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Sag Harbor Village Marina



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7 Bay Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
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68 Reviews

by jzaro1 on Aug 25, 2020
We just had a wonderful stay at Sag Harbor Village. Granted, we were put in front of the pump out... They only have fixed docks. And there really is no wi-fi to speak of. Putting all that aside, the crew that works there were all so courteous and professional. They were great. The location is an A+. So overall we love it here and would return in a heartbeat!
Marina Response:
Thank you for staying at our marina. We do have floating docks available as well as fixed docks.

by catmando on Aug 23, 2020
Always helpful deckhands managing lots of boats, people and attitudes! They do it all with a smile.

by summerpassion on Aug 23, 2020
Very attentive crew!

by joefro4 on Aug 22, 2020
Great location. Friendly. Harbor Master was very accommodating

by wires on Aug 21, 2020
The arrival went a little rough. We had the mooring assignment, but called the dock office upon arrival to learn where in the grid it was. They gave us clear instructions. We could not find mooring C-02. A call back assured us the mooring number so beyond checking each empty mooring we checked boats on moorings. We found another boat on the assigned mooring. We mentioned it to the owner and he said he was on it last night and would be on it that night. Tired of circling the mooring field like lost kids we picked up an empty mooring and again called the dock office. They realized the boat on our assigned mooring was suppose to pick up mooring C-02A. They then directed us to take that mooring and we had two nice nights in the harbor. The visit as always was fine, and it seemed people were doing a good job ashore with the COVID 19 precautions. We noticed so many fewer super yachts! Perhaps the restrictions of the pandemic are keeping away those from high risk areas. We also noticed passing wakes in the harbor were much greater than the many past years. People are getting less thoughtful of their speed!

by zlatkin11 on Aug 12, 2020
I stayed in Marina Park, which can be a challenge for a sailboat since you have to back in. But, the team was helpful. The location is great. The bathrooms are clean. Marina Slip 30 had no internet. None of the slips at the far end close to the Yacht Club have internet, and since Sag has little cell service in the summer, that can be a problem.

by mark42060 on Aug 12, 2020
Protected Convenient Pleasant Great staff

by sugar_magnolia on Aug 12, 2020
As always, the crew was friendly and helpfull. Had a great time in town and enjoyed our visit to Wolffer Estate vineyards.

by cam39g550 on Aug 10, 2020
We had an awesome time, great location and all the people were helpful and very accommodating.

by cuecker on Aug 08, 2020
Nice protected harbor. Responsive staff when asking questions.

by bbernblum on Aug 03, 2020
Took a while to find the mooring. Didn't try to use the lat/long coordinates. It would be good to include a drawing of the mooring field indicating the location of the various sections, identifies by alpha letters.

by guy1r on Jul 27, 2020
Convenient location, easy access. Friendly staff. Highly recommended.

by edlovinglife on Jul 25, 2020
this is my second time there and noticed a whole lot of improvements.

by laborrelli on Jul 23, 2020
A well protected mooring field, easy access to town...

by optipres on Jul 23, 2020
The dock hands and the entire harbor team are kind, helpful and professional. I love visiting Sag Harbor. The entire team is very professional.

by getzaway on Jul 20, 2020
nice mooring field,good access to town, safe ( other than from bad captains who don't understand no wake, Harbor master works hard trying to keep speeders in check. Clean water for swimming. nice weekend spot to see yachts and lots of very nice boat traffic

by bethpye5999 on Jul 20, 2020
Everyone was so helpful and nice. Great location and easy to dock. Will definitely be back!

by ragosti on Jul 18, 2020
I really liked the transient slips but they continue to have issues with their power. Ended up moving to another slip with 50A and that worked. Looks like they have 30A GFI breakers that are too sensitive and keep resetting. Other than that a beautiful area and we had a very good time.
Marina Response:
Thank you for staying with us. The issue with the 30 Amp GFI breakers has been addressed. They have been changed from 5 mA amp to 30 mA.

by kuckert on Jul 13, 2020
Thanks to Bob the Harbormaster who found us a mooring when we encountered issues with Sag Harbor Launch & Moorings!

by reelmagic on Jul 11, 2020
Docks are OK, Dockmaster and team are very helpful. Electric now good. Believe they updated/repaired it. Great stop. Been here several times in the past. Always great.

by pande on Jul 08, 2020
Service was great, very professional. Although we did not have a problem with the electrical hook up the three boats we were traveling with did have a problem Insufficient power.
Marina Response:
Thank you for spending time with us. The electrical service has been totally upgraded this season. After a conversation with the electrician, it was determined the issue was with the gfi breakers sensitivity. This is being addressed.

by cjjewell on Jul 08, 2020
Great spot and great staff

by yenhwqzdz4uus7xloipt on Jul 08, 2020
Always the best spot in town !

by briedog on Jul 05, 2020
Great reservation process, dock staff was very professional BUT the floating dock was not able to accommodate the electric service to the boats ( 5 boats in our party alone) on the dock. We weren't able to run anything but 1 appliance at a time as the circuits would blow on the dock. The 50 amp and the 30 amp services are antiquated and must be upgraded as it is a safety concern. WiFi and Internet service was also down for the 3 days. The Sag Harbor Village Marina DID refund the electrical charges to each boat. The electrical service needs to be upgraded before there is a disaster. Thank you.
Marina Response:
As you know our electrical service has been upgraded. After speaking to the electrician it was determined the gfi receptacles are very sensitive. This is being addressed. Thank you for saying with us and hope to see you again this season.

by billberner on Jun 30, 2020
Love it here. Easy to find mooring

by paulboyf on Jun 19, 2020
Sag Harbor pier under total construction. Kinda messy. Good friendly staff.

by jordanterner on Jun 14, 2020
So convenient. We loved staying there.

by jnapoli on Oct 07, 2019
sag harbor dockmaster and assistants were wonderful. sometimes electric at dock gets low voltage

by searay5000 on Sep 18, 2019
Centrally located, easy town access. Bathrooms are a bit of a walk.

by flycaster1 on Sep 11, 2019
Everything about this stay and sights was nice except that when staying on a mooring as we did the dingy dock which you use to access the facilities ( shower, bathroom,etc.) is a two block walk with all the stuff needed to shower. There should be a dingy dock over in marine park where the facilities are located.

by jddiana on Aug 29, 2019
Always a great place to stay! The dock hands are wonderful and the setting couldn’t be nicer.

by mightymac on Aug 19, 2019
worked out great, easy to access, dock hands very helpful, very close to town and the best price of any marina in the area. would definitely stay here again.

by tcates1225 on Aug 18, 2019
Close to Main Street. Easy docking situation.

by debbielou on Aug 15, 2019
No power, Water availability (one outlet only), and security needs more focus given location as municipal marina in town. Counter to these issues, the dock staff was terrific and always willing to help.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your comments. The dock where your yacht was assigned does not have electricity and I'm sorry you were not aware of this prior to you making the reservation. As far as security, we have not had any issues with vandalism, theft, etc. The Village Police patrol this area on a regular basis. We have also never had any complaints about water from any of the numerous yacht captains that visit Sag Harbor throughout the season.

by blue_diamond on Aug 13, 2019
Staff nice. Transient dock was good but a lot of drop and go boats in and out. WiFi was very spotty.

by ehatch on Aug 12, 2019
Had a wonderful time. We reserved a mooring inside the breakwater .dingy dock ok and there is launch service. Plenty of places to eat

by jakevk on Aug 11, 2019
The dock staff are professional, courteous and friendly. It’s a very popular destination in the summer, and they do an outstanding job of dealing with some imperious personalities.

by boilerman1 on Aug 05, 2019
Dock staff were ok, docks in fair condition but the electric was terrible. We couldn't get a full 110 volt from any of the stations and our ac and refrigerator suffered along with us. I guess they spend their money on the other parts of the Marina. Unfortunately we had some people who couldn't climb up the stationary docks.

by dorfmanh on Jul 30, 2019
The town staff was friendly and helpful. Except for being next to the pump out dock (BTW the pump out guys were very quiet and helpful.) The facilities were clean and the town is hopping. Strongly recommend. And is you require the Chabad is a five min. walk.

by kstreib on Jul 29, 2019
Marina staff was great

by echase on Jul 27, 2019
First, if you’ve never been to this marina don’t look for transient slip where they are located on the chart! The docks are floating, but like the metal pier they are in need of repair. No electrical issues as noted by other reviewers, but we rocked and rolled all day here. I’d guess it’s a no wake zone but some people must think a 14’ dinghy with a 25hp motor isn’t making one. The kids are attentive and where there when we arrived but you have to check what they’re doing with your lines. They run them over the motor, around the boat rails and rubbing across poles. It’s a nicely located spot, but if you need a trip to the shower or bathroom get ready for a walk through town!

by rjcolston on Jul 20, 2019
Marina is very convenient to town and views of the harbor were beautiful. Only issue was poor electric service. We had to run the generator several times when supplied voltage dropped below 90 volts.

by vernonb on Jul 19, 2019
Lot of assistance when docking. Electric poor. First night and day had to run generator. Better the next day when fewer slips occupied.

by wizzer on Jul 14, 2019
Staff was wonderful and helpful. Nice little beach to cool off. The only draw back is the bathrooms and showers are a block away, it’s doable just giving you heads up.enjoy

by jfh on Jul 08, 2019
Great location and the dock staff is terrific. My only critical feedback is that the bathroom and shower facilities need to be upgraded and maintained. They are a bit of a walk to get to but not a big deal.

by tburton on Jun 28, 2019
It’s convenient to downtown and a little cheaper than the others. Showers quite a ways away. Not many amenities. Good if you want to be close to town

by ajsturman on Jun 27, 2019
Thanks! Grat location, friendly.

by rapiti on Jun 14, 2019
Strong mooring during frontal passage. Shore boat took day off, but they are not controlled by village moorings.

by bailinout on Jun 09, 2019
Expensive for a "municipal" dock, but adequate facility.

by tacks2 on Sep 23, 2018
Helpful , friendly, courteous, kind and benevolent.

by paulkramer on Sep 20, 2018
Nice marina near everything. I recommend it. However, the bathrooms are a two blocks away. A long walk.

by rmuhlbauer on Sep 18, 2018
Great location at the base of Main Street, but the floating docks are located adjacent to a public parking lot, which makes it feel somewhat exposed. The staff did not offer any information about the facilities, so I'm still not sure if there are any showers available. For my next visit, I'll pay the upcharge for one of the other marinas.

by d6dayton on Sep 16, 2018
We do so enjoy Sag Harbir. The docks are perfect location to walk to town. Staff is friendly. Marina is clean

by tbm930 on Sep 16, 2018
Great location, great staff

by cjb347 on Sep 05, 2018
Always a great spot to stay. Friendly helpful staff walk everything!

by captjason on Sep 04, 2018
Great location right in the middle of it all. Staff was awesome. Perfect stay.

by maxamaya on Sep 03, 2018
The slip was to small for my boat, a little to much traffic witch made it waves all the time, the electric was good, water aswell, dock staff was attentive and helpful, and the location is excellent.i would return but only if I have a smaller boat my 60’ didn’t fit. Overall good place.

by spider on Aug 29, 2018
Inexpensive, easy to dock, great dock hands.

by maamoo on Aug 28, 2018
Excellent service from the staff

by porter on Aug 11, 2018
Convenient to town and restaurants. Looking forward to a return trip soon.

by wdedomenico on Aug 10, 2018
Great staff....very nice facility

by determination on Aug 09, 2018

by timandely on Aug 08, 2018
Great location. Helpful staff. A little busy with tenders picking up and dropping off people.

by marisha on Aug 07, 2018
Staff was wonderful and location lively. We had a great time. The only downside was that the bathrooms/showers are pretty far from the transient visitors floating dock.

by ezkwiatkowski on Aug 05, 2018
Transient bath facility sorely needs improvement. Otherwise very nice, convenient to town. Staff helpful.

by tlrlc on Jul 26, 2018
Price was right but you have to walk past dumpsters to get to ramp, and the power was weak, we traveled with 3 other boats and we were all getting under 110v from out 30amp plugs, 1 boats A/C would not run due to low incoming voltage. Marina apparently addressed this issue soon after our departure. so i have updated to 4 stars.
Marina Response:
I am sorry that you had an issue with the electric. As you may know, we had an electrician respond by 8:30 the following morning to repair the problem.

by gdavydov on Jul 16, 2018
The stay was pleasant. It was very easy to find marina and mooring buoy. Sag Harbor town is nice, but generally way overpriced, due to close location to the Hamptons and amount of luxury super yachts. Dockwa cancelation policy is very inconvenient though. You can not cancel on a short notice, and credit towards next stay is pretty much useless for the cruisers. You may get to the same marina in next 5 years or may be never. Better will be extend the credit toward next stay in any Dockwa participating marinas. Besides it the service is good.
Marina Response:
Thank you for your comment and we are looking into our cancellation policy.

by northstar1 on Jul 13, 2018
Sag Harbor is a great place to visit. Howerer on arrival Marina did not respond on VHF, so mooring location was difficult. Should have been easier.

About Sag Harbor Village Marina

Sag Harbor Village Marina offers restrooms, showers, 30/50/100/480v amp electric (100 and 480v new in 2020), water, free pump out boat service, wireless internet, a boat ramp and a dinghy dock. All of the docks are steps from the many restaurants and shops.

Before entering the harbor from the east, be sure to stay in the marked channel. There is a rock pile that can not be seen at high tide, south of the channel.

The slips in Marine Park are fixed docks, and you are tying up to a bulkhead. If this is an issue please let us know via chat or special request.

Booking Info

Update June 29, 2020: We are happy to announce we have completed a renovation of our electric system for transient dockage. We understand this was a concern in peak months in the past and should no longer be an issue. Thank you for the patience - we look forward to seeing you soon!

Day Trips are available at a first come first served basis for three hours. Please do not send in a request unless you are ready to dock. The rate for a day trip is $1.75/ft/3 hours with a 20 foot minimum. If your boat is less than 20 feet, we can still accommodate, but you will be charged the 20 foot price.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy Info

For Reservations 0 - 13 nights long: Reservation will be charged a one night deposit and have the remaining balance collected upon arrival. Reservations must be canceled by 11:00 a.m., three days prior to arrival, to receive a full refund. Cancellations within the three days of the reservation, will result in the deposit being forfeited.

  • Note: Cancelation fee will be waived if Eastern Long Island Sound is under a weather advisory on the scheduled arrival day

For Reservation 14+ nights long: Reservation will be charged 50% of their reservation total as a deposit and the remaining 50% will be collected upon arrival. Reservations must be canceled by 11:00 a.m., three days prior to arrival, to receive a full refund. Cancellations within the three days of the reservation, will result in a charge to collect 50% of the total reservation value, if not previously collected as a deposit.

  • Note: Cancelation fee will be waived if Eastern Long Island Sound is under a weather advisory on the scheduled arrival day

All Reservation on Long Wharf: There are no refunds for Long Wharf reservations once the reservation is confirmed. Additionally, reservations for the Long Wharf Slips (Mega-Yacht Berths) #1, #2, & #3 will be charged 100% of the reservation payments upon confirmation.


  • Water
  • Electrical


  • Floating Docks
  • Launch Ramp
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Wireless Internet



Sag Harbor Village MarinaSag Harbor Village MarinaSag Harbor Village MarinaSag Harbor Village MarinaSag Harbor Village MarinaSag Harbor Village MarinaSag Harbor Village MarinaSag Harbor Village MarinaSag Harbor Village MarinaSag Harbor Village Marina