31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors

$3.50/ft - $6/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
3155 S Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL 60616
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 68

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38 Reviews

by Eddie I. - Verified user on May 04, 2024
Great home port Marina. Super helpful staff. Wonderful amenities.

by Jeffrey M. - Verified user on Oct 06, 2023
The reservation process was easy and fast. The facilities are clean.

by Tim B. - Verified user on Oct 01, 2023
Nice marina, bathrooms could be cleaner, and guest wifi would be welcome.

by Edsel C. - Verified user on Sep 25, 2023
The experience was great! It was our first time traveling away from our home harbor. The staff was very supportive; assisting with a few items we forgot to bring. The on-site electrician was readily available and everyone did everything with a smile. We will definitely be back!

by Jeff F. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2023
Great! Had a great weekend!

by Mark P. - Verified user on Jul 24, 2023
Very nice harbor and friendly staff

by Gregory H. - Verified user on Jul 21, 2023
Too long Of a walk to get to an Uber pick up. Need golf carts for transient boat arrivals.

by Johnny M. - Verified user on Jun 01, 2023
Thank you so much, this was great!

by Terry P. on Sep 12, 2022
We recently spent 2 nights on G dock at this marina. We really enjoyed it. Everything was in good shape. The bathrooms and showers were very nice. Also FREE laundry is available in both the mens and women's restrooms. The docks are secured by locked gates. Our only disappointment was they did not have wi-fi. We would stay here again.

by Kurt C. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2022
Very nice marina! Very family oriented, friendly atmosphere! The restrooms/showers were clean and well maintained. Gina and the rest of the harbor staff were very nice and helpful! Would definitely come back!

by Kip R. - Verified user on Sep 05, 2022
Good place. Busy and loud but it was Labor Day weekend so the party was on! Great staff.

by Brad S. - Verified user on Aug 21, 2022
Probay one of the better marinas in Chicago. Excellent piers and docks. A bit loud on Friday nights but everyone respected the 11pm quiet time. Good bathrooms ... showers need some work. Met some great people of all colors. All-in-all, we were pleased and enjoyed our stay.

by Derek B. on Aug 08, 2022
The worst ever, rented a slip for 2 days and had pay for an extra day because the ramp is closed on Sundays . Parking is a complete issue no parking pass to even purchase with slip so you to have pray you find a park within half a mile. Never anyone to talk to who is in charge or knows anything. You have to pay just to get your boat out of the water. No where to leave your trailer, overnight, period. Did i mention parking, if you get lucky enough to park in the garage you have to pay every time you come back. I can go on for days about this poorly ran facility. I am here as i type trying to get my boat out of the water the site said 9am somewhere(been here since 8am), talked to emergency security because he is the only person who has answered the phone now he tells the guy is on his way he'll be here at ten. Maybe you can have a better experience, now that you know some of the obstacles you're facing.

by Nelson E. - Verified user on Sep 07, 2021
Loud noise from sun up to sun down all weekend long. Bathrooms cleaned once a day. A lot of foot traffic through the marina. Even though we never felt unsafe or had an issue, we would not come back here again. This was not our first choice and we were warned about the activities of the Marina. People swimming in the marina was a concern for electrocution. No signage about not swimming in a marina. Children not wearing PFD when requiring by Illinois law. Accidents waiting to happen here at 31 Marina.

by Brian T. - Verified user on Aug 17, 2021
31'st St Harbor Marina has excellent facilities and secure, gated docks and restrooms. We stayed there 6 days in August. Location is an easy Uber/ Lyft into the City. Marina office has ice and a few amenities. Marina does not have WiFi. Only real drawback is there is absolutely no enforcement of rowdy behavior- - - (1) Jet skis actively waking boats at their slips as the jet skis leave the harbor (our Russian friends on G Dock)- somewhat annoying. (2) Marina full time residents blasting music so loud it was shaking our boat with boozy parties from 4:30 pm till midnight. - Really annoying and really unacceptable. Last night there, we had to change slips at 9:30 pm on a Monday night, as the music and speaker base at the boat next store was so loud, we could not function on our boat. If you are looking for Party Central with very loud music and boozy parties till the wee hours, this is your marina. If you want a quiet tie up to go explore the city, look to the other Chicago marinas.

by Gordiano C. - Verified user on Aug 17, 2021
First and foremost, staff at the Marina are awesome! Pat and Phylis as well as Gina in the past have been a tremendous help. Marina is very well kept with great security. Unfortunately, Chicago Marinas are hard to navigate for transient boaters that enjoy launching and staying for a weekend. Launching on 31st street is near impossible (can only launch from this marina Monday thru Friday...and better not plan on leaving Sunday!)In addition to taking the trailer to the Marshalling yard if we plan on spending the weekend on the boat. We had to launch from Burnham harbor to get to the Marina. The Marshalling yard is a good 10 minute walk from the marina. The walk to the marshalling yard from the 31st Marina can be scary, especially as you get near the yard as there is very poor visibility from that street. I was happy to see a patrol car parked near the entrance to the Marshalling yard when I went there this weekend, If it werent for these challanges, we would give the harbor a perfect score. My family and I will continue to be customers to this Marina as the staff at the Marina have no control of the rules for the Chicago harbors. Hopefully the city hears the many concerns and helps somehow.

by Dewone K. - Verified user on Aug 16, 2021
Great experience and just overall a great place to visit

by Mitch P. - Verified user on Aug 16, 2021
The docks, bathrooms, pool, and harbor master and staff were top notch. The night time security did little to enforce noise during quiet hours. Loud music played and partying continued until 4am both nights. We won't be returning until we hear that harbor rules are enforced at night.

by Nicole G. - Verified user on Aug 05, 2021
Was absolutely beautiful

by Daniel M. - Verified user on Aug 26, 2019
Not great. Our assigned 50' slip was occupied by an 18 foot wakeboard boat tied across two 50' slips. It took two phone calls and an hour to get reassigned. Twice during our week stay , the gate code was inactivated. We were not allowed parking on the Air show weekend. I cannot believe you cannot get a guest pass parking spot if you are staying at the marina.

by bob r. - Verified user on Aug 26, 2019
on Friday we hadsmall craft warnings and I decided not to bring the boat up from Indiana I called 31st street and they told me to contact you who told me to review 31st cancellation policy same tjing for Saturday so I never went to 31st harbor and apparently paid for noyhing

by John C. - Verified user on Aug 20, 2019
Nice new harbor, totally protected, great location, daily fee pool, friendly staff. Beach right there. Restaurant. Lakefront bike/ walking trail, jet ski rentals. All right there. Would be a great spot for seasonal or transient stay, a short Uber into the city or museums. Boat ramp is excellent but only about 6 trailer parking spots which makes no sense. Fortunately they seem to have an arrangement with a facility near McCormick for overflow trailer parking, not sure what that costs. Also there’s an indoor parking garage for cars, which does get full but there’s another large parking lot a short walk across the bridge over Lake shore Drive. Overall pretty good set up esp for Chicago.

by Brett K. - Verified user on Aug 18, 2019
31st Street Harbor was very convenient and nice. We always look forward to spending a weekend there.

by Brian S. - Verified user on Aug 07, 2019
The staff at 31st street could care less about responding to dockwa messages. Waste of time.

by Kevin T. - Verified user on Jul 30, 2019
Everything was good, for the most part. 2 stars deducted because I was forced to pay $27 to pull my boat out of the water at the end of my stay. Launch fees are completely understandable but I’ve never been charged to pull my boat out of the water.
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About 31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors

31st Street Harbor is the newest and most anticipated addition to the Chicago harbor system. Completed in 2012 with slips for 1000 boats and a sustainable, eco-friendly design unrivaled in the industry, it provides an exceptional experience for boaters. All slips include metered electric, water (seasonal charge), and complimentary cable TV and Internet access and can accommodate boats from 35-70 ft. in length. A naturally insulated parking garage and harbor house provide indoor winter boat storage in the off-season. A 63,000 sq. ft. green roof, rentable indoor community space, and brand new playground make 31st Street Harbor a welcome addition to the neighboring community.

Transient docking is available; please call the harbor any time after May 15 for reservations. A fuel dock is available with gas and diesel service. Waste pump-out stations are also provided at no charge. The harbor has a 3-lane boat ramp with parking spaces for 14 trailers. Indoor heated and outdoor winter storage is available November-April.


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water Hookup
  • Electrical

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 05/15/2024 at 1:30PM

  • Regular Gas: $5.449

  • Diesel: $5.129


  • Ship Store
  • Launch Service
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Launch Ramp
  • Security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Groceries
  • Restaurant
  • Dog Park
  • Floating Docks
  • Oil Recycling
  • Land Storage
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles



31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors