Pirates Den Marina

12364 Neale Sound Drive
Cobb Island, MD 20625

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1 Review

by Richard N. on Mar 11, 2015
From the Connecticut/Rhode Island border to Manhattan, and from Lake Champlain to Washington DC this is the poorest marina I have docked my boat at. I had visited previously about 4 years ago when it was owned by the previous owner. At that time I found a bustling, energetic, and friendly locale. I spent August through the end of September/beginning of October there in 2013 and was really disappointed in how it had changed in the intervening years. The marina was ghost-like and the docks deteriorating, the bathrooms and showers dirty and poorly cared for. The focus seems to be on the restaurant by the current owner, as it has been difficult to purchase fuel or a pump out on subsequent stops there.


Pirates Den MarinaPirates Den MarinaPirates Den MarinaPirates Den MarinaPirates Den Marina