New Harbor Boat Basin

$5/ft - $8.50/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
West Side Road
Block Island, RI 02807
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM

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138 Reviews

by morning.mountain.6409 on Sep 27, 2022
Had an excellent time ,dock Crew was so helpful, kept things safe during a storm , I will be back again thanks from the crew of the "Whitehawk"

by kdmacneil on Sep 20, 2022
Exceptionally accommodating. Great folks

by mbarrenechea on Sep 12, 2022
Great friendly service

by goldenpearl on Sep 11, 2022
It was a pleasure to stay on the docks at the Boat Basin for the weekend! We love the floating docks they have there. See you next season!

by obrien524 on Sep 05, 2022
Great location… for second week in a row had problem hooking into 50amp service but they moved me to another slip to solve the issue.

by magnumride on Sep 03, 2022
Love it! First time we visited this particular marina on Block Island, and all I can say is that we’ll be back. When you are 100 or bigger it is harder and harder to find spots. This marina is nice, quiet, protected and manned by exceptionally helpful and friendly staff. Can’t say enough good about it.

by 50hatteras on Sep 01, 2022
I always love going to Block Island Boat Basin. When I heard it was sold I was upset not to see the same staff again. Justin was always so nice to us. I am very happy to say that the new staff was excellent. The dock hands were extremely knowledgeable and competent. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The dock has been maintained in excellent condition. I highly recommend this marina. I feel it’s the only place to stay on block island, a place I always love to go to. Sitting on the bridge looking out at new harbor can be one of the highlights of the summer.

by nzone on Aug 31, 2022
the stay was great...Boat Basin is the best experience on Block Island especially if you dont want other boats rafting. Having "The Oar" restaurant right there adds to overall experience

by kdhartt on Aug 31, 2022
Great stay. Helpful dockhands and nice facility.

by mondak36 on Aug 27, 2022
Always our favorite place! Block Island is an awesome northeast cruising destination and the Boat Basin is the best place to stay. Individual slips on floating docks and professional, friendly dockhands always available. Can't wait to go back.

by missyrose on Aug 24, 2022
Very professional, friendly staff. Had to wait a little while to dock because several other boats showed up just before us. Space was very tight, but dockhands helped out with maneuvering boat into the space, and with the lines, hook-ups, etc. Facilities were nice but heavily trafficked. Despite number of boaters the marina was very quiet at night. Will definitely come back.

by jmv42 on Aug 22, 2022
Beautiful marina!! Great service and professional staff!!

by withered.violet.8873 on Aug 22, 2022
Six days in July and six days in August. Fantastic crew, very accommodating any request. Freedom has been enjoying Block Island for many years and with all the upgrades to the dock and power very convenient

by corvair63 on Aug 14, 2022
So glad the restrooms have been remodeled and brand new. Staff was very helpful as usual. Definitely coming back to New Harbor Boat Basin!

by ladelman on Aug 14, 2022
Prime location and great facilities!

by jthommen on Aug 14, 2022
Great stay as always.

by dmackintosh753 on Aug 11, 2022
The service and help from the dock staff was excellent. Very accommodating. Can’t wait to return.

by silvergoose on Aug 11, 2022
Beautiful new docks and upgraded power. Prices have increased significantly. Small bag of ice $6 vs $4 or 50% increase.

by twomblytra on Aug 11, 2022
Great atmosphere on the dock close to fun partying at Mahogany Shoals but quieter when you want to sleep. No laundry. Showers are just redone but pretty basic. Good store with boat and grocery essentials including ice. Bike and moped rentals right there and great restaurant for lunch/dinner - the Oar. Dock hands are great getting boats in and out even the captains that might otherwise be playing bumper boats.

by rchliz8694 on Aug 10, 2022
Nice floating docks. Everyone is always friendly. Gave it a 4 star because it was tight putting my 14’6” beam in the basin. Would have rather been outside

by billowing.brook.4570 on Aug 08, 2022
Talented friendly dockhands, great family atmosphere, can’t wait for our stay next season!

by boatman123 on Aug 08, 2022
I was dissatisfied with the service at our recent stay. We have been loyal customers to the boat basin for over a decade with 3 different boats, and have never experienced the lack of care that we did this past stay. We stayed 3 nights on the second leg of a weeklong boat vacation traveling with another family on their boat, both of us with young children. We both requested to be located next to or near each other at the time of our reservations about 6 months ago in February. We called earlier in the week to make sure the note was relayed from Dockwa to the dock staff, which they confirmed and said shouldn’t be a problem. When we arrived at the same time, our slips were located on opposite sides of the marina. We talked to the dock hands and they said there was nothing they could do. Our friends boat had both adjoining slips vacate the following morning so we asked the dock staff if we could move next to them to accommodate our young children playing with each other, rather than opposite sides of the marina, they said they would look into it. When I asked politely an hour later if the move could happen to a dock hand outside the dock office, while I waited I heard an older woman in the dock house who appeared to be running the operation, not realizing I was standing outside the door, say to the dock hand “ it’s too effing hot to move boats around today. Give him the runaround and tell him we cannot do a move.” I stood there for another four or five minutes waiting for the dockhand to return knowing fully that they just didn’t feel like doing anything and were extremely rude about it allowing me to overhear it from 5 feet away. When the dock hand returned he said they couldn’t accommodate which I asked why not, he said the other boats going into those slips are larger boats and wouldn’t fit into my slip so they couldn’t make it work. Much to our dismay, returning to the docks that afternoon a 34 foot sea ray and 36 foot center console were occupying the adjoining slips to our friends, both of which are shorter length and similar or smaller beams than our 37 foot boat. Not only was this extremely rude on their part but the demeaning and lazy attitude when we could’ve moved our boat ourselves without any issue and would have been to our satisfaction, instead they lost two customers for future reservations. In addition, the Dock hands were dragging large extension cords up and down the dock from the dock house the entire stay, hooking up Boats that we’re not functioning properly on the local shore power stanchions, so there were four or five heavy cords laying out on top of all the docks running throughout the marina that everyone including kids had to navigate over and around. I think after our stay in other marinas days prior, we could not be any more dissatisfied with the service we received from the Boat Basin and most likely will not be returning after spending at least once or twice there every summer since 2010. It appears to be extremely poorly managed and zero customer service in a service industry which is unacceptable, considering we made the reservation six months prior, called again to make sure it was noted, and would have taken no effort on their part to allow us to move to an adjoining slip to accommodate our families vacation. I hope this information is relayed back to them on losing future customers and am very disappointed with the lack of customer service and rudeness for a slip that cost a lot of money and was part of a well planned vacation on our part. I would have understood if larger boats truly did occupy the adjoining slips but after seeing the smaller boats it was very clear they just didn’t feel like putting any effort in to accommodate some thing that was noted in our reservations and went further by basically saying to lie to us.

by jwlflyer on Aug 07, 2022
Nice marina, however we got the worse slip in the place. I made reservations back in February and my wife has MS. We were tied up to the fixed pier which made it extremely difficult to get on and off the boat. There wasn't a water spigot nearby so my hose didn't reach. I was told I could go buy another hose by a dock hand. Electric was also far away and our chord was hanging across about 8' of water to reach a floating dock where the pedestal was. We were forced to leave early due to weather concerns so I asked about a partial refund or credit and was told no. I'm not sure I'll be coming back to visit this marina again. However the Oar is great and the availability of bicycle and moped rentals is great.

by courtship1 on Aug 06, 2022
The Boat Basin is "our" typical docking facility.The deck hands are extremely good at what they do. I am surprised that in this day and age the "Basin" does not support cable TV, or for that matter Wi/Fi service. The docks are rather cluttered and can afford a injury. That issue should really be addressed.

by carolansteve on Aug 04, 2022
Excellent facility Great staff Most importantly better behavior on part of boaters than at the other popular marina here

by smilingmonkey on Aug 02, 2022
Great place to stay!

by jbartlett on Aug 01, 2022
Best marina in New Harbor if you prefer to avoid rafting and loud music and busy docks from non-boaters. We arrived Thursday and had a great slip assignment to see the weigh-in from the annual fish tournament. Dock staff is great. Just an all round great spot and we enjoyed our 2nd visit of 2022.

by nr on Jul 29, 2022
Everyone at the Boat Basin were extremely helpful when docking and departing, and when passing them on the dock always said hello, and answered any questions we may have had. This is second visit to the Basin and look forward to return visit.

by lingering.feather.8821 on Jul 28, 2022
Everyone was very nice. Fairway between slips was very tight. They had me assigned to an 11 feet beam slip even though we are 11.6. got stuck going in. Once settled, Boat Basin is very convenient and not as loud as the 2 other marinas. Would stay again.

by jefutch on Jul 28, 2022
So far so good, still here

by moondance6 on Jul 25, 2022
The 72 hours cancellation policy sucks. Weather often restricts a boaters plan. Today was a strong well predicted front forcing most to leave early. This is teh type of policy that helps drive people away from boating. If they end up re-renting my same slip to someone else for that day, do I get a refund? NO.

by lmgallinaro on Jul 21, 2022
Fabulous! Dock hands were great, slip was great and the area had tons to do! Can't wait to come back!

by mbnowakpe on Jul 21, 2022
Excellent staff that went out of their way to make sure we felt welcomed. Clean well kept facilities at the Oar House. Only issue is I expected to be on a floating dock, was tied to a pier. Big climb at low tide on our 26' walk around; wont be able to do that again as we age.

by caraceni on Jul 20, 2022
Staff was there to help us find our slip and tie up on arrival. Very friendly and helpful staff. Clean. Bike, scooter, and car rentals readily available just off the dock as is The Oar, a Block Island mainstay. The ship's store is a bit pricey.

by winter.glitter.9413 on Jul 20, 2022
Friendly staff and excellent line handlers at the slip!

by finnality on Jul 19, 2022
This is the best spot in New Harbor. Dock Hands are absolutely great, pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient

by jakl on Jul 18, 2022
Excellent location. No finger piers but dock hands were top notch in getting you tied up.

by wkregan24 on Jul 16, 2022
Great stay, as usual

by bloomb12 on Jul 16, 2022
Sue and the dock hands are excellent. They are extremely helpful. Lovely spot in New Harbor.

by valnick on Jul 16, 2022
Very helpful dock hands--new facilities--everyone very pleasant & professional

by boating1954 on Jul 15, 2022
The staff is great they jumped on our boat and helped with the lines.

by rwtomey on Jul 12, 2022
Terrific and very professional staff. Always a great stay!

by cimmerdown on Jul 11, 2022
Stayed over the July 4th weekend, as always we were greeted by the professional dock staff who got us located in our requested slip.

by valcourt on Jul 11, 2022
Always great place to stay. No issues.

by kurtlauth on Jul 10, 2022
Clean, comfortable, convenient. Help was totally accomodating in every way

by smbrill on Jul 09, 2022
Very professional. Very pleasant.

by loisanne on Jul 08, 2022
Marina was awesome! Help to assist in tying up, delicious Food on site. Plenty of taxis to get around as well as rentals!

by jaharri on Jul 07, 2022
Great spot, clean and dog friendly. Terrific staff. The staff is very professional and helpful. We are frequent visitors and won't consider staying at any other marina on Block Island. There is a store on site for incidentals or things you forgot to bring. Easy to grab taxis as well.

by kevintblanco on Jul 05, 2022
Always a great stay! The staff are friendly, hospitable and always working hard to make our vacation special.

by pursuit325os on Jun 30, 2022

by speedyturtle on Jun 27, 2022
Excellent dock hands and great location.

by nyronrymer on Jun 27, 2022
always a great time

by hrbacon on Jun 26, 2022
Great dock crew. They go above and beyond to get you in safely and to make sure you enjoy your stay.

by prkirchner on Jun 26, 2022
Very nice. We had great weather which also adds to the wonderful stay. Dock hands were very helpful. The whole crew was very friendly!

by dnewcomb on Jun 22, 2022
Excellent crew on the docks. Marina is in great condition. Highly recommended.

by brendag75 on Jun 21, 2022
Amazing as always. Dock hands are always so helpful.

by smarenakos on Jun 12, 2022
The Boat Basin sent a confirmation email a couple of days ahead of our stay with lots of good information. Upon arrival June 10th, the dock staff were had excellent communications and assistance in docking stern in. The docks themselves, shore power, showers and supplies like ice were excellent. A top-notch marina where we will definitely be back to very soon! SteveM

by lowethwa on Jun 12, 2022
the docks are much more accessible than those at Champlins'. and the new power receptacles are a welcome addition. The showers and head facility is also a much needed improvement

by differentworld on Jun 11, 2022
Always a great time! Excellent food.

by nloiselle on Jun 07, 2022
Had a great time! Staff was very helpful and friendly. Updates to the docks are utilities are very Welcome. Will definitely be back!

by gf4306 on Jun 06, 2022
Floating docks are very nice and seem to be fairly new. We took the T dock which was easy for docking. The other slips are stern to with pilings for bow lines. There is no wifi. The heads/showers are in the restaurant building, but were very clean. They open early in the morning and were constantly being cleaned. Dead Eye Dicks has a seafood market that is outstanding. It's a short walk from the marina and has a good selection of seafood and related food items.

by malmagro1 on Oct 01, 2019
Great service and facility! We love the place!

by richwallace on Oct 01, 2019
Justin and Matt were great!

by dnelson50 on Sep 30, 2019
New floating docks are excellent. Justin was a great help getting into the slip.

by sugar_magnolia on Sep 23, 2019
Staff was great. just a little tight getting into our slip. ' Bathrooms could use updating, but probably the best on BI

by boatbabe on Sep 03, 2019
We arrived on 8/28/19 left on 9/2/19.We can't express how great of a marina the Boat Basin is. When making the reservation I requested a end slip due to two total knee replacements so I would be able to exit the side stairs to the dock. We were accommodated with not one issue. Everything went well we had a great time We are planning to return next Labor Day weekend hoping to bring some friends.

by katelynnicole on Sep 03, 2019
Great place , friendly staff . New docks

by velocity on Sep 02, 2019
What a fantastic way to end the summer. We go to New Harbor Boat Basin a couple of times a year and have been for a few years (prior known as BIBB). The crew is wonderful, the new docks are great and it just fits the island vibe perfectly! We can’t wait to head east next year and open our season with old friends.

by tmart600 on Sep 02, 2019
Always a great stay!! Everyone is so helpful and accommodating. Only place we will stay on the Block.

by ariaolumi on Aug 31, 2019
Reasonable marina. Bathroom and showers need an upgrade badly. Friendly staff. Wonderful town.

by evallerie on Aug 30, 2019
Nice marina. Justin and the crew are great.

by pequod on Aug 27, 2019
We like this marina. The upgrades- new docks, water and power- are a welcome improvement. The team is helpful as always. But, the bathrooms and showers are always a terrible mess, dirty, and in disrepair. This is where the next investment is needed.

by owoobly on Aug 27, 2019
New docks , familiar faces in. The dock house. Love this marina.

by raf389 on Aug 26, 2019
Newly upgraded floating docks and one of the few real slips at Block with very competent staff. Only problem is the new stanchions have super sensitive GFIs meaning many of the boats had electric problems. I assume this is one of those kinks that will eventually be worked out by the marina but if your boat is not brand new, you may want to contact them about the electric issue.

by chumpchange2 on Aug 26, 2019
Stayed for 10 nights earlier this month. We love staying at NHBB and have been doing so for years. Justin and his team are great! The only issue we have is the bathrooms and showers. Even though the bathrooms have never been great, it was more a acceptable before they raised the prices. It’s still our favorite marina on BI but hoping they do some renovations for the 2020 season and don’t raise prices any further.

by rmbphotos on Aug 25, 2019
Dock hands were elite. They handled multiple boats in high winds and always knew how to help.

by 5oclock1 on Aug 25, 2019
Please call me at 914-841-8024. I have suffered an electrical problem after being hooked up to your 30 Amp service

by gbrooksct on Aug 25, 2019
Great marina, docks are mint, dock hands provide great service!

by searay5000 on Aug 24, 2019
Very nice marina, brand new docks, close to the new harbor area and right by the Oar. Terrific dock crew as well, most helpful.

by saylor on Aug 24, 2019
Wonderful staff -- friendly and assistance with docking was outstanding. Floating docks are well maintained. Shore facilities felt a bit dated, but reasonably clean. The Oar Restaurant at the base of the marina has outstanding sushi selections. Easy bike ride into town or excellent taxi services.

by jpierce71 on Aug 21, 2019
Nice stay. Close to everything. No raftups everyone sets a slip. The Oar restaurant on site. Cars and bicycles for rent on site.

by admsc1234 on Aug 20, 2019
Great stay , staff very helpful . Helped docking getting setup . Marina is quite and clean . Bathrooms can use a upgrade and could be cleaner .

by walterrella on Aug 19, 2019
Very relaxing. Dock boys very professional and helpful. More dockside water spickets would be helpful.

by ramfalcon16 on Aug 19, 2019
Very good overall. A little tight for a 34' to spin in between the pilings on the inside.

by kookamongus on Aug 17, 2019
New floating docks, great facilities. Friendly and helpful staff. Our first time to the Block, great location to just hang out. This location is now on our annual rounds.

by christina1422 on Aug 17, 2019
Excellent slips! Great staff:) Bathrooms were very very gross! Would give 5 stars if bathrooms were better.

by readyornot on Aug 16, 2019
Dock hands were very helpful while first arriving... the floating docks are tremendous...nice and quiet by 11pm... bathrooms and showers need help but would not detour our decision to come back since we have a shower on our vessel... the little general store somehow had anything we needed... overall very nice experience

by juliet24 on Aug 16, 2019
Love these guys! One of the best marinas around.

by marcusmarino on Aug 15, 2019
This is only my opinion.....they did redo the docks....there about 3 ft above the water and the configuration is the same as the old docks (mostly)...some boats (older boats and not so old boats) are having trouble with the electric....the new code they had to install a ground falt that is very, very temperamental and the breaker pops. At $6.00 plus a foot you think you could use your air conditioner....not so for some boats....then there is the problem with your dingy...they make it as hard as possible for you to deploy and use your dingy....mine they cut my chain and towed my dingy to a mooring because THEY forgot to tell me about THE PINK STICKER...I realize they have a short period of time ti rape the tourist of all their money....they just don't care...Oh and the bathrooms will give you nightmares for the rest of your life

by asdamato on Aug 13, 2019
We love New Harbor Boat Basin! Justin does a fantastic job!! We always enjoy our stay. Justin is diligent to make sure all goes smoothly in the marina. We've always had a relaxing, pleasant stay. The crew is very dedicated and works hard to make sure all are taken care of. We go often and plan to spend a lot more time there.

by blue_diamond on Aug 13, 2019
Nice new docks. Great staff. Water outlets are limited. Still no WiFi available.

by michaeldemo67 on Aug 12, 2019
Great spot, Docks and Top Notch Crew. It’s a family friendly place to be on the docks. The Bathroom facilities are not good. Haven’t been updated in a decade and the Marina shares this “Small” bathroom with a very busy restaurant. Regardless, I’ll be back!

by jharri02864 on Aug 12, 2019
The dock hands are exceptional. One of the days was quite windy and they handled the docking professionally and made it appear easy. The location is perfect for enjoying the island. Within walking distance or short bike or taxi ride from restaurants, beach and water sports.

by saltyrick on Aug 12, 2019
The docks, the working crew and marina in general were great. But the showers were awful...almost inhumane. Filthy dirty, foul smelling and barely operational. Absolutely the poorest condition I've seen at any marina. Shame on them !

by carver on Aug 12, 2019
The place wasn't excellent. Service was great. Justin took care of us. Thank you. The only negative would be for the place to have bathrooms and showers separate from restaurant.

by anthonycou on Aug 10, 2019
A wonderful marina. New floating docks and nice individual slips. No boats tied up to you like other marinas. Nice and quite. The Oar restaurant and bar is on the premises. Great food and drinks. We prefer to use our boat bathroom and showers wherever we go. The marina restrooms and showers were the only negative. Not for us, since we don’t use. Marina is highly recommended and dock hands very helpful.

by chrissmith on Aug 09, 2019
Wonderful time, they have everything you need from transportation to supplies right at the marina, food was awesome . You can walk just about everywhere you want to go ,really nice place . The staff was helpful and friendly!! We will be returning and recommending the Boat Basin to everyone :)

by summerpassion on Aug 08, 2019
It's a very well run marina, with a store, restaurant, showers, and most importantly, ICE!

by mazza3rd on Aug 05, 2019
Excellent week. Great location, accommodating staff.

by capecodguy on Aug 05, 2019
Excellent two nights at the Boat Basin. It was our first time there. The dock hands were extremely helpful especially since we lost steering on the port engine on the ride over. The Oar restaurant was amazing. The only negative was our slip was all the way inside against the main pier which meant no privacy from foot traffic,

by sumrfun on Aug 03, 2019
Thank you to justin and staff.every one very helpful.wonderful marina and lovely stay.

by jbernadi on Aug 03, 2019
Shore power was poor. Could not plug in without tripping circuit breaker. Had to run generator for 5 days! Other boats had similar shore power problems!

by radiowaves on Jul 30, 2019
Had a great stay at the Basin. Much of the Basin's charm was it's vibe of being "behind the times" and it was priced accordingly. New Management company, same great management team lead by Justin and significant improvements (with I'm sure more to come) are great. I understand a price increase was needed to pay for those improvements, but it did seem significant. I questioned it when I made my reservation and Justin said, "Just give me a chance." We did and it was GREAT. We bring a car and the parking pass idea is awesome, no more fighting for a parking spot. And the same goes for the dinghy passes, there was always room for my dink on the reserved north side. Great job guys and look forward to coming back next year. Jerry

by kat on Jul 29, 2019
Great time as always, thank you Justin and crew!

by angd1953 on Jul 29, 2019
My recent stay was great, I have been staying at Boat Basin for many years, it is really improving, the new dock's are very nice, except for the space between sections, you really should consider some kind of T molding to prevent someone from tripping in the space. The new lighting on the east side of the dock house is great. The dinghy dock space for marina guests is very nice. The dock staff is very helpful. I was very happy to see Justin in charge, he seems to bring a new level of pleasure to the marina, you could tell he puts his heart into his work, keep up the good work. I'm sure there are more improvements coming. I look forward to my next stay at New Harbor Boat Basin. Respectfully, Angelo DiRienzo (Nice Aft)

by cjb347 on Jul 29, 2019
Great dock staff. Unfortunately no Internet that would’ve been nice. Great vies and love The Oar!

by jddiana on Jul 28, 2019
Frist off, the marina is very nice. But for the price, there is no internet or cable tv. The staff helping to dock the boats are terrific! However, initially we were put in a slip that was barely 15 feet wide and our beam is just over 13 feet; we got in ok but we were at opposite ends of the marina from the friends we were traveling with. I asked to be moved closer and they accommodated us but after a half hour we were told that we were put in the wrong slip. If we wanted to be close to our friends we would have to be on the inside which is really too small for our boat. I asked to move back to the original slip but they said that they would help us in since "that is what they do." We accepted but it took grease to get us into that slip. I asked to change since I didn't know how I would get out of the slip without help; but, they didn't seem interested in doing that. After thinking about it, it made more sense to be back at the originally assigned slip but there was now another boat it that slip. They said that they would help me out in the morning but that I was "on my own" if we decided to leave before 8AM on Sunday. We understand that they were full but there seemed to be no interest in trying to help us out. Bottom line: I would not recommend this marina or would I o back to the New Harbor Boat Basin.

by tubtoy on Jul 27, 2019
Best on Block Island. Period.

by jgrintz on Jul 27, 2019
Bathrooms and showers are in poor shape. No WiFi offered.

by cblack on Jul 26, 2019
Wouldn’t stay anywhere else on the island! Beautiful new docks plus awesome dock staff! Great little general store and grilling area making it a great spot for families. Bonus having the Oar Restaurant on site too! Can’t wait to come back!

by ezkwiatkowski on Jul 26, 2019
Great spot new floating docks. Having to use Oar Restaurant as transient facilities continues to be a negative although they are cleaner than in past. Still only marina on island that doesn’t raft you up with other boats. I

by jsalafia1 on Jul 23, 2019
I gave it an awesome because staying on Block Island at the Boat Basin is a pleasure of life. Docks are rebuilt and pretty tall, you need a step to get off the platform. The only problem is...the power. I guess new codes require GFI breakers at he pedestal and that causes some boats to have problems getting power. I was able to get power, but the circuit breaker popped at different times during the day, even while only running 1 a/c. The staff is very accommodating, trying to overcome this issue. I can't say enough about the staff...they are just great helping you dock, etc. Thanks to all for another great experience.

by brooklynlady on Jul 23, 2019
Justin and his team are great, there's always a few issues in boating and they deal with it very well, and are most accomodative, been going there 30 years....thanks

by knotworkinll on Jul 21, 2019
The dock hands are so helpful, the entire staff is very welcoming. Love our visits to the Boat Basin!

by strask09 on Jul 20, 2019
Justin and his Boat Basin Crew are very accommodating. Beautiful new floating docks and power- made for a wonderful night stay. Cant beat the Oar Sushi- we'll be back for sure!

by rmoss on Jul 20, 2019
I am delighted to write a review for The New Block Island Boat Basin. We have had the opportunity to visit your marina as guest twice this month. Your leadership team Justin and Sue, possess a unique set of leadership skills; they are safety minded, organized, consistent, and have good relationships with their customers. Your dock hands are accurate, succinct, thoughtful, insightful, sensitive, yet concise and specific. Justin and Sue have the ability to communicate complex information to anxious Captains in a way that is easy to understand and follow. It is a pleasure to spend time at your dock.

by suzitrips on Jul 19, 2019
Marina Response:
Hi Suzitrips, We are sorry you experienced this, we are aware of the situation, and we would like to clarify that this was a personal dispute between private citizens, not an employee of the marina. This does not reflect the character of our marina, we are a family marina with family values. Again, we are sorry you experienced this, if you would like to discuss this further, or have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. (401) 480 1429 Thank you, Justin Lewis

by cookie42 on Jul 19, 2019
An excellent stay as always. We love Justin. He is a great manager. The dock young men were outstanding.

by smokeio70 on Jul 15, 2019
Outstanding place to stay. The staff was extremely helpful.

by barryfish on Jul 13, 2019
Great location. Short walk to Old Harbor restaurants and shops. Easy access to world class doesn’t get any better! New floating docks and shore power connections were perfect. Justin’s dock hand crew were always there to assist as needed. Shower facilities and restrooms at the Oar Restaurant are old and crowded but the head on the boat is new and a much shorter walk. Will be back.

by jnelson45 on Jul 13, 2019
Although price went up the service always great. Young Mr. Will very helpful as in years past.

by rogerbaril on Jul 12, 2019
Excellent we had a great time love the new docks and power stations

by tspooner3 on Jul 09, 2019
Very good improvements with the new docks. Cleats could use a bit more thought - they are not always in the right place. I love the 10pm quiet time - I spend a lot of time with my grandchildren and the loud music and partying into the wee hours was always a problem. I'm looking forward to more improvements - seems the new owners are committed to make this a great experience (although it's really good now)! I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and look forward to going back

by reelmagic on Jul 09, 2019
Marina took on a new life with new docks and electric. Dockhands were very helpful and couldn't have done more......

by nyplayer26 on Jul 09, 2019
Justin and staff are fantastic, always standing by ready to help. The new docks were fantastic with ample power to run everything we needed on a larger boat. Always a great time, we’ll be back again and again.

by garycg on Jul 09, 2019
Great Staff! Docks are brand new. More than enough power. Will def be back!

by sharkhunter on Jul 08, 2019
We had a wonderful 9 days at the Boat Basin! The staff are wonderful!

by ferrillo on Jul 07, 2019
Great stay! Dock staff helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Nice new docks. Never rafted which is great especially on a holiday weekend.

by kjfpaf on Jul 07, 2019
Great dock crew, great location. Floating docks with no rafting. We have been coming here for 15 years. Justin and his crew run a great marina !

by ultraccd on Jul 02, 2019
Dockhands were the most Amazing at any marina. New docks were very nice and location was great. The not so great were electrical posts not working, no WiFi and no gift bag. Would have expected this at $6/ft.

by tomanddiana on Jul 02, 2019
We enjoyed the new docks, like that you have ice available. The showers & toilets need up-dating.

by mlague on Jun 30, 2019
Marina upgrades will disappoint you if you have a 2006 or older boat. New power upgrades will leave you powerless and you won’t find out until you plug in. Started 4th of July vacation with reservations booked 6 months ago only to find alternative docking. Thank you Payne’s!

by mkost001 on Jun 29, 2019
Love the new floating docks! New management, old staff, all doing a great job!

by rick749 on Jun 11, 2019
Everything was great except the showers. They were never that good, but they have gotten worse with the new owners. The water is not hot and the coin system malfunctions. It is dirty and there is hardly any place to put your towel. Please fix this as I plan on returning later this summer.

by dnauber on Jun 11, 2019
Our favorite spot on Block Island. Justin and team always deliver excellent and friendly service. Only complaints are the showers. Men's could use some hooks and I'm told the women's needs an outlet on the shower side of the curtain so you can dry your hair without being out in what is also the bathroom area for The Oar.

by dstrang on Jun 10, 2019
YOu guys have totally stepped up your game - friendly, professional service and love the new docks. Now if you can get the Oar to serve breakfast - or at least coffee life would be perfect. Cheers - Dave

by pceasrine on Jun 02, 2019
Docks being upgraded. Helpful staff. Great location

by captew on Jun 29, 2010
You can't compare the luxury and family atmosphere of this marina to any other. The staff is always able to help. NO RAFTING!!!! Thank-you for that. Rally is a Block Island institution w/ all the info you could possibly need. Worth the wait, worth the money!! You will never have a nicer cocktail than overlooking Great Salt Pond from the deck of the Oar Restaurant. Bring your oar to hang up and join the crowd. Sneak back in the fall and enjoy having the island to yourself.

About New Harbor Boat Basin

New Harbor Boat Basin Marina offers 100 slips with 85 reserved for transients. Reservations can be made via our website and are preferred in July and August.

Temporary Dockage is available for 4-hour increments of time, on a first-come, first-serve basis. $2.00/ft off-season; and $4.00/ft in-season and weekends

Booking Info

Fourth of July Weekend there is a three night minimum, you can book for one day but will be charged the 3 nights.

Victory Day is a two night minimum, you can book for one day but will be charged for 2 nights.

Please note that ONLY 50% of your payment will be collected at the time of confirmation. The remaining balance will then be collected on your date of departure.


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Ship Store
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Ice
  • Floating Docks
  • Pet Friendly



New Harbor Boat BasinNew Harbor Boat BasinNew Harbor Boat BasinNew Harbor Boat BasinNew Harbor Boat BasinNew Harbor Boat BasinNew Harbor Boat BasinNew Harbor Boat BasinNew Harbor Boat BasinNew Harbor Boat Basin