 6 post slip can be a bit if a challenge. I have a 30 ft. Grady White and really only needed the dock posts and the one 20 feet forward. Using all 6 created a bit of a challenge retrieving lines in a 20 know wind. All good.

by fmahoney on Sep 01, 2021
Awesome stay as always!

by boat65 on Aug 29, 2021
Quaint island. Enjoyed our stay. The only thing is the WiFi is horrible. Never once we’re we able to connect.

by bilshields on Aug 29, 2021
We’ve been coming to Cuttyhunk for over 25 years, and it is an idyllic, beautiful island. It has however morphed into a destination for crazy, drunk people, many with big expensive boats, that like to rendezvous with other friends and party uncontrollably till the cows come home. My wife and I recently spent a Saturday night in Cuttyhunk. At 5 o’clock almost every boat was out having cocktails and appetizers and 6 to 7 a lot we’re eating lobsters on their boats. Completely acceptable behavior. At 9 PM the party really started. The boat behind us had music blasting at a volume of 10 and people were going crazy on the dock. People were loud, drunk, and out of control. I would’ve thought I was at spring break in Daytona Beach. The party went on till 12:30 AM. I have since learned this is turned into a real problem for this beautiful island. Buyer beware, if you’re looking for a beautiful quiet spot to go to this will not make you a happy camper. Although there is a 10 PM noise ordinance, obviously this was not followed, and the island has no strategy to enforce out of control parties. Until they can police these crazy people, we will not be going back.

by msconroy on Aug 29, 2021
Have been going to Cuttyhunk for years. Quiet peaceful place to be. Beautiful sunsets from atop the hill.

by jlevi on Aug 28, 2021
excellent as always. marina is up to date. harbormaster friendly and helpful.

by rjzalucki on Aug 26, 2021
Very clean, safe, and protected harbor ... a great place for a very relaxed stay. Harbormaster is very efficient and friendly. Wonderful venue for a family stay with younger children!

by kmongeon on Aug 25, 2021
Great Harbor, Great Dock Accomadations and the Best Harbor Master (and team) in The North East !

by paulf on Aug 23, 2021
Always a place we stay when traveling in the Cape Cod area. A perfect place to lay back and take in what we feel traveling by boat is all about.

by samuelcabot on Aug 22, 2021
The marina was very helpful

by isaiahstevens on Aug 21, 2021
Pleasant and relaxing as always. I love it here.

by kellyerrico on Aug 21, 2021
The Harbormaster and Assistant Harbormaster were great!! Can’t wait to go back next year.

by jenna on Aug 20, 2021
Cuttyhunk is a beautiful place to chill. Not much to do, boat slips are not user friendly, piers where you have to back in and lasso piers, ladders are very slippery. No showers.

by debschradieck on Aug 19, 2021
We enjoyed another great stay at Cuttyhunk Marina. News flash: they have internet now, just ask for the password. Cell service is still a bit sketchy. But at least you can get online. Enjoyed the usual friendly and helpful service from dock master George, Peggy and Angus. Fishing club open (2021)! Soprano's closed mid-August again but we had raw bar, steamers and lobster. The island is serene and beautiful. Best fun is sitting on the beach at the harbor entrance and watching the 'boat parade' and swimming. We look forward to it every year.

by mojo on Aug 19, 2021
Great help from Angus getting on the piling dock. Alert: you really need 6 long lines. GreAt stay. Shack had a nice lobster bake to bring to our boat.

by phboyd0714 on Aug 19, 2021
Nice stay xxxxxxxxxmmxmxmxmxmxmxmxmxmxmxmxmx

by misskate on Aug 18, 2021
Cuttyhunk was amazing! One of our favorite people places to visit!

by johnfeldtmose on Aug 16, 2021
Wonderful little island. Everybody was so friendly and helpful getting in and out. Great lobstahs too!

by jenniferingram31 on Aug 15, 2021
We really enjoyed our stay in Cuttyhunk and Peggy and the folks who manage the dock were terrific to work with. Given some impending weather, we asked if we could add an extra night and the team was very accommodating. We will gladly visit again!

by mishkan on Aug 15, 2021
Not much can beat being in the Mishkan on Cuttyhunk

by jmaccarone on Aug 11, 2021
Great spot. Great service. Everyone was nice .

by yn6vjst3mxvypu_bs1ia on Aug 11, 2021
Voltage is low - down to 104 volts when the AC was running on the boat and marina use was also likely high - as low as 103 volts at one point. Very sensitive to boat load. Now at Block Island (Champlain) and under same circumstances voltage is 125.

by j4murphy on Aug 09, 2021
So much fun!! Fireworks were FANTASTIC!!!

by jaimegomes on Aug 08, 2021
fantastic staff, beautiful and tranquil harbor

by ron3 on Aug 06, 2021
George is the best! This is a unique location that everyone should visit at least once.

by bklagiii on Aug 05, 2021
Pretty great but no showers? Really?

by smaher on Aug 05, 2021
As always, great staff, great stop!

by patriotsixalbemarle on Aug 02, 2021
amazing. George and crew are awesome. Made a special slip for me as they were full heaven on earth.

by feeneyw on Aug 02, 2021
Excellent and enjoyable… very relaxing

by catmando on Aug 01, 2021
Great staff, very responsive! Services all great, WiFi could be stronger!

by muselerwj on Jul 30, 2021
Very accomodating - nice folks - clean showers and rest rooms. Only problem is that WiFi is VERY weak and one has to sit in their office for reliable communications.

by bmb on Jul 30, 2021
Very nice marina. Would be nice if showers available but we enjoyed beautiful sunsets and tranquil surroundings.

by bobbyfrey on Jul 29, 2021
Fantastic they could not have been nicer!

by gml46 on Jul 29, 2021
Had been to Cuttyhunk in 25 years. It was a great spot back then and has only improved like a rare wine, our visit and stay was wonerful

by dyanndec on Jul 27, 2021
This place was an unexpected gem. We loved the island. People are super friendly and we had the pleasure of being there for Lobsters on the Lawn. Docking was a bit of a challenge and I. Retrospective on dock 32 we should have docked bow first but the staff was very helpful and professional. We will return!

by seankeen445 on Jul 26, 2021
Beautiful stay at Cuttyhunk the slips are perfect for a weekend getaway!

by capnmini on Jul 25, 2021
A great marina on a gem of an island. Marina staff was Incredibly helpful, organized and professional. A must visit for any captain.

by renehaas on Jul 25, 2021
Great for a low key adventure. Don't expect reliable wifi, but overall a great marina experience. George was very helpful loaning us a fifth line to use as a spring line. Raw bar and seafood delivered right to our boat was delicious.

by d6dayton on Jul 19, 2021
Everyone is so friendly food is delicious. Views beautiful

by boston_boater on Jul 18, 2021
This is one of the best places to visit on Buzzards bay. The dock staff are friendly and helpful, the docks are in good shape. they are not floating and you need to be able to tie stern to.

by waterlee on Jul 17, 2021
Harbormaster George and assistant Angus run a beautiful and efficient operation, even in the fog. We’ll return for sure!

by amsskr on Jul 14, 2021
Love Cuttyhunk! We had a small problem with our boat and found a very nice gentleman from the island and he fixed it for us. Overall awesome stay

by hgbrauer on Jul 13, 2021
Great night. Lots of good help getting into the slip. H

by jkapur on Jul 13, 2021
Scenic island with plenty of dock space. If you have a smaller boat (<34 ft.), bring longer lines as there is significant distance between the pilings. Harbormaster and staff are very helpful. There's not much available for sale on the island, so stock up on beverages and supplies. There are a couple of fish markets, raw bar, lobster hut, ice cream stand, gift shop, and small market for sundries. No liquor. One of the B&B's does breakfast and there's a pizza place that's only open in the evenings. Good place to unplug.

by saltyrick on Jul 12, 2021
Great time, friendly knowledgable staff. WiFi still a little weak but a fun time as always.

by nicholasdeltorto on Jul 11, 2021
Great people and service

by dwightsch on Jul 09, 2021
Usually grab a mooring but family wanted a slip on short notice. Very helpful and accommodating. George and his team are great!

by cjap60 on Jul 09, 2021
Our reservation on Dockwa was not apparent to Captain Isabel, who kept us in a holding pattern for about 45 minutes. By the time we made fast, I was fairly frazzled. We truncated our stay due to TS Elsa and retreated to Menemsha harbor on Marthas Vineyard.

by cindyvarricchio on Jul 04, 2021
Amazing. Harbor Master(s) were beyond helpful. Quiet, scenic and one of our new favorite places.

by elaub on Jul 03, 2021
The staff and amenities were great. We’ll come back every year!

by twhidden on Jun 26, 2021
Awesome. Love it here and Angus was a wonderful help docking. Great island with very friendly people.

by stockopocko on Jun 22, 2021
They were great and very helpful with meeting out needs.

by rochelle1585 on Jun 21, 2021
Cuttyhunk is the highlight for me before the crazy summer begins. The Dock master, George, is wonderful, could not have had a better experience.

by jck on Jun 20, 2021
This place is a gem. Not too crowded, lots of families. Super friendly vibe from harbor master and his brother (EMT). Don’t miss a couple days here. The raw bar boat will come to you, even on moorings.

by goldenpearl on Jun 20, 2021
The start of our New England boating season. Cuttyhunk Marina is the heartbeat of Cuttyhunk Island. The place to eat, the place to meet and unwind.

by gregbilezikian on Jun 06, 2021
dock master was very good to us. great visit to a special place in new england.

by thebobcote on Jan 13, 2021
Great place, even greater people! Don't forget to order your shrimp and locally sourced oysters (from the island) on Channel 72.

by dbhop777 on Oct 05, 2020
Dave and Lisa were super helpful. We are rookies docking outside our home port, so they were awesome! Whole experience was great!! Thanks!

by samafo on Sep 16, 2020
Gorgeous setting. Was not prepared for the stern in fixed piling tie-up but George the Harbormaster was extremely patient and good at directing my wife what to do, and she stepped up. Wish I could give direction that well! Hope to be back sometime soon.

by veronbailey on Sep 14, 2020
Best time to go after Labor Day. Felt like the place was ours alone. Quiet, perfect temperature, clean, dogs loved it too. Raw bar service to our boat in evening!!! Better than Block

by angv28 on Sep 13, 2020
We had such an amazing time in cuttyhunk! Everyone was extremely friendly. The trails and beaches were absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to come back.

by sfrancis100 on Sep 07, 2020
Such a quaint beautiful island! Love the Labor Day weekend Fireworks

by dt2718 on Sep 07, 2020
Cuttyhunk is great! Always a pleasure staying at the marina for a day or two. Slip was ready and marina personnel answered my radio hail promptly despite a lot of radio traffic at the time. Will definitely return next season.

by paulmorency on Sep 05, 2020
T head dock tie up was terrible and getting off the T head was my worst un-docking experience ever, and when I tried to dispose of trash they wanted an additional $5.00????? Moorings from now on!!!! Paul Morency on Marsh Hawk

by rcbonneau on Sep 04, 2020
Nice accommodations, with easy access to water and electricity, friendly staff. Would be 5-star if there were showers.

by rclemence on Sep 03, 2020
Great to return, a year can't go by without stopping in Cuttyhunk. Relax and enjoyed the oysters.

by mbkuck on Sep 02, 2020
Beautiful views, beaches, sunsets, and serenity. Enjoy the local flavor and uncrowded island.

by timtrichards on Sep 01, 2020
Great people, great place... suggest building 3-4 outdoor shower stalls next to the public bathroom for the boaters. You could have a bench in them to change after the shower. I also think you could charge for each use.. Look forward to returning!!

by savenor on Aug 31, 2020
Want a great place to chill? Cuttyhunk is it. Low key but full of friendly sailors during the summer. Captain Isabel, the Dockmaster, and his crew could not be more helpful and accommodating. Whether docking or shoving off they are always around to lend a hand.Decidedly not a party town, it feels mostly like a very exclusive private yacht club.

by lambertfran08 on Aug 31, 2020
Love Cuttyhunk and all its beauty!

by finomenal on Aug 30, 2020
Great place. Off the beaten path. Locals very friendly. Great accommodating staff.

by mconsiglio1 on Aug 25, 2020
Didn't get to stay and no answer from the dock master

by smeister on Aug 25, 2020
Excellent. Such a great place! People are fantastic! Great lobster!

by grande on Aug 24, 2020
Amazing Island. Pizza place is closed temporarily. Kids loved the chowder.

by battles2a5 on Aug 21, 2020
Awesome stay as always. Easy in and out, everyone is very friendly, and everything works as expected.

by pincher on Aug 21, 2020
Second time this season here at the Cuttyhunk Marina. Awesome stay, many thanks to Captain Isabel and his team for the great hospitality

by temoran1942 on Aug 20, 2020
There is almost nothing to do on Cuttyhunk and that is exactly why we like it. People you meet while walking are not on their cell phones and actually return your greetings. Marina is clean, reasonably priced, and well organized. Great place to relax, have a few beers (if you brought them), and read a good book.

by sguard on Aug 17, 2020
This island is magical. A great quiet getaway spot. Beautiful beaches and quaint fishing village vibe. The marina is great and located near everything you need. The marina staff are great and always friendly.

by jparris on Aug 17, 2020
Weather was bad but the people were great

by whittington15 on Aug 16, 2020
Angus was a great help on the dock, really enjoyed our stay!

by paulmarcaccio on Aug 16, 2020
Best Harbor master and team friendly and helpful Clean and well kept Can use showers and larger bathroom Luv Cutty

by eahearn73 on Aug 13, 2020
Pleasant and relaxing stay at Cuttyhunk midweek. Dock Master v helpful and island is serious about social distancing, which good.

by jazzfisher on Aug 12, 2020
The Marina is tucked well into Cuttyhunk Harbor, making it a very quiet location. The pier we were assigned was also where one could get food from several vendors. We had a lobster roll because we weren't very hungry but the full lobster dinner tempted us. There are also stalls where one can book fishing and other excursions. The harbormaster saw us approaching and had someone to help with the lines as we arrived. All in all a wonderful experience.l

by tblewis on Aug 10, 2020
Cuttyhunk is a quiet gem. We got a side tie up on the end of the “seafood” dock which was convenient for our pup. Lovely, peaceful island to stroll. Dock hands asked for a spring line as we were coming in and I knew we were in the hands of pros! We bought a couple lobsters right nearby and had a dinner feast. The harbor was busy on a Sunday afternoon but if you take it easy things work out. First you pass the town moorings and you can take your pick . Further into the basin ( somewhat shallower) you’ll find a number of pilings you can use as a mooring (skip any marked private or reserved; look for “Rental”). Still $45. Someone will come for the fee. A friendly, low key island with beautiful views, not to be missed.

by rmasood on Aug 09, 2020
HarborMaster George very helpful. Thank you

by linsey1020 on Aug 09, 2020
What a hidden gem! Loved every second of this place. Coming back very soon.

by jtsherry on Aug 09, 2020
As always, the perfect place to get away and unplug. Marina is clean, lots of amenities, and the emphasis on social distancing was welcomed. Perfect weekend yet again!

by lrchason on Aug 04, 2020
Your Assistant dock master was excellent in directing us in, assisting with lines and communicating effectively as it was windy on approach! Overall, beautiful Island!

by tollyskies1 on Aug 03, 2020
One of my favorite spots. Always Awesome!

by avante on Aug 03, 2020
Peggy is fantastic to work with, as is the rest of the Staff. The marina is clean and welcoming. There is so much to see, easily accessible by foot. Cuttyhunk is as original of an Island as you will ever see.

by glenn_prouty_1 on Aug 02, 2020
Thank you, great fun weekend 👍🇺🇸

by jamesjlyons on Jul 28, 2020
Great location even with Covid 19 restrictions! Face Masks are no big deal on the docks or around the island - Raw Bar, Ice Cream and a lobster dinner all awesome!

by tharkness on Jul 26, 2020
Cuttyhunk is a magical place. Go. Now. As for the Pier, it was terrific. The dockhand was skilled, helpful and welcoming. I would stay there again, but would also simply pick up a mooring ball. If you stay on the pier, bring boards to help make the most of your fenders. We had our genders rigged horizontally, which worked fine. Boards would have been better. Our night at Cuttyhunk was amazing. I cannot wait to go back. Note: we ended up picking up a mooring on the way back. That was great too.

by romagnoli on Jul 25, 2020
Nostalgic island. Marina was bare bones though quite pleasant.

by movinalong on Jul 23, 2020
We had a wonderful couple of nights at this special little place on a small Island! Told my wife it was real boating! Plotted the course, set the lines for the tides,...different from most other places (that we've been to)...It was a little like stepping back in time. just wish it wasn't 50miles each way, we'd go back sooner....

by sdavis444 on Jul 20, 2020
Harbormaster was very helpful with lines on fixed dock and Pilling’s.

by actionstedl on Jul 18, 2020
Best place off the beaten path. Only thing to do is relax and have some fresh seafood

by beachview on Jul 09, 2020
Third year going there!!!! Want to get away from it all this is the place. Hope it stays that way

by cohenmiked on Jul 08, 2020
Greatest place on earth.

by billmccabe on Jul 07, 2020
Our stay was peaceful and quiet. Everyone at the dock was friendly and considerate. Restrooms were kept open and clean. Harbor Master was always checking boats to make sure they were secure and safe with the extraordinary tides.

by delorie on Jul 07, 2020
We had a last minute change of plans and were lucky enough to get a next day slip reservation. This was our first trip to Cuddyhunk and we were greated by the Harbormaster, George, very helpful with docking. He also was nice enough to chat with us for a few minutes and answer our questions about the area. One of the things we learned was that the moorings are first come first served, and they come around to take payment. All of the other boaters were very nice and it was rather quiet and laid back. The weather wasn’t great while we were there so I can’t say much about the beaches but we liked it very much there, we will def be planning another trip back.

by mcintire on Jul 06, 2020
It is busy this year in Cuttyhunk. We only managed to get a slip thanks to a cancelation. Despite the full marina, our stay was quiet and peaceful. The Fishing Club is not open for breakfast, but there is plenty available at the dock -- raw bar, tacos, ice cream and more.

by desi on Jul 06, 2020
Our stay was great. First time at the dock there; we've visited Cuttyhunk many times over many years of sailing and now power boating, but have always stayed on a mooring. One of the assistant harbor-masters was very helpful getting us into the slip. Most of the other boaters at the dock were friendly and sociable, adding to the enjoyment. We appreciated the ease of being tethered to the shoreline in order to walk about at will, get lunch at the Café (great clam chowder) and some terrific stuffed quahogs from the Raw Bar delivered to the boat. One of our passengers is greatly affected by the heat and humidity, so being hooked to shore power to run the A/C was a necessity. First time at the docks, but not the last!

by pkglaser on Jun 30, 2020
Simply the best spot in the area!!! Period.

by nickfawle on Jun 28, 2020
Great spot with friendly people. We'll be back!

by gottimon24 on Jun 28, 2020
Great place we love the island and people you go John Adams

by fbrosco on Jun 25, 2020
I arrived at the Cuttyhunk harbor with a reservation and was told they could not find it. after they continued looking and no reservation was found they offered no resolution. It was at that point it was only after I insisted and I indicated I had a written reservation/confirmation in hand that they allowed me to go to the assigned dock which was not occupied. It was unsettling to arrive with a reservation for accommodations on land to be told that no reservation existed. I would like follow up on this incident.

by mm on Jan 30, 2020
This marina is breathtaking! The sunset views and the gorgeous soft white sand at the beach is a must see! The dock offers varieties of food... lobster dinner and your own delivery of fresh seafood delivered right to your boat! In the morning you can take a short walk to the most delicious bed and breakfast Inn with breathtaking views!!! We will be back! 😊

by babadean86 on Jan 24, 2020
This marine offers the best protections and beautiful landscape that pictures does not do any justice. Channel is shallow but stay in the middle. The mooring field is tight so play the winds in your favor.

by fryedaysoff on Nov 06, 2019
For heaven's sake stay away! The people here are obnoxiously helpful and friendly, the water is too warm, the sunset is dangerously blinding and you risk being lulled to sleep at mid day by the incessant peace and quiet. You'll wait literally forever for an Uber, can't get a Hulu or Roku signal, Alexa refuses to answer, the public transportation system is terribly undependable and I couldn't find a good fois gras pate anywhere. It's just so... 20th century. Been coming here for 40 years and it's barely changed. You should really go to Newport instead :-)

by rllalbin on Oct 09, 2019
Stayed on a fixed dock with a significant tide range. The dock master was very helpful with configuring the lines for this. Great island walks & rustic raw bar. No amenities or launch service.

by strask09 on Sep 29, 2019
Cuttyhunk is one of our favorite stops- quaint, beautiful. Sunsets and sunrise absolutely stunning!

by astankiewicz on Sep 22, 2019
This place is paradise. George the Harbormaster is helpful and polite. Helps almost every boat dock. People are friendly and island is serene.

by beachhouse86 on Aug 27, 2019
Great destination for any boater. Staff was super helpful and appreciated as we were visiting for the first time. Will definitely return.

by wtruscott on Aug 25, 2019
Friendly and helpful harbormaster and skips with shore power and water made this quiet island stay terrific! With everything you need just a short walk from the marina, Cuttyhunk is a world away!

by bighead on Aug 24, 2019
Paradise, low key, great views, no crowds, my favorite place.

by rmazza on Aug 21, 2019
This is an amazing un spoiled jewel I would not change a thing This is our 2nd annual trip and many more to come

by ptcummings on Aug 20, 2019
The price is good. The amenities and service are also in keeping with the low price, Great sunset. Nice to be able to dinghy to two beaches (at least). Breakfast at Fishing Club is awesome. Folks are friendly.

by dvitagliano on Aug 17, 2019
Love Cuttyhunk...docks can be a little rowdy for our taste on the weekends but the weekdays were quiet, calm and very safe. We will be back!

by cjs on Aug 14, 2019
Good docks. Good people. Loved the atmosphere.

by mocape on Aug 13, 2019
Very relaxing & quiet. Grass was a bit of a problem at the dock - getting drawn up into the strainers. But the island & people were great.

by brendag75 on Aug 12, 2019
Such a cute town. Amazing fish tacos right in marina.

by ngrenet on Aug 10, 2019
Very nice stay, beautiful place unlike any other. Would have gotten 5 stars except never saw anyone from marina during our stay, not even with docking.

by ttrogele on Aug 09, 2019
Harbormaster was friendly & helpful. Visit was great as usual. Check out the new taco stand, the shrimp & fish tacos were outstanding!

by bmatthewsus on Aug 08, 2019
The Harbormaster was great helping us back into a slip situation we had never experienced before and with lines on our boat that were not positioned correctly. This is a fixed dock four piling slip with roughly 3 1/2 Ft tides. Restroom are adequate but there are no showers (we knew this ahead of time). The harbor is very well protected and we slept well at night.

by waldo on Aug 07, 2019
Outside moorings a bit rough

by jneuberthrs on Aug 05, 2019
Perfect - as always!

by mulone on Aug 03, 2019
What a great place will come back again

by djrobertson on Aug 02, 2019
High on the plus side for this stop was the extreme helpfulness of the dock master in getting us tied up safely in a strong wind. My boat is a single screw, with a weak bow thrusdter and high windage but the dockmaster’s directions got us tied up quickly. On the minus side I’d have to say that there’s not much in Cuttyhunk. The only “restaurants” (save for breakfast at the Fisherman’s Club) are shacks on the dock - two of which serve lobster dinners and a third serving tacos. The heads are barely adequate and have no showers. There is, however, an ice cream stand in one of the shacks. WiFi was iffy - sometimes barely OK, sometimes nonexistent. The island is fun to walk around on. The high point (literally) is the bunker on the hill. From here you have an unobstructed, 360 degree view of Buzzards Bay and the Vineyard Sound. That’s awesome! There is a market (which I cannot comment on because I didn’t visit it) and one souvenir shop. If you want a place to just relax, be cut off from the world and maybe eat a lobster dinner, this is a good place to visit.

by spdias on Aug 02, 2019
Great overnight stay! Clean friendly Marina. Love the Raw Bar delivery service. Always in time and delicious. Love the new grill stands and the deck area!

by jimtass on Aug 01, 2019
We always look forward to staying in Cuttyhunk and having one of the lobster dinners on the dock. I do wish that Cuttyhunk would improve the Wi-Fi signal strength.

by mhramsey on Jul 30, 2019
If you a are in a slip, practice securing lines to pilings

by crownjewel41 on Jul 30, 2019
We spent a wonderful two days at Cuttyhunk marina. Checked out the local stores. Enjoyed a personal tour of the Historical Society followed by cocktails and appetizers. Cruised around the harbor, with a few stops along the way to swim.

by kramertime on Jul 29, 2019
We always enjoy our stop in Cuttyhunk. The dock is clean and relatively quiet. The area is picturesque and walking the island is easy and enjoyable. We are never disappointed with our fresh lobster dinner-absolutely delicious!

by flmonty on Jul 29, 2019
Friendly staff., very helpful. Great place to visit! No showers though and bathroom is public use so be aware. Otherwise one of our favorite destinations.

by jefeeley7 on Jul 28, 2019
Beautiful as always.

by dleccese on Jul 27, 2019
Always enjoy Cuttyhunk for its simplicity and great marine facilities. I love that there is nothing to do but enjoy the island and the people there. The dock staff, Dillon in particular, is extremely helpful. He is always there to help. We make sure we visit a couple of times during the summer.

by dblack on Jul 27, 2019
Great place to unplug, eat lobster and relax for a couple days.

by hldempsey on Jul 22, 2019
Cuttyhunk Marina is top on our list! On Wednesday, July 17 the Harbor Master and crew went above and beyond to help us dock our 40' power boat during a horrific squall and thunder storm. They stayed on the dock in torrential wind and rain to make sure we were safely tied up. We are forever grateful to the Harbor Master and men who aided us! Jack and Harriet Dempsey

by churd1955 on Jul 22, 2019
We stayed 2 separate stops, each was unique with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The Harbormaster is fantastic and the islanders are very friendly! Love this place!!

by cbmore on Jul 18, 2019
This is a MUST MISS! The “dock master” tried to put us on the end of a dock with almost no contact on which to disembark. I asked him about the 50 or so empty slips. He did little to help us get in there. The next morning he directed a 50’ boat to the slip right next to us in spite of the fact that there were many empty slips. The wind was blowing very hard as a storm was coming in. The other boat came within a foot of hitting us. There are a couple of takeout lobster bake huts. There is an outdoor pizza place run out of someone’s home. That’s it. This is the narrowest channel you can find anywhere. But the harbor is extremely well protected with first come first served moorings.

by sbraese on Jul 14, 2019
We had a great time. Looking forward to coming back. Total Eclipse

by vernonb on Jul 13, 2019
Would help if there was assistance in docking

by malmeida on Jul 12, 2019
Never fails to please. An incredible and very special place. New this year... tacos on the dock with Isla Tacos.

by islanddrifter on Jul 12, 2019
Cutty is always a hit, meaning if you crave 1955 this is your place. Took a fabulous water color painting class over three days. Excellent.

by rmorse on Jul 09, 2019
We love the island. George and his team do a great job!

by utah1 on Jul 08, 2019
Location is great, marina is very nice. decking could use some powerwashing of mildew as it gets slippery when wet.

by enigma on Jul 07, 2019
Early, and late, season visits are our favorite. Great harbor, slips are our preference but moorings are wonderful too. Even in May you can get oysters, clams and lobsters delivered to your boat. Enjoy island walks, scenic views, relaxed, casual lifestyle. The Harbor Master is terrific and offers any and all assistance.

by jmast2 on Jul 07, 2019
Excellent stay. Nice neighbors; would highly recommend staying there

by lawdedaw on Jul 02, 2019
Our favorite cruising location.

by nloiselle on Jul 01, 2019
Great staff. Docked next to lobster and seafood raw bar. Great place to relax. Very protected harbour.

by mbrostek on Jul 01, 2019
dockmaster wonderful and location perfect. enjoyed the boatside food service too.

by tdenunzio on Jun 30, 2019
Great as always. Fresh lobsters and clam chowder can’t be beat. Try to arrive at high tide, slips are very shallow at low tide,

by 1surfing on Jun 30, 2019
We were on a slip during the week, so relatively quiet. We loved having the "Raw Bar" deliver food to the boat. Also bought swordfish that had been caught that day. Very good experience.

by bryanamartinez on Jun 23, 2019
Great stay. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Will definitely head back again in the future.

by mghalpin on Jun 03, 2019
Beautiful Harbor. Well protected. The Harbormaster met us at the dock and helped set the lines. The docks are fixed and you tie up to the pilings. Chowder, oysters and lobster are all just a few steps away and all were fresh and delicious!! Can’t wait to go back.

by codydob on Sep 16, 2018
We hit the jackpot. Last weekend of summer for Cuttyhunk Marina with beautiful weather, calm seas and the best Harbormaster/Chief of Police...George!

by captaintina on Sep 04, 2018
Beautiful weather ....Beautiful island .Dock staff is very helpful😊

by z2k9avwpq3m3h4zjd6sk on Sep 03, 2018
Very convenient and comfortable stay.

by gopsue on Sep 03, 2018
Off the grid with only a few seasonal small shops and eateries. No wifi. Enjoyed amazing fresh lobster dinner.

by shelleywparsons on Sep 03, 2018
Great place. Quiet and relaxed. Great lobster on the dock and friendly people everywhere.

by wwassmer on Aug 31, 2018
What a great little island. Dockmaster was right there to great us and catch lines. Well marked Easy in and out of harbor. Quiet and quaint. $3.00 ft. Perfect.

by sandwichdave on Aug 27, 2018
Cuttyhunk is always a great time, not much to do but that's what's great about it.

by jrigazio on Aug 27, 2018
As with the other visit - Great dock hand! Wonderful experience. Will be back again.

by cbucket3 on Aug 26, 2018
It is what you expect boating to be good people with nice facilities and very helpful. Thank you for a great weekend.

by kmg3356 on Aug 21, 2018
Awesome place however if places on accept cash they need an ATM on the island. They would have done a lot more business if my group didn't run out of cash.

by rigirly on Aug 20, 2018
Good stay - we extended a few days due to wind and big seas. Very accommodating.

by rogueshoten on Aug 18, 2018
Cuttyhunk is and pretty much always has been both a jewel of a port and a delicate boating ecosystem. It runs like a Swiss watch due to the wisdom and perpetual vigilance of Harbormaster George Isabel. Thanks for all you do, good sir.

by fstasiowski on Aug 10, 2018
Awesome.....Dylan the Harbormaster is a really great guy

by highzoot on Aug 07, 2018
Great time will go back

by hfv112262 on Aug 06, 2018
We had a great stay at the marina, will definitely go back

by scpd4 on Aug 04, 2018
Never disappointed!!

by bert50 on Aug 03, 2018
Perfect for 1-2 nights.

by captainchrisdeliveries on Jul 30, 2018
Easy slips to pull into, coffee on the dock early in the am, fish cleaning station. Pretty easy harbor to navigate, one narrow bend coming in. Bell buoy marking harbor entrance is not lighted so watch for it at night. Reasonable prices and cancellation policy.

by aroy on Jul 30, 2018
Always a great stop. Friendly Harbormaster's Office takes care of their boaters. Some of the best New England scenery you'll ever see.

by bobo on Jul 30, 2018
Great harbor. Friendly Dock master and staff. Peaceful.

by jkqx39bukqgtbtnkftir on Jul 28, 2018
Always love Cuttyhunk. I would strongly encourage the Dockmaster to lower the electric fee for boats staying a few hours to eliminate, or better still not allow the running of generators at the dock.We listened to and smelled exhaust for the better part of the afternoon rendering our cockpit useless while the boat owner and family went to the beach and took dinghy rides. Not cool.

by seastar1 on Jul 08, 2018
Our second stay at Cutty Hunk through Dockwa on the dock, 6th over all. Dylan and Ms Lynch are great. Very accommodating. Would like to see restrooms updated- showers would be awesome

by gxt1myshrc_f6ykyn7_z on Jul 08, 2018
Better tie up system on pillows everyone has a hard time . Need wood hooks to stop ropes from slide down below waters ? Plus 5 dollirs per bag for trash it a little low class

by marcy on Jul 04, 2018
Very friendly, very helpful dock staff - beautiful, serene location - a lovely haven in a busy world

by seefest on Jun 18, 2018
Complete ripoff and scam due to THEIR error. Bear in mind I have stayed at this marina several times in the last few years and have been sailing for over 40 years. When we arrived, I was told I would be docking on the end of one of their finger piers. This dock space was totally inadequate for my 34' sailboat as the pillings were way too far apart. This space was more suited for a much larger boat. After trying to get the boat to sit right for 15 minutes with the dock attendant I decided it wasn't going to work and didn't want to damage my boat. We asked if they had anything else available and was told no. We opted to stay on a mooring instead and figured we would be credited some of the dockage fee towards the mooring cost. Nope. Was told that "cancellations need to be 24 hours in advance for refund" Even though it was THEIR mistake booking us on an unsuitable pier. So not only did I pay my docking fee(which I COULDNT use), but also had to pay an additional $45 for the mooring as well. I will NEVER use Cuttyhunk marina again and will spread the word to my many boating friends about their poor customer service.

by schorert on Jun 18, 2018
beautiful spot. nothing really open yet but a very relaxing stay in the harbor. Harbormaster has a notice posted that there will be no WIFI for 2018...this seems almost impossible in a location with basically no cell service and no other net access available...bring a book!

by saltylady on Jun 16, 2018
We were assisted with docking as it was very windy. Our welcome was genuine and Dylan was very helpful. We love going to Cuttyhunk and usually stay on a mooring so this was a treat!

by donaldf on Sep 01, 2017
Basic tie up docks. No amenities other than water and electric. The dockmaster who is also the policeman will help you tie up. But the point is, Cuttyhunk is a slice of heaven. Mooring, dock, just go!

by strampe93 on Aug 30, 2017
I want to start by saying the harbor master was exceptionally patient and friendly. He hung around to make sure we were tied in tight and ready for our stay. He even provided some very helpful insight and suggestions. The facility was clean and well organized. The only reason it missed getting five stars was no floating docks. They were all fixed height.

by Brilliant on Aug 27, 2017

by finandtonic on Aug 21, 2017
LOVE CUTTYHUNK! Quiet and relaxing marina, always slips available even last minute. Great walking, views and food on the island with few people. Great place to disappear for the weekend.

by goofeyone on Aug 17, 2017
What a wonderful gem! Hope it never gets discovered!

by trh on Aug 15, 2017
Quiet location. Fixed docks with 4-5 ft tidal range made getting on and aff the boat challenging. Very minimal town and services. Dock hand doubled as security and provided minimal help. Great steamed lobster dinner from lobster shack at the end of the pier. Overall, okay, but I can check it off my list. No pumpout facilities in 2017.

by wjvarga on Aug 14, 2017
Happy island. Family and dog friendly.

by curtstevenson on Aug 14, 2017
Very nice. Easy port with a friendly harbormaster. The scene was more mellow than in the past. While people were still having a good time, the partying in the slips seems to have quieted down by say 10:00.

by dannyjross on Aug 14, 2017
Great place to stay!!!! Will def come back.

by deficitspending on Aug 12, 2017
Marina is perfect...what you see is what you get; no pretension, very basic and don't come for the bathrooms. George and assistants are helpful and courteous as always. We will see you again next year!

by bobsmaldone on Aug 11, 2017
We love Cuttyhunk. It is a quiet paradise that never disappoints. It is has everything you need. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. The islanders love their island and are dedicated to maintaining its simplicity. They had fireworks Saturday for the first time and they were excellent. We can't wait to return. I

by tonysmith on Aug 09, 2017
beautiful place, friendly people, no complaints

by tashmoo1 on Aug 09, 2017
Quaint island complimented with a great Marina staff. The Marina staff is one of the nicest you'll find on the Cape. They go out of their way to make sure your ok. The island has enough food venues close to the dock to suplinemt your onboard essentials; from fresh made breakfast sandwiches, to excellent seafood, to pizzas up the road a bit - all were good. The island is easy to walk and see the different views.

by 40ph on Aug 08, 2017
We have loved coming to Cuttyhunk for many years, with our children and as a couple. It's a wonderful island to visit to relax and enjoy simple pleasures in a beautiful environment. The marina is great and the partnership with Dockwa just makes reservations even more simple. Everyone at the marina is helpful and friendly. Our slip had a perfect view of the first fireworks sponsored by Cuttyhunk. We sat on our bow and enjoyed the show with delicious ice cream cones (always the last purchase of the day when visiting the island). Now for the reason why we only gave a 4 star rating: the restrooms. When we arrived on Friday, the restrooms were not very tidy and trash barrels were full in the mens and womens rooms. During our stay, that never changed, and the barrels were overflowing early Sunday morning before we left the marina. Toilet facilities are extremely limited on the island. All of the new vendors being added at the landing and events like the fireworks to appeal to increased visitors to Cuttyhunk make providing good, clean, sanitary restroom an absolute necessity. Please make it a priority in the future.

by kristeen on Aug 08, 2017
We love Cuttyhunk! Marina staff is welcoming and helpful!

by margozink on Aug 04, 2017
Interesting place for a brief stay. Friendly locals. No floating docks and few side tie docks; most dockage is pilings only with no finger slips and cost of $2.50/ft plus electricity ($20) No pumpout as of 2017.

by olgagorman3 on Jul 29, 2017
Delightful, charming marina. A step back into the past. You will leave refreshed.. great pizza too! The people are accommodating and kind! Quaint gift shop is a must stop to pick up a local token.

by newyear on Jul 29, 2017
Beautiful and relaxing as always.

by kallardt on Jul 28, 2017
Great service. Came in afterhours, at 2030hrs, but dockmaster was monitoring the radio and took care of us. Nice!

by joesailor on Jul 23, 2017
Booked two nights in a slip (non-floating dock). After first night, was asked to move to another spot on very short notice, as that numbered slip had been promised to another, part of a group that wanted to be together. Hectic move since new occupant had already arrived and was circling in harbor. Just as well...the 'together' group partied heartily until after midnight on a Friday night. Loudly. Very loudly. Next time I'll take a mooring.

by jsf1106 on Jul 15, 2017
Absolutely love the place and I am trying to figure out when we can go back

by wrm on Jul 08, 2017
Always a nice, well protected, stopover.

by tshepley on Jun 26, 2017
Picturesque island with a winter population of 20 and a summer population of 1,000. Quaint, but you'll need to entertain yourself. That is exactly why we like it!

About Cuttyhunk Marina

Notice to Mariners: Cuttyhunk Harbor Facilities Now Open

The Town of Gosnold marina, public toilets, and nightly rental moorings are now open at Cuttyhunk. Self-service boat pump-out facilities will open on June 10th, courtesy of the Buzzard’s Bay Coalition.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no fuel available on Cuttyhunk this summer due to a tank replacement project. Please plan your trip accordingly. Visitors coming ashore are reminded of the Massachusetts State/Town of Gosnold Regulations: masks/face coverings REQUIRED on docks and where 6 foot separation cannot be maintained. We welcome you to Cuttyhunk for a safe and enjoyable visit.

For more information, please visit:

Capt. George Isabel Harbormaster / Chief of Police

Cuttyhunk Marina is in a very well protected harbor that has great appeal to sailors as well as power boaters. No matter which way the wind blows you will be safe and comfortable in this sheltered harbor. Cuttyhunk Marina offers approximately fifty transient boat slips some of which will accommodate vessels up to 100 feet. All slips have fresh water and electricity available. Our power supply accommodates 30 amp and 50 amp service.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Ice
  • Launch Ramp
  • Groceries
  • Pet Friendly



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