Castle Marina

301 Tackle Circle
Chester, MD 21619

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6 Reviews

by Anonymous on Apr 07, 2021
I have been at Castle for the last Six years. The office staff are always friendly and very helpfull. the bathhouse was just completely redone and it very clean and nice. They have a great pool with plenty of chairs and tables. I am going back again this year.

by Mary J. on Feb 19, 2015
Marina management is a joke. If you consider walking from your car to the office and sitting there all day "managing" well, then I will sell you some ice water in Alaska.

by Bay L. on Jan 27, 2015
Marina needs serious repairs, a good cleaning of the grounds, better/more amenities. Customers do PAY for 12 month use of the marina and many keep our boats here all 12 months in the slips we pay to rent. If you choose to come in the winter and stay overnight more than a few times they will charge you an additional 700.00. I am pretty sure I already PAID for my slip all year long so this additional fee is robbery. Oh I get it, we get to pay the salary of the employees who work in the winter. Perhaps lay offs and unemployment would be a better option for the unnecessary staff. All you need is the younger lady who runs the office part of the business and one maintenance man. Not the old guy though, he needs to retire. And not the old lady who runs the marina as she is a poor manager to begin with. The live aboards watch out for our boats while we are not there and unfortunately the ones who live there all winter also have to pay extra and THEY are the ones who watch out for our boats when we are not there (live aboards are free security). Well actually not free for them since they have to pay CHM to provide the extra security for them. Its just an odd set up all around and if you mention any of this to them? Seriously after hearing all of that do you think they actually care???

by Betty S. on Oct 13, 2014
I have no clue when these pictures were taken but, CHM is only half full now so don't let the pictures fool you. It would be nice to see it full like this again. Perhaps a new manager/owner can help you with that and also more upgrades, maintenance and repairs. Also an enclosed area for customers in the winter would be great. There is absolutely nowhere to gather during cold months and this sends many of us to other marinas with actual club houses. Boating is more than a 3 month period and CHM seems to think the season is only 3 months and then everything ends for them including all maintenance and customer service. Boating is a 12 month recreation in case CHM didn't know this.

by Ken W. on Apr 16, 2014
Previous posts obviously don't reflect recent changes. The place is falling down around the poor slip holders (who pay a pretty penny) Lets just say managements philosophy is, its US against them. I think all this current management and staff cares about is collecting a paycheck. There is an abandoned parked car with flat tires sitting in the parking lot. It has been there for a very extended amount of time. Funny thing though; we just got an e-mail from CHM telling us to car pool or not park with more than one car if possible. Another funny thing? The staff all park right in the primes parking spots whereas most businesses make staff park away from prime parking and tow abandoned cars away. Now onto the actual facility. There is duct tape and dirt holding and I use this term loosely)the laundry facility together. The docks wobble and the decks are soft when you walk on them. Some feel as thought the pilings are going to just snap off if you move too much. Customers have been known to fall through broken or loose boards. Chronic electric failures are ongoing which scares me to death. Gasoline doesn't go well with electrical fires? This has been reported for many years and has never been corrected. [They] just ignore it and say it has been fixed. but we the customers know this is just a lie as the same problems are still there even after it is "fixed"

by tom m. on Aug 31, 2010
i had the pleasure of an overnighter,very nice place big pool,clean,down side the slip given very tight and no dock hands,very nice fellow slip holders,there are no restaurants on site,we had made all the effort to cook out,what a pain there are grills around but good luck getting close to dock,BUT as we found out later cab service will take you out.would suggest doing this,very nice lady in office,will go again just not with all the food. tom, bonnie dundee

About Castle Marina

Castle Marina is centrally located in the Chesapeake Bay. Annapolis, St. Michaels, Rock Hall and Baltimore are within reach for a day trip. Two restaurants immediately outside our gates and Kent Narrows restaurants and bars close by.


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  • Diesel
  • Water Hookup

Listed Pump Prices

Last Updated on 08/25/2023 at 2:04PM

  • Regular Gas: $2.85

  • Diesel: $2.39


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  • Wireless Internet
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Ice
  • Groceries


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