DiMillo's Marina

$55/Night - $5.50/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
Please Hail on VHF 71
1 Long Wharf
Portland, ME 04101
Check-in after 02:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 71

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76 Reviews

by shellerina.com on Aug 11, 2022
We have been coming to DiMillos for years, no decades! (by car)... as we lived in Maine for decades. As boaters we always looked forward to the day that we would come and stay here by BOAT for a change. This was the year, and last night was the night: my wife's 60th birthday party on the boat where my family has had many a gathering! Great fun. Everything was great with only one exception: DiMillos' marina WiFi was horrible. Normally that is "average" at most marinas. But our above-average cellular set up with two SIM cards (one VZW and one T-Mobile) also failed me down on Long Wharf as well. SO, our stay at DiMillos was impeded by that... There is only one shower stall for everyone who uses the marina facilities. But it was clean, there was a second head, and all that was clean (Thank You Very Much), as was the Laundry. I guess that it would also be fair to say it is a bit ROLLY during the day, as they are right on a busy waterfront in Portland ME. It did NOT affect us when settling in for the night. Bottom line: Yes. We'll probably do DiMillos again by sea. Certainly by land.

by late.firefly.4443 on Aug 09, 2022
DImillo's in Portland is a bit tight getting in, with much crossing commercial traffic and narrow breakwaters to negotiate. However - once in, space is more than sufficient, and the facilities are very clean and accessible. Access to Portland's Old Port district with it's shops and restaurants is wonderful, and made for a great stay.

by highzoot on Aug 05, 2022
Love it there. Their restaurant is great. They are very helpful and always ready to catch lines.

by marguerite2 on Aug 05, 2022
Great location in the center of downtown Portland. Excellent dockhands to help with the tie-up in a busy marina and harbor. Facilities are good. Clean showers. Lots of good restaurants in the area.

by lawrencesilvia on Jul 22, 2022
Their Wi-Fi was so slow you couldn’t use it. The facilities were very nice. No speed limit in the Harbor makes it bouncy during the day.

by happymama on Jul 18, 2022
DiMillo's is great. It lacks the fancy new docks that its neighbor boasts, but more than makes up for it with the best location in town and (most importantly) the service! We felt very comfortable and welcome here and will definitely return again and again!

by tombehrle on Jul 14, 2022
Anna and staff are great. Great location center of town

by rebeccabeattieis on Nov 09, 2021
We really enjoyed our stay in Portland! Such a great town with amazing places to eat and drink. Will, the dock master, really went out of his way to accommodate us for water and electricity even after their season has slowed down. Showers were lovely and the location couldn’t be better! Thanks Will!

by ddiehltx on Sep 29, 2021
Facilities are first class. Will, the dockmaster, is very proficient, friendly and an asset. We will be back.

by mlw on Sep 17, 2021
Staff was very friendly and helpful. Marina is located in a perfect spot. Off the boat and within 2 mins you are in town.

by ncomeau35 on Sep 05, 2021
Superb dockhands directed us into our slip on A street. The runway is as stated narrow, but the marina is very well protected and docking was a breeze. The slip was close to shower facilities and even closer to old port which was super convenient. We had a great time staying here, can't wait to return next season.

by cprice on Sep 05, 2021
Dimillo's runs a first class facility and took good care of us. We had to hunker down for several days to let the hurricane pass and they were really helpful. Great location in Portland and good staff always ready to help. Thanks!

by melissak on Aug 30, 2021
Friendly, helpful staff in a great location in the Old Port. Showers were renovated and very clean.

by metaphor on Aug 29, 2021
Great staff. very well run operation. In the heart of the Portland action.

by scottr356 on Aug 23, 2021
They went far about the normal

by alacrity1 on Aug 20, 2021
The location for walking Portland could not have been more convenient. The scallop roll at their restaurant was excellent.

by jolawcp on Aug 18, 2021
Calm and quiet made for a pleasant stay. No toilet paper or paper towels in the bathrooms. Loud, loose planks on the gangway coming up to the gate.

by wsj9695 on Aug 17, 2021
Dimillos was great. Very convenient to the downtown historic are. They made an effort to fit me in when I arrived a day early.

by shawnkaplan on Aug 17, 2021
DiMillos was great. Will who runs the dock was amazing. He helped me in both Kennebunkport as well as Portland. The marina is directly in the middle of all of the tourist activity. Presuming that’s what you’re therefore. Facilities are pretty good, even though they have been around for years. The outer concrete dock as well as the break walls to a pretty good job at shielding the boats in the marina. Give this one a thumbs up.

by cinqueneuf on Aug 16, 2021
Kudos to management! Things have changed since the last time I was here on another boat. Very friendly, very helpful and very professional. Luke, William and all of their staff couldn’t do enough to make our stay as comfortable as possible. I can honestly say I look forward to going back as soon as possible.

by pkm3030 on Aug 15, 2021
Great location. short staffed but Hayden was working hard to juggle fuel dock and dock hand chores. Good man

by dangermouse on Aug 14, 2021
Great location, Right in the center of Portland. Issue was the E dock they gave me behind a pier and pilings was much too small for my boat and all the mega yachts had overloaded the system so we were told they couldn't provide power. The staff were friendly and helpful

by evslate on Aug 10, 2021
Disappointed is the word that comes to mind. The facility and staff are great, but if you are looking for the quaint Maine scene, this is not the place! Our view the entire time was of two different Mega Yachts. Proximity to Old Port is a big plus, but I’ll take a small, quaint town anytime over this. Also inconsistent internet service was frustrating! Not impressed!

by mikeayl on Aug 09, 2021
Friendly staff, great location

by paulf on Aug 08, 2021
The marina Amenities were excellent. The staff was beyond believe in accommodating all of our needs. The location was right in the heart of old port. We highly recommend this marina if you are in the Portland area.

by psmith on Aug 06, 2021
Nice people. Excellent facility close to town

by rmclok95 on Aug 02, 2021
Location is great - right downtown near the action. Staff was nice, facilities were great.

by genemitchell13 on Aug 02, 2021
First class Marina with first class people there to help get you settled. Location is central to everything.

by jzaro1 on Jul 26, 2021
We loved being right in town. Literally. At first we had a small issue with the electric (We use (2) 50 amp lines) but that was rectified quickly. Excited about coming back next year!

by lmello09 on Jul 24, 2021
Easy docking, close to everything downtown. Bathrooms were clean. WiFi didn’t work for the two nights we were there, kind of a bummer since we had some bad weather and would have been nice to use. Restaurant was very busy! We will definitely come back.

by rheckman on Jul 24, 2021
There are many things I like about this marina: (great deckhands, proximity to town and DiMillos restaurant). But for me, these good features or just overpowered by the fact that they do not have a working Wi-Fi system. They say they do but they don’t. Not one of my devices could connect, and the office had no help for me. I’m not a teenager. I’m a senior, but I use the Internet for financial transactions, posting photos to my blog, and streaming music and TV. None of it worked.

by keagy on Jul 24, 2021
This is hands-down the must-stay place in downtown Portland. It is family owned and operated, and it shows with great service. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris DiMillo and he is great.

by billberner on Jul 24, 2021
Access to town great, as was staff. BUT - on the flight path into Portland Int’l. Which was very active in afternoon. The W dock they put us on is also on the narrow fairway for lots of tour boats in and out all day into the evening. Advise a stern in to help avoid that noise and gawking. Finally, The Sabre MY next t to us was partying with around 10 people and music aboard past 1:30 AM. Asked them to hold down the noise, with no result.

by petessake on Jul 12, 2021
Great downtown location, walk to everything. Clean facilities and helpful staff. A bit of rocking in basin from nearby ferry traffic.

by harvestmoon on Jul 09, 2021
People are great. Location is great—right downtown. However, we rolled constantly for 4 days. While I never expect much from marina wireless signals, this one was less than horrible. In addition, the fairway was extremely narrow, clearly not laid out for your typical 40-ish foot cruising sailboat.

by isgau8 on Jul 04, 2021
This is a fabulous place. Staff is super helpful and pleasant. The weather crushed our plans for cruising further east and needed to stay an additional night and are happy we did. The staff even offered to work with us and find a new spot if we needed to stay a 3rd night. The location is very convenient if you wish to walk into town and explore. If you plan dinner, we can recommend DiMillos’s On The Water aboard the former ferry boat. Food is excellent and makes for a unique experience.

by sailsepi on Jun 30, 2021
DiMillo's is the place. Right downtown - easy walk to just about everything Portland. Great people. Helped with fueling, pump-out, docking, information about the city (location of West Marine and Trader Joe's). A bit of rocking when something big passed by the dock and a narrow entrance into the fairway, but other than that perfect. Likely we will be back.

by cbrobinson on May 18, 2021
Great location in downtown Portland. Wonderful restaurant. Very busy, large marina. Gated access to docks for security. Good communication.

by nordictug125 on Apr 25, 2021
For many years my wife and I headed "downeast" and rarely have missed a stop at DiMillos. The reasons are simple; its downtown location, its helpful dock crew, and the great offering of shops/ restaurants/ and attractions. We love being able to walk a short distance and obtain everything from incredibly fresh fish to specialty items for boat and home. Always a friendly stop as we travel the Maine Coast.

by boatinglifeme on Aug 28, 2020
Having been a patron here for many years, I can tell you the level of service is exemplary. From the marina manager to the deck hands, we are treated with respect and kindness at all times. When we need a hand to grab a line or anything, someone is there with a smile. I’ve witnessed recently how a deckhand responded to adversity (a very rude customer), he called him sir about 5 more times than the customer deserved. This marina is an amazing spot for you to land. Portland is at your fingertips and the nicest people will welcome you.

by mxke67 on Aug 28, 2020
Your company should distance itself from this place, They act with impunity maybe because they believe they are the only centrally located marina in Portland. They placed us at the front entrance of the marina that had ferry lines passing by at regular intervals rocking the boat uncontrollably all day until 9pm. They were completely apathetic to our complaints and requests for relocation were abjectly denied. Will never stay in this marina again! PS..They are also very strict on the cancellation clause regardless of sea conditions forcing shelter in place situations.

by bstaymore on Aug 25, 2020
Very nice. Downtown.

by fstasiowski on Aug 24, 2020
Left our reserved slip for a few hours and when we returned they had put another boat into our slip even though our lines and hose were there all set up for an easy return docking.....not good....we then got put into a terrible slip behind a pier and pilings.

by nivanoff on Aug 15, 2020
DiMillo's Marina has always bee a class operation and it didn't disappoint.

by aequitas on Aug 09, 2020
Had a great time in Portland at DiMillos.

by n50 on Aug 07, 2020
Stayed during August while Covid -19 was in bloom. Would have enjoyed it more if the restaurant was Mormon the ball. When I first went up I asked about reservations as my husband has trouble walking distances. No reservations. But the girl said you can call 15 minutes before and we will give you an estimated time. Called she said come right up. I went up immediately and was told a 30-45 minute wait. Gave me number and we walked back to the boat. She said she would call when ready. No sooner had we walked down to the boat. My husband hobbling behind then the phone rings( possibly 3 minutes later). Table is ready now. We once again walk up(3rd time) and finally seated. Tried to use the door closet to the boat but the lady said no have to go all the way up front. Not very accommodating to an older gentleman who has issues with walking distances. Marina staff was great though!

by jgrillo on Aug 06, 2020
Spent last 3 days at DiMillo’s waiting out tropical storm Isaias. They allowed us to utilize their fuel dock and stayed 24 hrs during the storm checking on vessels, setting fenders, and securing lines. Very impressive. Thank You Great access to a fantastic Maine town, Portland.

by seaangel on Jul 29, 2020
Great location and facilities! Right in the center of S. Portland Only issue was that the dock space they gave me was much too small for my boat!

by davet007 on Jul 21, 2020
Everything shipshape and Covid-safe.

by jack4679 on Jul 16, 2020
Wifi was horrible. Pumpout (I was told) had been out for weeks. Slip was OK. Power and water were fine.

by johnstiker on Jun 15, 2020
Terrific stay at DiMillo's Portland...marina manager Amanda is very responsive, Anna on the docks was helpful and friendly, the slips/bathrooms/facilities are clean and well-tended. But the exceptional part of this trip is that we were at DiMillos Kennebunkport on Friday, and accidentally left a credit card in the parking lot. Lane, the marina attendant there, not only called me to let me know, he drove up to DiMillo's Portland on Saturday to return it so we didn't have to stop in KBPT on our way home. You don't get that kind of customer service everywhere, that was a huge convenience for me, and indicative of how friendly and "above and beyond" the whole staff is there. We'll be back!

by djrobertson on Sep 20, 2019
The staff was friendly and helpful. The heads were modern, well equipped and immaculate. It was nice to be close to downtown Portland and all the action. Portland is a great place to visit and we’ll be back again.

by siemept on Sep 07, 2019
No yachtsman lounge. Only ONE shower and head for the whole marina, laundry in a closet with no space to sit or fold clothes, dock covered with bird droppings, noise and a hefty price tag. If they weren’t in the heat of the old down town district, they would be out of business!!
Marina Response:
We apologize you were expecting a lounge; there has not been one here in 40 years. There are two showers and three heads accessible to our marina guests and the laundry room has a large shelf for folding. The sounds of downtown and our proximity to it go hand in hand and are usually the appeal to most customers.

by dvonloes on Sep 03, 2019
Complete service marina with great walking proximity to restaurants and everything Portland has to offer. Enjoy the nearby Islands as well.

by gdavydov on Aug 28, 2019
The marina just in the center of old port. However the distance between different docks is rather small and slips rather narrow. So it is quite tricky to get in and out on 40 ft sail boat without bow thrusters. Staying on outside docks are out of question due to the passing boats and strong rolls. The marina more suitable for the power boats, rather than sail boats. The personal is very friendly and very helpful though. The bathrooms and showers are a bit of walk.

by sowwanin on Aug 26, 2019
Docking sailboat with side wind always challenging. Help with dock lines was less than great. Fortunately owner of adjacent boat helped to fend off. WiFi reception on west dock was nonexistent. Location great for access to Portland.

by seakengo on Aug 18, 2019
Great marina with an awesome restaurant!

by rdepasqua on Aug 14, 2019
Always great stay - lost a trim tab actuator on trip up - the service crew jumped right on it had part overnighted had boat hauled and fixed in no time. Thank you Jason, Tony and Ron

by rjcolston on Aug 12, 2019
A beautiful facility. Dock staff was very helpful in getting us settled on the dock. The location is very convenient to town and activities, yet quiet and comfortable for relaxing. Enjoyed dinner in the restaurant. Laundry facilities also allowed a quick service of sheets and towels. Will definitely visit again in the future.

by vuugb4itexypfxdgczu8 on Aug 10, 2019
Very accommodating and friendly staff.

by perseverance on Aug 10, 2019
Great marina and docks. Outstanding and helpful staff. Second year their WiFi didn’t work for us despite calling desk. Do wish they had 5g like the other top marinas. We come every year and always will.

by cappyjd on Aug 09, 2019
Beautiful City, terrific Marina, friendly staff, in the heart of town.

by mikemoreau on Jul 10, 2019
You are located in a very busy harbor so lots of wakes. Slips are very tight, dock hands are not to much help, young kids with no boating experience, don"t follow instructions well. They don't answer the radio, you have to call them on cell phone. Facilities are clean and welcoming. Old Port is super.

by rapiti on Sep 09, 2018
Great facility, right in town. Facing the pier where Ziggy Marley & Steel Pulse played last night was a bonus!

by btrich on Aug 31, 2018
Great people, a superb location and facility along with incredible weather make for a superior experience. Thank you to the entire staff.

by brandonta on Aug 25, 2018
Great help on the docks

by toomja on Aug 21, 2018
Staff was knowledgeable and helpful. Great location in the middle of a very happening city. If you want to enjoy Portland this is the place to be.

by alittlejohn on Aug 18, 2018
great marina and very helpful crew. However, the internet was not working

by dezwartp on Aug 12, 2018
Friendly and professional

by ednabella on Aug 07, 2018
Portland is a great destination. Good shopping, great food, and Dimillos Marina is the place to stay. Staff are friendly and professional. The Marina is in a great location and very clean. I give it my highest recommendation.

by captcork on Aug 07, 2018
We had a great couple of nights at Dimillos. The staff were Attentive & friendly & the location is perfect for getting around downtown Portland. Capt. Michael, M/Y MISS LIZA

by spica on Jul 08, 2018
+ accept catamarans, well maintained facilities, excellent showers, great location downtown, helpful staff - transient dock very exposed to wake and S winds, expensive rates.

by mk9606 on Jun 28, 2018
Attentive friendly staff and professionally managed marina. Had a great overnight stay! Awesome location and all around nice docks and facilities. Will be back again soon!

by dmcampbell1 on Sep 08, 2017
Staff and location were teriffic

by robbjf on Aug 22, 2017
Average dock help. Great location Obviously prefers to cater to larger yachts.

by bckma on Aug 14, 2017
As always, DiMillo's provided a first class experience with great facilities and great staff.

About DiMillo's Marina

DiMillo's Old Port Marina is located in the heart of Portland's Old Port. We are a two minute walk to 100 bars and restaurants, fresh meats and produce for provisioning, flowers, discount marine supplies, cultural activities, and great shopping. Also at the marina, you can enjoy a great meal aboard DiMillo's On the Water and consider a new or used boat purchase at DiMillo's Yacht Sales.


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  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 08/18/2022 7:11PM

  • Regular Gas: $5.15

  • Diesel: $5.05


  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Floating Docks
  • Groceries
  • Ice
  • Laundry
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Oil Recycling
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Security
  • Ship Store
  • Showers
  • Winter Storage
  • Wireless Internet



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