Clearwater Beach Marina

Daily: $2.27/ft Weekly: $1.62/ft Monthly: $1.13/ft

Not Offered

Day Trip
Not Offered
25 Causeway Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33767-2064
Check-in after 01:00 PM
Check-out before 11:00 AM
VHF 16
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96 Reviews

by jlyn814 on Jul 18, 2021
Everything was great except ac did not work in bathhouse

by sdingram on Jul 11, 2021
Restaurant employees allowed to use marina shower and bath reserved for marina guest only. Wait times were terrible and no hot water.

by wwcraven on Jul 11, 2021
First, all the positives.....the location is fantastic, if you want to be in the middle of all the action. Many tourists on fishing charters and dolphin sight seeing boats, excellent nearby restaurants and of course, the beach. They did answer my call on channel 16 right away and gave me my slip number. I noticed several of the older wooden docks had been replaced since my last visit. It is reasonably priced and convenient to book on Dockwa. Now the is challenging to dock there. They are close to the Gulf, so the wind is almost constant and sometimes strong. The docks are at a 90 degree angle to these winds, so you take the full force on your starboard side as you back in. Furthermore, the fixed wood docks have very short finger piers. You must tie a stern line to their single cleat then hold the boat in the slip until your first mate can get a bow line on a forward piling. Of course it would be nice to have some help but nobody from the marina was at our slip to assist. The transients must help each other. When we went into the office to check-in, the guy was cold and unfriendly. He did a very poor job explaining the basics to us and we took the information sheet to figure things out. The WiFi did not work in the evening but it was functioning in the morning. This is a busy, open public marina so I was concerned about security. I was told they lock the gate at 10pm and there is a security guard at night. We were in bed by then, so I don't know if that happens but my impression is that security is lax. We did not visit the showers or restrooms. The fuel docks are next to the transient slips and there was a line of boats waiting for gas and diesel. This is potentially a five star marina, if the employees learned customer service and the City would invest in upgrading the docks and security.

by jschriman on Jul 04, 2021
Great location and amenities

by beaty3 on Jun 29, 2021
The marina is easy to access and is located within walking distance to restaurants, shopping and beach. It's an older marina and we had some power issues running our boat on 2-50 amp plugs but got through it. No one assisted us when docking and they were hard to contact upon arrival to get slip number. No real customer service but the location is great.

by cdvksremvbkortembhgkolrtm on Jun 05, 2021
Nice people and a quiet getaway. I prefer floating docks but had no problem docking with well placed poles and dock walk ways. Very quiet in evening.

by cgklinck892 on Jun 02, 2021
Friendly staff. No help with dock lines. Tricky App to use bathrooms and gate. Reasonable prices. Near great restaurants.

by potc1957 on May 20, 2021
The slip where they put us was crappy. The slip was right next to the opening to the inside of the marina. A lot of big charter boats (head fishing boats, party dinner boats, etc.) coming and going all times of day and night. No outside poles to tie to so boat would just bang against the dock. We had fenders out but they were no match for the wake. We ask why they did not put us in another slip as many where open. Their response was we where too wide. We are 14'3". We are a Meridian 408. There were other Meridians 411 there which have the same beam as us. We travel to about 20 to 25 different marinas a year and we can tell the difference in service from government run marina's vs. private marina's. I first wanted to move because of he smell from the bird poop. Someone did come down and poorly washed off the poop. I asked to leave the hose and I latter did a better job of washing it off. The next day, I saw another boat come in and the first thing they did was to wash the poop off the dock also. We planned of staying for three days. We left after the second day. I did talk to others who have stayed there and they said slips between the bridge and dock masters office were best.

by kanga069 on May 09, 2021
VIZPin inop main gate - Rick is fabulous and Tom was great!

by gaff0000 on Apr 18, 2021
The employees are all awesome.

by acsi2009 on Apr 13, 2021
The people are Awesome! I recommend staying at the Clearwater Beach Marina!

by danac on Apr 12, 2021
Nice Marina Great location

by damato on Apr 07, 2021
Excellent experience

by hank915 on Apr 04, 2021
Great location Dock could use a little upgrading but great place. Stay safe

by leggman102 on Mar 14, 2021
Very friendly staff, great slip location. Felt safe leaving boat overnight. Will be back.

by badrat502 on Mar 11, 2021
We had a nice stay. We have stayed there several times and my biggest concern was that the docks were always covered in bird dropping and that all the vendors had keys to the boaters bath house. This has been corrected and were very happy. They have a new phone app that allows boaters only to enter showers and it was very clean. Also they cleaned the docks every morning which made it nicer to be there. Keep up the good work. We will be back!

by michaelmcnutt on Mar 07, 2021
Basic slip, 1 restroom per gender, cold showers, it's close to the beach and restaurants which is convenient but has lots of road noise all night. The public / free slips (#'s 1 - 7) are literally falling down, not sure how the county get's away with those being so dangerous.

by yellowcakeman on Mar 06, 2021
We love this marina. It has everything we need, but more importantly, the staff are very friendly and helpful. It's surrounded by tourist traps, but the pier is a safe haven from all of that.

by customblindco on Mar 05, 2021
Great people. Location is fantastic . Lots to do there .

by debbielou on Feb 04, 2021
Friendly and supportive staff.

by rharrisontx on Jan 26, 2021
Slip assigned was another narrow. Would have been difficult in window conditions. All other great. Nice area to walk around with plenty of dining options.

by davebetsy on Jan 25, 2021
We love the convenient location of this marina. But we are sad to see the deterioration of the docks and pilings. There were nails sticking out that made it hard to even apply a fender. Dock staff great but would love to see the City fix dock issues

by rsandon on Jan 03, 2021
The docks are dated and no water hoses on the spigot but the the staff and boaters are super friendly and very helpful

by thankful on Dec 27, 2020
No complaints here. Had a wonderful stay. Great location.

by henelson on Nov 21, 2020
No help for attendants, dock covered in pelican poo. Wakes from passing tour boats, difficult app for accessing bathrooms.

by michaeloliver59 on Nov 17, 2020
I stay here often and this stay was just as good as all of my others. Jared in the dock office is AWESOME!!!

by mpancer on Oct 30, 2020
Friendly accommodating staff.

by coastbusters on Oct 28, 2020
The place is a dumpster and the City employees that work there are loads. Last time I stayed there was 7 years ago and it was bad. It didn't get better. No more for me.

by larrytibbe on Aug 17, 2020
This marina is getting a little frayed around the edges and could use some upgrading but we still like going there due to its proximity to lots of great restaurants and bars, not to mention boating opportunities.

by danconneally on Aug 16, 2020
We were less than impressed with our stay. The slip location was was right next to all the commercial boats so we got to smell diesel while trying to enjoy the deck of our boat. When we went into our boat the WiFi was so weak we couldn’t pick up a signal. We then went out to eat and upon returning the M*****F****** GATE WAS LOCKED!!! We also couldn’t use the bathroom or shower due to no key. We received no key to re-enter! The sign said to call security, we did. Guess what?? VOICEMAIL!!! 4 freekin times we called, NOBODY ANSWERED SO I HAD TO CLIMB THE F****** FENCE!!! The good news is that the electricity was juicey so our A/C was extra cold. ;-) Maybe next time we could get a different slip location and a key?

by 71770 on Aug 15, 2020
Great experience Plan on coming back

by rhamel629 on Jul 20, 2020
Friendly staff and great location

by 5oclocksomewhere on Jul 18, 2020
Fantastic stay. Tom was great!

by pbanach on Jul 13, 2020
Great place to visit!!! Marina staff were helpful!!!

by mainskipper on Jul 06, 2020
I always enjoy my stay at this marina, and the dockmaster along with the team are very service oriented. We had a power shutdown impacting a few terminals, including mine and it occurred at 1 am. They got a service technician to repair the issue and power was restored within an hour. That is quite impressive given the early hours of the morning. I would give this marina 5 stars, but they need to take the initiative of enforcing the idle speed in the area. Given the area, you should understand some rocking, but it is getting worse and needs attention.

by odelucca on Jun 30, 2020
Great Marina, accessible to all major waterways in the Clearwater Beach area, I will definitely be back!

by kphil93694 on Jun 29, 2020
Great Place to doc attendant met us at our slip help us get tied down ... Close to all the action , we walk to our hotel and had dinner at Crabby Dockside where the food and service were great.......

by fisherdoug74 on Jun 29, 2020
John was very helpful in getting us checked in and setup! The entire staff was friendly and accommodating. The location could not have been better for us! Well within walking distance of our resort. Very clean and well kept.

by jwenger on May 27, 2020
We have been going to Clearwater marina for 20 years now John has always been more then accommodating very helpful and knowledgeable. The marina is kept very clean it's a pleasure getting gas there we enjoy docking our boat and staying for the weekend. The staff is so friendly we love chatting it up with them. We were just there for memorial day weekend can't wait to go back.

by pmannino on May 26, 2020
Marina is in a great location. The actual slip was located near fuel dock and bridge. We rocked all night. Dockmaster recommendd we request B Dock next time. We will definitely return.

by ee17jeff on May 26, 2020
Awesome place, Very easy access.The staff here were perfect in every way.

by tomzettwuch on May 24, 2020
Great marina!! Been there many times!!

by szenzen on May 22, 2020
Great location walk to Clearwater beach but tons of slips and put us on outside wall which was quite rocky with boat traffic. No amenities really. Diesel $2.89 . Had to ask for gate and bathroom key didn’t provide and acted like we didn’t need ... lots of your boats in marina

by tammiig on May 17, 2020
We couldn’t ask for better weather! We’ve stayed here several times. The only difference this time was that we called the office twice when we arrived and no one answered or returned our calls as to which slip we were supposed to tie up to. So we decided to go into a slip to inquire and no one came to help us dock, except a friendly guy in a boat close by. The dock service used to be better.

by gobyguy on May 11, 2020
Nice marina Close to inlet and town

by adamparks22 on May 10, 2020
Awesome as usual. This was our third time there and we already booked the 4th. See you in a couple weeks. BoatCamping

by djwitowski on May 06, 2020
Nice day friendly staff

by murraybeck on Apr 06, 2020
Fuel dock hours posted were wrong. They didn't open until 9:30 which would have been nice to know as it stated 6:30.

by gvigeral on Apr 04, 2020
Good marina but could not return keys due to office closed when left at 8am. Lost the usd20 deposit.

by jshelly6 on Apr 02, 2020
Great marina in a beautiful location!

by bobsan on Mar 30, 2020
Great location. Floating docks would be a great addition

by glindaman on Mar 28, 2020
Small city operation mostly dedicated to Charter business. Nice beach access though.

by cjhamblen on Feb 22, 2020
We like this marina. The staff is friendly and helpful. The bathrooms are basic and functional. There only 1 for each gender. They can be hard to use and get messy quickly.

by lhuff35204 on Jan 30, 2020
Great location. Fixed docks with posts. Much rolling and yawing during daylight hours from boat traffic. No dock hands for a difficult side tie up. Need multiple long dock lines for tides.

by threescore on Jan 22, 2020
Clearwater Beach Marina was an awesome place to hang out and to see the local sites - I highly recommend this marina and can't wait for our next trip back!
Marina Response:
So glad you enjoyed the local sites and your stay with us. We look forward to having you back again soon! Thanks!

by smiller284 on Dec 25, 2019
We’ve stayed at Clearwater Beach Marina a bunch of times and we always enjoy it. The staff is always friendly and there’s a bunch of stuff to do close by.
Marina Response:
We are so glad to hear you enjoyed your stay and look forward to seeing you again soon!

by miffy on Dec 02, 2019
Professional, courteous, helpful staff.

by oneeyedogcrew on Dec 02, 2019
Awesome location. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is due to the Verizon coverage we had. Not the marina's fault but it's important. We didn't have better success using the marina's WiFi. We had bars for coverage but just couldn't get it to work well. The marina is clean and the staff was very nice

by svcurrentaddress on Nov 30, 2019
Easy access from the Gulf, and great location - close to the beach and restaurants.

by lolligag on Nov 22, 2019
Helpful dock hands. Clean showers Restaurant on site

by wbprop23 on Nov 16, 2019
Was Windy when docking no one helps with lines did not see any Dock Hands in the two days we were there

by jcly1955 on Nov 10, 2019
Great place to dock! Good people work here too.

by allhanzondeck on Oct 20, 2019
no additional comment

by oregonguy on Aug 24, 2019
Marina staff is great... floating docks would be nice. Yahoos showed up while I was out sailing and took my slip and played really bad classic rock until after midnight.

by goseadoggo on Aug 06, 2019
It was everything we needed.

by betsytatarsky on Jul 10, 2019
We had to stay an extra day when our engine wouldn’t start. The marina was very accommodating, even though it was July 4th. All of the staff was very nice!

by hothomesrealty on Jul 08, 2019
The dock people are very helpful. It is a fun area where you can do many things.

by saltydogs on Jun 24, 2019
It was very difficult to get a transient slip while in route, dockmaster was insistent we use Dockwa to reserve a slip. Dockwa states it could take up to 24 hours for confirmation of a slip, calling the marina multiple times with no results with reserving a slip. Docks are old and marina only supplies 208 amps for power, barely 200 amps, most of the time the power fell below 200 amps, so we were unable to use all our A/C units ( weather in the 100's) without tripping power or A/C's shutting down due to low voltage. We had to turn off A/C's to use hot water heater, microware, etc. Real pain in the A_ _. Really no place to walk a dog if you have pets, there is a small grassy area, but quite a walk for a small dog and over a large busy asphalt parking lot that you could fry eggs on and hurt the dogs paws. We walked our dog late one night after hours and got locked out of the marina, the gates lock automatically and we were not given a key for the gate at check in, we had no cell phone on us at the time and sign said to call the security at a certain number..........luckily there was a worker that jumped the fence to access the gate from the other side to let us back to our boat. All in all, a very old marina, full of old unused boats, large party fishing boats, dinner cruise boats, sightseeing boats, tourist type attraction boats, jet skis, fishing charters, etc . It's not a place to go for a relaxing stay! The marina should be torn down and revamped with newer docks (floating) and power. The poor dock masters are busy with refueling fishing boats and jet skis all day. Our recommendation would be go somewhere else unless your wanting to do tourist type stuff or want to be around drunk fest (spring break) type of people.

by philparker on Jun 01, 2019
Understaffed but Mike was very helpful. Worn out docks but they did the job. Commercial traffic makes for lots of rolling...some very unnecessary. Location is unbeatable. Short sighted of the city not to improve this property.

by jomadama on May 03, 2019
The online reservation did not give a slip assignment. By the time it was confirmed and I called the marina they were closed for the day. Upon arrival the transient slips were too small for the boat, ended up tied up on a face dock. No access to marina facilities. Would have much preferred to speak to the Dockmaster to make the reservation than online.

by foucher on Apr 26, 2019
Nice marina, staff was helpful. Socks a little old but we were able to get everything to work. Lot to do in the area.

by lv2tri on Apr 26, 2019
Customer service is marginal. Docks old and could stand repair

by zinsmet on Apr 16, 2019
Dock help was somewhat friendly and helpful but didn't offer to hookup power & water. Pumpout was out of service but not advertised as being so. nearest showers were clean but no A/C

by saillife on Apr 06, 2019
I love stopping at this Marina on my cruises up and down the West Coast of Florida. A 4 star on this stay only because the Marina staff (Tom) seem to be getting ruder and ruder. The professionalism, respect, and common courtesies are non existent.

by bruceetzler on Mar 31, 2019
Close to restaurants and shops.

by mxhale on Mar 11, 2019
Great experience. Will definitely stay there again. Location, location, location.

by dgm3339 on Mar 10, 2019
Great location, great rates.

by darbies on Mar 04, 2019
Perfect location! Have to watch the sunset at Jimmys Crows Nest, and eat dinner at The Bait House!!! Best weekend ever!

by mlttomwpcyhws8sklzms on Mar 01, 2019
The staff at the marina accommodated us with no issues. The marina gets a lot of rolling wake when the tour and dinner boats come in and out but after nightfall things quiet down a lot.

by rongiguere on Jan 04, 2019
The staff, especially John and Tom, is the best.

by fieldhouserg on Jan 03, 2019
Fixed finger piers not in best of shape. Only single showers. No night security. Dock hands helpful. Great location.

by chriseggert on Jan 02, 2019
Not great. Very busy, no staff support, old docks, in a zoo Clearwater beach area. "D-" bathrooms/showers. Would not stay again for the money.

by 12345 on Jan 01, 2019
Good stay. Only one dock hand so no body to grab our lines. Never gave us a key for gates, had to call security each night to get back to our boat. New Year's Eve, no security on site, had to wait even longer. Charging more but offering less.

by tinsley65 on Dec 31, 2018
2nd stay and will be back many times. Friendly and helpful dock crew, private showers, convenient laundry facilities,excellent location to ICW, Clearwater Pass, restaurants, stores, Beach.

by bonaventure on Nov 26, 2018
Everyone was great. We had a great time and a great slip.

by jebatovsky on Nov 19, 2018
Great location. nice docks. The staff was helpful upon docking and all during our stay. No charge pump out is included as well.

by stewvandu on Nov 16, 2018
Docks are old and rickety. Bird crap everywhere. Worst part is that they don’t have enough power at the pedestals to run all my a/c units. For the price I paid I expected more.

by captainbob007 on Nov 15, 2018
Great location near the beach. Bath and laundry facilities are clean. Clearwater Beach is very walkable with available trolley to all points on the island and points north to Tarpon Springs. Publix walkable, trolley or bike. Docks aged but the positives outweigh any negatives. Helpful staff available 7-6:30. Fuel dock w/ pump out. Looking forward t o our return.

by bdenison51 on Nov 13, 2018
Great marina and convenient to beach and town. Good WiFi.

by meganlawoffice on Nov 09, 2018
We enjoyed our stay at the marina very much. The facilities were clean and the location was perfect. Personnel were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We would definitely stay again.

by bgough648 on Oct 22, 2018
Great place with great food and beach

by gulfportlandscape2015 on Oct 21, 2018
Always a great time. Good place to dock. Great food close by on the dock.
Marina Response:
Thank you for staying with us! We are glad you enjoyed your stay and look forward to seeing you again soon!

by dfdefelix on Oct 11, 2018
As a professional delivery captain, I have been staying at Clearwater Marina for 15 years. In that time, very little has been done to upgrade the facilities. It would be nice to see air conditioning in the showers closest to the office. Can you imagine what it is like to use those showers in the summer time? When I have asked about it before, I was told to use the showers down by the main building but I don't feel like parading past all those people with a minimum of clothing on for showering. I don't think it would cost that much, do you?

by irishlassie on Sep 15, 2018
Staff were very helpful

by bucs1fan on Aug 07, 2018
Great location and great service!!! Highly recomend
Marina Response:
Thank you for visiting the Clearwater Beach Marina! We are glad you enjoyed your stay and look forward to seeing you again soon!

by captainvillar on Aug 04, 2014
Great Marina and good service. Location is good with many restaurants in walking distance. Clearwater trolley system works good for getting around up and down the beach area. Good place to enter the Gulf if you're going North or South.

About Clearwater Beach Marina

All transient tenants will need to check in with one of our dockmasters at the Fuel Dock office. The Fuel Dock is located at the southeastern corner of our marina as you make your approach (see our map below in the photos section).

Clearwater Beach Marina is ideally located on world-renowned Clearwater Beach, which was rated by TripAdvisor as the #1 Best Beach in the United States for 2018. Clearwater Beach Marina offers access to all boating activities. We are home to the finest fishing charters, sailing charters, sight-seeing boats, dinner cruises, dolphin tours, parasailing and personal watercraft. We also have restaurants, a gift shop, barber shop, laundry facilities, mini-mart and bait house. It is centrally located so you are close to shopping and entertainment venues.

Clearwater Beach Marina has more than 200 slips and is open year-round. There are 23 slips available for transient boaters. We are equipped to accommodate vessels up to 125 feet. There is no drawbridge between our marina and the Gulf of Mexico. We offer gasoline and diesel fuel, free pumpouts, showers, 24-hour security, weather monitor, free fishing pier and waste oil disposal. 208V electric service provided. We are staffed by employees that are trained to provide the highest customer service standards to Clearwater citizens and visitors. There is no trailer parking at the Clearwater Beach Marina.

Booking Info

Maximum 3 month stay for transient tenants. When you check-in it is required you provide the dockmaster with proof of insurance - you can upload this in Dockwa too.

Please bring your smart phone with at check-in so you can be given access to locked areas of the marina facility through our virtual key app. Application is compatible with both I-Phone or Android smart phones.

A lower weekly rate will automatically be applied to your dockage cost for stays of seven (7) nights or greater.

A lower monthly rate will automatically be applied to your dockage cost for stays of thirty (30) nights or greater.

Maximum LOA: 126'


  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Electrical


  • ATM
  • Ice
  • Launch Service
  • Laundry
  • Medical Facilities w/in 5 Miles
  • Oil Recycling
  • Pumpout
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Wireless Internet
  • Dog Park



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