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Watch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NY

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One Bayberry Walk
Bayberry Dunes, NY 11772
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135 Reviews

by dmatheson on Sep 27, 2020
Always a great place

by zickr01 on Sep 26, 2020
Steve is great! We enjoyed our stay. One area needing attention is the food truck. The food quality is poor (got a frozen chick nugget) and the kids he has working there lack customer service skills and etiquette. I attempted to get 4 drinks about 25 minutes prior to closing..attitude from the staff. Ultimately after 5 minutes of no movement one of them comes up and says the blender is broke and they are waiting for a replacement. I replacement came the following day..laziness and lack is service standards...even when you order anything it’s like you are putting them out. Suggest you start fresh with a new staff next year.

by onawhim on Sep 21, 2020
Great place to spend the summer and fall! Doug and Lee are awesome!

by captaintony50gt on Sep 17, 2020
I love this place. Been coming for over 30 years. Due to circumstances I haven’t been here since they “upgraded” the electric service. In a word it’s terrible. The GFI breakers keep tripping. Can’t use my AC and it’s not just our boat. Every boat that came in during my stay experienced the same thing. If this doesn’t get corrected I will not return especially during the summer when AC is a must.

by dahagan6 on Sep 16, 2020
Dock Master John & Steve and all the crew always there to help. Doug and Lee so nice.

by menza30 on Sep 15, 2020
Watch Hill is like a tropical paradise. The family and I love this place. Was going for the day and turned into a sleep over. This will be my gobto spot all next summer

by viking50 on Sep 14, 2020
great time, staff is awesome

by dianik on Sep 13, 2020
The DJ you hired to play music on 9/12 was outstanding!!!! I've never had this much fun in my life!! I literally danced from 12n through 10pm. My friends and I had a blast. Not to mention the food that was sold from the food truck was even better than going to the restaurant. The staff works their butts off and made sure we were happy and satisfied.

by pwaldman on Sep 13, 2020
Love Watch Hill during the week when its not so crazy.

by mrmartin246 on Sep 13, 2020
Got the great slip I asked for. App would not let me indicate that we were going to leave the same day we came. Don’t get that.

by readyornot on Sep 08, 2020
Always a good time.. fellow boaters are considerate and helpful ... Doug and the crew are doing a great job considering

by statbiomed on Sep 08, 2020
We had a great Labor Day Weekend, Weather was perfect . Nice music all weekend . Great Staff

by bradhunt on Sep 08, 2020
It was an amazing stay largely due to the tremendous dockmaster’s!
Marina Response:
Yes we have a cancellation policy. It is posted on Dockwa. Thank you.

by bailey5697 on Sep 07, 2020
Love love love Watch Hill ❤️

by karldesu on Sep 01, 2020
Great place!! The staff was OUTSTANDING! From the eager, enthusiastic young men who helped me to tie up to the office staff who were more than accommodating when they realized my electrical connection was not going to work in the slip they assigned me. The place is spotless and in spite of the fire that destroyed the restaurant there, they brought in a food truck which has excellent food to boot! I will be returning!

by hundtk on Aug 31, 2020
Fantastic time- weather was percect

by kbrowning on Aug 31, 2020
Frequent visitors. Love it

by tejpreet on Aug 30, 2020
Had a great time!! Would do again!!

by joethelawyer on Aug 29, 2020
The staff is terrific. Early in the season I had a problem with connecting to their upgraded GCFI electric; had to leave. The y gave me a name and number of a marine electrician. I spoke with him and he gave me suggestions on how to solve the problem. It worked. So, now I’m back there and happy. It’s a shame that there doesn’t seem to be any progress on rebuilding the restaurant, but the store is open. Just came back from there and it was good to see how much busier it is now. That’s great. The Dockmaster is a delight as us the staff.
Marina Response:
Hi Joe, sorry you had an issue with the GFI system but it may be worth figuring out why you have a ground fault. It protects life and property and it is worth fixing. We had at least one million dollar picnic boat with an arcing main wire in their panel and the feedback system picked it up. His box had severe burn marks and who knows what could have happened. NOTE that eventually all marinas will have to go with GFI protected systems to meet the National Electric Code. We can help you with a great ABYC electrician who can help you find the ground fault quickly and usually inexpensively. Call us at 631-597-6073. Also note that we now have self-service GFI breakers on each slip (two per pedestal) so no longer can one boater trip another. MOST boaters are doing great on our system and can have peace of mind that their boats are safe from ground faults. Only a small percentage of boats have an issue and once corrected perform as they should. All the best and we hope to see you back.

by anthonysgu on Aug 25, 2020
Very nice stay, bathrooms need to be cleaner

by ezuyz15xzxtp8gwy85tl on Aug 24, 2020
Great day at Watch Hill. Beautiful, large marina. Live music and food and drink at food truck. Nice boardwalks all over to explore and hit the beach. Brought back memories when we use to camp in tents there. Can still do that or glamping! Beautiful beAch for swim. Will come again by boat for sure!

by budman1985 on Aug 23, 2020
Excellent time good social distancing very relaxing

by jfazny on Aug 22, 2020
We love Watch Hill. Great communication. Love reserving our bulkhead slip. Clean facilities and welcoming crew.

by jht620 on Aug 20, 2020
It was in our top 10 mini vacations for our 41st anniversary. We had a great time

by gaylecz on Aug 12, 2020
Quiet, beautiful, peaceful, tranquil. Fun DJ night, would love to come back

by hydrotherapy on Aug 12, 2020
Watch Hill is a great value for staying on fire island. The marina employees are helpful and will tie you up when you pull in. It would be helpful when docking if they monitored the marine radio. The bugs are not bad this year. The only complaint I have is the showers are always ice cold.

by cpacarl on Aug 10, 2020
Finally music is back at WH. DJ Saturday night, and live music Sunday afternoon. If you don't want to hear the DJ on Saturday night, stay on A or B docs. The only downside, there only allowing one person at a time in the restrooms (could have a long wait). The restrooms still need updating, and there is still no spraying for bugs. But the people are nice, and it's still an enjoyable place to stay.

by tron815 on Aug 10, 2020
A Great time again. Doug , John and Steve are working very hard and doing a excellent job. New upgrades every time I stay. Heading back in a few weeks and we can't wait !

by freddysea on Aug 10, 2020
Very easy. Employee met us at check in and then assisted with tie off at the bow

by cloduffield on Aug 10, 2020
Restaurant was closed from the fire last season, but the food truck was very good. The store had a lot more items this year which saved us a walk to Davis. Always a great time.

by joebonafede on Aug 09, 2020
Everyone we spoke to on the staff was amazingly pleasant and professing. ❤️❤️Loved the music at the food truck On Saturday night!!!

by pisan on Aug 03, 2020
awesome, loved it, great time

by rockabilly on Aug 03, 2020
Toilet paper ran out, $12 for an egg sandwich, really? Other than that, good first experience. Thx!

by teriann44 on Aug 03, 2020
Always a good time at Watch Hill. Friendly dock master & staff

by christina1422 on Aug 02, 2020
Great Stay:) Beach is amazing :) no snack bar, tiki bar Or restaurant due to there fire they had... There is a food truck (little slow to get food) but delicious egg sandwiches:) they have a convenient store which is very well stocked with everything u would need from household items to fresh food items and breads. Plenty of T-shirt’s and sweat shirts available

by donnajean15 on Jul 28, 2020
electric did not work at our slip-had to run cord to the next slip over:(

by tangosgs on Jul 28, 2020
Excellent place and excellent staff. The only down is the restaurant not working, should be rebuilt ASAP.

by jlsnka on Jul 28, 2020
Watch Hill marina is the best facility on Fire Island

by dnns_james on Jul 27, 2020
slip was available on time/ i travel 6 hours to get there Bugs were as usual, I wished it was back to normal music, resturant etc

by cwohlberg on Jul 27, 2020
The marina is very nice and well protected. The local store had anything we needed but was a little pricey. A bag of ice was $500 and should have been 1/2 that. Two downsides. I was told repeatedly they were warm showers when they are not. Very cold. The other is the power. Why there is no 30amp power I don't know. Why they do not sell or rent converters, I don't know. BE PREPARED.

by rovokat on Jul 27, 2020
The staff is always very friendly and helpful! Thanks for a wonderful family day. Four stars because bathrooms need a bit more attention.

by bobterisch on Jul 26, 2020
Beautiful marina. Staff very friendly.

by brucehydock on Jul 22, 2020
Great marina. Power issues, but was handled. Dock hands very helpful. Issues with slip assignments being changed after I booked and confirmed. But they dock master made arrangements and had another slip for me when I arrived. It’s always a wonderful relaxing time.

by rgshaw23 on Jul 21, 2020
Food truck was not open till 7pm as advertised. We unfortunately were only planning on eating there since that’s was the only option and we didn’t bring any dinner food. They closed the truck at 5pm, worker said it was because there wasn’t enough business that night. We then didn’t stay the night and moved the boat to Davis so we can get some food

by thedoghousecapt on Jul 21, 2020
Great stay. Slip request couldn’t be granted because marina was full. However we were given a very decent spot. I’ve had better communication from other marinas regarding confirmation and slip assignment. But this all worked out great.

by andrew7382 on Jul 18, 2020
StAyed for a few days before the 4th of July. Very little social distancing being enforced. All the employees huddled in the dock masters shed without masks and people sitting on both sides of the docks making social distancing difficult. Sent a letter to them to address the issue and it was ignored.

by mwschaefer16 on Jul 17, 2020
Always a great time for the whole family at Watch Hill! Doug and his crew do a great job making you feel welcome. The general store is much improved this year with a great selection of goods. Our only complaint is that the bathrooms could use some updating.

by steve424 on Jul 13, 2020
"A" Dock, slip #9. Great marina. Docks are beautiful, all amenities are clean and well cared for. Dock hands are super-professional. There is a food tent and alcohol if interested. Live music. The nature walks are outstanding and the beach is perfect. We took the short walk, along the beach to Davis Park to visit the Casino Restaurant and have a "Rocket Fuel." Side note: Yes, there are mosquitos and horse flies at Watch Hill. They are present at dusk and very early dawn. But don't worry, even the slightest breeze keeps them at bay. Spray on a little repellent and you're fine. We hardly noticed them. The Watch Hill experience over all? On a scale of 1 to 10? An 11. We will absolutely return.

by abarth01 on Jul 09, 2020
Great place to stay, the staff was very accommodating to whatever we needed. We will most definitely be going back!

by mikeyb8124u on Jul 08, 2020
We LOVE Watch Hill The staff is Awesome and they keep the marina in excellent condition Thanks Doug, John and Staff. Michael & Janet. (Grey Goose)

by k3sons on Jul 07, 2020
It was great except for the mosquitoes. They were really bad. I don’t think we will be back because of that.

by fiegas on Jul 02, 2020
We stayed 12 days, and had a wonderful time. The dockmaster John was very pleasant and accommodating. There are numerous dock boys & gals to help you tie up etc. The new electrical system is reliable, they added new GFI breakers and no one had an issue. AS some may know they had a fire in the restaurant last Sept, and the Park Service has been holding up the rebuild. In it's place there is a wonder FOOD Truck with an amazing Chef Cody. TH hey are serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinners every day. The food is very fresh and excellently prepared. There is a large tented area with tables and an large open area with tables. They hope to have an outdoor bar for Labor Day Weekend and beyond ( again Park Service delayed it. ) Doug & Tom (consessionairs) are very hospitable and are eager to meet any needs. Covid restrictions include Masks for the store and bathroom area, and smaller seating on the docks, so folks can get by, distancing. Of course, the beach is pristine and very empty, the clamming and hanging at the beach bay were so much fun. Highly recommend staying. We will return for sure.

by geomorr on Jun 30, 2020
The stay was nice due to place and the people we were with. I requested a slip on D Land. I was assigned D Pier. No big deal, however, because the marina relocated poles, but did not relocate electric stations, at my slip the transom door lined up with not only an station but a large fire extinguisher station, making it difficult to get on or off the boat. One of my passengers did fall and was hurt while trying to get on the boat. In addition, a boat neighbor who apparently had a problem in his boat electrical system and couldn't hook up, was running his generator. Because of this, I asked the marina dockmaster for a different slip. He said he would get back to me. He never did. Fast forward to late evening, I refused to go to my cabin to sleep with the neighbor's genny running with the exhaust aimed at my boat. I brought this to the attention of Doug, the concessionaire, who eventually ran an extension cord to this neighbor's boat. When asked if the neighbor's genny would shut down during the night, Doug refused to say. I found myself insisting Doug to enforce his own marina rules of 'No Generator use in the marina. He refused. Fortunately, the generator was not started during the night. It's clear, Doug, as Manager of a marina, needs to educate himself on the dangers running any engine or generator with other boats nearby and familiarize himself with his own marina rules. As a senior member of the Great South Bay Power Squadron, I will be advising the Squadron to hold our events elsewhere until we see the marina is better managed. George Morrissey [email protected]

by thumper8541 on Jun 29, 2020
The crew there does a great job - awesome place and a great dock!

by joelisa14 on Jun 28, 2020
Dock staff great,food truck food very good,best lobster roll I've had in long time

by polkajta on Jun 28, 2020
The marina is great and the dockmaster John and the rest of the management team ( Doug and Steve) were over the top with assistance. As the electric fixes of the past year maybe good overall, my Formula boat has certain safety features which are not compatible with the electrical configuration. I recommend that the website inform all Formula owners to identify the location and functionality of their galvanic isolators so they have the ability to disconnect it if necessary.

by surehotfntt on Jun 23, 2020
Loved the atmosphere at the marina and the beach. Staff was very helpful and facilities were clean. A little disappointed that there was no restaurant open. Also the mosquito's at sundown were unbearable. Other than that I would recommend to family and friends. I will be adding Watch Hill to the list of future destination.

by edepyymi6xsukiyhz6nx on Jun 16, 2020
Friendly arrival staff and easy transition to docking area. Snack bar will not be open through 2020 so provision in.
Marina Response:
Thanks for the great review! CLARIFICATION -- The FOOD TRUCK will be OPEN SOON and the BAR TENT in a few weeks. Will will announce on @loveFINS social media and via email newsletter at Delays are due to COVID-19. Update: June 15, 2020.

by inspectorpaulieb on Jun 15, 2020
Seasoned boater. Docked at D30 No numbers on dockside. Stayed 2 nights. Just extended another day. Beautiful here

by jfred55 on Jun 15, 2020
Great service, helpful crew, and beautiful beaches!

by boilerman1 on Jun 15, 2020
Some new improvements to docking. Mosquitoes are terrible, DON'T forget your bug spray. Would of been nice if they had spent some money on the restrooms.
Marina Response:
Generally only come out at dusk and dawn when no wind. We fired up the mosquito magnets. We sell bug spray just in case. We put in new stall partitions and will be painting and changing some fixtures.

by liono58 on Jun 14, 2020
A great marina. New concessionaire is doing a great job.

by diggin2day on Jun 14, 2020
Great place to stay... clean, quiet and fun. The dock hands RAN to my boat as I was pulling in and helped tie me off with precision... courteous and respectful. We’ll be back there often.

by johnnyboyzacconegmailcom on Jun 13, 2020
very nice stay no issues

by saltydog7 on Jun 09, 2020
Watch Hill is a beautiful place. Steve was very helpful and patient discussing slip options with me since I have some health issues that require some consideration.

by gradyguy04 on Jun 07, 2020
Dock master was great , very helpful with anything you needed.... everything at marina not open yet due to covid 19, but still had a great stay .....

by kret1121 on Jun 07, 2020
Great family marina

by tduggan31 on Jun 02, 2020
John & his dock hands are right on their game. Help is there if needed. The staff is welcoming & friendly. Tom The Kitty Whooo These guys are doing an incredible job under some very different circumstances. Great time this past weekend. Tom The Kitty Whooo

by brasitico on May 27, 2020
Stay was awesome, everyone at the marina was excellent, very helpful. Steve was an absolute gentleman.

by nicrover on May 26, 2020
Luv watch hill love doug and his family they work so hard to accommodate all of us !

by formorefeet on May 26, 2020
Great place, excellent dockmaster & staff. Well run & clean. Beautiful location.

by alwsysforever on May 26, 2020
Dockmaster was fantastic

by tfarber34 on May 26, 2020
Thank You Watch Hill, what a perfect change of scenery. The perfect place to Social Distance while on the water. The staff wiped down all common areas several times a day. Felt very safe

by kabartolotta on Feb 13, 2020
Love Watch Hill! The updates are fanstatic and the location can't be beat. We will be back

by maggielee on Oct 01, 2019
Beautiful natural spot. We had a great time. Loved the music and the food truck. Sunrise at the ocean is priceless. Can't wait to go back. Dockwa makes it so easy to reserve a slip.

by jp3700 on Sep 24, 2019
fun partying under the tent bar

by ohdelco on Sep 22, 2019
Sad about the restaurant burning down. You need to bring provisions for the entire stay during the week. The weekend has a barbecue and bar. We hope they rebuild quickly. Go support them!!! The beach is beautiful as are the views and wildlife. The ocean was fierce this time. ! Bring repellent. The little suckers are still out there!

by captchris5 on Sep 16, 2019
Very nice. Doug and Lee go out of their way to accommodate boaters. The marina is clean and well maintained as are the bathrooms and showers. To compensate for the recent loss of the on site restaurant, they arranged for an outside (under a tent) BBQ and bar on Saturday. Very well done!

by jholland8912 on Sep 09, 2019
First time there - very nice facilities- we had a good lunch at the restaurant.

by nortelny1 on Sep 03, 2019
This labor day weekend was wonderful Doug is doing a great job with the marina. Our stay was amazing, we love it there and the dock master John is a great person he always is there ready to help out and the team of people he has working for him are great. We can't wait to return...

by cthomas519 on Sep 03, 2019
Excellent. Staff came out to help us dock. They walked around over the weekend asking if we needed ice. The restaurant staff is welcoming and professional. Chef Al offers a tasty menu. We love Watch Hill.

by rmsmo1 on Aug 27, 2019
Excellent trip with all 18 of us going to a very good dinner at the Whale House. John and Anthony did a great job of keeping us in slip B7 - you can let Aiden know we fit there very well - so we could be near our cruising friends - even with the wind. DJ/guitarist was great on Sun PM.

by bconforti on Aug 27, 2019
The weather was great. the staff was even better. had visitors come and we had dinner at the restaurant . Lots of fun. small electric problem, but manageable. See you next year

by marke1328 on Aug 26, 2019
docks and facilities met my expectations. People at restaurant were very accommodating and we had a very good experience. Negatives include, the lack of wifi. I need to keep in touch with my business, even when I'm away. Lack of wifi makes this difficult and stops me from spending more time at Watch Hill. The other major negative was the mosquitos. More needs to be done to control them. We were unable to spend much time on the deck due to the constant onslaught of the bugs. I was upset when I learned that a girl scout offered to donate bat houses as her badge project, and they were refused. Bats might be a good start to the control of the insects. Please reconsider. the addition of bat houses does not affect the natural order of Watch Hill and could help.

by jxoxmutcwzzeies6fyot on Aug 25, 2019
Excellent. John the Marina Dock master. Is very helpful. The marina is well kept and very scenic

by jb0176 on Aug 23, 2019
We really enjoyed our stay. The bathrooms were clean, the restaurant was very good as well. We came for lunch, dessert, after dinner drinks. We got to enjoy movie night on Thursday night. We came mid-week Tuesday- Friday to escape the crowds. My family really enjoyed this marina compared to other parts of Fire Island and other marinas Because the docks and facilities were newly updated (after Superstorm Sandy) and because it was quiet, peaceful and the park itself was left undeveloped and natural so we could enjoy more of the beach and wildlife. The teenage dock staff were left on duty midweek and were a bit disorganized. We pretty much handled the docking ourselves.

by tscheuer172 on Aug 20, 2019
The place is so peaceful and the staff so friendly plus we learned about the park from the Park Rangers. I would highly recommend this marina & park to everyone!

by lyurick on Aug 19, 2019
Awesome time we will be back Beautiful beach

by peteski on Aug 12, 2019
Great weekend, perfect weather. Plenty of friendly people

by rxtosea on Aug 12, 2019
Dockhand met us at our reserved slip and had an electrical adapter ready for us . Breezy conditions so no mosquitoes . Had a great rum punch at the outdoor bar to live music and a lobster roll the next day for lunch at the restaurant. Add in the ocean beach just over the boardwalk plus wildlife and it makes for a great weekend.

by ajpetraco on Aug 06, 2019
Restaurant staff was very friendly and responsive, food was ok, would have liked a little more variety, marina is great but could not deal with the mosquitos. Would be there 2-3 times a month if they got the bugs under control. I am retired and live in Moriches and boat over to Westhampton Beach every week during the summer.

by tommyfmu on Aug 04, 2019
Friendly people, nicely slower paced environment, plenty of natural surroundings and wild animal life.

by patience on Jul 30, 2019
The Watch Hill Location is a priceless treasure and the Team who has taken over the contract for running the Facilities is working hard to bring more and better services to the boating community. Issues from last year, power, lack of WIFI, high dockage rates, consignment "start up mode" have been solved and even many fewer mosquitoes (very few), which this location, in the past has been famous for. A very good menu and equally good service at the restaurant allowed us that option as well. Doug, Lee and their Team are doing a great job developing this location. We actually extended our stay several days and received a multiple day discount which was greatly appreciated. Other marina's on Fire Island can be a bit wild on the week-ends but Watch Hill has been able to maintain a balance of folks, older and young that provide a good mesh.... only one request to folks seeking dockage... please keep the political flags in the lockers please.... lets allow all to enjoy without bringing that element of "life" into the fold..... Thanks and thumbs up! MV "Patience"

by wgoercke on Jul 29, 2019
Excellent stay! Everyone was accommodating! Doug, Tom, Bobby and staff were incredible! Great tours by the park rangers. This National Seashore park/marina is a real gem. Way under under utilized!! Definitely returning!

by ajburger on Jul 28, 2019
Great service and the personnel are very friendly and helpful. We love the family atmosphere.

by geokae on Jul 25, 2019
Had the right slip for our boat,park rangers very friendly.Will return there soon.

by lma on Jul 15, 2019
We have been "regulars" at Watch Hill for many years. We love the atmosphere here and usually spend all day at the beach. The new owners have brought many improvements including assistance docking, "glamping" and clean bathrooms. However, the mosquito problem remains and actually seems worse. I know there is not much that can be done since it is federal land, but, this must be a health hazard!

by stephenecherer on Jul 13, 2019
The only complaints we have are the mosquitoes. Bring plenty of insect repellent and avoid being outdoors at dawn and dusk. Also we were disappointed that the band canceled Friday night. It would have been nice to have music while staying at the marina.Everything else was wonderful. Thanks to the new management and staff!

by mlabosco on Jun 30, 2019
Still my favorite beach on fire island. New manager is making a difference with new picnic tables, corn hole games, horseshoe pits, and live music & DJ on weekends.

by serenitynow on Jun 27, 2019
Couldn't have been better!! The whole marina felt new and clean. The staff from John at the dock to Tom to the waitstaff (our Saturday morning waitress was our Saturday afternoon bartender - great personality) cou;ldnt have been friendlier

by jimbo4212 on Jun 24, 2019
Marina is great, music entertainment was great. restaurant service is horrible. Waited way too long to get Poorly made drinks. Ordered drinks and waited over 20 minutes and still did not get them. Had same issue last season, thought you would've worked that bug out. Beer selection is minimal.

by rocknrid on Jun 24, 2019
Always enjoy our family time at Watch Hill. Can’t wait for the free WiFi for boaters

by mfaz36 on Jun 16, 2019
Marina conditions are pretty good. I would’ve given it 5 stars but the bathrooms leave a little to be desired. Also, the showers are located further from the marina and they are cold water only. Not the best but for the price, can’t complain. Local store and food was pretty good.

by steveenoch on Jun 13, 2019
Excellent time. Be back in two weeks.

by jim_lorello on Jun 09, 2019
Great place , fantastic staff, very inviting. Well managed facility

by czarcone on Oct 16, 2018
Thank you Tom, Doug, Maya, Emily & John.

by peysson on Oct 09, 2018
Were there this past weekend to attend the Friends of Watch Hill's big dinner party. What a group of fun people! We had a blast from Fri night through Sat night. The Corn Hole competition was a fun time for all competitors. So many laughs were had as we played and no one spilled their drink once! Already looking forward to next year as a member! Thanks to Whalehouse Point for the party food, fun bar, and their magnanimous gift of a week's stay at the marina as top prize in the raffle! Bill

by searay5000 on Oct 08, 2018
New concessionaire is doing great. Bar and restaurant were great. As usual - mosquitoes were tough. But still a fabulous spot!

by mross10033 on Oct 07, 2018
Don’t let the number of stars fool you. The marina and amenities are great as well as the employees and park rangers. The issue is all with the mosquito problem. They need to do something other then using the propane tanks. It’s not working. Your experience is miserable when all you do is fight off the bugs. There is a great opportunity to have something special but when the entire time is fighting off pests and wondering if your coming home with West Nile virus it ruins the time. Fix that and the place is great. The bathrooms also need to be updated. But that will come I’m sure.

by mrgee69 on Oct 07, 2018
Akways a great place to visit

by 2244rrb on Sep 17, 2018
We had a great 3 night stay, Doug was very help full and went out of his way to make sure things were good. Will go back next year.

by fs on Sep 03, 2018
Watch Hill is a great place. I have been going there for over 40 years. Doug and his crew have done a fantastic job running the marina this year. They have stepped up to try to give their patrons a nice experience. The renovation of the docks after "Sandy damage" and years of wear and tear was a success. Some minor electrical issues at the beginning of the season appear to have been fixed. The renovation should have included new bathroom facilities. The current bathroom are totally inadequate for the number of persons attemping to use them. The staff does a good job of cleaning but you can't clean old rusty fixtures. . They need replacement now. The Parks Service also needs to step up to solve the mosquito problem. The bugs have taken over Watch Hill. Last weekend was the worst I have seen it in at least 10 years. It's time to spray the area to control the mosquitos. It's nice to have an ecological balance but humans are becoming the endangered species at Watch Hill.

by nysport27 on Aug 31, 2018
No need to beat the mosquito issue to death but it’s terrible. We’ve been going to Watch Hill for the last 7 years and can’t remember it being that bad during the day. It was so bad we decided to not get killed cooking. So we decided to eat in the restaurant. That was a bad decision. The doors were open so where do you think mosquito’s were...all over the walls. The food was mediocre at best. They turn the same thin small burger from the outside grill into a “fancy” gourmet burger by adding bacon and Gorgonzola cheese...and charge more than double the price. My recommendation would be to cook yourself and save the money.

by raf389 on Aug 27, 2018
Beautiful weekend and the marina has worked all all the kinks from the construction. Now if they could only do something about the mosquitos.

by jennie on Aug 20, 2018
We had a great time! Even though we had a couple days of stormy weather we still enjoyed every day of our visit! It's actually fun to be here during a passing storm. It makes it exciting and adventurous!! 😳 The family running Watch Hill is super nice and friendly! They really seem to want to do whatever it takes to make people happy and want to vacation here!! The nicest part is, they really seem to care! 😊 I do wish the National Parks would renovate the bathrooms and showers!! That would make everyone's visit more enjoyable!! 😉 We will be back again one more time before the season ends!! Jennie -Babylon Village

by sueraff on Aug 19, 2018
We didn’t have electric, as promised. Also waited 1.5 hours in restaurant to be served dinner and left without ever being served. Terrible service. Disappointed as we have been loyal watch hill visitors for many many years.

by hfireislandaolcom on Aug 13, 2018
Still power issues.. and expensive. Staff did all they could. GFI too sensitive on dock side. Very little to choose from on menu at restaurant. All employees were very friendly 👍

by tomkat09 on Aug 12, 2018
First time back since they reopened. Met the new “owners“, very nice and want the place to succeed. Have their teenage kids helping and they are a real nice family. Didn’t have any problems with the electric but heard others did. They are fixing it with the government. Out of their control. The restaurant food was delicious. I had a steak and it was one of the best I’ve had. Other items on the menu very good too. They also had nice music Friday and Sat night Only downside was the loss of the tiki bar, again out of their control. Some dip Sh$t in the government got rid of this and owners are trying to get it back. If I had to do over again, I wouldn’t have booked for 7 days because of new cancel policy — would only have booked for 3 or 4 then would have done day to day payments to give me flexibility to leave early if the weather changes. Give Watch Hill a try, still the same relaxing place. Owners are around and want to hear feedback to make it better — what more can you ask. Will be back to enjoy it again soon. Thanks for the great week.

by gkreppein on Aug 10, 2018

by photogesigner on Aug 07, 2018
We used to frequent WatchHill. Then they closed it to do repair work after Sandy. Some of the electric boxes are not working. The bathrooms are the same, no improvements. The docks are in very good condition. However, the rest of the place is underperforming. The mosquitoes are unbearable. A simple walk back from the beach and I was covered in dozens of bites. Sit on the dock and get chewed. Tried to escape the mosquitos by going to the restaurant / bar. The bar and restaurant have NO Air Conditioning or fans or music. Sit and sweat while eating. How can anyone expect to sit and eat or have a drink in a sweatbox? So socializing is pretty much out. No dock parties (bugs). No restaurant (sweat). No bar (no music & sweat). No walks to the beach (bugs). Sad to see this beautiful destination lack the appeal it used to have.

by cathf21 on Aug 07, 2018
It was a wonderful day!

by robertecorrado on Aug 06, 2018
The new docks were great. The staff are all kids and no experience but I guess that’s all they can afford. The restaurant had no a/c and no fans. So impossible to eat there. Also $15 drinks! I do t think so! When my boat is 100 feet away stocked with alcohol I am going there before spending $15 for a drink. They do have a happy hour between four and six. But also extremely hot underneath the awning with no fans so I’m not going to sit at the bar whether it be inside or out and sweat my albutt off and spend $15 a drink. This will never last whoever took over this restaurant. Went to go get coffee this morning at the small café and was sweating my butt off. I sujested an umbrella for the people that are waiting. So we will see. The beach was beautiful and the sunsets are incredible . I will be back but would love to use the restaurant maybe the owner will read these reviews and do something about it if not I really do believe this will never last for them.

by bgdmd1 on Jul 30, 2018
Besides the rates going up 50%. 1/2 the power towers didnt work which made it so the boats I went with couldnt stay together. The service at the restaurant was beyond bad and the mosquito infestation made it so you couldnt leave your boat from dusk until mid morning

by lowseas on Jul 30, 2018
Our recent stay at Watch Hill marina was ruined by mosquitos. The Park Services refusal to do anything to control these disease carrying pests defies reason. Millions of tax dollars were spent to renovate the marina but the overwhelming swarms of mosquitos render much of it unusable. To walk to the beach or use most of the park's other natural attractions is a painful and dangerous task. The marina is nice, the staff is very accommodating. and the location is outstanding. All of this is overshadowed by relentless swarms of mosquitos.

by georgeleace on Jul 22, 2018
The main breaker for my slip kept tripping. Not at the slip but at the main box. I had to have the staff reset it at least 10 times over two days. I was forced to use my generator one night because it was racing and I couldn’t open the windows and I lost power at 1 AM. Hard to believe this brand new electrical system is already failing. Absolutely nothing wring with the boat. I have no issues with this at my home marina or at west Hampton we’re i stayed last weekend. Love watch hill but extremely disappointed

by joelrobertrusso on Jul 21, 2018
Magnificent, immaculate, new docks, nice staff, great drinks at the bar, went to dinner in Davis Park 5 stars, - all boardwalk to get to Davis Park, beach pristine! NO PUMP-OUT WORKING! . They definitely need to fix this. Pump-out boat only comes on weekends. Showers cold FYI, we used our boat shower. Other than the pump out Watch Hill is a great vacation spot! Don't forget you need a 50 amp adapter here if you want electric.

by cagnotti on Jul 20, 2018
Excellent stay.....serene....clean.....quiet

by 78544360 on Jul 09, 2018
The Marina looks great and the staff, dock master John , the reservationist Drew and the crew in the snack bar, couldn't have been more pleasant and accommodating. The weather held out and we had a great time this past weekend. We are looking forward to spending more getaways there this summer. Thanks again to all involved in getting this wonderful marina up and running again this summer. WELL DONE!!!!

by gbrown on Jul 08, 2018
The slip they told me 2 days prior D23 was already given to another boat. Told me to go to another slip but was too small. Gave me a slip without side access. Told me I would receive a 50 % discount because of their mistake but still haven’t yet. Very unprofessional and unorganized.

by jimlorello on Jul 07, 2018
Great National Park Great staff

by kevinjce280 on Jul 03, 2018
Firstly we paid cash for a slip at the marina because the reservation did not go through. Then we were charged through dockwa. We have called to rectify the charges but have not heard back. The marina had a power outage which I know was out of their control, but the outage caused our battery charger in our boat to fry. Now we need to buy a new $400. Battery charger to replace it.

by giaria on Jul 01, 2018
Best boating day of the season! Happy to see watchhills reopen and worry free docking. Beautiful fire island seashore is spectacular and watchhill makes for a memorable experience!

by wbasil on Jun 18, 2018
the docks & electric were very nice since they just renovated them. Bathrooms were old & falling apart. people were very friendly.

by swilsoniisl on May 29, 2018
Marina re-opened after a long renovation. Aside from some fresh wood around the visitors center and new electric posts there wasn't much of a noticeable difference. Boats near us on B dock were having electric issues but we had good electric all weekend. Disappointed to learn that the Tiki bar will not be opening again. Reservation system worked well.

by rinnie409 on May 27, 2018
Arrived at Marina on Friday to find, they had no 50 amp pigtails. When then went up to the store to find the snack shack was not open, the store had beer only and the restaurant was not going to be open. An 50 amp cord arrived 3 hours later that day. Was very surprised to find on a holiday weekend that they were so unprepared. Very dissatisfied with how it went. The only thing that went smooth was the increased rates charged to my credit card.

About Watch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NY

Multi-day Minimum Rates for advance holiday & weekend reservations are waived for same day reservations (only apply for advance reservations but Dockwa cannot automate). If you need an adjustment please check-in with a dock attendant or the Dockmaster to make certain your bill is adjusted.

Visitor services are open 7 days per week including snack bar, restaurant & bar with frozen cocktails, scoop ice cream and general store. Live Music every weekend including shoulder season.

2020 Shoulder Rates $2.50 / ft * - Weekend & Holiday Rate (F,S,S) $1 / ft - Weekday Rate (M,T,W,T) $9 / ft - Weekly Rate (22%+ discount)

Watch Hill SPECIAL – 15% of total dock bill voucher for Food & Beverage for any three (3) to six (6) consecutive day stays (this special replaces the old Weekender, Mid-week and Sunday Brunch specials). F&B voucher must be used during your current stay (expires upon departure). * Single night advance weekend reservations allowable in Shoulder Season except for three (3) day minimum rate on Memorial Day weekend for advance reservations only but does not apply for first come first serve in unreserved slips.

2020 Summer Rates (June 19 through September 7) $3 / ft * - Weekend Rate (F,S,S & Holidays) $1.50 / ft - Weekday Rate (M,T,W,T) $12 / ft - Weekly Rate (20%+ discount) $14 / ft - Weekly Rate Holidays (15%+ discount)

Watch Hill SPECIAL – 15% of total dock bill voucher for Food & Beverage for any three (3) to six (6) consecutive day stays (this special replaces the old Weekender, Mid-week and Sunday Brunch specials). F&B voucher must be used during your current stay (expires upon departure).

  • For advance weekend night reservations in the peak summer season, there is a minimum two (2) day rate charge. For 4th of July and Labor Day Holiday weeks there are five (5) day minimum rate charges. For the best value and lowest initial deposit, we recommend taking advantage of the weekly rates. NOTE, minimum rates apply only to summer season weekend and holidays booked in advance. Minimum rates do not apply to the shoulder season except for Memorial Day weekend, nor do they apply to same day reservations or “first-come-first-serve” arrivals in the peak summer season when slips are available on the weekends. Check with the Dockmaster for availability. If you book the same day on Dockwa for a single night on a peak weekend night and you are charged the 2 night rate, please request a refund because Dockwa cannot do this automatically.

Escape to Watch Hill -- Long Island's National Park Want the beauty, outdoors and remoteness of Montauk without all the fuss? Discover Fire Island's most extensive salt marsh, the beauty of the barrier island's beaches and dunes, and the solitude of a seaside wilderness at this National Park Service site.

A great family destination, Watch Hill is located on the western edge of the Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness, directly across the Great South Bay from Patchogue, Long Island. It is accessible by Watch Hill Ferry, private boat, and foot only.

From May to mid-October, the Watch Hill area offers a visitor center, family campground and glamping (safari style luxury camping in platform tents), ranger-led interpretive programs (including FREE guided canoe trips and seining for the kids), a 168-slip transient marina with water, electric, and pump-out station; a small convenience general store, snack bar, self-guiding nature trail, picnic area, lifeguarded beach (lifeguards summer only), restrooms, and bathhouse.

The Watch Hill Marina can accommodate boats with beams between 10 and 18 feet and a five foot draft. The majority of slips are 10 - 14 feet wide. Many of the slips, 75%, have electric and water (extra fee charged). There is a 14-day limit for each stay but reserve as often as you'd like. A limited number of slips are available for seasonal rentals. Book your reservation with us today!

SEASON SLIPS are available at Watch Hill. For more info -

Whalehouse Restaurant & Bar – hasn't been more open! All Food & Beverage Services will be open 7 days per week with our Food Truck & Beach Bar Tent.

Live Music, Programming & Kid's Birthday Parties in the National Park We have live music scheduled for most weekends summer and shoulder seasons. We have scheduled three @fishguyphotos multi-media wildlife presentations at Sailors Haven and three more at Watch Hill. All ages love the programs all about wildlife in FINS -- Exploring Long Island's Underwater World, Birding with the Fish Guy, From Plankton to Whales-Why Our Waters Are Worth Protecting, and Long Island's White Shark Research!

Children Birthday Parties in the Park are our exciting new offering for children to enjoy their birthday day not only at the beach but in a National Park, learning about its resources. Contact us for affordable packages that include lunch and ice cream under our shaded pavilion at the Sassyfras. Party times may be coordinated with free National Seashore interpretive ranger guided programming such as seining and the Sunken Forest nature walk, hands on interpretive FINS Visitor Center and, of course, becoming a Junior Ranger!


Dogs are Welcome! Dogs are not permitted on the ocean beach at Watch Hill from the Life Guard area & east but are permitted west of and all other areas of the facility. Pets must always be leashed, and you're required to properly dispose of your pet's excrement.

Enjoy all Fire Island has to Offer but Affordably Water taxi service to western towns is available by request.

Sailors Haven and Watch Hill are two of the more affordable marinas on Fire Island without the resident restrictions of Atlantique and Davis Park.

Boating Clubs We welcome all boating clubs and power squadrons and can provide catering and great value. Please contact us for special events.

Catering & Special Events We are authorized by FINS to do special events from birthdays & anniversaries, non-profits, company picnics, boating clubs, graduation parties, and engagements to weddings. Please contact us for special events.

Weekend & Holiday "Minimum Rates"
Allow us to clarify our weekend rates. There are NO rate minimums for same-day bookings in the peak summer season nor is there ever a rate minimum for advance or same-day bookings in the shoulder seasons, except for Memorial Day weekend. In other words, FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE boaters can book one weekend night on a summer weekend or reserve day of. If the sun’s out, swing by!

Additionally, as indicated in the Cancellation Policy (link below), for advance reservations for 4th of July & Labor Day holiday weeks your initial deposit is refundable (minus the $10 non-refundable reservation fee) only if you cancel fourteen (14) days or more prior to your reservation arrival time and the regular cancellation schedule for partial refunding of initial deposit does not apply. No shows without cancellation prior to arrival time are still subject to the full reservation payment for these two holiday periods as with any reservation.

Booking Info

Our marinas have had recent electrical upgrades with GFI protected circuits and boats should be tested for ground faults prior to arrival.

National Park Service Marina Regulations at Watch Hill & Sailors Haven Marinas

  1. All boat slips will be assigned by Dockmaster. Registration must be available to Dock attendant. Changing of slips is prohibited without approval of Dockmaster. Any boat occupying an unassigned slip will be subject to a fine and/or removal.
  2. D Land at Watch Hill will only be available for vessels 37 ft or greater. The Dockmaster may assign smaller boats into larger slips. The Dockmaster has the authority to reassign any boat.
  3. Boats may leave the marina after payment of dockage fee or after checking-in for an advance reservation and return to same slip provided a line is placed across the slip diagonally.
  4. Quiet hours must be observed from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
  5. Except for seasonal slip holders, boaters are limited to fourteen consecutive nights per visit/reservation during the Peak Summer Season (June 27 – September 2 for 2019).
  6. No swimming and dumping of any waste water from lavatories in marina.
  7. Fires of any type, for any purpose, are prohibited within the park boundaries. No grilling permitted on vessels within the marina. Charcoal grills are provided behind bulkheads along marina.
  8. Cooking grills of any type must be at least 10 ft behind marina bulkheads and not allowed on docks.
  9. Dinghies may be allowed to be tied in front of docked vessels only if they are capable of being immediately lilted onto that bow of that vessel.
  10. No docking is allowed in front of restricted and signed areas or emergency bulkhead or at T section at end of A/B pier at Watch Hill.
  11. The designated fire lanes must remain open for emergency and accessibility purposes. Deck chairs, folding tables or any other articles are not permitted in this area.
  12. Tables are prohibited in the corner behind the NPS Visitor Center at Watch Hill for our visitors with accessibility needs to be able to reach the required ramp along B-land.
  13. Bicycles, scooters and skateboards are prohibited on walks and around the marina.
  14. Tampering with the electrical outlets, panel boxes or wiring is a criminal offense. Anyone caught doing same will be federally cited and removed from the marina.
  15. Jet skis are not permitted at Watch Hill and Sailors Haven.
  16. Dog owners are responsible for all their dog's actions. Dogs must be on a leash no greater than six feet leash at all times and must use marina pet comfort areas.

Explanation of Specials at Watch Hill Marina & Sailors Haven 1. Specials are subject to change at any time without prior notice. 2. Because our reservation system on Dockwa cannot process discounts for some of our specials (Frequent Floater, Weekender & Midweek), discounts need to be processed manually by the Dockmaster. If for some reason we miss applying your discount by the time of your arrival, please check-in with a dock attendant or the Dockmaster to make certain you receive your full discount.
3. FREQUENT FLOATER SPECIAL – with 12 paid daily weekend slips at standard or holiday rate enjoy a free daily slip on us. Shoulder weekend and holiday rate slips may be used in accrual. Weekender and Weekly Rates count as 2 weekend days (3 for Memorial Day Weekender). Not transferable to other boats or owners. You must be registered as a Dockwa user in our slip management system with Dockwa reservations for tallying your days (you get email receipts w/ Dockwa for your records). 4. WEEKENDER SPECIAL – Shoulders $6.00/ft. Book F,S,S by arrival on Friday & get Sunday $1/ft. Memorial/Columbus Day $8.50/ft. Book F-M by arrival on Friday & get Memorial/Columbus Day $1/ft. Summer Season $7.50/ft. Book F,S,S by arrival on Friday and get Sunday half off, not valid Summer Season holiday weeks. 5. SUMMER SEASON MIDWEEK SPECIAL – $4.50/ft. for M-Thurs. Get consecutive Thursday FREE if book M,T,W, not valid week of the 4th of July or week preceding Labor Day weekend. 6. WEEKLY RATE SPECIAL – weekly rate combines Weekender and Midweek Specials, rates slightly higher on specified holiday weeks. Summer $12/ft. Summer Holiday $15/ft. Shoulder & Columbus Day Holiday $9/ft. Memorial Day Holiday $10/ft.
7. DINNER DOCKAGE SPECIAL – Free hourly dockage at Watch Hill only when dining at our Whalehouse Point restaurant. On Peak Summer weekends it's limited to after 4:30 P.M. Boaters must pay first but will be reimbursed upon presenting their dinner receipt to the Dockmaster. Weekend hourly slips may be limited in availability and are at the sole discretion of the Dockmaster. Feel free to call ahead. 8. 1:00 P.M. LATE CHECKOUT SUNDAY BRUNCH SPECIAL at Whalehouse Point restaurant when slips are available (check with Dockmaster first). Offer applies to boaters with receipt for paid brunch, at Watch Hill only, and is at the sole discretion of the Dock Master. Offer applies to the Monday on holiday weekends (not on Sunday).

Insurance and Hold Harmless Clause “All boats docked at the Watch Hill Marina and Sailors Haven Marina must have hull and liability insurance in effect at all times while docked here. The use of said marina dockage facilities is strictly at the boat owner's risk. Watch Hill Marina, Sailors Haven Marina, the operator Love Watch Hill & Sailors Haven, Inc. and personnel (LWH) assume no responsibility whatsoever for the safety of any vessel while docked or anchored in adjoining waters. LWH will not be liable for fire, theft, or storm damage to any vessel, its equipment or any property on or around said vessel.”

Clean Marina Initiative 1. Separate & recycle all solid waste and materials including compostable items in provided bins. 2. Follow directions when using the pump out station. 3. Conserve water - limit time for boat cleaning and report leaks. 4. Conserve electric - turn on water heaters and air conditioning only when needed. 5. Report immediately any spill of fuel, waste or oil products. 6. No maintenance on vessel is to be performed in the marina.


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • ATM
  • Ice
  • Launch Service
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Ship Store
  • Showers



Watch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NY