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42 Reviews

by 2244rrb on Sep 17, 2018

We had a great 3 night stay, Doug was very help full and went out of his way to make sure things were good. Will go back next year.

by jp3700 on Sep 05, 2018

we had a great two nights the staff out there is great weather perfect

by fs on Sep 03, 2018

Watch Hill is a great place. I have been going there for over 40 years. Doug and his crew have done a fantastic job running the marina this year. They have stepped up to try to give their patrons a nice experience. The renovation of the docks after "Sandy damage" and years of wear and tear was a success. Some minor electrical issues at the beginning of the season appear to have been fixed. The renovation should have included new bathroom facilities. The current bathroom are totally inadequate for the number of persons attemping to use them. The staff does a good job of cleaning but you can't clean old rusty fixtures. . They need replacement now. The Parks Service also needs to step up to solve the mosquito problem. The bugs have taken over Watch Hill. Last weekend was the worst I have seen it in at least 10 years. It's time to spray the area to control the mosquitos. It's nice to have an ecological balance but humans are becoming the endangered species at Watch Hill.

by jim_lorello on Sep 03, 2018

Great, a few miles across the bay and your on vacation! Great staff

by nysport27 on Aug 31, 2018

No need to beat the mosquito issue to death but it’s terrible. We’ve been going to Watch Hill for the last 7 years and can’t remember it being that bad during the day. It was so bad we decided to not get killed cooking. So we decided to eat in the restaurant. That was a bad decision. The doors were open so where do you think mosquito’s were...all over the walls. The food was mediocre at best. They turn the same thin small burger from the outside grill into a “fancy” gourmet burger by adding bacon and Gorgonzola cheese...and charge more than double the price. My recommendation would be to cook yourself and save the money.

by pwaldman on Aug 29, 2018

Love Watch Hill during the week when its not so crazy.

by boilerman1 on Aug 29, 2018

Some new improvements to docking. Mosquitoes are terrible, DON'T forget your bug spray. Would of been nice if they had spent some money on the restrooms.

by marke1328 on Aug 27, 2018

docks and facilities met my expectations. People at restaurant were very accommodating and we had a very good experience.
Negatives include, the lack of wifi. I need to keep in touch with my business, even when I'm away. Lack of wifi makes this difficult and stops me from spending more time at Watch Hill. The other major negative was the mosquitos. More needs to be done to control them. We were unable to spend much time on the deck due to the constant onslaught of the bugs. I was upset when I learned that a girl scout offered to donate bat houses as her badge project, and they were refused. Bats might be a good start to the control of the insects. Please reconsider. the addition of bat houses does not affect the natural order of Watch Hill and could help.

by viking50 on Aug 27, 2018

marina is fine, staff was great. bugs were out of control. grew up going there never remember it that bad. would not go back until after the weather cools or earlier next season.

by raf389 on Aug 27, 2018

Beautiful weekend and the marina has worked all all the kinks from the construction. Now if they could only do something about the mosquitos.

by kbrowning on Aug 27, 2018

Thank you Aiden. Very helpful and courteous.

by ohdelco on Aug 27, 2018

Watch Hill hasn’t really changed since before Hurricane Sandy, Bathrooms and showers are untouched as is the restaurant and gift shop. Docks are in perfect shape but be prepared for the electrical to have glitches due to a very sensitive GFI system. (At 2 AM some boater was out in his underwear trying to reset the main breaker box. If he plugged in both sides of his panel, he would blow the whole dock.) But the beach is beautiful as are the views and wildlife- except the mosquitoes 😬! Bring repellent.

by dmatheson on Aug 26, 2018

Great place come here all the tome.

by tfarber34 on Aug 20, 2018

What a great place,

by jennie on Aug 20, 2018

We had a great time! Even though we had a couple days of stormy weather we still enjoyed every day of our visit! It's actually fun to be here during a passing storm. It makes it exciting and adventurous!! 😳 The family running Watch Hill is super nice and friendly! They really seem to want to do whatever it takes to make people happy and want to vacation here!! The nicest part is, they really seem to care! 😊 I do wish the National Parks would renovate the bathrooms and showers!! That would make everyone's visit more enjoyable!! 😉 We will be back again one more time before the season ends!! Jennie -Babylon Village

by wgoercke on Aug 20, 2018

Excellent stay! Everyone was accommodating! Doug, Tom, Bobby and staff were incredible! Great tours by the park rangers. This National Seashore park/marina is a real gem. Way under under utilized!! Definitely returning!

by sueraff on Aug 19, 2018

We didn’t have electric, as promised. Also waited 1.5 hours in restaurant to be served dinner and left without ever being served. Terrible service. Disappointed as we have been loyal watch hill visitors for many many years.

by hfireislandaolcom on Aug 13, 2018

Still power issues.. and expensive. Staff did all they could. GFI too sensitive on dock side. Very little to choose from on menu at restaurant. All employees were very friendly 👍

by tomkat09 on Aug 12, 2018

First time back since they reopened. Met the new “owners“, very nice and want the place to succeed. Have their teenage kids helping and they are a real nice family. Didn’t have any problems with the electric but heard others did. They are fixing it with the government. Out of their control. The restaurant food was delicious. I had a steak and it was one of the best I’ve had. Other items on the menu very good too. They also had nice music Friday and Sat night Only downside was the loss of the tiki bar, again out of their control. Some dip Sh$t in the government got rid of this and owners are trying to get it back. If I had to do over again, I wouldn’t have booked for 7 days because of new cancel policy — would only have booked for 3 or 4 then would have done day to day payments to give me flexibility to leave early if the weather changes. Give Watch Hill a try, still the same relaxing place. Owners are around and want to hear feedback to make it better — what more can you ask. Will be back to enjoy it again soon. Thanks for the great week.

by gkreppein on Aug 10, 2018


by photogesigner on Aug 07, 2018

We used to frequent WatchHill. Then they closed it to do repair work after Sandy. Some of the electric boxes are not working. The bathrooms are the same, no improvements. The docks are in very good condition. However, the rest of the place is underperforming. The mosquitoes are unbearable. A simple walk back from the beach and I was covered in dozens of bites. Sit on the dock and get chewed. Tried to escape the mosquitos by going to the restaurant / bar. The bar and restaurant have NO Air Conditioning or fans or music. Sit and sweat while eating. How can anyone expect to sit and eat or have a drink in a sweatbox? So socializing is pretty much out. No dock parties (bugs). No restaurant (sweat). No bar (no music & sweat). No walks to the beach (bugs).

Sad to see this beautiful destination lack the appeal it used to have.

by cathf21 on Aug 07, 2018

It was a wonderful day!

by robertecorrado on Aug 06, 2018

The new docks were great. The staff are all kids and no experience but I guess that’s all they can afford. The restaurant had no a/c and no fans. So impossible to eat there. Also $15 drinks! I do t think so! When my boat is 100 feet away stocked with alcohol I am going there before spending $15 for a drink. They do have a happy hour between four and six. But also extremely hot underneath the awning with no fans so I’m not going to sit at the bar whether it be inside or out and sweat my albutt off and spend $15 a drink. This will never last whoever took over this restaurant. Went to go get coffee this morning at the small café and was sweating my butt off. I sujested an umbrella for the people that are waiting. So we will see. The beach was beautiful and the sunsets are incredible . I will be back but would love to use the restaurant maybe the owner will read these reviews and do something about it if not I really do believe this will never last for them.

by bgdmd1 on Jul 30, 2018

Besides the rates going up 50%. 1/2 the power towers didnt work which made it so the boats I went with couldnt stay together. The service at the restaurant was beyond bad and the mosquito infestation made it so you couldnt leave your boat from dusk until mid morning

by lowseas on Jul 30, 2018

Our recent stay at Watch Hill marina was ruined by mosquitos. The Park Services refusal to do anything to control these disease carrying pests defies reason. Millions of tax dollars were spent to renovate the marina but the overwhelming swarms of mosquitos render much of it unusable. To walk to the beach or use most of the park's other natural attractions is a painful and dangerous task. The marina is nice, the staff is very accommodating. and the location is outstanding. All of this is overshadowed by relentless swarms of mosquitos.

by andrew7382 on Jul 26, 2018

Great marina very friendly and helpful staff

by georgeleace on Jul 22, 2018

The main breaker for my slip kept tripping. Not at the slip but at the main box. I had to have the staff reset it at least 10 times over two days. I was forced to use my generator one night because it was racing and I couldn’t open the windows and I lost power at 1 AM. Hard to believe this brand new electrical system is already failing. Absolutely nothing wring with the boat. I have no issues with this at my home marina or at west Hampton we’re i stayed last weekend. Love watch hill but extremely disappointed

by joelrobertrusso on Jul 21, 2018

Magnificent, immaculate, new docks, nice staff, great drinks at the bar, went to dinner in Davis Park 5 stars, - all boardwalk to get to Davis Park, beach pristine! NO PUMP-OUT WORKING! . They definitely need to fix this. Pump-out boat only comes on weekends. Showers cold FYI, we used our boat shower. Other than the pump out Watch Hill is a great vacation spot! Don't forget you need a 50 amp adapter here if you want electric.

by cagnotti on Jul 20, 2018

Excellent stay.....serene....clean.....quiet

by tscheuer172 on Jul 18, 2018

The place is so peaceful and the staff so friendly plus we learned about the park from the Park Rangers. I would highly recommend this marina & park to everyone!

by 78544360 on Jul 09, 2018

The Marina looks great and the staff, dock master John , the reservationist Drew and the crew in the snack bar, couldn't have been more pleasant and accommodating. The weather held out and we had a great time this past weekend. We are looking forward to spending more getaways there this summer. Thanks again to all involved in getting this wonderful marina up and running again this summer. WELL DONE!!!!

by fiegas on Jul 09, 2018

We stayed 14 days, and had a wonderful time. The dockmaster John was very pleasant and accommodating. The new electrical system is reliable, but very sensitive. If a boat tripped their slip circuit breaker he worked with them to show them what was happening on their boat. The new concessionairs- Doug & Tom are very hospitable and are eager to meet any needs. They have hired numerous people, chefs, sous chefs servers, etc. and are teaching them to be customer friendly. The outdoor snack bar had lots of great choices, and the new full diner menu is wonderful. Of course, the beach, the clamming, the bay were so much fun. Highly recommend staying. We will return for sure.

by gbrown on Jul 08, 2018

The slip they told me 2 days prior D23 was already given to another boat. Told me to go to another slip but was too small. Gave me a slip without side access. Told me I would receive a 50 % discount because of their mistake but still haven’t yet. Very unprofessional and unorganized.

by jimlorello on Jul 07, 2018

Great National Park Great staff

by kevinjce280 on Jul 03, 2018

Firstly we paid cash for a slip at the marina because the reservation did not go through. Then we were charged through dockwa. We have called to rectify the charges but have not heard back. The marina had a power outage which I know was out of their control, but the outage caused our battery charger in our boat to fry. Now we need to buy a new $400. Battery charger to replace it.

by giaria on Jul 01, 2018

Best boating day of the season! Happy to see watchhills reopen and worry free docking. Beautiful fire island seashore is spectacular and watchhill makes for a memorable experience!

by inspectorpaulieb on Jul 01, 2018

Seasoned boater. Docked at D30 No numbers on dockside. Stayed 2 nights. Just extended another day. Beautiful here

by peysson on Jun 26, 2018

Rebuilt marina is looking great, but still not up and running at 100%. However, they were working hard toward getting there, especially with July 4th coming up. Disappointed that the showers, although clean, didn't appear to be upgraded at all. It's still a top choice marina for us on Fire Island.

by bailey5697 on Jun 18, 2018

This was our first overnight stay at Watch Hill. We are now in the process of booking many more trips! The ease of booking and communicating online as well as the awesome dock workers at Watch Hill have us hooked. Beautiful location!

by wbasil on Jun 18, 2018

the docks & electric were very nice since they just renovated them. Bathrooms were old & falling apart. people were very friendly.

by swilsoniisl on May 29, 2018

Marina re-opened after a long renovation. Aside from some fresh wood around the visitors center and new electric posts there wasn't much of a noticeable difference. Boats near us on B dock were having electric issues but we had good electric all weekend. Disappointed to learn that the Tiki bar will not be opening again. Reservation system worked well.

by rinnie409 on May 27, 2018

Arrived at Marina on Friday to find, they had no 50 amp pigtails. When then went up to the store to find the snack shack was not open, the store had beer only and the restaurant was not going to be open. An 50 amp cord arrived 3 hours later that day. Was very surprised to find on a holiday weekend that they were so unprepared. Very dissatisfied with how it went. The only thing that went smooth was the increased rates charged to my credit card.

About Watch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NY

Weekend Rates

Allow us to clarify our weekend rates. There are NO rate minimums for same-day bookings in the peak summer season nor is there ever a rate minimum for advance or same-day bookings in the shoulder seasons. In other words, FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE boaters can book one weekend night at the $3 per foot rate on a summer weekend. A one weekend night advance booking in the shoulder seasons is always $3 per foot. If the sun’s out, swing by! See here for Marina Rates at both Watch Hill & Sailors Haven.

Food & Beverage Service – We are OPEN!

Currently, we are serving snack bar menus at both Watch Hill (Whalehouse Point) & Sailors Haven (Sassyfras). Visitors may sit inside the Whalehouse restaurant at Watch Hill to escape the weather (and it’s not in our corner) whether you order at the snack bar or choose to order at the bar. Beverage service is open Thursday late afternoon through Sunday for the Shoulder Season. Beverage service will be open every day for the summer season starting Thursday, June 21. Sassyfras, the snack bar at Sailors Haven, is open every day. The snack bar at Watch Hill will be open Wednesday through Sunday for the remainder of the Shoulder Season, then every day for the summer season. We anticipate expanded business hours compared to years past, especially for earlier breakfast service. Our goal is to house Food & Beverage staff at FINS in both Watch Hill & Sailors Haven so that we better serve you the visitors and our hours are not dictated by the ferry schedules. Please drop by, you may be pleasantly surprised that we’re open. You are always welcome.

We anticipate offering the Whalehouse Point dinner menu in time for the Summer Season. We plan to expand menu offerings at both snack bars with a fresher more locally sourced product. Stay tuned for more announcements.

FREE Dockage. We are pleased to announce special offers for FREE Dockage:

  1. FREE hourly dockage when dining at our Whalehouse Point restaurant any day of the week. Weekend hourly slips may be limited in availability and are at the discretion of the Dock Master. Feel free to call ahead.

  2. FREE DAILY SUNDAY-FUNDAY DOCKAGE with Sunday BRUNCH or Dinner at our Whalehouse Point restaurant when slips are available. Offer applies to Watch Hill only and are at the Dock Master’s discretion. Offer applies to the Monday day stay on holiday weekends (not on Sunday) and is not available the weekend before the 4th of July holiday. We anticipate brunch starting Sunday June 24th. In the meantime, lunch or dinner at the Whalehouse Point restaurant may be substituted.

Escape to Watch Hill

Discover Fire Island's most extensive salt marsh, the beauty of the barrier island's beaches and dunes, and the solitude of a seaside wilderness at this National Park Service site.

Watch Hill is located on the western edge of the Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness, directly across the Great South Bay from Patchogue, Long Island. It is accessible by Watch Hill Ferry, private boat, and foot only.

From May to mid-October, the Watch Hill area offers a visitor center, family campground, ranger-led interpretive programs (including guided canoe trips), a 183-slip transient marina with water, electric, and pump-out station; a small convenience store, snack bar, self-guiding nature trail, picnic area, lifeguarded beach (summer only), restrooms, bathhouse, and pay phones.

Sail to Watch Hill

The Watch Hill Marina can accommodate boats with beams between 10 and 18 feet and a five foot draft. The majority of slips are between 10 and14 feet wide. Many of the slips, 75%, have electric and water (extra fee charged). There is a 14-day limit for each stay. Book your reservation with us today!

Booking Info

Shoulder Season Rates - Starting Friday September 14th, as low as half off dockage until end of season

The National Park Service requires all guests of the marina have the captain's address on file.

Please ensure your address is added to your reservation request as a "Special Request" during check out via Dockwa.

If there is no address on file, we will try requesting it from you via Dockwa Chat, email, and/or phone, but note that your reservation will not be valid or honored until it's been provided/received.

Our marinas have had recent electrical upgrades with GFI protected circuits and boats should be tested for ground faults prior to arrival.

All holidays have the weekend rate


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Ice
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Showers



Watch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NYWatch Hill Marina Fire Island National Seashore, NY